Blue Sea Costa Teguise Beach

Avenida el Jablillo 5, 35508 Costa Teguise, Lanzarote Spain
3 star hotel

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  • 3.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 2.5 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 2.5 food

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Better than expected

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"Having read some of the reviews for the Punta Jablillo I was apprehensive about our visit there. However, we found the accommodation acceptable for our requirements and very clean. We were pushed to be able to each have a shower as the tank was very small, so with more than two in the apartment it may be difficult. The staff were friendly and the food, although not cordon bleu by any means, was plentiful and of good variety.
The entertainment team worked extremely hard - not an easy job trying to provide entertainment for children and adults! Jose the barman is worth his weight in gold to this hotel!
All public areas of this hotel are sadly in need of updating and refurbishment but if you can look beyond this it is possible to have a very good holiday there and certainly it couldn't have a better location."

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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of March 2005

Loved the location

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"We have just got back from Punta Jablillo after a weeks holiday. Apart from the weather which was a bit unsettled, only 2 and a half days of sun we have had a good holiday. Hotel is OK if its just somewhere to eat and sleep that you are looking for, the food is good, varied and we looked forward to breakfasts especially each day. The rooms are clean and very spacious and sea views from balcony are the best ever. Service at the bars and in dining hall and reception was good and the location is excellent with shops bars and beach couple of mins away. The only things that bothered us were the lack of hot water, but we just boiled water in pans on the cooker rings and the evening entertainment which was awful. The bar area for this is too small, very smoky and there are kids running around all night, we had our children with us and didn't think it was safe for them, but the resort is great with lots of other bars and hotels to visit and all in all we had a really great holiday. If you can take the good things about the hotel such as location, price etc and find your own entertainment you'll have a great time."

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of March 2005

Total Disappointment

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"My family and I arrived at The Punta Jablillo on 17/02/05 for 2 weeks all inclusive.It was explained to us by our local High Street Thomas Cook Rep,at the time of booking, that this hotel was a 3 star but on arrival we discovered that it was a 2 key,we were clearly misinformed.Our room was disgusting,damp on the walls,fungus growing out of the skirting boards and a very tired looking kitchen with misfitting doors and broken tiles.The beds were damp and had plastic sheets on the matresses.There are no double beds nor bedding in any appt within the entire hotel.The window frames are rotten and leak water when it rained,this I reported to the Thomas Cook Rep and she said that it is normal for windows to leak in the canary islands,more like she really could'nt be bothered with my complaint and she did'nt have a clue.There was a very limited supply of hot water in the appt,I have 4 young children and an infant,the high street Thomas cook rep was aware of this fact when I booked the holiday so it is obvious that we are a large family and would need the basics for hygiene but even knowing of the ongoing hot water problem she still failed to advise me and took my money,£3800 to be exact.Some of the guests used thier initiative and were using sauna cubicle No 2 for a shower as they had no hot water at all in thier appts.There are 6 2 bed appts sleeping a max of 6 persons and a infant in the complex.These would obviously appeal to families but all of them back onto 'King Arthurs' fun pub where you can hear every word of every song,with the windows and doors shut in your appt,from 12 midnight to 4.30/5.00am.My step son cut his foot on the bottom of the pool,you can see the rough patches on the bottom quite clearly.The pool bar was closed for practically a whole week whilst we were there.The snacks are either luke warm/cold hot dogs or burgers,when I pointed out that my hotdog was cold to a member of staff,he grunted and pointed to a filthy microwave,this would clearly cause a bad hygienic risk of food poisoning.They also put out yesterdays evening meal leftovers for snacks the following day,uncovered,unrefridgerated and without tongs to handle the food.They recycle the pasta and veg from the previous meals and put it into salad ingredients along with fruit that does not get consumed.The fruit on the whole was well past it's fresh state and battered and bruised.Childrens selection is extremely limited and more than often burnt,the best meal is breakfast as you can be sure that it is fresh(I think?)As for the facilities,the table tennis table was knackered,one pool table out of use and the other had cues that gave the kids splinters,chunks out of the balls and a ripped and torn cloth.The standard size tv was the only one on site which is situated in the bar and it appeared that it was for the sole use of the barman when we were there.You do have a tv in your appt but that worked out to be 74p per hour (coin operated) and the channels were not always available.There was also darts,shuffle board and french bowls,that was it basically.The pavement outside the hotel is covered in broken glass and bottles from the fun pub,I mentioned this also to the rep but she was'nt interested,funny though that when my wife and I mentioned that we were interested in booking some excursions,she was in our face wanting our money as she is clearly on a commission for selling the tours,my advice is,do it yourself,it's considerably cheaper for exactly the same trips or tours.The battered old ice cream freezer broke down a number of times whilst we were there,that in itself is a health hazard.The booze is watered down and I got ripped off by the barman when I asked for a 'Baileys' and he went out the back of the bar,topped a 'baileys' bottle up with the local equivelant and brought the same bottle back out and poured me a watery drink which he swore blind was 'Baileys'......not!I am far from a snob but my idea of a All Inclusive holiday is to essentially stay based in the hotel for the childrens/adults entertainment,food and surroundings but this hotel failed on every account,the entertainment was dire,no kids club running,surroundings were like a run down butlins and the food was disgusting and luke warm.Thomas Cook should be ashamed to associate itself with this run down hovel,careless reps and rock bottom standards,my advice would be to spend your well earnt money elsewhere,if you choose not to take my advice and you do visit the Punta Jablillo,when you are there and experiencing what I have just explained to you,reflect on this report and start crying,cheers."

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of March 2005

Value for money, shame about the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"Must say we were very concerned before the holiday after reading the reviews, however our expectations were met and mostly exceeded. Unfortunately we brits are a nation of moaners and I think most of them have posted reviews here. We travelled on the 10th Feb 2005, on arrival our room was not yet ready but it was only 2 in the afternoon, no problems, we were directed to the pool and the bar. This gave us some time to explore the complex and we were impressed. The gardens were lovely the place was very clean, the pools were nice, depths well marked, always good when you have children. We visited the bar and had drinks, very friendly staff, always helpful, from the patio we were able to look out over the bay, which was nice. When we later visited the reception, we were given our room keys, which it turned out was above reception, which concerned us, however the room was bright, clean, airy and well above 2 key standards, nice balcony, always plenty of hot wter and plenty of room. Our concerns about being above reception were unfounded as we were not disturbed at all. Previous reviewers have complained about teenagers hanging around causing problems, where were the parents, the hotel cannot be held responsible for the behaviour, this should be controlled by guardians. To cut a long story short, the complex was very acceptable, the food was good, plenty of choice, the staff were very helpful and friendly, reception very knowledgable, all in all a nice place to holiday at a reasonable price. Where else could you get all inclusive for £1500 for four people. The only thing that let our holiday down was the weather, we managed 2 and a half good days out of the week, apparently it was the worst weather the islands have experienced for 52 years, couldn't blame anybody for that but we did not let it spoil the holiday. If you want a reasonable all inclusive holiday, then the Punto Jablillo is for you!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of February 2005

not for us

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"me and my fiancee have just returned from 1 week all inclusive in the punta jablillo. Lets say right from the start that i booked this holiday on the belief that this was an all inclusive hotel its not it is self catering apartments with food tagged on. Good points main bar staff were very friendly and good at there job rooms very clean and basic but ok. Bad points restaurant staff rude and the food very repetetive pork and veal every single day for the week i was there we ended up eating out later in the week to escape it. Now i will cut this short we paid just under a grand for this trip i had a car for 3 days and saw a lot of the island and other resorts costa teguise is lovely and i recommend it but pick another accomodation package maybe if i had a few kids with me and wasnt there with just my fiancee this place would have suited us but i wasnt and it didnt if like me u want to relax eat well and enjoy a few drinks of an evening dodge this place if you are a family and you like the screaming kids entertainer every nite give it a whirl but only if the price is right lunn poly have never let us down before but for the money we paid i would have expected a lot better i can only say you live and learn."

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  • Travel date: Sat 22nd of January 2005

Great holiday

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"I spent one week October 2004 at the Punto Jabillo. The staff were friendly. Reps were in the complex day and night. Rooms, pool and reception were spotless. Location beautiful. Very safe golden beach for family. Perfect for snortling. Food was fine. Accommodation comfortable. Entertainment a little to be desired but had little disco for kids everynight. Views from hotel are beautiful. I would highly recommend this hotel for a family holiday. The place was spotless, service good and location beautiful.."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of January 2005

Great holiday

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"just returned from punta jabillo hotel and staff great good food(DONT BELIEVE BAD REPORTS PLENTY OF CHOICE) drink till it comes out of your ears good company great time"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 31st of December 2004

would we go back

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"we found punta jabillo very clean, friendly. nothing like alot of other people mentioned. our studios we could not fault. everything you need, very well laid out. food catered for everyone. great selection of drink. hotels in a beautiful location right by the sea lovely views. beach on your doorstep. staff all friendly perhaps alittle understaffed. evening entertain good for the little ones. our party of four adults went out most evenings. 2 forty something and 2 teenagers. we wanted to go out at night to the bars, the teenagers loved the discos at the jellyfish across the road. we felt we had value for money for 2/3 star. if you want 5 star pay the higher prices at 5 star hotels. we would go back without a doubt. we went on 18/11/2004 and returned 02/12/2004. and now we miss the lovely sunshine. we all have a lovely suntan but feeling the cold"

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of December 2004

dont be put off

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"on reading some of the reviews about punta jablillo i have to inform anyone that is put off going. don't be. i visited in nov 03 with my wife & two children and had a fab holiday. the food does get a bit repetetive on the second week but is certainly nothing as bad as some of the negative comments made. we found the staff very polite and the cleanliness was second to none.the evening entertainment could certainly be improved (nothing for teenagers) but the occidental hotel across the road has always something of interest on. i couldnt comment on the reps because we had no reason to speak to them.we are returning to the punta jablillo on nov 11 04 and looking forward to it very much. please remember this is a 2 star facility so dont go expecting the world and you wont be disappointed."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of October 2004

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed Wed 21st of November 2012

"Me and partner went to this hotel for 2 weeks in September 2003. We trevlled with my boyfriends dad, brother, aunt, cousins and his nan and grandad. This was to be their last family holiday together and i was invited to come along with them.

So having contacted Thomas Cook i was added to the booking for nearly 800 pounds, on an all inclusive basis. My partner and his family had paid over a 1000 pound each, after a huge row with the travel agent in thomas cook they reluctantly honoured the price i had been given and offered it to my partners family on the condition that they booked up with them next year.

I didn't really look into the hotel before we went i was just very excited to be spending two weeks alone with my partner relaxing in the sunshine.

Upon arrival the hotel seemed ok, nothing special but it was a 2 star (i wouldn't have stayed here had my partners family not already booked up) the staff at the front desk could speak very little english and i found them to be very rude even though we were unable to communicate very well. We were handed envelopes, the pointed outside and grunted. Not exactly a warm welcome!

It was very dark when we arrived (and the hotel is very badly lit at night), we trekked over to our room and found we were situated by the smaller pool which we were really pleased with.
As we passed the pool we noticed there were lights floating on top of the water, a litlle like floating candles in a dish, which we thought was very unusual. We later found out that they were broken.
When we got into our room we were absoloutely appauled.

As we were opening the door we realised the door we realised there was a gap between the door frame and the wall and you could actually see into our room!
Mould covered the floor, picture frames and door frames. The tiles on the floor were broken, the room was very dirty and had an awful "pungent" smell. When we opened up the wardrobes the doors were broken and the shelving was broken, leaving bits of wood sticking out. Not exactly child friendly!
When we opened up the kitchen cabinets there was a boiler of some sort in there which was utterly filthy, the paint on the walls was peeling off.
The door bell was broken, the sink in the bathroom was cracked, the toilet was broken and wouldn't flush properly or it did flush and flooded the bathroom.
The tap in the kitchen sink was being held together with an elastic band.
After many heated arguements with our reps, phonecalls from my mother to their headoffice in the UK they moved us to another room which was situated by reception.
It was a reps room, i never actually previously viewed this room. My partner was taken into the room asked whether he accepted it and then was ushered back out.
Upon arrival into our new room it was even worse, same problems as the first room (except the toilet actually worked) except this one was infested with cockaroaches!
When we complained to the management and our reps we were brushed off, and told "this is a foreign country what do you expect?"

So we stayed there, but i wasn't prepared to unpack! I intended to phone my mother again the next morning and get her to contact Thomas Cooks main office in the UK as this was the only way we could get our reps to do anything.
The next morning we woke up and there were 3 cockroaches in the bedroom with us, my partner trapped them in a glass and took them to our reps and asked them as politely as possible "whether they would be happy sleeping with them".
Our reps were so unprofessional and so rude they just made everything so much more difficult for us.

They refused to move us out of the room because we had accepted it.
After more arguements our female rep came to our room, she was incredibly irate and was not at all interested in moving us.

When we took her around the room and showed her what state it was in she ROLLED HER EYES AT US, when i confronted her she protested and swore she hadn't, YET I HAD SEEN HER DO IT!

Only when the Uk head office got in touch with their reps and told them THEY HAD TO MOVE US ROOM, OR MOVE US HOTEL they moved us to the new building by the main pool, this one was on the 3rd floor and was in every sense of the word HEAVEN!
Everything was clean, no bugs and we had a beautiful view of the pool and the sea.
Why couldn't they have moved us here in the first place?

To say the food was a health hazard is an understatement!
On the first night they had a barbecue whereby my boyfriend had a chicken drumstick, the food was uncovered and was surrounded (and covered) in insects.
The drumstick still had blood in it!

The breakfast wasn't too bad, cereals, toast, fruit juice. No compalints with the breakfast.

The lunch was served outside and was never covered up and therefore was covered in insects.

The dinner was just as bad, served inside.
We actaully have a picture of the bread, where a beetle is climbing in and out of the rolls!
The food was cold and absoloutely disgusting!
They had beetroot on offer which was BLACK, and if no-one ate what was on offer they just left it out, they didn't change the food at regular intervals, even though the food was on offer for a good 5 hours or so.
There was a mobile trolley were there was beans, chips, chicken nuggets and sausage. I think it was meant for children as it was quite low.
and when anyone would walk past it you could see all the flies and insects fly up from the food. It was disgusting.

I had to have my mom send money over to us from the UK so we could eat elsewhere.
I lost just over a stone and a half because i missed that many meals, it really was a nightmare!

When i complained to our reps about the food they dismissed my complaint and said "they ate there all the time and found the food was fine" yet me and my partners family never saw them eat in the hotel once!
When i complained to the management about the food the hotel manager tried to say i didn't want to eat the food because I WAS FRIGHTENED OF GETTING FAT!
She then pointed to her own stomach and said she ate there all the time and she wasn't at all fat!

We met a young couple while we were on holiday and they had a young boy that was constantly throwing up, when they mentioned this to the rep the rep got very defensive and said "if there was something wrong with the food everyone would be ill". The couple were simply trying to state that there was a lack of choice and their little boy was eating chips everyday. Not a very good diet really!

The pools were disgraceful!
There were holes at the bottom of the pools and boyfriend actually cut his foot on a broken tile in the smaller pool.
While we were swimming we saw sanitary towels in the water!
There were leaves, sticks and bricks in the water!
My partner also saw a half eaten mouse by the main pool.
The pool attendants would pour "pure chlorine" into the water, and i don't mean a litlle of it. This was like 4/6 litres at a time and everyone in the water would have puffy, red, bloodshot eyes.

I have never met such unhelpful reps in all of my life!
They prided thereselves with arguing with the guests, telling us they knew best and generally being as awkward as humanly possible.

Me and my partner went on a reps night out, it was like a cabaret style show with comedians and a 3 course meal. Our rep came over to me and said the main meal was chicken with a mushroom sauce, when i looked at her puzzled she asked me whether this would be ok (very sarcastically) because she "knew how fussy i am" when i tried to tell her i wasn't fussy at all, i just like my food to be fresh and uncontaminated she walked away from me while i was still trying to talk to her!
Overall the show was really good, and the food was beautiful, the reps however, well not even gonna go there. I think if i ever saw that rep again i'd deck her!

Our whole holiday was spend arguing with the reps, crying on the phone to my family and fighting for a decent meal.
This holiday was the worst experience i have ever had in my life, it left me depressed and incredibly angry due to the lack of customer service!
I accept the hotel was a 2 star but all we really wanted was a clean room, and eatable food!
We were eventually very happy with our food but food wise i recommend you eat out!

When i returned to the UK i spend nearly 3 months fighting Thomas Cook trying to get my money back. In my letter i clearly stated i WOULD NEVER TRAVEL WITH THOMAS COOK/JMC AGAIN! both in lanzarote and the UK.
They then send me 800 pounds worth of Thomas Cook vouchers, i then phoned them and asked them whether they were trying to be funny. They then sent me a 600 cheque for both me and my boyfriend.

I don't consider myself to be a fussy eater and my boyfriend is a fully qualified level 3 chef so he's always willing to try new food and he even offered to go into the kitchen and prepare our own meals (they refused).
Whenever we look for holidays now we always opt for higher rating hotels and i would never stay in an all inclusive again.
This really was a holiday horror and its not one i would ever want to repeat again.

Lanzarote itself is beautiful and the people are very lovely, we spend our holiday on the rocky beach, me reading and my boyfriend fishing. Staying in the hotel was very depressing so we tried to stay away from it as much as possible.
Nothing could ever make me go back to that hotel, that hotel is my hell!
For the same amount of money we paid to go to that poor excuse for a hotel, we are going to the USA this christmas in the Disney hotel Port Orleans and i've made sure i did all my research before i booked up!


***STAY AWAY***"

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  • Travel date: Sun 24th of October 2004

Not a good room 128.

Reviewed Wed 12th of October 2011

" Stayed at the Punta Jablillo now called Blue Sea Costa Teguise Beach in September . When arrived we were booked in , I was hoping for a Sea View or a high room but we got neither we were told with it been busy there were none left .We were given room 128 this must have been the wost room right in a corner and NO SUN AT ALL and was attached to the bar very noisy late at night.. The noise from the maids trolly's was constant morning and night . The apartment was in a position where everyone walked to get to the reception, bar or the pool so to sit out on the terrace in no sun was awful.. The apartment was clean and sheets and towels were changed regular the bathroom clean and tidy ,the kitchen was not good very basic 1 pan 1 frying pan and 3cups saucers , plates and glasses a fridge , you needed to hire toaster and a kettle and a fan we need none due to been half board and did not need a fan as the apartment got no sun . The lights were dangerous tapped wires , shades and bulbs missing . There were no plugs for any sinks or bath , I had to go ask for some and was handed one only. We were half board , breakfast was ok always plenty to eat and evening meal was at another hotel Galeon Playa always something for everyone . I know it is only a 2 star but the position this hotel has is more like a 4 star but it needs a lot of TLC . I would maybe go back at some point but I would make sure I book a Sea view and a top floor well away from the bar . If you go and get room 128 make a fuss and try to be moved . "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 5th of October 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 2 Food

Now called Costa Teguise Beach

Reviewed Tue 28th of June 2011

"We stayed ay the Punta Jablillo apartments for two weeks 9th to 23rd June 2011, we did have some concerns after reading the reviews, however we had a great time there, clean apartment, decent furniture and coverings, excellent view of the sea the baths are painted as the reviews mentioned but not a problem if you shower as we did. Our apartment overlooked the pool and sea the ones behind us were being refurbished while we there by the new owners Blue Sea Hotels and were almost completed by the time we left, they seem to be spending lotsd of money on upgrading everything. The only point worth mentioning is that if you get up early to make the most of your holiday there is no water in the main block but a quick call to reception sorted it out within 5 minutes (they top up the pool every morning and the pool man goes and turns the supply to thee block back on so not that much of a hassle)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 26th of June 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Amenities

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Top traveller tips for Blue Sea Costa Teguise Beach

  • the_real_g by the_real_g

    "Quite, relaxed, a few bars and restaurants - definately a couples holiday "

  • duffr by duffr

    "Nice quiet and relaxing "

  • the xmas 5 by the xmas 5

    "very dull, no entertaiment, has a great beach, very windy, expensive. "

  • leanne1490 by leanne1490

    "Great Island, lovely restraunts and bars "

  • leanne1490 by leanne1490

    "Saxos good family bar "

  • gemey187 by gemey187

    " Quiet small place. Relaxing but not much to do "

  • andywalk100 by andywalk100

    "Fuel Stop on seafront prom for breakfast. Lanis Tex Mex for dinner. Lively Lady showbar for a laugh "

  • bloonoo by bloonoo

    "I would definitely go back, the island is beautiful and everyone is friendly. "

  • bloonoo by bloonoo

    "Hire a car and take the coastal routes! "

  • Hope by Hope

    "It's very cheap so don't expect too much. "

  • teeny by teeny

    "evrything you need for holiday really nice booking for next year "

  • Ali Mc by Ali Mc

    "Great holiday on a budget! "

  • Spice by Spice

    "Book your trips through Last Minute, they have several offices around the resort, you can save up to 10 Euros per head on some trips "

  •  A Delaney by  A Delaney

    "A sea view is a must "

Blue Sea Costa Teguise Beach is also called

  • Punta Jablillo
  • Punta Jablillo Apartments
  • Punta Jablillo Costa Teguise

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