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Manager deceived me

Reviewed Mon 21st of December 2015

"Service by most staff is average with a few outstanding staff.

The marketing of the hotel is deceiving because they only show pictures of the best rooms on the website and brochure and not the standard rooms because the standard rooms are very dark and in my case dirty and with a horrible view of buildings.

Extra charges for water at dinner not told about
The organization of the breakfast - milk and cereal not together
The WiFi only works in certain area of the indoor pool
Not a lot of vegetarian dinner options
They claim the gym is 24h but it's not
Often the room was not cleaned and we had to call to ask

Quality of food in the poolside bar/cafe

Recommend if you are going to stay here make sure you order a suite and only stay for breakfast. Preferably use another hotel there are many better - you will not get a 5* experience here.

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of December 2015

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Fabulous...but far away!

Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"Stunning hotel! Our room was on the 15th floor (I think) with an amazing view of the harbour. The room was huge! We were delighted to find that the double bed wasn't just two single beds pushed together. There was a lovely sitting area and hallway with double wardrobes. It had everything you could ask for and more, a fridge full of free drinks, 2 TVs and a massive marble bathroom with shower, bath, 2 sinks and seperate toilet.

The hotel staff were welcoming although some of them didn't have the best English :) Our room was cleaned daily and we were given fresh towels everyday. We even had complmentary fluffly white dressing gowns!

The restaurant upstairs was very very quiet. The whole hotel was empty most of the time which was kinda nice. If you're looking for a party place, this is NOT it. There was a gathering of young people outside sometimes playing samba drums (rehearsals) which was a bit loud but I like that kind of music so it didn't bother me. Can't say the same for my boyfriend though!

There's an indoor heated pool area (which'll cost ya) with a steam room, a sauna, a big L-shaped jacuzzi and a small swimming pool with jacuzzi features & small waterfalls. It's not very deep so you can't really swim all that much. It is really relaxing and fun. Didn't like that they made you wear these stupid plastic bags on your head! They give you plastic slippers too, but the floor is crazy slippy with or without them! They don't open until about 10am. When you look in, the place looks a bit dirty, but it's actually fine.

I really don't recommend the 'treatments' they offer. My boyfriend and I both got an aloe-vera treatment. It's pretty much an uncomfortable slathering of freezing stinky paste by one of the receptionist girls who doesn't seem to know what they're doing. They also seem a bit uneasy around the impression they didn't really like their jobs. They didn't seem to understand a word we were saying either :)

Outdoor pool is really nice, except for the fact that it's really windy out there. I think we only went out there once on one of the less windy days. Had a nice cool dip in the pool and then some sunbathing. We had the whole thing to ourselves too! All was well until some local teens decided to take over the place, chasing each other around and screaming and play-fighting. It's hard to chill-out when you're getting splashed and stared at. I wasn't impressed that the staff said nothing to them.

I thought the hotel was lovely, but it was really far away from everything. We had to get a bus to the more touristy places everyday. Taxis are expensive. We couldn't even stay out there late as there were no late buses back. The beach beside the hotel was empty, there was no shade and it just wasn't for tourists. Restaurants are few and far between in Arrecife (it might be the capital but there's nothing going on).

Go here if you want to relax in your hotel. Don't go here if you want an adventure!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 17th of June 2008

Hotel with a WOW factor..... Have dinner on the 17th Floor

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012

"I have visited lanzarote many times and always spend some time having a bit of retail therapy in the capital arrecife. Over the years there was this tower block that looked looked like something out of Beruit.

But then ---- somebody had a vision to redevelop it....

I arranged through a friend to have dinner at the restauarant on the 17th Floor and to have a guided tour of the rooms and suites & Hotel.

Restaurant - 17th Floor...

WOW, what a place to have a special dinner, the views from your table are truly outstanding, looking down the coast and out to sea or looking over the islands capital, it certaily takes your breath away. Watchinging the sun go down with a cold glass of Cava...

Our dinner was truly wonderful, we could not complain about the service or the standard of the food and wine we selected, the staff were attentive and very pleasant and carried out their jobs with pride and a big smile.

The dishes we chose from an extensive and exhaustive menu were prepared and presented with great care and tasted fab...

We even had four puddings for the three of us so we could share the hot cholcolate souffle YUM YUM....

Bar area - 17th Floor

Lovely setting and air conditioned, with great views and a totally relaxed atmosphere, they have live music here every saturday evening. The coctails we enjoyed were also proper measures and served at your table.

The Suite's ( 16th Floor There are only 4 of them)

All the suites are named after elements, and they are absolutly fantastic. The are opulent to the extreme, right down to minute detail, you have to see it to believe it. The double jacuzzi in the Bathroom is so close to the window, you have an infinity view from your bathroom on the 16th floor, so romantic to share with that special person in your life.

The master bedroom will take your breath away, i dont need to say anymore.....

The Standard Rooms.

Just what you would expect from a 5 star hotel, great standards and very spacious, could not be faulted.

The Staff.

All the staff that we met and interacted with were absolutly superb and a credit to the hotel, they could not do anymore for you and it was always with a smile. Well done to the hotel management team...


A great experience for the 3 of us and will go back to this hotel for a special dinner again when we next visit Lanzarote. If you read this review and are takin your wife, partner or that special person in your life treat them to dinner at this fantastic hotel and spend a night in one of the suites, you certainly wont regret it, as its worth every penny or euro...

Any questions please contact me: [email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

Mixed experience

Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"Stayed in the Gran for a week on a business trip in Feb 2006. The location is great, many of the rooms are more like suites than rooms, but the staff are not up to the same standards as the physical surroundings. I read Furryspider's review and would not be surprised if it was inspired by homophobia, but it could equally be a poor attitude towards non-Spanish speaking clients. I was there as part of a 100-strong delegation - a few of whom are gay - and many of us on either side of the gay/straight divide felt that the staff could improve their attitude."

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  • Travel date: Tue 31st of July 2007

modern room with great views

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"stayed here for 2 days.

i think its 17 stories high. even on the 9th floor the view was amazing.

very convinient location as it was a 4 minute drive to the airport.
also there is a nice beach right outside of the hotel, with shallow water for swimming. This was better than the outdoor pool which was situated on a very windy corner

room service food was very nice. large portions, well cooked and also preety cheap.
breakfast was very average. quite a small choice.

the room was extremely large and modern with a kind of seperate living room.

downside is the hotel charges for car parking.
The city itself is very small and quiet. No much to do and the shops are very limited compared to gran canaria and tenerife capital cities.

Overall I was happy with the hotel"

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  • Travel date: Tue 17th of July 2007

Brilliant for an informal drink

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2012

"Never stayed at Hotel just went in for a drink,went to17th floor bought 2beers, 3 large bottles of water and 1 coke only came to 10.98 euros, cheap as chips and the views where to die for, went to ground floor and had some tapas based food...........brill"

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of May 2007

racist, homophobic or both?

Reviewed Fri 12th of October 2012

"It only took my partner and I a day to figure out that the staff at this hotel had a problem with us being there.

After watching the doorman open the door for others, but walking away and "finding other things to do" as we approached it I decided that the staff at reception were idiots. This action by the doorman happened on more than 2 occasions.

I think the biggest problem for them was the fact that we are a same sex couple. Big deal!

The fact that we could afford to stay there for as many nights as we did probably burned them something terrible.

The room was nice and the food was nice. But I have had better. The staff need to get their heads out of their bottoms and learn some hospitality.

STAFF OF THE ARRECIFE GRAN HOTEL if you are going to work in this industry, you have to accept the fact that it's a very diverse world and everyone has the right to be happy in it, and you need to give people the respect that they give you.

On leaving, we had been waiting at the counter with our bags to check out while the girl at the desk was on the phone, the same girl who had seen us coming and going througout our stay and ignored us on every occaision. After she had finished on the phone she asked us what we wanted!!! lovely. We were so very obviously waiting to check out.

What a sad attitude. I can only hope that she had some horrible demanding guests after we left.

We were always polite to the staff and never gave them any attitude, it's not in our nature and why should we stoop to their level?

We did leave a nice big tip for the woman who looked after our room so nicely. I just hope that she actually got it.

Although I will be making several trips to Lanzarote in the future, I will never stay at that hotel again."

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of December 2006

Away from the brits

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012

"We have just returned from the Gran Arrecife. Hotel is clean and new. You have to pay for the spa pool which works out quite expensive. The outdoor pool is on a windy corner and has no privacy at all . Just above the main road. It was too cold to use in November although the temp. was 25.We were given a free upgrade to a suite with sea views but gave up trying to get bathrobes and slippers.We stayed half board and although the food was good, it was very rich and the meal was mainly meat with no vegetables at all.Next time I would book b and b.If you want to be away from the holiday trade , this is the place. Deserted beach right outside the hotel . Lovely shops but you do need to use some Spanish to get by."

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of November 2006

A Room with a View

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"Very satisfied! Stayed just one night on a work trip. We were given beautiful rooms on the SW corner of the 11th floor. The room was sophisticated, airy and impeccably clean with a wide panoramic sea view. Too bad the windows were stained (by sea spray and sirocco?).

The public areas were businesslike. Don't know when the hotel was renowated but every place looked almost new. There are lots of windows, room and light. No dark mold smelling corridors here! There is a nice little bar on the top 17th floor with a view over Arrecife and to the mountains. They also seemed to have a cabinet/restaurant on the sea side. The same atmosphere of light and panoramic sea view applied to the breakfast room on the second floor.

Time being limited we didn't use the hotel facilities, so no insights there. We did, however, buy the breakfast buffet which was reasonable priced to its selection (10 euro) and, in my opinion, a good value.

There didn't seem to be too many customers around so the atmosphere was very peaceful. The staff was polite and helpful.

The surroundings are ok with a shore boulevard and the harbor next door. Nice for a small morning stroll. Lanzarote has lots of well kept shore walkways and Arrecife seems to be no exception.

Given a chance I would definitely stay on this hotel again and would ernestly recommend it to others - you'll probably end up checking out good-mooded. No nasty surprises expected here. Gracias!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of December 2005

birthday treat

Reviewed Fri 28th of December 2012

"A absolutely gorgeous hotel with a view to match. After looking around arrecife for a nice restaurant to spend the evening of my 30th birthday, we stopped to have a look at the menu in the "arrecife gran" 17th floor restaurant , with it being 5* we knew it would be nice. My partner then suggested we stay over for the night, as we had made our minds up to dine there as soon as we saw the menu. We booked at the reception by the friendly staff who spoke good english,they gave us the hotel booklet to take away.For 80GBP for a double room, we expected the room shown on the booklet was not the one we would be spending the night in, it was probably a suite or part of a penthouse?? So arriving in the room to find it was the exact same room i was so impressed large corner room with floor to ceiling windows all the way round,the view was fantastic.Decor was very modern with all the things that matter in a hotel room, 2 32" tvs 1 either side of the double sliding doors, 3 arm chairs and a sofa to sit on whilst taking in the delightful view, service from staff in all areas was very professional they made us feel very welcome. Meal was amazing the lobster is a must !!!!! washed down with 2 bottles of champagne. . . .well it was my birthday."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of October 2005

Only stayed one night

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2012

"Stayed at this hotel due to Mytravel cancelling our flight back to Manchester from Arrecife airport (due to the flight from Mcr being delayed and Lanzarote airport closing at 12pm) so they put us up in this hotel for the night.. Hence we only stayed one night. However, from just staying at the Gran Arrecife Hotel for just one night, i thought id write a glowing review of it. This truly is a 5* hotel, and is simply beautiful. It is the largest thing on the island of Lanzarote, and is a landmark in itself because it is apparently local law that you cannot build anything on Lanzarote higher than 4 stories.... Gran Arrecife hotel is 17 stories and can be seen from the airport.

The impression is that this hotel is brand spanking new. The rooms are amazing and consist of a large living room with Tv, fridge, safe, loads of furniture and panaromic views of the beach, harbour and arrecife. There are then sliding double doors into a fantastic bedroom containing the biggest bed i have ever seen (looked like 2 double beds pushed together) gorgeous bed linen and ultra modern decor (hard wood floors, bright walls, top of the range wood furniture) the bedroom also has a TV in it, with surround sound...and windows with more brilliant views! then there is the swankiest bathroom... with marble units and floors and walls, and a seperate toilet and beeday with even a telephone in the toilet!

The restaurant is lovely and looks out over the sea.. the porters are very helpful, the reception staff are great and were saints for putting up with over 350 angry grumpy english tourists hanging around in their swanky reception area for hours and hours, making the place look really untidy!

I would love to stay in this hotel again in the future, but i doubt im ever going to able to afford it!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of September 2005

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