Servatur Puerto Azul

Avenida La Cornisa 13, 35130 Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 4 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 4.5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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no no no!!!!!


"stayed here in feb 2007 for mid term. room ok up until mid week, a rat decided to visit. rang reception to get room changed and was told "what do you expect it's the canaries" and found the whole thing funny. would not stay here again and would definately not recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of July 2009

I hope it doesn't happen to anyone else!


"When we arrived the hilarious receptionist sent us in completely the wrong direction to our room, which at 5 in the morning isn't fun! However us being a young group - that certainly didn't put a damper on the holiday!
The rooms were nice, although the balcony was a concern as anyone could easy climb across all of them because the wall was about 3 1/2 foot high!
On our third night we came back late after a nightout to discover one of our rooms had been robbed. After cancelling cards and checking what was missing we contacted the rep, he told us we would have to wait until 10 o clock - when he started work.
Bearing in mind most of our group was frightened half to death he only came in when we told him underwear had been taken.
When he arrived (with stains down his top and stinking of smoke) he accused us of bringing people back to the room.
When the police arrived it was made clear that the patio doors leading onto the balcony didn't actually lock at all, anyone could just pop them open from the otherside! We asked to move hotels but was told that was not possible as there was none in our price range so we finally managed to move rooms.
We had the same problems in one of the other rooms so we had to all sleep in one room. The holiday was pretty much reuined by this point however we all agreed to try and make the most of it.
Just to make things even better, we realised that the couple of cockroaches that we found were actually an infestation in the sofa bed! The staff were vile to us when we complained and refused to move us, so yet again we all slept in one room.
When we told the rep the next day he replied, 'Cockroaches are apart of Gran Canaria - what do you expect?'
In arguement to this we pointed out that ants are apart of England but you don't expect them crawling round a hotel room.
The experience has put me off visiting Gran Canaria again which is unfortunate, we all felt ripped off as the food was not to a good standard and despite everything not one member of staff apologised to use. I just hope nothing like this happens to anyone else who stays there!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of April 2009

friendly staff but this is a tired hotel-no luxury here


"This place is old and falling apart, the staff are friendly and the rooms were clean but they just can't manage to keep the hotel going.

We went as a large group and booked 6 different apartments for the new year over 2008/2009, they were all the same standard, clean but badly in need of a refurb. With six apartments, the poor condition was evident and consistent in all of them.

The hotel is an absolute maze of rooms and steps and lifts centred around the cliff peninsula with the apartment rooms cascading down from the reception at the top, so for most people the use of a lift to reception is advisable. But for several days one of the lifts was out of order; (it took two lifts and a long walk between all to get from our room to reception).

Our first party to arrive were told that their room was not available and were given a small studio instead, fair enough they then offered free B&B and evening meal but don't do it. They couldn't even cook me a burger properly on the first day, cold and red in the middle, I never ate there again.

After a few days we got the hotel to change them back into an apartment which helped and as I say, the staff were very cooperative - as best as they could when operating under these conditions.

So what did we find during our stay, here's just a few.

We were unable to get our toilet to flush, the thing had a mind of its own, rather like the old cash till from "open all hours" stood there for ages trying to get the plunger to work, pressing it in all manners, then suddenly water would gush out everywhere.

Another of our party could never get their door swipe to work, despite having two cards, (they used to have to change them at least daily sometimes twice a day). Staff said they would fix it, but they came every day for 3 days before they eventually got it to work properly.

Then there are the other little things like trying to find a TV channel that worked, our TV picture also had a quaint pink hue to every channel as well, waste of time, clearly was on the way out just like most other things at this hotel.

What else? Oh yes, the bedroom window had no lock on it so anyone could have opened it from the outside and if you read other reviews, you will see references to thefts at this hotel.

The beds; kind of!! More like planks of wood, they were so firm we woke up most days with a bad back.

What else? well ok, call me a snob if you want but I dont think I have ever seen so many tattooed people around the pool (mostly Brits, which pains me to admit), both men and women covered in them in all places, to me that says a lot about the clientèle of this place if you know what I mean. By the way, I have one discreetly placed small tattoo myself so dont say I'm anti them.

Oh yes, the hot water. We spoke to one couple who said that they had not had hot water for 3 days, which was actually incorrect. You see they had not mastered the plumbing and realised that you needed to run the hot tap for around 2 to 3 minutes (honestly) before you got any hot water coming through.

I could go on about the other apartments but I hope you have got a fair impression of our experience.

CONCLUSION- don't expect a single gram of luxury at this place and you dont actually get what you pay for.

Next year I'm paying the extra and going back to the Dunas Amadores hotel where we stayed in 2007, its worth saving up for."

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  • Travel date: Sun 11th of January 2009

Great Place


"Has you do we read the reviews before booking and was in two minds on whether to book or not. Need not have worried as the place was a lot better than the reviews suggested.

Our room was cleaned and towels changed everyday with the exception of Xmas Day (will let them off with that one).

The room was big clean and the balcony was huge.

We did B&B and the food was buffet style like in most Spanish hotels/complexes and was very good and well presented.

The hotel is up a hill but the views are great.
When you get there you get a map and they explain how to get to your room which is easy enough.

Don't let people put you off, this is a very clean & tidy place and the staff are very helpful and polite. (some people are just too fussy)

They have taxis in abundance and they are cheap @ around €3.00.
Or you can walk up & down the hill and burn of the extra calories.

This is the first time to Gran Canaria Puerto Rico and we loved it, will be returning."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 8th of January 2009

Victims Of Room Change


"Me and My Mother In law went to thomas cook and wanted a great honeymoons we had a place in mind which was puerto azul in Puerto Rico Spain, after explaining i wanted a top rated apartment money is no problem, because it was a special occation, i asked for the best what we got was not what you would even give your cat to sleep in, we call it the Dungieon Hole for people who go to prison, that how it felt, when we were given our key they gave us a map to get there it took me over 1 hour to find the worst room you would never would have your self, anyway getting to the point.

We Got In The room the bathroom was full of crockroaches by the 100s so i went back to reception they gave me a can of spray, i asked for a change of room, after explaining i was told to come back in moring nothing else i could do i waited until morning and saw the management, i saw the rep she was no good waiste of time she was like a wet blanket, not even interested after explaining to her, after going back to recpetion asking for help, i got nothing, over the 2 hours trying to explain, i manage to get someone who was spainish who could speak english as my spanish was that good, he manage to help me get a room, but would got me £500 pounds for the two weeks my wife couldn't face this any longer, they gave rooms to others without charge the staff were just crap need to say useless and like robbing the english of there money.

That just the tip of the iceberg, we were a All Inclusive, food was great but the second we they started to charge us for drinks and food at the bar. I explained to the manager he said it called happy hour must pay? crap never go there ever again, But that life, honeymooner will be charged.

Thomas cooks gave me half the money back if i promise i don't go to the press and keep this to myself this was verbale over the phone a few weeks later got cash of £300 approx never ever again will book i will now check a place out by internet first.."

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of December 2008

It was an OK place to stay for the price paid.


"Booked up for a 7 day stay at Puerto Azul hotel, We paid £134 each for full board from... on the beach website.

The hotels catering company recently went burst 2 weeks before we arrived but the hotel moved fast to fix this so no probs to us. The food is not that bad as others have been saying.

The rooms are very basic but nice, wonderful sea view.

Cockroach Hell !! but then your going to get that in any hotel in Gran Canaria, Dont try and stamp on them as it only makes a bad mess, try and run them out of your room and keep a towel down at the door at night as thats the way they get in to the rooms.

Entertainment is fine but you want to head down in to town.

Staff are really nice.

Pool is clean.

The hotel caretaker is Fransisco, He is a really nice wee man and when we had a few probs with our door card key he was on the ball and very nice.

Would we go back ?... probably not but please don't be put off with all the bad reviews the hotel has as its NOT as bad as what some people say, Yes a few weeks back it did have serious probs with the food caterers but the hotel has moved fast to fix this so all is now fine with that.

Really do yourselves a big favour and hire a car to get around the land as its really small and safe to drive.

Im sure you will be fine at Puerto Azul hotel so stop worrying if you have read the bad reviews, Some people forget its a standard hotel not the bloody Hilton. If its the Hilton you want then this place aint for you."

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of October 2008

Hell on earth


"This was by far the worst appartment i have ever stayed in in my life.
People have comented that for a 3 star, one should not expect a la carte- my friends and i had payed nearly £500 for a week in October- we at least expected the food to be edible and the rooms to be safe!!!!!
Lets start at the begining.....
Arived at 0300, given a map by man on reception and sent off into the dark, after wondering around for 45mins, in and out of lifts that looked like they had been manufactured in the 1800s, we returned to reception. The charming (NOT) young man on reception laughed in our faces and said he had sent us in the wrong direction, we were then once again sent off into the night with our maps. We eventually found our rooms, which were plesant enough, with a large balcony and great veiws.
Unfortunately after my friend flushed the toilet it overflowed and flooded the bathroom.We reported this to reception, they said there was nothing they could do untill 10am. At 10am two men arived armed with towels, and a mop with a plastic bag over it!!!
That day we hit the pool which is very nice, cold but that didnt bother us.
The food was totaly in-edible. We had payed all inclusive -what a waste, unless u enjoy eating unlabled trays of slop, all of which seemed to contain sprouts!!!!!Burnt frankfurters, fatty bacon, oh and scrambled eggs-WITH SPROUTS!!! traditional spanish cuisine I THINK NOT!!! the continental meats seemed a safe option- not so, the chirizo sausage resembled the sole of an old boot!! Juice served in thimbles that would not quench the thirst of a miniture dash hound, and wine that would strip the pait off a car!!
Another reason why the all inclusive package is a waste of money, is the fact that of an evening there is usually only one member of staff working on the bar. This ment that most nights we would have to wait upto 45mins for a drink-this is not acceptable.Also if u want diet coke ask for normal coke, if you want normal coke ask for diet!! (in spanish-bar staff do not speak much english)
The worst part of our holiday was when we returned from an evening out to find we had been ROBBED, all our valubles stollen out of our locked room!!!!!!! Upon closer inspection we noted that the patio door (the side that was not ment to open and therefore had no lock) could be slid open!!! It was also possible to step off our balcony onto the costal path and make a quick get away with all our valubles.
We imediately telephoned the reception-they couldnt of cared less.we also informed the police.
When we asked for a different room, as our room was now a crime seen and nothing was to be touched, we were told that there were no other rooms available and the receptionist laughed in our face.
Twelve hours later i had managed to beg for another room.
The next set of rooms we moved into were the same-no security, door could be opened when locked. we phoned reception twice, they came and fitted another lock-this also didnt stop the door from being able to be opened from the other side, we then rang again to ask them to fix it, and were told we must wait untill mornng-this ment all 5 of us had to pile into a room for 2!!!
Next night door fixed, my 3 friends went back to there own room. The icing on the cake was that when they went to settle down for the night there were cockroaches POORING OUT OF THE CAMP BED. phoned reception, they gave us a can of bug spray-like u would really want to spray that all over the place where u sleep. Because of this all 5 of us spent the rest of the holiday in one room-despite countless complaints to the hotel and holiday representative. We felt very vunerable after the robbery, and were totaly shocked that no one cared!!!

Needless to say my friends and i were furious with the treatment we recieved. We have written a large complaint letter and are awaiting a response. Please do not stay here, unless u enjoy eating 10 day old sprouts, and being robbed in the middle of the night!!!!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 29th of October 2008

Great value for money


"People either love it or loathe it according to these reviews, we were a little aprehensive but thought we would reserve judgement till we got there.

Bearing in mind many people on tripadvisor slated the food, staff, rooms etc the worst thing about our 5 night stay was some, not all, of the British guests who have no manners whatsoever! Unfortunately, the cheap price attracts some characters that we don't usually experience on holiday - that said they were never rowdy or in your face, just rude, Brits abroad. Many Scandanavians use this hotel and they are lovely, well mannered and pleasant, making up for some of our compatriots.

Food - Small choice but always edible, may get monotonous for two weeks but 5 nights was fine.

Rooms - Clean, roomy, no air con but a large desk fan was fine. A small kitchenette, bathroom with shower and a huge balcony with great views.

Staff - Bearing in mind they must dread a Brit approaching them, if you are polite to them, they are more than helpful in return, it's all about good manners.

Location - Great views, cheap to get a cab to the beaches. If you know Puerto Rico, it's right by the RioSol.

General - Hotel could do with a little modernisation, but cleanliness cannot be faulted.

We usually travel 4 or 5 star, this was a quick sunshine getaway to a 3 star, the hotel is 3 star, please don't expect 4 or 5. We calculated the cost of staying at this hotel, it worked out at £20 each per day All Inclusive, unbeatable value!

Would we stay here again? if the price was right 100% YES!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 26th of October 2008

Mixed feelings about this hotel!


"I had a very mixed experience with this hotel. I read some reviews before I went and thought to myself - how bad can it actually be?
The food wasn't too bad. People moan in their reviews as they obvisouly expected 5* food. You aren't going to get this! The food was ok there was always something I found to eat and always fresh salad and fresh fruit available. The chef did tend to mix random things together, like fish and pork in one dish and cheese on the tomatoes at breakfast, but over all it was ok. Not sure I could have dealt with 2 weeks of it though. One week was enough for me! There are always chips at every meal as a back-up!
The snack bar is useless. All it serves are hot dogs and burgers. And then its only open at odd hours when no-one is hungry anyway. The chef is very miserable and clearly hates his job.
The drinks are ok. The bar staff are not too bad but they dont rush if there is a massive queue. There isnt enough staff on so expect to queue for your drinks on an evening.
The entertainment is very random and not that great. Its something to do though if you are bored.
Me and my partner had issues with our room and the key wouldnt work whenever we tried to get in. We kept getting the engineer out who got it working but then the next time it would do the same. It wouldnt have been so bad but our room was really far from reception. We finally got a new lock fitted after kicking up a fuss and they were more than helpful at reception.
One thing to note if you havent been to Puerto Rico before; the resort is cut into a mountain so all the hotels are staggered down the mountain. This hotel is widely spread out over the mountain so its a bit of a maze at first trying to find the lifts to your room. Its not that bad though and they provide a map.
Taxis are very cheap so use them to travel around to the different beaches and you would be mad to walk.
The beach at Puerto Rico is very small but the one next to it (think its Amadeyos or something like that) is much larger and loads of shops there. Only cost 2.60 euro to get there in the taxi - well worth it.
We were lucky with the weather and had 30 degrees most of the week which maybe put a better spin on our holiday than others. The pool is great: clean, big and plenty of sun beds.
Overall the hotel was ok. Dont expect 4* and you wont be disappointed. It is clean and hasnt cost you that much so why grumble?"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of October 2008

great holiday


"i stayed in this hotel last year in december, i have been to puerto rico many times and always enjoy it every time. now the hotel is really cheap so u cant expect luxury and it was not perfect, but i thought it was well worth its money, the apartment was clean and really big i thought the complex was nice and clean, the food was not too great but you would pay this price to stay self catering in puerto rico so you can't really moan too much. most of the staff are nice, i found the pool bar staff were abit grumpy. and they did serve better food if you were paying for it but again you get what you pay for!! it is right at the top of the mountain but it only cost 3 euro to get a taxi down to the centre or you could walk up to the europa centre which is 5 mins walk, but not as good as the main centre at the bottom. overall i had a really great holiday and did not find a problem with the hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of October 2008

fantastic holiday


"Just come back from a week at the Puerto Azul loved every minute of it the rooms are spotless cleaned regularly and the staff r lovely the food you got a choice of everything so if you are a fussy eater there is something for everyone i now there is no air con but the fan and keep in the window open keeps you cool the rooms have beautiful views we has a lovely room looking over the sea i would defiantly recommend this hotel met lovely people and made new friends will defiantly be back next year but stay longer next time this hotel is also close to shops cant fault anything here "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 2nd of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

best holliday ever


"came back from hotel on 18 august and had an apsolutely amazeing time the staff were always so friendly the cleaners were even more friendly and did an amzeing job on the room and the view was amazeing- and met some great geordie people- barry being one...nicest guy i've ever met and if he ever does read this review then search me on facebook Fiona Isabel Clarke (Fii) would love to talk to you yeah great hotel great people...and great holliday (: "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 12th of September 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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    "absolutly beautiful.. must go to the las vegas legands show in mas palomas and the jeep safari tour! "

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    "eurpia shopping centre.. all pubs wher very freindly and really made our holiday...! "

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    "its a beautiful island "

  • gem22 by gem22

    "chinese buffet all you can eat for 5.95 euros "

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    "This is the place to go if you want to meet the true friendly people, i met there!! "

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    "Dolphinsafari, and Amadores beach "

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    "great view, and short walk to pier and beach nice at night for a stroll "

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    "the place is hilly but the taxi"s are cheap enough "

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    "boat trip to morgan market "

  • tuss1888 by tuss1888

    "Yes,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

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    "its verry nice and great so go there "

  • D.J.M by D.J.M

    "Give it a try, you will love it!! "

  • B Smith by B Smith

    "Not suitable for elderly or children due to the 680 steps down "

  • ladykay by ladykay

    "stay at another hotel "

  • stevex by stevex

    "morgan non market day "

  • wendyasa by wendyasa

    "Adult area quiet and relaxing "

  • Fiona I by Fiona I

    "talk to the people you wanna talk to...don't hold anything back "

  • Emma G by Emma G

    "this place has stuning baches and so much to do here "

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  • Puerto Azul Aparthotel Rico
  • Puerto Azul Gran Canaria

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