Parque Santiago

Avda Litoral s/n, 38660, Arona, Tenerife Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 4 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 4 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 4.5 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

59 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

excellent hotel


"We stayed at the Tenerife Princess Hotel at the end of April 2007. The island was completely desserted and found it hard to get some good night life. If you like a good laugh head down to the Brewers droop pub run by a lovely English couple. Drinks are good plus so is atmosphere.
The hotel is All Inclusive for germans so be warned it is full of the sun bed hoarders!!!
The hotel was of high standard and the room was kept throughly clean with maid visits every mornng. The room was medium sized lots of space to put clothes and hangers are supplied. The hairdryer in the bathroom was terrible so I recommend if you have long hair take your own!
We stayed as a Half board rating and the food was OK if you have a varied appetite. My partner struggled quite a bit to find things but if you like to have 3 courses then its well catered for. Breakfast was the better of the meals we found such a broad variety of things to have. I throughly recommend when using the toaster put it the bread through twice!
There were not a lot of things to do in the daytime unless you book to go on a day trip. We went to the Aquapark booked through the Thomson rep. It was about 35 euros each with free coach but when you get to the park you need to pay extra for a locker and a sunbed is 3 euros each. BE WARNED ALL OF THE WATER IN THE PARK IS SALT WATER AND CAN BE QUITE SICKENING!
To conclude it was a good hoilday although could of been better if it was busier."

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  • Travel date: Wed 9th of May 2007

Great place to stay


"These apartments are very clean and has a great pool area, i have stayed in these apartments 3 times. Had no problem getting a sunbed as when you check in you are given pool passes which you have to show to a member of staff who comes around checking for these passes, unlike some places where sunbeds are taken up by people who dont stay in the apartments. For a night out try the Soul Suite which is behind the shopping complex across from Mare Nostrum resort, really good singers John Harriet and Lee St Lawrence also Temptations tribute."

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of April 2007

Average place


"We booked for a week at PS3 for the last week in March 2007. I had researched accomodation in Playas de las Americas mainly using this site, and this seemed a popular and competitive accomodation. Many reviews outshine even the more "upmarket" 4 and 5 star hotels. Obviously I realise everyone's tastes and expectations are different, but I still thought this would be an excellent place considering the amount of reviews that had been written about it and all mainly good to excellent ones. As ever, the reader needs to take all these reviews as a guide only, so what may not be my cup of tea may be someone else's.

Overall we were disappointed with the accomodation. The holiday did not exactly get off to a flying start though. When we arrived we had to wait nearly 2 hours for our room to be ready - then when we got to it, it was on the top floor of the complex, facing the road side, but without even a terrace of any note. The only terrace we had was one overlooking the next block of the apartments, which were only a few metres away, directly looking into the windows of other bathrooms! Not good. The apartment itself was small and shabby and stunk of blocked drains - not to mention dingy and dark. Neither myself or my girlfriend were happy so we went to complain - we were told PS3 was full so we were offered an apartment in PS5 which is over the road.

PS5 in my opinion is streets ahead of PS3 in terms of the room standard - instead of our dingy attic room, we now had a 2 floor spacious apartment. Downstairs was a large living room and small kitchen, with a terrace and flat screen tv. Upstairs was a large bathroom and reasonable bedroom, with another terrace. However, it does not have a pool, although if you have legs and don't mind using them, a short trip over the road to PS3 or PS4 will solve that. Note that these apartments are built over a supermarket, so we could hear the hum of the freezer units or air con in the early hours.

PS3 itself is a bit of a mixed bag in my opinion. The reception staff were fine and we encountered no trouble with them. Hiring a car from reception was easy as they simply dialled the car rental firm and they came and picked us up and took us to their office to do the paperwork. However, the pool area is a bit of a let down to me. There are loads and loads of sunloungers. The trouble is you MUST get there early, by 9.30/10 if you are to stand a chance of getting one. Bear in mind we went off peak and the complex was full then. On our first day we went to get a sunbed at about 11.15 and despite their being a multitude of them, we could not find any spare. So forget about a lie in if you plan on lying round the pool early doors - although we did notice later on in the day lots of people were leaving around 2 to 3pm, so many became vacant then.

The other downside of the pool area (and of course this is all a matter of opinion) is that it reminded me of a beach full of seals lying around on each other. Parts of the pool area are incredibly crowded with sunbeds squeezed next to sunbeds, forming a bit of an eyesore and very little privacy/space. However, if you head towards the side areas of the pool there is a bit more space there so you can lie back and stretch out without smacking someone across the head. The pool, however, does look good and is very large so most people should be impressed by that. We ate at the pool restaurant in the mornings and the breakfasts, although not the greatest, seemed good value as you got tea/coffee and orange thrown in too.

We found that there were a lot of Dutch/Germans staying there and very few British. The majority of our fellow holiday makers were OAPs or young families, and unless these demographics change in the Summer time, then I wouldn't recommend it for young (ish) couples.

PS3 also lacked a really good bar - there is one on site, but when we popped in there it always seemed empty. I prefer to have a decent bar area to chill out in before going out at night and the complex lacked this (although there are that many bars around it isn't really a big problem).

So for me, PS3 is just ok. Maybe if we'd got a room with a pool or sea view, they would be better than the one we experienced.

We did spend a day at PS4 - on the day we couldnt get a sunbed at PS3. For my money, PS4 was a nicer place. It just seemed a little bit cleaner and tidier - and newer. The pool area was less cluttered and a bit more spacious than PS3 and there seemed to be less kids running about.

As for the area - I think the PS's are in an excellent location. There are some great restaurants in the area all of which were good value and offering good food. I think they must have spent a fair bit of money developing this area - other parts of the resort do look a bit shabby, but we felt this part was more "upmarket". The weather at this time of the year is also ok - it's hot when the sun is out, but quite cold when it's behind clouds. And there was quite a lot of cloud during our stay. People would be huddled in their towels around the pool at certain points, only to be unwrapping themselves when the sun came out again. It does get cold at night though!!

So overall, although many reviews give this place a 5/5, I'd be a bit more cautious and give it a 3. But of course, it all depends on your individual tastes and expectations."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of April 2007

Good Location


"We have just returned for a week at Parque Santiago 4.

The accomodation looks hugh, but doesn't actually have that much to offer. It has a few shops, a reception area, 2 pools (1 heated) & sunbed area. The on site supermarket is tiny, there is a much bigger one just up the road next to Parque Santiago 5.

This accomodation is full of Germans, I think we were the only 2 British there!! If you don't follow the trends of the Germans and reserve your sunbed, you have no chance of getting one! Some beds were reserved the night before and were never actually used.

The rooms are a good size and nice and clean. The rooms are cleaned daily and bedding and towels change every other day.

There is one pool side snack bar which ta
kes forever to be served - could be cos were British, we certainly felt this impacted the service we received!! Parque Santiago 3 was much more appealing and appeared more friendly, this had a massive pool and a good snack bar which we used quite often.

The location of the accomodation is good, close to pretty much everthing, only about 10 mins from Los Cristianos, which if I was to return to Tenerife again, this is where I would stay.

There is plenty of restaurants to choose from - again very slow service though! Prices all seem to be very much the same.

Wasn't quite sure what to expect with the weather, we woke up to cloud everyday which usually disappeared around lunch time. Can be very cool until the sun comes out. Evenings can be very cool too. Most restaturants and bars had patio heaters. You will still need a jacket though!

Overall, was ok and nice to get away for a week. I don't think I would rush back to Tenerife and if I did I wouldn't stay in Parque Santiago 4."

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of March 2007



"My Girlfriend and i stayed here for 10 days last june and found it to be an excellent stay. The appartments were clean and the staff very friendly. The pool is something else as it is the biggest i have ever seen. Also, there is planty of sun loungers(all free). The location is good also and the beach is right out the back of the complex. Lots of good restaurants and is still busy enough without having to venture to the busier Strip.

We booked our flights seperately and booked the hotel via their own website [--]. Staff were very helpful and kept in contact via email and kept me informed of everything i wanted to know.

Only downfall was that the weather wasn't great as it was cloudy most of the time. This seems to be a common complaint for this area.

Overall an excellent place to stay but book early!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 25th of March 2007

Tenerife - fantastic


Just back from a week in Tenerife. First visit there. Booked through Panorama and booked to stay in Parque S 3. However we were put in PS4 and told that 3 was full. Following day checked with PS3 and was offered an apartment overlooking a busy street which we refused. Our apartment in PS4 which is only up the road a bit had a fabulous partial view of the sea so we decided to stay put. Some of the people who booked through Panorama ended up in PS5 which is across the road from PS3 but has NO pool. They were not happy campers ! PS3 is the biggest apartment block of the lot and has a shopping centre underneath it. I must say having ended up in PS4 I would prefer it as it is quieter and has no children pool so if you want a break from children this is the spot. Tenerife is a fab place in particular Playa del las Americas. Load and loads of shops and not just ones selling tacky souveniers and tee shirts. Boss, Gucci, Armani, Mango, Zara - you name it and its there. Full of cosmetic and jewellery shops and places to buy cameras, mp3 players etc. You could shop for ever. Loads of great restaurants and everyone speaks English. Great value to be got in Linares on the Patch ( about a 5 min walk from PS4) excellent 3 course meal incl steak for only €8.95. Great entertainment in bars - saw 2 Elvis Presleys and a brilliant Rod Stewart. Rod Stewart look alike in Coconut Joes each Wed night and really worth a visit. Hole in the Wall another fab pub ( all these down about 5 mins from PS3 or 4) near Safari Centre. There was so much to do and see that a week was not enough. Accommodation comfortable and clean. Apt blocks very confusing and initially really difficult to find your apt. We eventually had to get a map. Lifts in PS4 but not in any of the others so be ready to lug bags up and down ramps and corridors. I dont know if the Parque Santiagos are worth the money ( we paid €1,250 for 1 week) and you could get a week in the Andorra or Parque de la Pas for about 800 and they are also central. Saying that pool area great. Mattresses on sun loungers. There is no bar in PS4 and no entertainment ( not that you need it with all the craic going on in the bars). Overall Tenerife brilliant. We got fab weather each day ( around 27 deg). Markets also good. Will definitely be back but not with Panorama. People on bus complaining terrible about Panorama. Other people booked PS3 with Direct Holidays, got it cheaper and ended up with pool view ( exactly what they wanted). I was pleased with PS4 but it was only pot luck that we got the nice view."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 12th of March 2007

Loved everything!


"I stayed at Parque Santiago last week with my boyfriend. We are aged 20 and 19. We had the most amazing time, the weather was brilliant and the accomodation was excellent. The pool area is wonderful as well. Where the apartments are located is great, there is quite alot security. There is also no-one trying to sell you stuff when you are in bars or restuarants which we seen in los christianos or further on in playa de las americas.

The rooms were cleaned and towels changed almost everyday. Maids were also very friendly.

Overall there were more older people there but it was still great for couples and also would be for families too. We would definately go back and recommend other people to go as well. If you do, make sure you go to Mcguiness' pub, very laid back and cheap!Food is lovely too!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 12th of March 2007

Stay away


"Las Americas is the Blackpool of the Canerias, its over run with Brits, Brit pubs, Brit football on TV and British Slappers ( 18 -30yr old 'females', micro mini, crop top, jewel in the belly, stilletoes and a coil of flab overhanging the skirt and drunk) by the hundred / thousand. The weather is great and the Sanitago, all 5 of them, are acceptable, they always put the Brits in the rooms overlooking the main road whichever Santigo you go to and we have been to 3 out of 5, go to bed early because you WILL be woken every day at 4am with the racket of the locals on their put-put motor bikes either heading home after a night of giving the Brit slappers a good seeing too or comming into work for the early shift. Tenerife, particularly the South has been one of our favourite holiday places for the last 10 years and the Santiago's or average - good. Santiago 4 is the best."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of February 2007

The best location in las Americas.


"We thought that PS V and its surroundings were just amazing on an earlier trip to las Americas, and decided to book: we rented through an English estate agent in Las Americas (Marcus Management -- an english freephone number and reliable staff, even if they seemed a bit offhand and brusque by sycophantic english standards). We have stayed twice. The apartments are not cheap, and are variable as to view and appointment, as they were privately owned. You can also rent them directly from "reception" - a commercial undertaking, and nothing to do with the live-in community of owners.

Their location, and the wonderful pools and gardens, make them the best apartments to stay in in Las Americas, particularly V. Insist on one with an interior view (rather than the road) or a pool view!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 21st of February 2007

Parque Santiago III


"We stayed here in Nov 2006 and are just about to book again for next month.

The proprty is fab, staff all friendly and helpful and a great mix of shops, bars and places to eat all just on the door step.
You HAVE to try the mexican up the road in the shoping complex by the fountains - absolutly amazing food and service!

We booked our flights seperatly and our appartments direct through parque santiago reservations, you can do this onlinr on their websire or telephone them (helps if you know a bit of spanish to get going but the staff all speak english so not too much of a prb when phoning!) You pay when you get there, which we were a bit worried baout, hence why we rang to make sure the booking was confirmed. But no need to have worried as it was fine!

This year we have tried to book direct but they are full so are going through first choice, a bit more expensive doing it that way but reall worth it! If you are only wanting one appt. then there are plenty of websites who advertise them individually from private owners who will rent them to you, again probably a bit cheaper then a package deal, but as we are needing 2 next to each other we are doing it this way!
HAPPY HOLS!!!!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 4th of February 2007

Parque Santiago Three......a little piece of HEAVEN! :-)


"We have just returned from a ten day holiday, staying at Parque Santiago Three.
We had booked a one bedroom apartment which had a gallery bedroom for us & a sofa bed in our living area for our two boys (aged eight & seven). Upon arrival the lady at reception was really friendly & told us we had been upgraded to a two bedroom apartment. :-)
Our apartment was BEAUTIFUL, well equipped and incredibly spacious. We had maid service everyday, they were all very polite & friendly..... the apartment was always spotless & linen changed regularly.
The whole complex was BEAUTIFUL & clean with so much to do. Our boys LOVED the splash park on site and spent some time here every day. There is so much to do nearby.......beautiful walks, beautiful beaches, crazy golf across the road and a well stocked supermarket opposite the apartments.
The hotel staff were always polite, friendly as and helpful. We used the facilities at Parque Santiago Four regularly and these were all fantastic too.
This was our first abroad holiday since our honeymoon eleven years ago so I had done a lot of research and read reviews before we booked. We booked with
We had such a WONDERFUL holiday that we have already booked to go back next August.......this time for two weeks! We cannot wait! :-) THANK YOU Parque Santiago for a truly AMAZING holiday!! :-)

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 17th of September 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Very disappointing and not family friendly at all.


"We booked the parque santiago after reading some very good reviews on here, i must say the difference in apartments must be very vast as we were very disappointed with the accomodation, There were 4 in our party, my husband, 1 year old boy and 3 year old daughter, i am also 7 months pregnant, so we requested a pool view ground floor. We got allocated a 5th floor no lifts! and offered no help. We obviously could not accept this so we were given what I can only describe as a box size apartment on the main street overlooking the street. Okay it was small but we thought we will have to make do, however that night the noise was so bad till 2am in the morning none of the kids could sleep, on asking reception we were told nothing else available, come back tomorrow, no concern at all. The lady just kept saying might be something mid week, this was totally unacceptable and we didnt go back to the reception again as were still determined not to let it completley destroy the holiday. We did speak to cosmos who were also no help, we even offered to pay to move to another hotel but they were very unhelpful and did absolutly nothing. I have never written a review before however felt that if there are families with small children looking to book accomodation this review may help them re-consider as this hotel is not family friendly at all. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 4th of February 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 2 Cleanliness
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  • sammyo58 by sammyo58

    "Busy nightlife, quiet days! "

  • WendyeV by WendyeV

    "Great place to go for sunbathing and nightlife "


    "McGuinness bar was great. Very friendly and great music. "

  • lindyloo69 by lindyloo69

    "The british corner bar..lovely food. "

  • ksoctenerife09 by ksoctenerife09

    "Little Italy, pedlo and jet skis "

  • dolphins by dolphins

    "Bars lacked atmosphere and was quite empty for the time of year "

  • dolphins by dolphins

    "water sports were reasonabley priced, well run and great fun. Food was excellent wherever we ate. "

  • salsar by salsar

    "Best time of year to go, lovely clean resort, friendly people not too expensive, lots to see and do "

  • salsar by salsar

    "The Golden House Chinese Restaurant, Parque de la Paz, Playa de las Americas "

  • could be worse by could be worse

    "quiet days and lively days "

  • Salamanda by Salamanda

    "Las Americas and Los Christianos in walking distance along several miles of seafront prominade. "

  • Salamanda by Salamanda

    "Mount Teide trip and La Gomerra Island tour. "

  • glenys2804 by glenys2804

    "Not as rowdy as I thought - depends on area "

  • disabled customer by disabled customer

    "worth the money for the pool not the rooms! "

  • x-chrissy-x-x by x-chrissy-x-x

    "yes, perfect for couples and friends "

  • Night thrills in Tenerife!! by Night thrills in Tenerife!!

    "yip but the whole story "

  • whitey by whitey

    "Ask for a pool or sea view "

  • kirstyb by kirstyb

    "Full of shops so take lots of money :) "

  • Pom by Pom

    "Take cool clothes and not too many. "

  • Disappointed by Disappointed

    "Ask for a pool or beach view "

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