HOVIMA Panorama

Avenida Gran Bretana 8, 38660 Costa Adeje, Adeje, Tenerife Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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Greet holidays in Panorama!


"It was one week of good vacations with my wife and son. The food was magnificent and all the staff was very likeable and friendly. And for who wants calm vacations, with much sun, and a swimming pool (or the beach) to all time, the Aparthotel Panorama is the ideal. And is not very expensive for these its good conditions."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 12th of August 2007

Great location, spacious studio room


"Panorama Aparthotel Costa Adeje Tenerife. Great Location
We have just returned from the Panorama Aparthotel, Tenerife.
The tansfer coach dropped us off on the road outside of the hotel grounds, as the gates were closed & there was only a small car parking area anyway, inside the hotel grounds. There were a lot of Germans at the Panorama, there were not many English there when we were there.

The Reception-
We booked in & had to pay 60 euro on arrival as a deposit against damages. The 60 euro was returned to you at the end of your stay. The safe to hire was 28 euro you got 10 euro of that back when you handed in your safe key.

The Studio Room-
We were pleasantly suprised at the size of the studio room. There were 2 single beds, with a bedside cabinet to share in between them. An L shaped seating area, plenty of room for 2 people.The room was well equipped for anyone self catering with a hob with 2 rings, plenty of plates, cutlery etc & a fridge.
There was no air con only a ceiling fan, which we had switched on for most of the time. There is a safety catch on the patio door leading to the balcony, enabling you to leave the patio door slightly ajar but secure.The balcony was a good size with a table & 2 chairs. There was an airer on the balcony which you had to pull out it had about 6 lines on it enough space for towels, swimwear. We were in room 139 which overlooked the pool & with a view of Mount Teide.

The Food-
We stayed half board but were not impressed with the food, not very appetising.There were only 4 baymarie's of hot food. At breakfast there were side plates in which you put your breakfast on. Nearly all the week we were there the bacon was burnt & the fried eggs were cold. There were boiled eggs which had already been cooked but there was a pan on the heat to warm the eggs up. There were cereals & yoghurts. At dinner there were salads, hot food, desserts & ice-cream. The desserts were o.k. There is a barbeque night once a week.
We ate out for a lot of the time. For 2 meals & drinks it was only about 9 euro.

The Enertainment-
There was a man playing an organ & one night there was a man singing. There was not much in entertainment but we went out every night so it didn't matter to us.

The Staff-
The staff were very pleasant they got to know who you were & handed you your key as you walked into reception. Each time you left the hotel you were expected to leave the key on your way out. There was a secure drop in box on the reception counter that you would drop your room key into.

The security man was on site as we entered the hotel. As it was the key had jammed in one of our suitcases & we could not open it. I asked him if he could help us get the case open. He tried for a while to open it with the key but it wouldn't open. Then he promptly appeared with some boltcroppers asked if he could use them & chopped the padlock off the case, now that's service!

The Maids-
The maids came every day apart from Thursday & Sunday. If you wanted a change of towels you were to leave the towels in the bath. The maid who cleaned our room was pleasant enough.

The sunbeds are stacked up & locked every night at 8p.m. They are not unlocked til 9a.m. the next day. That way people cannot throw their towels on the sunbeds to reserve them. The mattresses & parasols for around the pool are 1.50 euro each to hire. The maintenance man stands outside of the restuaurant with his barrow twice a day at 10.30a.m. & then 12.30p.m. for anyone wishing to hire the sunbed mattress or parasol. Although there is a shaded spot where trees branches overhang I did notice a German family got this spot everyday hence they had no need to hire a parasol. Two maintenance men checked & cleaned the pool every day, about 8a.m.

The location of the Panorama is ideal. As you walk out of the hotel & turn right walk down a slope & the beach is right in front of you. Or turn right at the bottom of the slope & there are cafe's & shops there is a netto there. The harbour is opposite the shops. If you turn left at the bottom of the slope it takes you along the seafront, there are bars & shops galore all the way along. There are a few English bars. If you carry on walking it will take you all the way to Playa de las Americas. If you turn left as you go out of the hotel & walk up the hill you are on the main strip. Across the road is the San Eugenio shopping centre. All along that strip there are cafe's/bars & shops. We ate at Mario's a few times

We went on a 3 hr catamaran trip to watch whales & dolphins. We saw the whales but no dolphins. The food & bar were included in the trip but all you got was a sandwich & what tasted like cheap drink. I don't think it was worth what it cost &in hindsight we would have gone on the 2 hr trip with no swim. On the 3 hr trip the boat stops for about 20 mins to allow for people who want to go for a swim, in the sea. The 3hr trip cost 27 euro each, the 2hr trip was 17 euro each. We booked the trip with Admiral travel which is opposite Mario's. Admiral travel also has a good exchange rate commission free. We got 1.44 euro for every pound.

I would stay at the Panorama again for the location alone but I would stay on a self catering basis & eat out."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 16th of July 2007

Great location and service


"We arrived at this hotel mid afternoon on a thursday. The taxi pulled up and dropped us off, but it wasnt clear where we were meant to be going, looked quite built up and as 2 young girls alone, wondered where we had let ourselves in for!

We found the hotel reception rather easily after the taxi man had directed us, and we both had to admit, it was lovely. The reception is more like a bar area, and altho the people that work there do not speak the best english, it was easy to check in and find out room.

You do have to give in your key each time you leave the building complex, but you get a yellow card that gets you in 24 hours a day as the reception is always manned.

We got the apartment and walked in, it was great. 2 single beds, a kitchenette with fridge, sink and burners, the lounge and the balcony. The bathroom was a good size too.

The beds, ok not great, i did wake up every night several times because of the springs being noisy and uncomfortable, but i did sleep a bit, and pillow was really nice.

The bathroon, great little room, the shower however did flood the floor, so make sure you tilt them up so the flow heads to the otehr end of the bath. The toilet you need to hold the flush down for a couple of seconds for it to all go and the hairdryer is one of the ones you have to hold your finger on the go button for the entirety of the use! But it was a great little bathroom.

The kitchenette - You got a sink, a fridhe, 2 electric hob burners and a lot of cutlery. You may have read that you have to pay 20euros for a kettle and another 20euros for a toaster, this is correct, however what everyone has failed to say is that the hotel provide an old fashioned kettle that you fill with water and heat on the hob, this worked fine ofr us! The fridge is not noisy, i was very surprised it didnt contribute to keeping me awake at night! The cupboards are a little wonky, but who cares, as long as they stay up and hold their contents ok, we cant complain. You get all the cutlery you could want, even a fruit squeezer! A top kitchenette.

The lounge - big comfortable sofa, sattelite tv with british channels, a desk and a table for yor case to go on. YOu also have the fan above the lounge, be warned in the hot hot months, there is no air con, so it does get hot, but if you have the door to the balcony open on the catch and the fan going, you will be fine.

This lead onto the balcony.

Our balcony over looked the pool and bar area and i have to say, was a great location. It was clean (a man even came and painted it on sunday morning!) and it has a towel rail fixed to the wall for you to dry your towels on.

They are very into recycling, so if you use a towel, why not hang it to dry outsode rather than put it in the bath for the miads to take and clean, and you have to sperate glass from your rubbish and put it in its own bin!

The maid service is great, they even folded our pj's, now thats service, but you dont get the maids on a thursday or a sunday, so if you need loo roll on these days, go and ask, we had to ration, and then got lots more!

Overall the apartments are great, i cant fault them, the floors can be a little grubby, but when you got so many showers, pools and beaches around, they wont stay grubby long! I loved the apartment!

Outside of the apartment is the pool and bar/restaurant area.
This was lovely. The pool is big and a great shape, its not heated, but when the sun is out, it is lovely and warm and it has a little really shallow part for children.

The loungers are free, but you have to pay for the mats to go on the lpoungers and the parasoles to shade you, but its not much i dont think.

Bar area is nice and clean, seating outside and there is a bbq everyday. The service is grewat and they do put on evening entertainment a few nights a week.

If you want to buy anything, there are shops a stones throw from the entrance in both directions. If you come out and go down the hill, then left at the bottom, you find the beaches, the bars and clubs, a supermarket and shops. It really has everything you want.

Be warned tho, if you have never beem to volcanic region before, you will not know that the sand on the beach is black, and extremely hot. we both burnt our feet on it, wasnt pleasant!

Try the castle bar, its english, and for 5.50 euros, you can have a 3 course meal and for 5euro you can have 2 cocktails that even have sparkelrs. They even have tvs with british programmes showing all day! It really is a great bar, we went everynight!

Perfume shop is great, cheap, the supermarket gives you free vouchers for the jungle and aquapark, which helps a lot.

If you want a taxi from the hotel, give them 30cents and one arrives in seconds! very clever!
It is approx 20euro for 2 people in a taxi to the airport form this hotel.

There is a postbox in the lobby of the hotel and they do sell stamps for the postcards too!

There is even a cat that you see everynight and a pidgeon you see every day, quite a characteristic place.

I would definately come here again.

Downsides, the pool area can be noisy. It is only open from 8 til 8, but you get drunk peple and the cleaner that you hear splash about if you sleep with the balcony door open a bit, and there are old windows in the batroom that unless your tall you cant close and you hear the noise from the corridoors when people come back.

The walls not too thin, only heard next door once, and they just being noisy as grown ups are! lol!

Apart from that, this really is more than a 3* place to stay, its like a home and i would certainly give it a hugh 6* thumbs up!

Enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact me."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of May 2007

Peaceful Panorama


"Two weeks in a spotless appartment overlooking the pool.
Regular maid service with do not disturb sign for a longer lie in.
60 Euros breakage deposit is taken when you arrive and refunded when you leave (If nothing damaged). Good self catering facilities but no air con. (Ceiling fan is o.k. though) You can get a good night sleep ready for a dip in the pool in the morning. Pool and surrounding areas including Bar etc. really good but get there early for sponge beds & parasols. Approx. 30 mtrs. from promenade, turn right for the Marina, Beaches, food, drink & everything else you would want. Great appartment, great location. Would do it again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 11th of May 2007

Good but not for us


"We spent a week at Panorama: April 10th - 17th (Easter '07) - we being myself, hubbbie & 3 kids (10, 6, & 2). The apartment was privately owned and booked independently. We definitely could not fault the apartment - 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms, huge balcony with sea view and VERY well equipped.

Panorama itself is very well maintained and very well located with loads of shops & good restaraunts within walking distance.

However, the week we were there the average age was about 50/55, mostly semi retired people or people on holiday with no kids. Our kids were lost for company at the poolside (no other kids about) and we were very conscious incase they made too much noise while in the pool (no balls or lilos allowed) and disturbed other guests - maybe we were just paranoid!

I would definitely recommend this complex to older people or anyone who is travelling without kids wanting a quiet break."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 21st of April 2007

Could try harder


"I've just returned from these apartments with my boyfriend and had a great holiday. I have to say, however, there were good things and bad things about the accommodation. The positives were that the apartment was clean, of a good size and well decorated. They were cleaned 5 times a week and the bedlinen changed twice a week. The complex is very well situated down a side street between Puerto Colon and San Eugenio so it was quiet but an endless choice of bars and restaurants were easily accessible. The pool was spotless and well maintained. Our apartment faced a wall, which didn't bother us as it meant it was a bit quiter and private but I can imagine this would not apply to many people.

Now for the negatives. You have to pay for EVERYTHING, even to get your key. We had to pay a deposit of 60Euros for the key and could only get it back when they'd checked the room was in order when you left. The safe deposit box was 28Euros but 10 of that was a deposit which you got back. Sunbeds were free but mattresses and umbrellas were 1.50Euros each so you could actually end up paying the same as going to the beach. Even on our last day they offered to call a taxi to the airport and then charged for the call! The apartments are badly designed so noise is a big problem but it's not due to anyone being particularly loud, just going about their business. We could hear people snoring, talking, going to the toilet, walking around and various other noises! The staff are not overly friendly so after 2 days of saying "Hola" and being looked at like we'd come from another planet we gave up. You are provided with a kettle but you have to hire other stuff like a toaster and the remote for the tv so we didn't bother but it could be annoying for other people.

The apartments have the potential to be great and the attitude of the staff could certainly help to counteract the negatives. I wouldn't rule out staying there again but I'd rather look elsewhere first."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 28th of February 2007

Nice location


"My friends father owns a little aprtment and i visited April 2004 ... it was very last minuite! Panorama is in a great location for beach, restraunts and nightlife with short strolls to all. As for the apartments there all clean and tidy, with a balcony overlooking the sea and getting a great view of the sunset. The pool is great for relaxing by and enjoying a dip when the sun gets too hot. Tenerife is one of my best holidays and i've been here a few times but stayed in different places. A great place to go."

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of October 2006



"Stayed here in June 2006 here had a lovely holiday in Tenerife the weather was hot and black cloudy days most of the time but i didn't mind because when the sun did come out it was unbearable, watched most of the world cup in the bars along the front,
The time share tossers drove us crazy in a 20 yard space we counted 8 time share people they really should do something about them because the place is dying and people are not going as they used too , if its not them it is the lucky men, or the p.rs outside every restraunt trying to get you to eat a meal at there place when you have already eaten.

But we did enjoy ourselves.

The hotel was OK we had a ceiling fan which blew hot air round no air con can you believe, then we had a Dutch kid above our apartment for a week who liked to do the 100mt rs dash every 5 Min's at 7.30am every morning really good eh, the walls are so thin i heard a bloke next door fart! worse was to come at 7am every day the pool cleaning brigade turned up and started to empty the filters out banging them as loud as they could and laughing and joking until about 8.30am then they would turn on the water filters into the pool which sounded like a water fall.

But we did enjoy ourselves!

Panorama charged a deposit for the tv remote control of 20e
a deposit for the toaster 20e.
a deposit for the kettle 20e.
and you had to pay for a sun lounger mattress which are free at most hotels
I would not recomend this place to anyone looking for a relaxing time because if you are pool facing which most are you have no chane of a lie in,
plus you cant sleep any way as it is to hot no air con"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 4th of July 2006

Fantastic for the money


"Stayed at this hotel with my mum in April/May 06. Was a little bit sceptical when we pulled up outside as the sign looked a bit outdated. However was pleasantly surprised when we entered reception. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

The room was lovely, although i would say that if you want a toaster and a kettle you need to get these from reception - which we didnt realise until day 3!!

We had a problem in our bathroom and maintenance fixed it within hours - fantastic.

The pool was lovely and very clean. There were always spare loungers and room to sunbathe.

The resort around the hotel was very quiet. It is a little trek to the closest beach but the pool is so nice that we just stayed there.

Loro Parque is worth a visit and make sure you see the Sea Lion show - brilliant."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 16th of May 2006

OK, but some noise


"Aparthotel is situated just back from seafront behind shops and restaurants. Well located some 350 metres from Puerto Colon harbour and beach, and near usual seafront commerce. Large British contingent well served by UK owned bars and restaurants - though you can find local food if you look for it.

Most rooms/balconies overlook swimming pool - some face a high wall which gives you privacy - but little else. Pool is not large and loungers are, typically, "towelled up" early. There is a small (gated) car park, but if this is full parking can be found at seafront.

Rooms are basic with balcony, no air con (there is a ceiling fan), fridge, hob, corner sofa and small TV (some UK channels). Rooms do not have safety chains on doors - which I discovered when maintenance man walked in!

General cleanliness and maintenance is good. The hotel is quiet at night but this is not the case in the morning. Due to the open nature of construction ie no carpets, the noise of doors slamming etc prevents rest. Rooms are serviced on an irregular basis but the cleaners are noisy and thump along with their trollies - I'm talking 0830hrs on a Sunday, which is not acceptable.

If you are an early riser on a budget this may be OK to stay - but I will not be back."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 4th of April 2006

Good Value for Money


"Just returned from a weeks stay which was my second visit to these apartments.
All of the staff are so very friendly and a credit to the Hovima group of hotels. Check in was smooth and easy and they let us in our room early as it was ready. There was a problem with the ceiling fan not working well and the maintenance man came straight away and fixed it.
The studio room we had was large enough for the two of us and the beds were very comfortable. Unfortunately there is no air conditioning and even though there was a ceiling fan it was stifling at night. There are two electric rings, a toaster and an electric kettle. No microwave or oven. Able to see british tv channels. Bathroom a bit dated and in need of a refurb as cracked tiles and toilet cistern chipped but spotlessly clean. There is a hairdryer and shower gel/soap as well.
Safe is 18 euro's a week with a 10 euro deposit.
Pool has a lovely life guard, beds are free but if you would like a mattress they are 1.50 euros per day to hire. Never a mad rush to reserve a sunbed so no need to get up at crack of dawn. Pool area gets the sun all day. Pool is clean an nicely heated.
Great position, seconds from the promenade and many restaurants and just down the hill from the San Eugenio shopping center with it's large Mercadona and also the bus stop if you like to travel the island by bus.
Only bad thing I can say although it didn't bother us as we didn't spend much time in the room was the high white wall which was the back of the restaurants that was our view. They have done their best to try and disguise it by planting cypress trees but it's not the best outlook in the world. This happened the last time I went and did ask when I booked that they didn't put us there again but I think they had no choice as we booked a 'promotional room' which are what these are so would advise you pay a little bit more and avoid the promotional rooms when booking.
They were doing a good offer on breakfast there. For 36 Euros for 7 days you could have a buffet breakfast. We didn't do it but it looked lovely. Cooked food, bread, cheese, meat and cereals, cakes and pastries, tea & coffee and juice - good value.
It cost us 23 euro's each way by taxi to the airport, 15 minutes drive.
Summing it up: Lovely staff, clean rooms if a bit dated, lovely pool, great position, would definitely stay here again. I haven't meant to sound negative as I really like it here but have tried to give an honest review."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 31st of July 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Cleanliness

We'll be back!


"Stayed at the Panorama end of June 10. What a lovely place. Staff are lovely rooms are basic but spotlessly clean. Pool is warm and clean and no probs with beds. If I have one complaint it is that the rooms desperately need aircon then this hotel would be perfect. Lots of good places to eat and drink close by. Don't be put off about the hill it's not that bad. Great little restaurant at the bottom of the hill full English for 2 euro.For a nice meal in friendly surroundings try Rossini's top of the hill cross the road and turn right. A euro or 2 more expensive but well worth it you only get what you pay for. Staff there are great and food was fab too. Dined in lots of the eateries but this was by far the best. Lookey ,lookey guys by the beach do get on your nerves but do what we do ignore. One word of warning though beware of the guys offering scratch cards everyones a winner. To claim your prize you are taken to view a newly built hotel we played along at first but when we realised it could take up a whole day we made our excuses. Loved the place so much going back with the family next week can't wait!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of October 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Amenities
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  • ray L by ray L

    "favourite restaurants were verde opposite san eugenio, slow boat chinese peurto colon, golden hands "

  • ellen 2009 by ellen 2009

    "rickys resturant. scotch corner . visit siam park and sound of musicals "

  • Aly by Aly

    "Give it a try you won't be sorry "

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