Blue Sea Los Fiscos

C/ Los Cabezos 2, 35510 Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 3 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 3 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 2.5 value
  • 3 food
  • 2 cleanliness
  • 2.5 location

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"We have just returned from a weeks stay at Los Fiscos....what a week!!!
The staff, apart from the receptionist, the pool boy and Lenny the Dutch entertainer are the most miserable bunch you are ever likely to meet. You try getting a smile out of Mauel the barman...we managed one in the whole week and yet were at the bar every 10mins as ALL drinks are served in tiny little plastic "party beakers". The restaurant manager is equally as bad with us witnessing him "spray" half a bottle of champagne, ordered by a very polite German family, over two tables, theirs included, and the floor narrowly missing a young couple from Sheffield....Joe and Amanda, and not even apologising or mopping up or re-seating the family. He acted as if it was the norm!!!The poor old lady was so embarassed!
The food in the buffet is some of the most unco-ordinated, bland, uncooked collection of dishes you are ever likely to come accross in your much so that I witnessed a young Dutch lad who had a plate of chips and was obviously struggling badly to decide what to have with them, that he ended up spooning a ladle of mandarins over them...the only other food on display that he liked!!! If you're planning on starting a diet, this is the ideal place!!!
That apart........
We were very lucky to be allocated a room overlooking the pool with a fantastic view of the mountains and the sea but these are few, very few and far between!!! The appartment was perfectly adequate, large and airy, and was well equipped with a great deal of storage and was very clean and always kept so by the cleaning staff! There are quite a few steps throughout the complex, but considering the place is built on a hillside location this is to be expected and did not prove to be uncomfortable.
The pool area was well kept, very clean with numerous sun beds around the pool and on the sun terraces but the water was "freezing"....we took great pleasure in watching as all the "newbies" dived in for their first swim and the water literally took their breath away....many an obsenity was heard!!!
We met a great bunch of friends whilst on our stay, so a quick hello to Hannah (how's ya bum) and Terri (TeePee, you're never 26), (right nice) Joe and Amanda, Keith, Andy (Woody) and Roy and wives (so sorry ladies but I can't remember your names), Val (keep up the swimming and hope you recover from the op) & his wife, Lenny the Dutch entertainer who certainly kept us enertained!!! and all the other families/couples we had the pleasure to meet, from Barnsley, Mansfield, Leeds and Ireland. Andy, it was a pleasure to share your 50th birthday celebrations, certainly a night to remember!!!...."the Indians are coming!!!" must be said...this could be such a great hotel if only the management issues were sorted out, if customer focus was recognised by the staff to be of some importance and a chef who could manage to provide a decent selection of "hot, cooked, edible" foods.
The weather was got gradually better as the week went on, finishing scorching hot and Carmen itself has a beautiful beach and is generally kept very clean, with an excellent selection of bars and restaurants to choose from...even though we went in what was low season.
Alas, we won't be going back to Los Fiscos!!!
Chris, Rob & Glenn from Sth London."

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  • Travel date: Mon 7th of May 2007

Awful, dirty and unsafe


"This hotel is appauling, on the first day we were moved to another hotel down the road (Aquarius which was far superior and has a lower rating,) due to pipe problems when we arrived back at los fiscos..... I met a distraught mother at reception who's child had sliced his foot open on the step into the pool..The first aider put cotton wool on it and left it.. this was still bleeding after 1 hour... they ended up in a hospital the reception were very unwilling to help this mum, on going in to the pool the hand rail on one side was dangerously loose... again reported to reception, in the 6 days that we were there these two health and safety issues were not resolved, the food was substandard, if you have allergies very little of the food is labelled. The manager of the hotel did little to please guests and fix any problems, the bar area was always dirty and littered with drinks and spillages from the day before, all inclusive states that snacks are available at certain times.... no snacks were available ... would not wish this place on anyone"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 7th of May 2007

First impressions are good


"First impressions were good from outside, inside were loads of steps everywhere you had to go. Rooms were fine, then we had to change. originally we booked to rooms beside each other with pool view - non of this was obtained. 1 room became very smelly with sewage and reception moved us all into one big apartment which worked out very well. Sitting area in rooms were fine but very very uncomfortable, god help anyone who had to sleep in one of these sofas.

Food very poor. no selection and had to wait for it every day. Staff in dining room also unfriendly towards us. ok if you were spanish. staff in reception were friendly one in particular who has actually left his job there now.

Entertainment not the best in the world. and only one small bar in the whole of the hotel and not a big deal of sitting room there either.

Pool was lovely and cold. though loose tiles around and handrail falling off. made it not very safe.

Wouldn't go back to los fiscos nor recommend it to anyone."

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  • Travel date: Sat 5th of May 2007

Loved the Los Fiscos


"We have just arrived back from the Los Fiscos in Peurto Del Carmen, Lanzarote and we have had a great holiday.
We arrived late on Thursday 19th April 2007 and the weather was windy but warm.
We stayed all inclusive at the hotel. The drinks are served at the pool bar from 11am - 11pm prompt. The beer is only served in 210ml plastic cups so you have to order a few at a time but its really cold and nice. They also do a brilliant local baileys which tastes just like the real thing. The pool bar also serves toasties and cakes all day.
The restaurant opens three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I am honest the food is below average. The choice isnt great and its cold and tasteless, but going all inclusive for the drinks alone makes it worth the money. There are so many restaurants in the area and they are so cheap that you dont mind going out to eat.
Our room was clean and the maids cleaned everyday we were there. The pool patio and bar area is also lovely and clean. The pool itself is very deep and there is not really a shallow end but this was also very clean.
We met some lovely people at the hotel and there were no trouble makers.
The hotel is full of steps. Steps to the rooms, steps to the pool and steps to the restaurant which makes it difficult if you have trouble walking and have heavy cases. There are no lifts.
The staff on the reception are not the friendliest and Manuell who works on the pool bar comes across as a grumpy old man but if your nice to him and smile he is a softy really!
A taxi into the main part of Peurto Del Carmen is only 2-3 euros which is brilliant and there are so many available. The harbour is gorgeous and has a choice of lovely fish restaurants. The harbour is only a short walk away but its down a very steep hill so awkward for anyone with walking difficulties.
I will definately be going back to Los Fiscos. It was so peaceful and relaxing and definately worth the money. A really lovely holiday."

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of April 2007

Lovely Break


"Went AI to the Los Fiscos for 1 week, variety of food available was always hot, my only gripe was sometimes trays were empty, or no bread, waiters would rectify this very quickly, when asked. Me and hubby quite fussy eaters but always found something to suit us. Snack bar outside restuarant hours was nearly none existant, some cakes, ice cream & croissants. Drinks available on AI, were okay, Spainish equivilant of Baileys was lovely! Loads of sunbeds round pool and sunterrace (the view from here is brilliant), pool was heated, Big bonus, as previous experience of Lanzarote's pool is freezing!! We were there from 25 Feb. till 4 March 07, weather was warm during day but when sun goes down you need a light jacket/cardigan, as it can be very cold.
We had a studio apartment, with fridge/oven and hob, other than the fridge never used the self catering facilities in the room but we found this to be the best stocked apartment, for utensils, we've ever been in, everything you would need to prepare a meal. Apartment had small patio area, excellent for enjoying the last of the days sunshine. We found the staff all friendly, although the older barman could be a little grumpy!
Had a good break, and yes would use this hotel again for a late deal."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 10th of April 2007

good value for money


"Never has the phrase "You get what you pay for" ring more true.
This is a 2/3 star property that is s/c h/b or a/i.
Please pay the extra for a/i as it is worth it for the drinks alone.
We paid £289pp for flights from Glasgow and our all inclusive apartment for the week which was roughly £70pp more than going self catering to a similar standard property. The accommodation is at the back of the Old Town of Puerto Del Carmen but only a 10min walk to the harbour down a steep hill. The food is basic but edible and there is always a choice. We personally didn`t think much of the breakfasts but the lunches and dinners were ok. The apartments are old fashioned but habitable and the pool and solarium area clean and tidy. The staff were friendly especially Anna (even Manuel the barman if you were nice to him). Len the entertainer was great and how he managed to join us for a drink nearly every night after hours still astounds me(Mr Stamina). It is only 13 Euros one way taxi from the airport to the complex and 3 Euros into Centro Atlantico for post 11pm busy club/dancing/drinking. Remember you get what you pay for. Go with an open mind and im sure you will enjoy."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 9th of February 2007

Dont Waste Your Money!!!


"My husband and i have just returned from our 7 night stay at the Los Fiscos hotel along with my parents. Upon arrival of the hotel the staff were very unfriendly and not very helpful. When we entered our "hotel room" it was noted that these were actually self catering apartments!

The location of the hotel is not at all suitable for anybody that has difficulty walking, as it is placed at the top of a very steep hill. The rooms are scattered around the complex and you must be prepared to climb numrous steps, the worse part is coming from the dining hall to the only bar! you have to go down about 30 steps into what we called "muggers Alley" as it is just a tunnel with no purpose! then back up another set of 30 steps to the bar.

The room had two bedrooms equipt with 4 single beds. The room didnt look like it had been cleaned, we found hairs in our beds, red wine makrs on the bedroom floor where the previous occupant had dropped a glass of wine. No lock on the bathroom/ toilet door. No air conditioning not that we needed it as it was freezing at night and they are unable to provide you with additional blankets!!

This was the worse part of the holiday, there is only one place to eat for breakfast, dinner and evening meal. The staff were very unfreindly to the English, and couldnt be bothered! They served chips with everything! The food was either cold or nothing was in the hot plates. Evening meals are 1830 to 2100 on our second night we went for our evening meal at 1915 only to be told there was nothing left, after voiced our opinons and numrous other guests joining in the chief said he would have somthing prepared in 5 minutes!!!! This turned out to be Turkey left over from Christmas that had been put in a microwave and defrosted!! This was the same day in day out!!! However two days before we came home all the food dramtically improved, we thought they had started to pay attention to everybodyies moaning!! Not a chance this was due to 80 spanish OAP's entering the hotel! This turned out to be a good thing with the food, however the English, German and French gustes were ignored and pushed to one side!

The drink was the only good thing about the hotel as they catered for everyone! There was plenty of beer, wine and spirits available. However they are not prepared to give you double shots. The local Baileys everybody became very addicticted to as this was very tasty, however when asking for a large hot they refused to give you it saying the bar is open till 23hrs!! However they would give you two glasses, which everybody just use to double up on their drinks order.

What entertainment!!!! They advertise that they do volley ball, aqua aerobics ect but this never happened!!!!!! Evening entertainment leaves much to the imagination!!. the english singers are drunk and slur their words and the spanish singers sing english songs missing half the words and the other half you cant undertsand.

We were told this hotel was a three star not a chance this is more like a 1plus! The hotel does have a pool which your tour operator will tell you is heated!! Not a chance the sea was warmer to go in! Their is a young lad on the complex from Holland that is suppose to be the entertainment organiser, we asked him about the aqua aerobics only to be told oh nobody is interested so we dont do it! Like everything else they advertise.

I would never go back to this hotel nor recommend it to anybody especially families!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 19th of January 2007

highly dissapointed


"we sayed over the christmas holiday and were dissapointed,we knew there were many steps but not that many ,certainly kept fit!i found the room fairly okay we asked for a ground floor room as we have a three year old girl and found it not on ground level but more of a basement level looking out to a wall with nice shrubbery,light was restricted,rooms are very outdated just very basic,the t.v had very bad reception even if we did want to watch!food was okay we went for all inclusive ,we spent more time eating out!couldnt bear all the queues for everything ,probably our fault as we are quite fussy eaters we expected it to be more.They told us the pool was heated through out winter months which it was not and that deterred us from using it at all[bloody freezin],we been to lanzarote several times and we absolutely love it there, this is the first and last time we will ever stay in the old town ,next time i will book our holiday when we have time for a variety of choices,the differance between the old town and the new town is such that it is more suited to older couples looking for a quiet relaxing holiday![as long as they are fit enough for hills up and all those steps but to be fair taxis are quite cheap]"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 8th of January 2007

Happy Holidays!


"Los Fiscos, Puerto Del Carmen.
(£244 half baord, one week. 2 adults 28 & 28)
* We decided to use a taxi transfer from Arrecife airport to our apartment which cost 13 euros (one way) and took about 10 minutes maximum.
•On arrival at Los Fiscos we were greeted by a very friendly receptionist who provided us with all the necessary information about meal times, safety deposits boxes, the free bus service to the beach, pool opening / closing times and pool bar times.
•We were very pleased with the apartment that was offered to us (room number 248). We over looked the pool area and had a fantastic view of the volcanoes in Timanfaya National Park.
•The large, spacious apartment had full self catering facilities (which was a bonus as we were half board), with a separate sitting and bedroom area. The bathroom and bedroom were also very clean and well presented. A tv and safety deposit box was located in the apartment. For a 10 euro refundable deposit you could access the tv remote control and a 10 euro deposit gave you the key for the deposit box for the week.
•Unfortunately no air conditioning was available in the apartment; however the fan in the main room helped keep us cool. (The temperature in Lanzarote did drop at night time)
•A 10 minute walk took us to the harbor and the old town of Puerto Del Carmen old town which has a great variety of restaurants, bars and shops. (We really liked the El Angler restaurant for the pizzas and tapas and the Heineken harbor bar for drinks).
•A 25 minute walk from the Los Fiscos apartments took us to the new town and the beach (playa grande). The new / main area of Puerto del Carmen has plenty of bars, café’s, nightclubs and shopping areas, Biosfera – a large open air shopping / restaurant centre being one of them.
•We both thought that the food available at the Los Fiscos buffet styled breakfast and tea / dinner times was great. Every day a good choice of food was on offer and was always accompanied by fresh salads and fresh fruit. The meal times were also flexible; Breakfast: 7:30 – 10am and tea: 6:30 – 9:30pm.
•The pool was deep (no good for young children or non / beginner swimmers) however we thought it was great as it was fairly big and was a good pool to swim in! Especially after a couple of hours in the sun.
•We didn’t get to see any of the entertainment that the Los Fiscos had organized but there was a different act on every night in the pool bar area. ( a large beer in the pool bar was 3 euros).
•The bus stop for the surrounding reports of Lanzarote was only a five minute walk from the apartments and ran on a regular basis. Bus times could be picked up from the main tourist information (next to the main beach) or the bus stop shelters.
•In the harbor area of the old town you can book excursions to Fuerteventura (make sure your alarm clock works not like ours!!), Papagayo beach, Dolphin searching plus others. You can also catch a glimpse of the huge mantra rays (3 of them) that visit the harbor area regularly to eat the scraps from the local fisherman. (I thought I was seeing things at first but no they were really there!)
•Fishing at the harbor is great as there are lots of different fish to try and catch (no not the ray) and you can set yourself a challenge of catching a 2-3 pound mullet!
•The diving centre beach (next to the main one) is also great for fishing and snorkeling.
•A trip to Timanfaya National park is definitely well worth a visit. We went on a coach excursion for 38 euros each (as were not right confident at driving abroad) and saw the salt pans, Timanfaya geothermal experiments, went on a camel ride and saw the vineyards which looked a piece of Cesar Manrique’s art work! The lava fields of Timanfaya were unbelievable and the views and colours of the volcanoes were fantastic! We even managed to make it back in time for England’s second world cup game - yeah!
•We would have like to have gone to Fuerteventura for the day on one of the boats / ferries but didn’t get up in time so made do with a boat trip to Papagayo beach (25 euros each). Unfortunately once we got there the weather was cloudy so we sailed to Playa Blanca and had a few hours there. (Fortunately the sun came out so we headed for the fantastic beach there!
•On our return boat journey we stopped and searched for dolphins that certainly didn’t disappoint. This was one of the highlights of the holiday as 16 dolphins appeared next to the boat and swam with us – they were absolutely fantastic!
•Overall we had a great time in Lanzarote and would definitely return to the island. We would also recommend the Los Fiscos as a place to stay for friends and families and would come back again. (There are plenty of steps around the apartment complex so it would be unsuitable for young children in pushchairs and wheelchair users).
•Los Fiscos is also situated on a hill but you can choose which way to tackle it – the easiest way is head to the bus stop and down towards the old town so you can pass the Purple Turtle. (A great way to come back up as you can head in to all the bars!). The more difficult route isn’t that bad but can take a while to get back up. (Especially if you’ve had a few or have been sunning yourself on the beach all day!)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 24th of June 2006

Easter in Lanzarotte


"13th-20th April 2006.

I spent a week with my husband and 2 teenagers in 2 one bedroom apartments at Los Fiscos. The overall impression of the complex is good. The public areas must have been recently renovated. There were still painters working on some of the exteriors. The sun terrace and the pool area in particular is good and if a comfortable sun bed in a semi private space is important then you won’t be disappointed. However the area that I used was not cleaned or swept during the week that I was there.

The apartments were superficially clean and the bedrooms and bathrooms were functional enough. There was however nowhere comfortable to sit. My husband likes to read in the shade while I relax in the sun, and the bed/settee and chair were so old and worn out that we had to use the spare bed mattress and double up the cushions to sit down. If one of our children had to sleep on this spare bed I would have been very unhappy. The apartments had clearly been painted inside and had new curtains, but the furniture and the kitchen units and utensils were in urgent need of replacement.

We had a good seating area outside our apartment and as we were on the ground floor this was very private. If you want any kind of view beyond the complex you should request a higher floor. Some apartments had sea views.

The staff were overworked but very friendly and when we arrived I requested that one of the apartments be changed (it was too small) and this was done without any fuss.

Our teenage boys made good use of the pool table and the internet access but were disappointed that there were no other young people staying at the complex while we were there.

The nightly entertainment was so bad it was funny, but the people next door to us with 3 small children made good use of the daily disco which kept their kids entertained while they had a relaxing drink.
Having breakfast thrown into the price was a bonus, but I was glad we had not paid for half board as the food was not very adventurous, with the exception of the onion rings. A good choice for breakfast? There are lots of good bars and restaurants’ on the walk down to the harbour some with excellent live music which we all enjoyed.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday. We had a car for the week and visited all of the obvious attractions, but if we return to the Island I will pay a bit more and stay somewhere with a few more stars."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 21st of April 2006

Poor value for money


"Where do I begin, this hotel is the worst I have ever stayed in!!!
The bed sheets were grey not white and only changed every 4 days not 2.
The cleaner mopped the pool area daily with a black rotten stinky mop that smelt of cheese, this smell lingered throughout the day whilst you sunbathed. No ashtray's for people that did smoke so as a non smoker was not impressed at the fact plastic cups had to be used and left lying around pool area full of dog-ends.
Only one bartender every night to serve around 100 people so u spent most nights waiting to be served. Only one rep for entertainment who seemed to entertain you if you were around 17-25 years old. anyone else wasnt worthy of his attention. Entertainment consisted of a 15min game of bingo nightly followed by a quiz most nights.
The food was so repetitive after the first week we ended up going out for meals rather than face the usual pasta,pasta sauce,salad or chips.
This hotel has a rating of 3 stars but ideally should really only be a 1 or 2,it needs to be rated again the standards are so low."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 7th of September 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

NOT what we expected!


"5 of us went away for a week here, we paid over the top money for a "hotel" whch turned out to be apartments!. we got their for 12am and checked in, we had 2 rooms, one for me ad my siblings and my mum and stepdad seperate, we were totally shocked by the rooms! they smelt, dirty, no air con what so ever! and just typically shocking!. the " entertainment" was bingo that was it really every single night! their is a board in reception telling you what is on each night and i can honestly say 1 night out of the 7 one of them entertainement nights actually happened! the bar shuts at 11pm and i could not believe the rudeness of the staff. they were shutting the shutter doors in peoples faces soon as 11pm hit! so shocking. the rep their who was meant to be fun did 1 game the whole week for the whole hotel to join in and was very cocky and rude speaking to him, the food was not the best, very reputative same food every single night, i avoided breakfast completely and they even charge for crisp and chcolate. the only good thing i will say is the maid is very friendly and does clean your room often, the pool is very very nice and cleaned everyday and weather is lovely but the hotel is far from any nightlife the old town was dead and was a good half an hour walk to the new town, the beach was miles away to. all in all this holiday is not what people expect we met a lovely scottish couple who were very dissapointed the first day! and they have to spend 2 weeks their, NOT worth the money at all, i wont be going their again!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 27th of August 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness
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