Mansion Nazaret

Avenida Islas Canarias 1, 35508 Costa Teguise, Lanzarote Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 2.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 2.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 2.5 food

36 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Great service - Say hello to Danielle (Pool Bar!)


"This is the 2nd time we've stopped at the Nazaret and it was just as good this time. The rooms are large enough with a good level of decor and equipement for the price. We did find the room got a little chilly in the evenings but other than that highly recommended.

The pool area at the Mansion side of the complex is great, clean and tidy and nice and warm in the Feb sunshine. The reception staff were also very helpful.

Best of all is the pool bar, Danielle couldn't do enough for you, bringing beers over while you are on you loungers etc all at nice cheap prices.

If you get the chance have a go at the scuba diving. Alantidadive school usually come round offering a free go in the pool. A full hour dive in the bay costs €60 and is well worth it. It's like diving in an aquarium!

As for eating out in Costa Teguise I would recommend the following.

Fish and Chip restaurant - on the front opposite Lanis. Really cheap and fantastic value for money.

San Remo's - Opposite the Teguise Playa hotel. Really friendly service, great food and prices.

The Mastil - Opposite Lanis on the way to the beach. Friendly traditional food, a nice change to chips with everything, Tuna is esp good.

Places to avoid - Anything with 'Lanis' in the title, the tex mex place is awful with raw chicken being served, the main restaurant down near the beach are just intent on getting you through as quickly as possible and taking your money, horrible service. The food wasn't bad though.

All in all a great place for a week away to recharge in the sun!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 12th of February 2006

Sleep in your T shirt


"We seem to of made the mistake of a last minute bargain in the hope of getting value for money - think again. If you are going peak season I cannot think of serious problems but if going off peak like us - dont bother.

Nazeret is made up of two seperate developements that have been joined together. Situated in the middle of the resort without the apparent, expected noise, it was handy for everything, however the local bars did make them selves heard on our side of the building - room 2111. Alas, the sun did not shine on our room. We spent a week in a cold, severely damp room - clothes in the wardrobe were damp just from our breath. Fresh bread delivered to the room everyday and a welcome bottle of wine aside the Nazeret is CHEAP.

Despite 22C most days in Dec 05 our room never direct sunlight or even got warm. Add to this being able to hear every move adjacent guests made in their bathrooms then we were not happy. Rooms were cleaned every other day but the cold got to much. Three good pools in the complex and a poolside bar were great after a good nights sleep - but we never got it. A reception stinking of cat pee, and you get the impression that your money could be spent elsewhere.

Costa Teguise is great - Once in 2003.

Twice was too much in 2005 and the third time will never happen.
Brits abroad eating allday breakfasts in their best footy shirts then getting plastered in the nearest English themed bar and thrusting their beer bellies in my direction whilst refusing to learn even the basic Spanish has ruled out the Canaries for a while.

I am not a "snob" but wonder why we go abroad if not to experience a different culture aside from the weather.

Even the Germans and Dutch were well dressed! - no manners, but looked good with it.

If you must go and can ween yourself away from Footie and Karaoke bars then try the following:-

Lanis Tex Mex - new and fresh, great menu with good food and service.

La Tunera - excellent local fish dishes with fantastic service.

Versubio - Pizzeria that served all local dishes as well as a continental selection. Service and prices were above average.

We travelled to all of the other resorts - Puerta Del carmen - read Blackpool/Bridlington.

Playa Blanca - Torquay / Falmouth

La Santa - Where???

Day trips worth the money

Hire car - Great to avoid the Footie shirted hordes.

Teguise market - Before 0930 on a Sunday.

Mirador Del Rio - Fantastic Views.

Deiland shopping Centre - Make the most of the exchange rate.

Timanfaya - great tour of the Volcano

Lots of other beaches and references to Ceaser Manrique as well as his house.

If you can spare this sort of money before christmas - switch off the inflatable Snowman in the garden and retire Santa climbing the chimley. Perhaps then you may enjoy the Nazeret.

Most other places were "Luverly Jubberly" - most of all enjoy."

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of December 2005

Couldn't fault the apartment or staff


"The apartment was extremely large and very well equipped. It was cleaned almost daily and sheets and towels changed almost as often. The pool area was well maintained also and only complaint was that the water was a little too cool!! Plenty of sunbeds and no need to get up at 6am to get one!! Surrounding area was very good for restaurants and supermarkets and excellent beaches only 5 min walk away. Lots of surfing and scuba diving if you wanted. I would definitely book this resort and these apartments again. Excellent value for money. Reception staff were always on hand and very helpful all the time. Very knowledgeable of local area."

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of October 2005

Not bad at all


"We are a couple in our early 30s and just spent a week at the Mansion Nazaret. For 3 star apartments they are not bad at all. Pretty clean and tidy, lots of hot water, bread rolls delivered every morning and very peaceful. The "satelite TV" is a bit of a let down as there were only 2 English speaking channels - BBC News & CNN, the rest were German & Spanish, which seemed a bit odd as the whole resort is very much geared up for the English tourist. If you want to go on holiday and live off fish and chips, kebabs, pizzas and the usual English junk food and join the rest of the large English citizens, then Costa Teguise is for you! There are a few nicer restaurants if you delve around but mostly the menus are the same. So if you are looking for traditional Spanish cuisine, forget it - even the paella is adapted to the English version. This place really is geared up for the beer swilling, football watching, chip eating Brit who likes a pre-dinner drink in an Irish or football watching bar. That's not to say it's not a nice resort because it is, and you wont find groups of lads out looking for trouble. It's more family orientated and pretty peaceful. The Mansion Nazaret staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The pool areas are all kept clean and very tidy. Our room's patio overlooked a derelict sight but you could see the sea in the distance. This is a good place for a week's break to get a bit of sun and sleep to recharge the batteries. But if you want to get away from England for a week - dont go here, it's truly Brit orientated."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of October 2005

Great value for money


"Spent a week in Lanzarote staying at Mansion Nazaret. The first apartment we were given had a sea view, but the balcony also overlooked a large pit (?!), we asked to move and the receptionist was happy to move us to a slightly smaller apartment with a pool view - very nice. The accommodation was great value for money, well equipped, clean and pretty spacious. The pool by our apartment was lovely, with pretty trees and plants around and a cheap bar with a very friendly barman. The nearest beach wasn't bad, but a little crowded, we walked a bit further around the coast to find a more sheltered cove, great for snorkelling. There are loads of supermarkets, bars and restaurants in the resort. Bit disappointed not to have any traditionally spanish restaurants, but generally the food and wine was great. The catamaran trip recommended by the First Choice rep was a winner, quite expensive but a good day out. All in all a relatively cheap, sunny and relaxing holiday."

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of October 2005



"We are a young couple and we have just returned from two weeks at the apartments which we booked through First Choice. We had an enjoyable stay but was less happy with a few minor things with first choice. On the whole the apartment was good - clean linen, clean room, bathroom tidy, decent enough kitchen although we ate out every night, nice staff and 3 nice pools.

With the complex the only things 'wrong' were the fact that there were too many cats around, people getting up early and putting towels in sun beds and the fact that the pools were very cold despite the fact they were supposed to be heated pools.

There are no entertainment facilities within the complex which can be seen as a down side, however it means that come night time you can get to sleep without any noise!

As we ate out every day for breakfast lunch and dinner we managed to sample a large portion of the restaurants. On the whole we were fairly satisfied with the restaurants however there were a few who seemed to give good service to whoever they liked and duff service to whoever they didnt take a shine to.

Our view on the restaurants that we went to were:

The lighthouse: If you are young or not english then i would advise against going here at all!! The twice we attended we were treated very rudely by an english female who seemed to have a problem with us as soon as she heard our accent. As we asked for a menu, we were asked in a very sharp tone "dont you know what you want already?" We thought she was joking and laughed but she just there waiting. The second time we went for breakfast we had just came from a walk on the beach and my partner had her bikini on and we were approached by the same girl and told "youll need to get out you dont have a top on" so we sat outside next to an older english couple (the woman also had a bikini on). Again we were told to move further outside. We left!

Casablanca: A very nice restaurant, very friendly staff, very nice setting! I would recommend this if you are looking for very good food, good price and a quiet dinner! We ate here 3 times and every meal was fantastic - no complaints.

Lanis: We ate here twice, and found the food to be very nice. When you are given your seat you are served with a nice warm roll and butter (1 euro each added onto your bill). The staff are very friendly and very relaxed. We stopped eating here however as we walked by over night and saw the sauces lying out in their trays with out covers, then walked byt the following morning and saw the chef stir the sauces! Disgusting.

Portofions: The is quite a nice wee resturant. the food isnt extravegant but if your looking for a nice meal in a nice setting then i would go here.

La Pardela: I would recommedn this restaurant fairly highly! We ate here twice and each time the food i got was fresh and filling! Fairly cheap too (14 euros for fresh fish)

La Ola: I would advise against this resturant. we ate here twice and on the 2nd time we found a hair in the steak which the waiter didnt seem to fussed about, our wine glasses were dirty (which didnt seem to bother the waiter), the staff were rude, we waited a while to be served and the staff seemed to be more worried about talking amongst themselves. In here in particluar the waiters seem to thing they are the only ones who can speak spanish and talk about the foreign customers. One reason we didnt go back!

There was a resturant that was also recommended to us by the rep which we didnt manage to go to - dona lola.

We also ate out in Puerto Del Carmen twice and the food there seems to be of a higher standard and a bit cheaper!

One thing that i found was you can get the nicest of meals at a very cheap price! For instance, we got a bottle of wine, prawn cocktail, soup, fresh fish, steak, 2 sweets or 44euros! You couldnt even get that back home for £44! plus the portions are alot larger

In terms of the pubs, there are ALOT!! We found a nice cocktail bar across from the Teguise Playa hotel whcih we went to most nights! You can sit outside drinking all night. The only down side of drinking in a pub is that you get the men selling watches and allsorts! After the 10th guy approaches you within 2 hours it gets a bit annoying.

Overall however, i found most of of the resort very nice! i would recommend it to couples, and older people looking or a quiet time. If you want a bit more activity then puerto del cermen is only a 40 minute bus ride (2.25 euro one way) or a 20 minute taxi (17 euro one way). If you are going on any trips then i would recommend going on the catlanza gold trip (61 euros) which is the catameran trip, and the grand island tour (55 euros)

If you can speak spanish then do it - you will get alot better service than if u speak english. Plus you can chat away to the locals.

In resturants the 5% of the service tip is included so dont let the waiters push you into leaving more!! on 2 occasions we were asked for 10%. if you feel the service was worth it then give the 10% if not then tell them and that will keep them quiet.

hope you find this helful...i would reccomend the nazaret apartments!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of September 2005

OK if you like semi-wild cats!


"3 star rating just about right. Apartment was mostly neat with new furniture. Sofa was not clean, bathroom was showing signs of tiredness, floors not properly cleaned. Big problem for me and my wife was a loud and hissy pride of feral cats. These constantly battled for territory and sprayed around the buildings and the garden areas surrounding the pool. Sometimes smelly in temperature hot spots. Some guests actively encouraged these animals by leaving cat food out. Some cats vomited these contents around the thoroughfares and this was not cleared quickly by the staff - very unsatisfactory! Our private balcony overlooked a cleared waste area and there was a small amount of building work going on within the complex. Whilst this was unsightly it was not a major problem. Reception is not 24 hours and we were asked for assistance at 11:30 p.m. by two young girls who had inadvertently locked themselves out of their room and could not raise the owners. The complex is always patrolled overnight by a security guard and there was little evidence of any anti-social behaviour in the evenings/early mornings. The pools were always clean and the areas around them were picturesque. The hotel staff were always very polite.

First Choice representative gave some disinformation out about other parts of the island - particularly Puerto Del Carmen which she referred to as another Blackpool. This place does not really resemble Blackpool in the least and is wonderfully picturesque especially in the old harbour area.

Costa Teguise is a modest resort in comparison with the two other major resorts but has a great deal of charm with some wonderful restaurants. The staff in these restaurants are committed and passionate about providing a first-class service.

Overall a brilliant week eating, drinking, and snorkelling in a wonderful barrier-bound bay. Fish literally swimming around your feet when paddling but further out the sheer volume of species was astounding in such a small bay. The water was always gin clear.

And next year - certainly another visit to Lanzarote with its wonderful climate - but going Gold or 5 star and hopefully avoiding those darned cats!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of July 2005

heaven and hell


"heavan was arriving at the lovely apartment preparing for a week of peace and quiet and hell was the fact that we had to leave the apartment evary day to eat out as the first time we tried to cook a meal we were left hungry a full hour later when the 'cooker ring' got warm. this added to the cost of our holiday which was disappointing. heaven was the peace and quiet by the pool, hell was getting in it as it was uncomfortably cold and not very clean. on the whole tho it was a holiday that gave you a no hassle and quiet, if not too quiet, surroundings. no music at all and the only noise was the birds and the thunder that seemed to occur everytime the maids dropped the dirty bed linen down three stories to the floor . we would certainly go back but we would hopefully go back wiser and come home richer."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 13th of May 2005

Beautiful Location


"This has been our 4th visit to Mansion Nazaret and once again we were not disappointed. Our apartment overlooked the swimming pool and was spacious and very clean. The apartments are located in the middle of town but are quiet and have beautiful gardens and 3 pools. They are fully equipped with everything you need for self catering although we ate out every night. Be sure to try Las Brasas and the Tapas bar in the square opposite the apartments for very good food and impeccable service."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 11th of March 2005



"Originally we where booked into the Mansion Nazaret and was supposed to have a one bedroom apartment, although there was only the two of us because we where booked for two week we appreciate the space. But on arrival we got allocated what looked like a studio and we have felt in the past to crampt.
We asked for and exchange to one of the Nazaret apartments which was ideal. We had a view of the two pools one on either side of the front of the property. The apartments i could not fault they where very clean spacious (which we like) and the maids where very friendly and spoke fluent english.
The one thing I thought was very thoughtfull was that we received a bottle of wine on our arrival and there was bread rolls delivered to our apartment every morning free of charge. I would recommend these apartment to anyone going to Lanzarote self catering. I would say these are a 3* plus going by the 3 star i have prevously stayed."

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  • Travel date: Wed 4th of August 2004

be prepared you have lots of steps


"we have just had a weeks holiday myself 2 daughters 6 and 1 and two grandmothers.Went to manison nazaret because reviews were good. the good points great location can walk to all of the restarants bars beach,room is really big has heated pool which is warm.Bad points room needed cleaning as my daughter is just crawling and her feet and clothes were dirty in the space of 15 mins. No lifts at all so you have to carry bags buggy up or down steps no ramps to get into hotel and steps down to restarant for meals.We were halfboard and this was a joke meals were the same each night chicken fish potatoes and vegatables.We are not fussy eaters and will try anything.If you have mobility problems it is no good"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 6th of April 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 1 Food

handy for restaurants and bars


"just returned from costa tequise and really liked it the place is so nice lots of restaurants each one excellent lovley little sqares wit bars and restaurants quite upmarket!nazeret was ok apartment clean bit dated and dark but comfy beds ! only complaint was we were above the 55 club extremly noisey till daylight!but ok really receptionst very helpfull staff nice ! wud def go again to costa tequise maybe try another apt but we are a bit fu ssy !!wud recommend it for sure"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 8th of November 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Amenities
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