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About Mogan Princess & Beach Club

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free parking
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • air conditioning
  • laundry service
  • family rooms
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • housekeeping
  • car hire
  • currency exchange
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • 24 hour front desk
  • outdoor furniture
  • shared lounge tv area
  • snack bar
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
  • breakfast available
  • german amenities
  • childrens television networks
  • parking garage
  • vending machine
  • italian amenities
  • sun terrace
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • kids pool
  • nightclub dj
  • table tennis
  • spanish amenities
  • free shuttle or taxi services
  • facilities for disabled guests
  • paid internet
  • kids activities
  • special diet menus
  • poolside bar
  • paid private parking on site
  • billiards
  • convenience store
  • solarium
  • evening entertainment
  • water park off site
  • entertainment staff
  • adult pool
  • safe

Reviews summary

2303 reviews
  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 4 food

50 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Would not return for another hol if paid!!!!

Reviewed 19th April 2011

"I have never been to such an awful hotel, if you are an all inclusive guest, you are not entitled to the same standards as a paying guest. If you are a paying guest you are entitled to snacks round the pool anytime of the day, if your are all inclusive you cannot have snacks from the poolside bar until 3pm, you can use the restaurant, but lets face it who wants to go to the restaurant in a wet swimsuit. All inclusive guests are not allowed peanuts from the pool bar, you are only allowed three cocktails as all inclusive and you are not given any fancy umbrellas or anything like that on your cocktails unless you are paying guest. This hotel is supposed to be a four star hotel. I honestly don't know where this rating came from, it bearly makes a 3 star. The bedrooms are ok, clean. Beds are rock hard, only one pillow. You are allowed only one towell for the pool for the week, unless you want to change it and pay for it. Toilet rolls are provided once you have run out completely. What can I say about the overall appearance of the rooms and hotel, tired and needs updating. Food is not really that good, the only soup on offer all week was vegetable and eastern soup!! Twice I had chicken and pork, which was undercooked. Not much choice, food is very bland and boring. Finally entertainment, mini disco that played the same songs every night and then the entertainment for adults was not very good either. Show over by 10.30, nothing to do after that, no atmosphere at all. Overall this hotel was a complete let down. On the upside the surrounding area was beautiful. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 18th April 2011
  • 4 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 2 Food

One of the Best holidays of my Life

Reviewed 4th March 2011

"Hello, i visited this hotel in 2009. this was one of the best holidays of my life. there was never a dull moment around the main pool. but if you profer to relax there is another pool if you go upstairs. snack bar was very nice, not too busy. there was 3 selections of icecream but you could only eat it if you where on all inclusive! but we made some good friends and they where on all inclusive and got us ice cream! food was beautiful, a huge amount and loads of different types. there was food to suit your every need ! staff where lovely but where always pushin the kids to play the games, but this wasnt a bad thing as the games where fun. there was a games time table at reseption which was handy!!! the only bad thing was the walk down to the beach! if you are staying with small children i reccomend to get a taxi from the hotel to the beach as the walk is basically down a moutain. but the beach was worth it, with many shops on the way well priced! aslo there was a small water park before the beach worth goin there for a couple of days as there are loads of loungers and a lazy lake and much more! i reccomend this hotel and was a great holidy !!! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 27th February 2011
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Would Never Return!!

Reviewed 7th January 2011

"The road to hotel is no more than a dirt track. No railings or pavements that are safe. Hotel is boring with no facilities at all for the over 45's. Night entertainment is for under 10's with a boring cabaret at 10.15 for adults. Food was quite good and staff helpful.My husband wanted to watch a football match but there was no tv or screen available.It rained for 2 days whilst we were there so the pool area closed meaning that there was nowhere else to go except back to our chairless room. We were all inclusive and found that the Taurito Princess Hotel opposite used the same wrist bands and sunbed towels as the Mogan...guess where we spent all our time! Taurito Princess and Mogan Princess are part of the same group so if you want to book one of these, go to taurito, a good 4* than mogan more like a 3* "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th January 2011
  • 2 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 4 Food

Mogan Princess

Reviewed 9th November 2010

"We returned from the Mogan Princess yesterday. 13/03/2010. It had been a good while since we had had a drink so a welcome drink would have been perfect. Instead of a grunt and being pointed towards the pools bar. No facilities for tea and coffee making in the room. We found the hotel to be lovely. The rooms beautifully clean. Plenty towels and a fantastic shower. Room staff were pleasant and helpful. The reception staff appeared burnt out, overworked and always busy. They just seemed to have too much to do all the time. The food was good and abundant. We were half-board and was most annoyed to find that we didn't even get a drink of water included. Really the deal was bed, breakfast and evening meal with no drink.......took me 3 days to stop being annoyed about that! We hired a car to save hanging around for buses and taxis. Well worth it. The VIP trip was expensive but good. Puerto Mogan is lovely. We spent a couple of days mooching round there. We will not go back to this hotel for one reason only......the trek to get to our rooms on the fourth building was awful. There was a flight of stairs between each lift and we were breathless and tired getting to and from our rooms. One of us has had 2 heart attacks and I was sure another was about to happen due to the trek. Lugging our suitcases up and down to and from our rooms was awful."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 14th March 2010
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 5 Food

We had a great time but this is not for everybody

Reviewed 2nd November 2009

"SUMMARY We loved the Mogan Princess however I understand some of the poorer reviews on this hotel. If you intend to stay mostly in the hotel by the pool with beautiful views playing the occasional game during the day, and having a few drinks, watching a show and being in bed by midnight in the evening then this is a great place to go. 9/10 If you want a bit more active holiday, see the sights of Gran Canaria and party in the evening, then this is not the place for you. We went for a week at the end of October and the hotel was only half full. I think the hotel would struggle to run smoothly if it was full. (not enough space around the pool and bars too small) More detail below LOCATION The hotel is built high up a cliff and the only access road is a poorly maintained very steep road. You have beautiful views over the sea, the evening sunset, Taurito and the small town of Mogan from nearly everywhere in the hotel. There is not much else in Taurito other than the few hotels. The hotel offers a free bus service to both Mogan and the much larger town of Puerto Rico. This is only once a day at about 11am with the return early in the afternoon about 3 ish. The sun comes over the cliff in the morning and so the hotel is completely in the shade until 10.30ish. So not a hotel for early morning sun bathing! Hotel shape is like a flight of stairs with 4 blocks (steps) of 4 levels. Each block has a lift and so if you are in the top block then you need to catch4 lifts to get to breakfast, didnt matter to us but could wind up more highly strung people! CLEANLINESS Very good no issues. FOOD We thought that the food was excellent.With all inclusive hotels of course there is always some repetition with the food but here there is a good selection and the food was always fresh. We have been to many all inclusives and this was one of the best. ENTERTAINMENT Thanks to the entertainment team Oana, Felicity and Renate, enthusaiatic and always smiling. During the day games every hour organised by the entertainment staff. Standard things, pool darts waterpolo archery tabletennis etc. Play if you want, ignore if you dont. Evening entertainment a bit weak. 8.30pm mini club for the kids, about 10 party songs with dances for the kids to learn. Superman, Heads shoulders knees and toes etc 9pm first show. 9.45pm certificates from the games during the day, usually all the same people as the same people play every day (of which I was one!) 10pm second show. 11pm all inclusive finishes, nowhere else to go and so 99% of people are in bed by midnight. Shows are generally good, some amazing acrobats, a 'mature' magician with some old tricks but he puts on a good show, reptile show and eagle show and I must give a special mention to the terrible Elvis impersonator who spent most of his time staring at the 18 yearold entertainment team member who was in the dj box and even dedicated a song to 'his girlfriend'...he wishes! Remember with low expectations you are nearly always pleasantly surprised! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 31st October 2009

Thoroughly Enjoyable

Reviewed 24th February 2009

"Just returned yesterday from our week at the Mogan Princess. Our first family holiday in a hotel and we all throughly enjoyed the experience. Hotel was spotlessly clean - it seemed they were cleaning everyminute of everyday and our rooms were excellent with the children in the adjoining room. Food was plentiful and even though we went all inclusive, most days we missed lunch as we were just eating too much. Kids loved the endless supply of ice creams and drinks and spent the entire week in the pool. My one critism would be the shuttle service was running only once day - it would have been nice to have had a choice of times. All in all we have had a super holiday and would recommend it to all...."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 24th February 2009


Reviewed 11th November 2008

"Ok, I suppose I need to ensure that readers of this review are not totally turned away from what was a good holiday, was it a great holiday? Hmmmmm, I don't think so. Any way, here goes my review, of which I will break it down in to 5 categories. Hotel,food,rooms, staff and entertainment.( Please note the order of categories ) Resort. Lets be clear, all inclusive means just that, so please do not expect some bars you can walk to for a drink or meal, there is none. A taxi ride into Mogan is only 5 Euro , so if you do want to get out from the resort, then no problem. The hotel itself is high up on the cliffside with stunning views at sunset of the Ocean. However, if you have kids or are elderly there is no way would you risk walking down the hill. A sheer drop with no barrier could cause some heart palpuations for parents and elderly. Luckily enough the building work at the bottom of the cliff could not be heard, however it was there. Getting back to the hotel, it is modern, the pool areas are very relaxing, it is clean and the lifts work well. Only hotel issue is why do yu have to pay for your drinks after 11pm?. Resort rating 8/10. Food. I found the food very good, good selection and to be honest, no real complaints here at all. Food rating 8/10. Rooms. I found the the rooms clean, and just what you need. The shower was awesome, if there was every a wake up after a heavy day of drinking and eating, the shower certainly freshens you up! All rooms have a balcony with table and chairs overlooking the ocean providing a lovely view. Room rating 8/10. Staff. Ok, here it gets a bit iffy and I can only go with our experience. Checked in at 1pm, there was 10 or so couples , to find 1 receptinist checking in, there were other staff there, they just seemed to float around with paperwork in their hand? Upon finally getting to the desk, our room was not ready, so, went for lunch until 230ish and then asked if it was ready? " We have found somethging in your room we do not like" was the answer. Amazing! What was in the room? A ghost? Plutonium? Lord Lucan? My guess is cockroaches as when we entered the room at 3pm, I noticed the aircon access panel had been adjusted with a strong smell of som eform of repellant in the air. Having said that, we saw no critters in our room all week? Moving on to bar staff, they are slow, and seem to have a misunderstanding that if you are all inclusive, you have paid for your drinks. A cocktail for all inclusive consisted of a glass and drink. A cocktail for a paying resident consisted of umbrella's, straws , the works. When my girlfriend asked for a straw, the answer was "no!" . A straw???? Come on!!!!!??? We then asked for peanuts, again the answer was " no" . The final straw ( excuse the pun) was to be ignored whilts standing at the bar for 10 minutes, only to be told we were standing in the wrong place???? It was a bar, not a delicounter, not a doctors surgery, not the counter at Argos. It is a bar, you lean against it and you order a drink? Simple! Clearly not! One exception is the pool bar lady, she was friendly, and gets to the point where she remembers your drink. That is customer service,the bar and restauarant staff should take a leaf out of her book. With most of our holiday spent around the pool, she was a shining light! The restaurant staff ( my advice is do not sit by the empty plate trolley ) were not much better. Cultery and crockery is thrown like a basket ball in to the trolley, and again, all smiles and joy for paying residents, a grimace of "where's my tip" for all inclusive. That may sound harsh but it seemd to be the only reason why we received such treatment. Overall, the staff have no concept whatsoever of customer service. Our advice,dont expect anything else and you may well be surprised should the Hotel Manager read this review, I hoep he or she does! Staff 3/10. Entertainment. As the song goes, I thought I would save the best till last, and make no mistake, the entertainment is poor. 830pm to 945pm is mini kids disco, this consists of the black eyed peas " my humps " single being played 8 times, to be followed with " follow the leader" 10 times. Even the little kids looked bored!!! 945pm is certificates time. Now dont get me wrong, and good luck to the people doing the daily activities, but it seemd to me that it was the same people doing the same activities. This is no criticizm of them, the entertainment staff should have been encouraging others to join in, they didn't, and due to that fact one guy won 25 certificates, one bronze medal , one silver medal and a t shirt for his efforst, as happy as he was, these acilades coul dhave been shared out. For me, there was no effort in getting people to join in. . Then at 10pm it's show time!!! The 4 tops were brilliant, considering there was 3 of them! The carnival night was great! The Kenyan boys great! The acrobat was amazing!! The saturday night bingo, yes, I say again, BINGO! Started at 10pm, and was finished by 1020pm, and that was it!!!! Suffice to say, as soon as the shows are over every night ........... thats it! And I mean thats it! It was painfully clear that people wanted to get up and have a dance, a kareoke or something! It is a holiday after all!!! The 3 girls who present the night, 3 of them for the spanish , german, dutch and English translations I presume, is their only input! As soon as the main show is over. they pull up at the bar, get themsleves a drink ( wise move girls with the bar staff ) and pop outside for a cigarette!? All this whilst the atmoshphere turns in to a morgue, to which young, old middle ageed couples simply get up and go back to their room? Unbelievable! In the end I took it upon myself to get on the mike and put some tunes on, only to find free with newspaper cd's and Richard Clayderman in the cd folder!!!!? In the end I found a cd and people got up and had a dance, the 3 girls simply got another drink and disappeared for another cigarette. Midnight they go home and left me to entertain the people who stayed behind till 130am. I did this 3 nights in a row, one night I am sure there were 15 or so couples on the floor, which was a marked improvement on what the entertainment staff had ever done! So, if you like going to bed at 11pm when on holiday , this is the place for you. And please, dont get me wrong, apart from the Bingo night, the enterainment was good, but one hour just does not cut it for me or any one else I spoke to. Entertainment not including the one hour show 0/10. Come Morgan Princess, you have to do better! That concludes our review, I trust that you found it informative and some what amusing at times . But I can assure you it was as we found it! What made our holiday? The Weather, relaxing by the pool and meeting new friends like Lynda ( although she is a bit of a nag ) and Tina ( who is the fussiest eater you could wish to meet ),both of which I am sure we will keep in touch. You can have agood time, a great time? I am not so sure? Ant n Chelle "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 11th November 2008

when we booked we requested adjoining ro...

Reviewed 6th September 2008

"when we booked we requested adjoining rooms as our children where with us. we did not have adjoining the adjoining hotel rm was an upgraded room cost us 91 euros to move only difference between the 2 rms was the studio had mini kitchenette the hotel room had larger wardrobe and ugly picture. this is a scam to con people with kids into paying more to be next to each other. noise during day massive building work going on around the area. Restaurant Food appaulling luke warm. Chicken seriously under cooked. daughter had chicken was blood red in middle. show cooking you having a laugh. 1 stressed out chef cooking chicken veal together throwing it on plates to serve. not enough time to ensure food is cooked properly. food fm lunch reheated served at night or disguised in the salad bar. lovely burgers for lunch but at dinner really made effort put them in onion gravy! we lived on bread rolls and aneamic chips. my son loves food he refused dinner 4 nights. we spent a fortune took trips to mogan so that we could have decent food. Food around the pool. Disgusting was Left for hours in sun on hot plate sometimes covered with a cloth sometimes not. Health and Safety should be involved with these kind of practices, i would love to have them tested by a microbiologist. Waiters don’t wash hands before cooking.Grill is cleaned with a scoop of ice from the ice box, no detergent no scrubbing of the days grilling disgusting!!! Rubbish piled near food ice cream attracting cockroaches. Pool area, max 5 ashtrays. told use plastic cups with water. Ash tab ends around pool area. seating area ash engrained in tile mortar black disgusting. they dont clean the tables around the pool bar, asked waiter to clean 1 he grimmaced said too busy.resorted to pouring drink on table cleaning with napkins. 6. thomas cook advertise hotel Suite Hotel Mogan Princess. it is Mogan Princess Apartsuite highly miss leading just below there is actually a Suite Princess. advertised a 2nd restaurant. it does but it is not open. advertises a piano bar there is none. the bar quequed 3 nights between 20-40 minutes to get drink. we were so very dissappointed we asked move or a flight home. moved us to the gloria palace.charged 330 euros for the privilage. we were desparate no money left thankfully i had enough in my bank account. Left with £7.00 to come home to. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 6th September 2008

from the moment we arrived was treated v...

Reviewed 20th July 2008

"from the moment we arrived was treated very well by the staff food was good with buffet breakfast dinner tea and snacks in betwween entertainment was good throughout the day with plenty to do at night was entertainment was okay could with karioke to liven things up a little if you after a very relaxing week this is brill although you can get a taxi to puerto rico for less than ten euros all in all had a great time would go back tommorow "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 20th July 2008

WOW !! That is one way to describe our ...

Reviewed 5th June 2008

"WOW !! That is one way to describe our holiday. When we arrived we where amazed when we stepped off of the bus and into the hotel. Straight away you could feel the quality that was around you. We had arrived late on in the evening but instead of just checking us in and sending us to find our room. We got told to put our cases in a secure room and to go get some dinner from the restaurant. Which was great the food throughout the whole holiday was great, a massive selection and range of diffenrent cuisine from around europe and locally aswell. when we got to the room that was easy to find due to the directions from the reception staff who spoke excellent english and were allways very eager to help, it was clean had everything you could ask for and english tv channels. The hotel was a little secluded but the hotel does provide a free bus service to all of the main attractions. If you anted to walk down to the local beach it was a steepish hill but it only takes about twenty minutes to get there. Alonside the beach there are a few shops icluding a supermarket which has everything you could ask for if self catering. If you were to go with kids there are plenty of activities from to the hotels entertainment and games to the pool or you can take a short alk down the hill and pay a little cost to enter another pool which has flumes and fountains and everything else, there is also a gym, mini golf, an exercise course, helicopter rides, jet skis and the old favourite the bananna boat. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who likes it quite quiet but if you go looking everything is there its just not noticible straight away."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 5th June 2008

you definetly have to visit this resort/...

Reviewed 22nd April 2008

"you definetly have to visit this resort/hotel it is lovely the food is absoloutly brilliant and changes every night accept from some. there is 3 pool one is heated 1 is a kids one 1 is cold silent and more for adults to chill. the entertainers and staff are lovely and treat you with respect. the beach is not far from the hotel. you can get free pickups from the hotel to mogan, taurito, anfi, puerto rico. this hotel is the best i am definetly visiting again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 22nd April 2008

A great hotel and holiday! My husband an...

Reviewed 7th April 2008

"A great hotel and holiday! My husband and I booked this holiday last minute (5 days before) on a fairly low budget and were really pleased with what we got at Princess Mogan. We hired a car from the airport (about £80 for the week which worked out better value than the £30 return transfer each we were offered by the travel company - we also wanted to go out and about in the daytimes) and it was about 40 min drive down the motorway. Had a bit of trouble finding the hotel when we arrived at Taurito (as there are 3 Princess hotels!) but after directions from a sister hotel we found it: turn right at the main road roundabout at the sign 'Lomo Taurito' and head up the hill. Watch out for the potholes! Managed to find a space to park outside the hotel most days. We didn't arrive till 10pm and presumed we'd missed the evening meal, but were provided with a cold meal (salad with salmon and ham) in the restaurant at 11pm which was great. Bit late for some people who had travelled with young and tired children, but better than a bag of peanuts which we were expecting! LOL. The room was nice and easy enough to locate - we had already read warnings about the zillion confusing lifts you had to get - but once you got your bearings of the complex (and looked at the map they provided) it was easy to find your way about. We took the stairs most of the time in an effort to work off some calories after totally pigging out at the buffet every morning and evening! Every room looks out to the sea and Puerto de Mogan round the bay and beyond a doubt this hotel offers the best view of all the Taurito hotels. We found the room was clean (and got well cleaned every day with new towels). I realised quite late on in the week that the walls are a little thin - I heard the French man next door farting and brushing his teeth when I was in our bathroom (he he!!) but they seemed fairly private (up till then) and the balcony walls are high enough to feel you're in your own space. We had two single beds too rather than double, but I don't know if that's in all the rooms. There's a mini kitchen area and fridge too, so we bought food in the supermarket and made our own sandwiches for lunch and boiled up water in the pan for extra cups of tea (having brought teabags and smuggled a cup of milk out of the restaurant at breakfast!) The restaurant above the end of the pool area (can't remember its name) was nice too and quite reasonably priced. Being new to this half board game (we usually do self-catering) we were really impressed with the choice, quality and freshness of the food at the buffet breakfast and dinner. Excellent salad choices and different meats and fish every night - some cooked in front of you by the chef. Was glad we didn't go All-Inclusive really as we couldn't have physically eaten much lunch as well and I imagine the wine and beer we bought in the bar or restaurant was better quality than the stuff given to AI customers. The alcohol was quite reasonably priced (2 euros for a big glass of red in the bar) though they obviously cash in at the restaurant hoping you'll buy a bottle of vino tinto or bottle of water to go with your meal. Of course the staff are also very attentive to the cash payees rather than AI as they're after a nice tip. For some reason, the drinks were more expensive in the restaurant. We bought some really nice wines for a few euros at the supermarkets in Taurito to drink on our balcony and took our own cans of beer to the poolside rather than forking out more at the poolside bar. (Free water there though). The mini-shop at the hotel also sells drinks quite cheaply. The pools were lovely and we always found a decent spot in the sun loungers. The sun hits the hotel at about 11am but lasts till 6pm and the sheltered location made it very pleasant to lie by the pool all day if you wanted. There was a high up pool for adults which was also nice though it was a bit drafty and cooler up there. There is very little down in Taurito other than the lido water park, hotels, a diving school, a couple of supermarkets, and a discount designer clothes shop where they professionally take up your new Diesel jeans for just 4 euro! There's also a chemist and doctors which was handy 'cause my husband developed man-flu half way through the week! The walk down the hill wasn't half as bad as other people have made out (15 minutes each way) though it's a bit dusty (don't wear your best shoes) and uneven underfoot. Taurito is a pretty place though and the beach seemed nice enough. The best beach we found was at Amadores a few minutes away on the coast road to Puerto Rico. Turquoise, calm waters and nice atmosphere (even though there's a row of restaurants wrestling for your custom and tacky souvenir shops). Shame the free daily hotel bus doesn't stop there on the way to Puerto Rico (which we found was a bit of a dump), but there is a footpath back around the bay from Puerto Rico if you had time to spend walking round. Puerto de Mogan was very nice too and seemed lively in a pleasant way. We also headed for Cruz de Tejeda in the mountains one day in our hire car. Spectacular views but be warned: the high cliff-edge roads are not for those scared of heights. They are relentless and just keep climbing higher and higher. I had to close my eyes on the narrow and sharp bends and almost fainted with terror whenever we met another car coming towards us when there wasn't much room to pass - don't worry, I wasn't driving! At an average of 15 mph on those scary roads, it's a long day out and pretty exhausting for the poor driver if they have a nervous passenger constantly telling them to slow down and keep away from the sides! We made it back safe and sound though and it was worth the trip to the tops to see such amazing views and get a photo taken with a poor old donkey for a euro. The other residents at Mogan Princess ranged from young families and couples in their 30s (like us) to older holiday makers from the UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia. We enjoyed hearing all the different languages and trying their strange foods in the buffet. The entertainment was pretty good (luckily, as there is nothing else to do in the resort in the evenings) with different cabaret acts on every night. Got a bit sick of hearing the 'Music Man' down at the kids' disco every night and the same CD used for the pool aerobics every day, but was entertained by the other stuff - The Driffters (NB. double F), circus-type acts, snake and parrot shows, African dancers etc. The entertainment down the road at the Cala something hotel seemed very tacky in comparison - same dodgy singer/guitarist every night with karaoke and bingo. You could hear it all very clearly (and even join in if so desired) from our balconies. It all finished at 11pm so wasn't a major problem. All in all, we were very pleased with the Mogan Princess and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting a relaxing, stress-free holiday in the sun. There's no footy hooligans, lager louts or hawkers hassling you to buy their lighters or fake designer watches nor is it all indoor bowls and bridge!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 7th April 2008
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  • by hatty

    "amazing and i reccomend this hotel !"

  • by Rosemissmoss

    "Puerto mogan...prettiest in Gran Canaria"

  • by holidaylover

    "Beware of flights of stairs between lifts."

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