Garachico Holidays

Colorful town of Garachico
Colorful town of Garachico
The resort of Garachico can be found at the west end of Tenerife’s north facing coast. 43 miles north of Reina Sofia airport (Tenerife South Airport).

Formerly the islands principal port, Garachico was partly destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1706. It has preserved as something of a backwater yet serves as a cultural and administrative centre for the surrounding villages. Measuring only 1¼ mile by ¾ miles, Garachico has retained many of its old churches and mansions, and avoids much of the traffic congestion found elsewhere on the island.

Garachico is a preference with those who prefer quieter, quainter places or with an interest in local history and culture.

Visitors should not travel to Garachico expecting to find beaches. The town has many naturally formed rock pools in the front of the promenade supplemented by a small public lido pool. A patch of volcanic gravel at the rear of the harbour on the edge of the town serves as it’s only ‘beach’.
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