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398 reviews
  • 5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 value
  • 5 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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Best value-for-money ever

Reviewed 7th February 2014

"This was a real surprise after traveling years in Spain & Canaria. Clean and spacious rooms with high quality materials on everything. Small, picturesque hotel with not too much room. Cosy. Location is good for having a (15 min)walk to Ingles or Maspalomas (40 min), and the beach is just behind the pool area. location is peaceful and the feeling and the sound of sea is what I&wife really enjoyed. Restaurant gourmet menus were the second best I've been enjoying; and what a price; 5 plate evening meny only 25 €! The pool area is spacious and there is no rush. All details are well cared and technicians is working. Personnel is very friendly and doing minor services out of their duty happily. Specially when giving a little tip. Negative details: -mainly Spanish speaking personnel -so called sauna,,only 40 degrees celsius is not a sauna. Sauna should have at least 70 c or, for my scale 100c would give **** -full of Swedish and German customers -too few younger people ("

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  • Travel date: 7th February 2014
  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Hotel is immaculate & the staff can't do...

Reviewed 15th September 2008

"Hotel is immaculate & the staff can't do enough for you. Room was very spacious, excellent view form the balcony & has air conditioning which was a blessing. Food was very good, though the cooked food was a bit on the tepid side. One of the pools was getting painted whilst we were there, but we were informed of this as soon as we got there. There was more than enough sun beds around the other pool & the beach is right on your doorstep (literally). We had a very relaxing week staying here, but also went into Playa d'ingles a few times which is about 5 minutes in a taxi (cost roughly 4 euros). San Agustin shopping centre is 5 minutes walk with plenty of shops, bars & restaurants. There's a very good Chinese restaurant next door to the hotel & Loopys restaurant is about 10 minutes walk. This is definately a hotel for relaxation, as it is a bit limited for entertainment at night. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 15th September 2008

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  • by Pekka K

    "Feeling the sea and sun"

San Agustin Beach Club is also called

  • San Agustin Beach Club Hotel
  • san augustin beach club
  • san augustin beach hotel

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