H10 Gran Tinerfe

Rafael Puig Lluvina, 13, 38660 Costa Adeje, Adeje, Tenerife Spain
4 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3.5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

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an honest review


myself and my husband and 3 year old twins have just returned from our holiday, infact yesterday.
we were supposed to be staying ln los cristianos but the travel agent made a balls up and had to transfer our booking to the h10 grn tinerfe. to be honest we were not happy but thought hey ho have bee to cristianos 5 times so was a chance for a change.

on arrival the reception was brilliant, loved our kids and gave us a choice of rooms, we chose on two rooms linked by a huge hall, a very large balcony with windows which would slide across, the view brilliant , we were ground floor virtually on the beach i sat each evening till ten listening to the waves, which when u have twin 3 year olds a night life is out!! any way i can honestly say the rooms were VERY quiet sound proofed when windows shut, and believe me if u have ever stayed in cristianos you will no the bin men work in the early hours!! it is the best i have ever slept, comfy beds, the only thing i would say is the bath room needed updateing, but really hot powerful showers with shampoo and shower gel, no bath robes tho as said.
we ordered a fridge as there was not one there at a cost of 10 eruos worth it i thought. all in all glad we were moved.
the food was really good, varied brekki with cava i was in my element, no not only that but the choice was fantastic and well prepared. only prob was a few pushy tourists who couldnt wait 5 mins. our kids were a pain having to sit to eat but what 3 year old wouldnt, but the waiters loved them,
this is not really a hotel for children but we didnt have a problem
the beach so close u could touch it. the pool looked lovey but we didnt use it as a little to deep for our two. lovely grounds, kids loved the chess board.
oh and right next to hotel lovely little park for kids
i can honestly recommend this hotel and would use it again.
it is not a 4 star as sold needs a bit of updating but i think they can get it back but the restuarant is,
any one who would like me to answer any questions i would love to respond"

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  • Travel date: Sat 18th of November 2006

Tired but homely


"Had a lovely stay here after a shaky start!!
We arrived at the airport to be told the hotel was overbooked!
We had to spend our first night at the Conquistador hotel.
The following day we transferred to the Tinerfe, our room was ready to go into, and the reception paid our taxi fare.
We were also given a free fridge,safe and wine every day for the inconvenience. Our travel company also gave us a £40 cash compensation!!!
We had a wonderful seaview room.
The hotel as a 4 star is a bit over-rated. As it is the oldest in America's it is looking tired and dated but has been taken over by H10 group and modernisation is underway.
The food was good but got a little boring after 2wks.
The staff were really nice and helpful.
The air-con was not very efficient and as the humidity was Very high, we ,(staff included) were extremely uncomfortable, especially in the dining room!
The position of the hotel is very good although it is rather noisy at night from nearby bars, but this stopped at midnight.
There are a lot of road works etc at the moment but it will improve the area a lot when they are complete.
Spoke to many people who return to this hotel again and again,
Although we have stayed in better 4 stars I would not hesitate to return here next time I visit Tenerife."

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  • Travel date: Wed 4th of October 2006

H10 Gran Tinerfe


"My boyfriend and I travelled for a two week holiday to Tenerife. After hearing various stories about the resort of Playa de Las Americas with settled with Costa Adeje. However, beware. Even though the H10 Gran Tinerfe was described in being in Costa Adeje, it borders on both resorts. Literally when you walk out the front of the hotel if you walk right it is Costa Adeje, and Left Playa de Las Americas. In a sense this was a good asset because we had the best of both worlds - a good night life if we fancied, or some more quite bars and restaurants. Even though we both are quite young, we did book this holiday for the quieter side of things, mainly for the sun and a bit of sight seeing - not the most typical teenagers! My advice on the situation of this hotel is if you are most definitely not looking to stay in Las Americas, this isn’t the place for you.

Anyway on to the Hotel.

The Reception: After reading various reviews i didn’t have high hopes for the hotel with reviews saying that the hotel was extremely dated. Basically if you want a hotel with a grand reception and light, modern interior it isn’t for you. The reception is quite small however it was far better than i had expected. The wooden ceilings made it seem a lot darker than it was and added to the 'dated' look. The staff on reception were not over friendly, yet not rude. Their English lacked a little, as it did in most of the hotel, but it wasn’t appalling. A few little things let the reception down such as when we arrived, their was nobody to carry our suitcases to our rooms. There is a bell boy however I never did see him do very much, so we weren’t entirely sure on what his purpose was!

The Room: Pro's - Having said the hotel was dated; we were both pleasantly surprised with our room. It looked as if it had been recently refurbished with nice light colours, laminate flooring and nice fittings, far more modern than the hotel. We were lucky to get a Sea view room, as previously when booking the holiday we had turned down the extra £200 supplement to get a sea view room - we though it wasn’t worth it, however we were pleasantly surprised to get one anyway, which beggars the questions whether if your not too bothered about a sea view you might as well take the gamble and see what you end up with. The room was cleaned and beds made everyday, I cannot fault the cleanliness of the hotel at all. I never once saw any litter or dirt. The Bathroom was nice, shower very powerful and when we had a fault with it on the 11th day it was fixed immediately and parts replaced.
Cons - Like most hotels, instead of a double bed there was two single beds put together. This was extremely annoying as you would wake up in the middle of the night finding yourself wedged down the middle. The beds had wheels on one end which made them separate. My boyfriend and I practically did not share a bed for the whole two weeks! Another fault (with our particular room) was that out balcony doors didn’t seem to be fitted properly therefore the noise from surrounding bars was very loud and the bar to the right named Deborah's had the same man, singing the same songs terribly every night, which got rather frustrating. The major down fall for me was the hotel seemed to have a generator in between the floors which was so noisy at night - it drove me mad.
Tips - the maid likes to come quite early in the morning, so if you fancy a bit of a lay in (however you will miss brekkie) make sure you out the sign on the door the night before. The safe in the room was very expensive. 15 euros per week plus a 10 euro deposit - I nearly choked!

The Pool Area: Can’t say much, very quiet which was lovely, not that many children and if there were they were in the other pool not near us. The pool area was always clean and we really never had a problem getting a sun bed, however umbrellas were a bit harder to get. There wasn’t that much sun bed reserving by the Germans with towels, however there was a few - not as bad when I went to turkey and we were having to set our alarm at 6.30am to get up to get a sun bed! I think most people went to the beach which was literally on the hotels doorstep. I’m not too keen on sand getting everywhere so we gave the beach a bit of a miss. What I did see from it though, looked quite nice. They weren’t the cleanest of beaches however the further you went along to Costa Adeje the nicer they got.

Tip - not much point bringing a beach towel as the hotel provides pool towels for the stay, yet they aren’t allowed to be taken outside the hotel but we did once, I think quite a lot of people did.

The Gym - one word crap

The hairdressers - closed all summer!?!?

The Restaurant:

Breakfast - not too good. Lived on croissants and toast. Cooked breakfast was foul. Fatty bacon. Scrambled eggs looked like something I had vomited. Just generally not recommended. If you want a nice English breakfast its better to go to one of the English bars/cafes round the corner where it will only cost a couple of euros.

Dinner: The food quality varied. Some nights the food was delicious. A few nights they had steak on the buffet which was delicious. Between us we had quite a lot (probably would have cost over £100 in UK for the amount we had!) I didn’t find one piece of fat on any of it. However the first night we got there it was terrible. I think I would advise getting there at 7pm when the restaurant opens as the food is fresher and hotter, therefore obviously a lot tastier. It did improve tremendously during our stay though, and nothing really sticks out in my mind as being awful.

Another few things to mention is the fact that you cant take any food out the restaurant and it’s made explicitly clear that you will be charged for any items.

The waiters English again isn’t too good. One waiter in particular had us it stitches. He really shouldn’t be working there. He literally looked like he had dunked his head in a bucket, he was sweating that much. I'm not exaggerating - it literally was dripping off! Just try and avoid his section. Hah!

That’s an overview of the hotel, could go into more details but I think I’ve written too much and probably am boring you.

One main tip I must say - is beware of all the cameras for sale over there. You will understand when you get there. They are not what they seem. If you don’t mind taking the risk its up to you, but after one bloke chased us out of his shop calling me every name under the sun and threatening my boyfriend with a knife and throwing racist abuse to him just because I wouldn’t hand over the money and questioned the authenticity etc, we were very cautious and decided against buying them. They are VERY pushy and will rip you off if they get the chance. They will try and sell you a brand you have never heard of as they make more money on them. Make sure the price includes all the cables, software and charger as they will give you a good price and at the last minute wack on 40 euros for the charger. Also even if they say that they won’t budge on a price and it’s 'very' good, the bloke (before he tried killing us!) dropped from 165 euros to 100 euros as we were saying we were 'going to think about it'. So try and get the bet
st deal and make sure your not being ripped off.

The surrounding restaurants are not brilliant. We went to one of the more (really only) top end one named 'Verdes' and we were very disappointed. Lovely restaurant but very short staffed therefore service crap and food was overpriced.

Trips I would recommend would be the Teide trip - brilliant views. Jungle Park - amazing.

Aqualand is ok - bit of a rip off though. They charge you to rent out the rubber rings which you need to use for the slides (around 10 euros each, there is however ones by the slide but you have to queue at the bottom of the slide and wait for people to come down and then you have to queue at the top AGAIN to wait to slide. Whereas people who have rented them out can go straight the top. Not very fair.

Overall the hotel was average - wouldn’t really recommend it but want awful. The resort was average. There seems to be ALOT of roadwork’s around the resort at the momement, in Las Americas particularly which isn’t too good. If you want cheap alcohol and are not bothered about nice restaurants this is the resort for you. If you want a bit more culture, go elsewhere. It’s a very English resort however the hotels seem to be full of Germans -as per usual!! We don’t think we would come back. Though different parts of the island are far nicer. If you have any questions, you can contact me on [email protected] I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Hope this review has been helpful."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of July 2006

Learn English, but the rest is fine


"First problem with this hotel is that, except reception desk and some people around bar, english is not a well known language. If you are lucky to know some latin languages, it's fine and you could manage some small talks with the stuff.
In the rest, the food is brilliant, the room(bungalow) was more than ok (very quite and clean) and the pool is clean and you can have as options enough recreative activities.
Prices are ok and the people corect and willing to help( with irrelevant exceptions)

Is good for families and people over 35-40 years."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 12th of July 2006

A Detailed review of the H10 Gran Tinerfe and surroundings


"It takes about 20 minutes to get to this hotel via taxi and costs around €20. Prior to arriving at this hotel I had requested a Junior suite which I would use up my H10 points as part payment, as I am a member of the hotel chains rewards scheme and have stayed in many of their hotels, all of which have been very high standard establishments, this one however was going to be an all new experience for me…

Upon arrival at this hotel I was not welcomed by anyone and there was no porter to help me with my luggage. When I checked into the dingy reception area I asked if the hotel had received my E-mail of a room upgrade. I was told they had the E-mail, but there were no suites available, however if I tried again in the morning there should definitely be one available. Fair enough, I thought so I settled for a sea view room on the first floor. The room was OK but quite small. There was a strange, musty smell that hit me as I entered the room but that seemed to go after leaving the balcony door open for a few hours.
Next morning I went down to reception and asked them if my Junior Suite was available. It was the same guy that had checked me in and he looked so miserable! Well, it wasn’t available and I was told to try again tomorrow. Sod this for a game of soldiers, the reception staff should either know definitely or indefinitely weather rooms are available or not the following day, after all THIS IS THEIR JOB!


I found the hotel reception to be unfriendly and unhelpful throughout the entire stay of the holiday. One time I came in at 00:30 after a session in the nearby Casino. I asked the lady at the reception desk if any of the hotel bars were still open, and she told me “no they are all closed”. Disappointed, I retired to my hotel room when I could hear music from the downstairs bar. I went to investigate and the barman told me they were open till 01:30! Why the reception staff didn’t know their own opening hours is a mystery!
Overall marks 2/10


Were a little small for a 4* hotel and for the following reasons didn’t meet 4* standards:
1. No turn down service in the evenings.
2. No Bidet in the bathroom.
3. Cracked shower causing water to spray everywhere and cracked soap dish.
4. No bathrobes or slippers.
5. No mini-bar in the room (I found this very odd)
6. No TV remote control and no kettle for tea and coffee.
7. No room service.
8. Stains on the carpets in the corridors.
9. Double bed was two single beds pushed together.
10. This was the first time ever that I didn’t leave a tip for the maids on my departure as I thought the rooms were not cleaned to very high standards. Also every morning at 8:00 am the maids were incredibly noisy, shouting and singing at the top of their voices! All I could hear in the morning was “MACAREENA!!! MACAREENA!!!” this was the name of the maid who supposedly cleans the rooms… then followed constant banging and more unnecessary noise from the cleaners. They had no respect for the “do not disturb” sign hanging on my door!

On a positive note though however, the views from the room of the sunset and neighbouring islands were breathtaking allowing me to wind down in the evenings with a jug of sangria.
Overall marks 2/10


The food in this hotel was delicious! Everyday fresh fruit & veg. I’m a veggie so quite hard to please, but there were always plenty to offer and a separate vegetarian area.
Breakfast was made up of fresh cheeses, Serrano ham, bacon, sausage and salami for the meat eaters. Eggs: omelettes, fried, scrambled, Crepes, pancakes, doughnuts, toast, and marmalade, cereal, yoghurt and fresh smoothies and milkshake. Everything was available at breakfast……even……..chips? French fries…? Erm…..um. yuk.
Evening meals were equally very well planned with more that your hearts content. I found the deserts very nice. My only complaint was one of the waiters who would seat you or clear the tables. He was the sweatiest man I’ve ever seen. Obviously couldn’t stand the heat so he shouldn’t be in or anywhere near the kitchen. You don’t want to see someone perspiring all over the place when you’re trying to enjoy your meal.
Overall marks 8/10

Pool Area

I overheard someone in the elevator say there were people out at 6:30am reserving beds…..how sad. Beds were not the problem here; I found there simply were not enough umbrellas to go around! Pool was very clean and activities available all day if you wanted to get involved. I found watching the REF getting pushed in the pool constantly during a game of water polo very amusing. A little annoying when the ball got hit in your general direction, knocking drinks over Etc
Overall marks 4/10


I thought the beach was dirty. I only paddled in the sea once because as I approached it, I noticed plastic bags and bin liners floating in the water. Also, newspapers and sweet wrappers had been discarded in the ocean with no respect or regard for other beach users.
Overall marks 2/10

Costa Adeje?

Don’t be fooled people. This is in fact part of Playa De Las Americas! Blackpool abroad. “Brit abroad” with your Burberry hats and your fake England shirts!!! CHAVS R US!
This place has never heard of style, sophistication and quaint little tapas bars. Instead? Bristish bars with music blaring out of them. ETC.
Overall marks 1/10

Bars & evening entertainment in and around the hotel

I liked the bars in the hotel. There were lots of drinks available and it was reasonably priced. You could by ½ litre jug of sangria for €6.70 of a pint of larger for €2.60. Cocktails cost around €4.90 and a bottle of wine costs about €12.00.
Evening entertainment in the hotel was short but sweet with professional shows lasting 45minutes.
Outside the hotel was a bar called DEBORAH where the entertainment was Karaoke standard but the food looked nice. The casino was ok. All the other bars a little further down the promenade were British orientated not Spanish.
Overall marks 3/10

The hotel in general

This has been the noisiest hotel I have ever stayed in;

Generators from the kitchen and for the air-conditioning constantly churning away could be heard from the balcony.
1. Noisy maids early in the morning.
2. Noise from neighbouring night clubs and bars.
3. Noisy air conditioning in the room.

Overall H10 hotels have lost what was once an exceptional high standard. It’s such a shame because the H10 Timanfaya and H10 Rubicon palace in Lanzarote really made an effort whereas this hotel had an “I can’t be bothered” attitude about it. I used up all my H10 points when I was at this hotel and vowed that I would never stay with H10 again. The hotel should do the right thing and down grade to a 3* star which is what it really is. Either that or spend around 3 million pounds on a renovation. Overall marks 3/10

If (for some strange reason) you have your heart set on this location, try the IBEROSTAR next to this hotel. It looks far cleaner and more impressive. If you’re used to 4* canary standards (which are usually very high) you will be disappointed here.
I am a travel journalist expert and I am a very good source of holiday and travel information, so believe me I know my stuff. I was going to write to H10 and complain but what good would it get me? Even if they offered me a free stay at another hotel, I would be reluctant to take it.

Thanks for reading and please try somewhere else for your sake!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 30th of May 2006

So good we've booked again


"Having avoided the Spanish Islands for over 17 years, My wife finally convinced me to go to Tenerife and a friend recommended The Hotel H10 Gran Tinerfe, I wish I'd have taken their advice 17 years before, the Island is fantastic with wonderful friendly people and the Hotel exceeded my expectations , Clean rooms with wonderful views, Friendly helpful staff who go out of their way to make your stay a memorable one, The food was great and with such a choice if you go hungry it's your own fault. the live entertainment in the evenings was enjoyable and the resident band were Great. daytime activities were fun although not particularly well attended which made it easier for me to win H10 tee shirts for Archery and Sharpshooting, altogether we had a Fantastic Holiday so much so we are going back in April for another two weeks. Hotel Gran Tinerfe get top marks for us we shall become regulars.."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 7th of March 2006

what a let down !


"we were placed in a small room on the sixth floor, overlooking the road and kitchen bins.The noise levels were horrendous due to constant road works going on.. and the smell from the kitchen coming up through the air vents was constantly in the room,(which did not have a balcony), so it would not have been safe for any family with children.The restaurant served up reosonable food apart from carrots ,potatoes and cauliflour for breakfast, but none of these for dinner ? The staff had problems in the restaurant with leaks coming in from the floors above so had to place towels and buckets all over the place, which seemed odd as it wasn,t raining.The facilities were quite good and most of the staff very helpfull, in retrospect we should have asked to be moved to another room,but we decided not to.We would certainly go back to tenerife but not to this particular hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 4th of March 2006

Not so good


"Stayed at the Hotel from Dec throught to January2006 had the evening gala meal which was a seven course meal of which our party did not like any of the food in that meal we were never told this when we booked most hotels put on a buffet so everyone will like something.

Road works outside again no one told us this will go on for several more months at least Taxis cannot get to the entrance or buses so you will have to carry your luggage across the road works.

If you are disabled and use electric chairs you have no choice but to cross the road works, taxis will cost you more because the traffic does get held up an example one trip cost us 35 euros going and 24 euros coming back.

Food very average some queing, Hotel itself very clean nice rooms with the exception of the daytime roadwork noise.Evening bar with a show quite good but stage a bit small.Good internet facilitys about the best I have used so far."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 15th of January 2006

Nice hotel, not so good food


"We spent 1 week at this hotel. It has 11 floors some with sea view. We had a view of the road rather than the sea. At this time there are major roadworks outside which during day time is creating a lot of noise. If you have one of the bungalows alongside the road expect a lot of noise which starts at day break till 6pm. These roadworks are causing road closures around the hotel, which some taxi drivers are unaware of.

There are 3 pools, 1 of which is allegedly heated, still too cold for most. As the last reviewer said there are plenty of good quality sunbeds. One towel per customer is provided for use by pool.

There are plenty of organised activities for all ages - for those wanting it. Archery, darts, water polo, petanque, tennis, foot tennis. There is one tennis court. In the evening the bar has entertainment such as a singer or band. It's average quality stuff. It would probably suit the older guests rather than people under 25 wanting a discos. The guests are of the full age range - more older guests staying there. There are a wide range of nationalities mostly German, English, Dutch, and Russian.

The food; generally edible, but not great. It is all buffet style, but area slightly too small to provide lots of choice & this causes some queuing at times. All drinks including water are at extra cost.

We found the staff mostly spoke sufficient English. There was variation in their friendliness, but none were miserable.
The toliets were clean, including the pool side ones, so perhaps they have improved since the last reviewer went. The rooms are cleaned daily to an acceptable standard."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 29th of October 2005

lovely hotel, lovely staff, great location


"Lovely hotel, exceptionally friendly staff, Maria is a star at Public Relations. Beach front great location, buffet style food good and drinks reasonably priced for a hotel. Sea views are by far the best rooms , We had an adequate pool view. 2 of the 3 pools were very cold when we stayed.

Entertainment on most days was very good especially the resident duo Panache who were excellent. Chill out terrace lovely with Jazz band on early evening on a couple of occasions.

Keep fit and wellness program excellent Kami was a star, pitching it at the right level and length of 30 minutes. Could feel my energy levels going up daily. Would have liked an iron and kettle in the room but these are minor issues. Would recommend this hotel"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 8th of March 2016

ability to book the room number of your choice


"We were pleased to receive an email from maria to thank us for filling in the feedback at the hotel.since then we have booked our third stay at your hotel,on our booking form we have requested room 423,as this was the best room we have ever experienced!we enjoyed our last stay for two weeks so much that this year we have booked three,looking forward to our holiday. best wishes to you all for the new year Linda Goodwin"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 5th of January 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Nice chilled holiday


"We went for two weeks 6th August till the 20th. Fantastic and clean hotel. Adults only. Service was great, food plentiful and something for everyone. We booked a sea view room and got a corner room which had a massive bed in it and a lovely view of the beach and sea.

Go out of the back door of the hotel your straight onto the beach, turn left or right and there are bars and restaurants everywhere. One problem is people trying to entice you into them.

We had a late flight back and tried to extend the room till six but they were fully booked and we could only have a thirty minute slot in a courtesy room which turned out to be twenty five minutes due to people extending their time. So when you book the hotel book the room extension if your flight back is late.

The bars in the hotel are well kept and you get the usual Spanish measures of branded spirits, bear in mind the chill out bar is two Euros more for a drink so when you're in another bar check the price on the receipt as the waiters get confused. They do a privilege thing where you can go into the privilege lounge and get free drinks. Use some loungers near the rectangular pool and eat in another restaurant for free. If all the bars were free it would have been worth it for us so we didn't bother.

There are three pools all decent size and the two big ones are unheated, but nice when the temperature hit forty six degrees. Don't reserve sun loungers before 10 AM as the towels will be removed along with any items left. The pool bar is handy during the day for a snack or drink. There is a waitress walking round to take orders but you have to catch her eye as they don't pester you.

We did two trips one to see the pilot whales and saw plenty but no dolphins. Book through Thomson you can get it cheaper, here's why. You go on the Catamaran F13 with less people and more importantly no kids. You get unlimited drinks both soft and alcoholic and a meal. They stop in a bay on the way back if you want a dip in the sea. I can highly recommend that trip.

The other trip was Tiede by night, you go up the Mountain and get a meal and then see the sunset with a toast of Cava, then a guide of the stars with the constellations, you can see satellites passing overhead, they tell you it may get chilly up there but that would depend on the time of year as it wasn't cold for us in mid August.

All in all a really chilled out holiday and we would recommend this hotel.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 27th of August 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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