Servigroup Marina Playa

Avenida del Mar, 3 Urbanizacion Marina de la Torre, 04638 Mojacar Spain
4 star hotel

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having commented on the hotel earlier I...

Reviewed Thu 8th of May 2008

"having commented on the hotel earlier I would like to recommend MOJACAR to anyone who wants to keep away from the "hoi polloi".

I have been to MOJACAR twice, out of season, and it is very laid back altho' not suitable for the lager louts and their hangers on. A family or older people area but do keep it a secret!!! This must be the last part of Spain to be overrun by tourists. Perhaps I should have kept my findings to myself !.

Tom Collins
Stansted Mountfitchet,

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of May 2008

My second stay at this hotel. Faily qui...

Reviewed Wed 7th of May 2008

"My second stay at this hotel. Faily quiet when I first arived, then the Spanish families suddenly descended for 48 hours (must have been their Bank Holiday !) The hotel coped admirably with this sudden influx and dining was no problem at all, despite the numbers.
Hotel very well run (the lock on my room door wouldn't work and I was locked out,but this was dealt with very quickly and efficiently by their staff. ) Overall the staff were very friendly,food very good with a wide variety, and despite the poor exchange rate,
their prices were quite reasonable.
This is a hotel I would recommend to anyone.

Tom Collins,
Stansted Mountfitchet,
Essex. UK"

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of May 2008

The Marina Playa Hotel was nicely locate...

Reviewed Mon 23rd of October 2006

"The Marina Playa Hotel was nicely located across the main road from the beach. Most of the bars and restaurants of Mojacar are at the other end of the resort. Lovely views of the sea and the mountains. English speaking receptionist was very welcoming. Rooms were fine, with air-conditioning, balcony, large en suite, TV etc.

Golf course adjacent to the hotel. Lots of children’s activities, with a selection of swimming pools, tennis courts, table tennis etc.. Breakfasts are buffet style with just about everything you could want. Predominantly Spanish clientele. Live outdoor entertainment with good music and audience participation (couldn't understand the jokes!).

Waiter service available. An "Irish" bar also attached to the hotel, offering pub games, large screen sport TV and indoor smoking? A good selection of drinks and not at all expensive.

A nice clean beach which slopes sharply in places at the shore. Recommend trips inland to see the barren dessert/mountain scenery, lovely coastal tours with viewing points and secluded beaches. Mojacar Pueblo definitely worth a visit. I'll be back! I would recommend this hotel for families or couples."

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  • Travel date: Mon 23rd of October 2006

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  • Marina Playa Hotel
  • Servigroup Marina Playa Mojacar
  • Servigroup Marina Playa Hotel Mojacar

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