Mogan Princess & Beach Club

C/ Albaicin, 17, 35138 Taurito, Gran Canaria Spain

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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 4 food

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Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"My wife and I have just returned from a 7 night half board holiday at the Mogan Princess. As ours was an allocation on arrival obviously we did not know what to expect. As this hotel is being sold as a 4 * it has to be judged as such.
The Location could be heaven for some (its quite near) or a challenge for others (being polite). The location gives lovely views over Puerto Mogan however, and at night you feel you can almost touch the stars! They do have events on throughout the day, the one we liked best was seeing how many different ways we could find back to our room without using the same lift twice! I think we could have won that one but some guests cheated and used maps.

If you want to just chill out this may be the place for you.

For a good review "Nothing Special" hits the mark."

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of September 2006

Really lovely place

Reviewed Sun 16th of December 2012

"Just back from the Mogan Princess. Excellent 4 star hotel. It has everything you need. It's not situated in the best place but if you are looking for a place to completely de-stress and unwind at the pool(the one upstairs!) then this is the place for you. Rooms really spacious and clean(got cleaned everyday). We thought the food was really excellent, always a great variety, really fresh. I was glad for the stairs to the room-burnt calories! But I can imagine many who would hate the walk! The hotel is really quiet so you get a good nights sleep. You get a free bus to some places from the hotel and the reception staff get you a taxi in minutes. We paid £715 for the week half board through Thomas cook but many waited until a few days before and got two people for around £500 which is a real bargain."

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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of September 2006

Nothing Special

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"We've just returned from a last-minute holiday to The Mogan Princess. I'm a travel agent with over 26 years experience and have sold this hotel on many occassions without problems so when a good deal came up, I decided to take my family, and thought it was a pretty safe bet. Maybe I'm too fussy, but my review is honest and only my personal opinion based on our own experience.

Firstly, despite advising the hotel that we would be arriving very late, (in fact early am after a night flight) we arrived with our two children to be told they had given our room to someone else! It seems that despite paying for our room from the day before arrival and advising them that we were on a night flight, the hotel simply assumed we were not coming-and there were no other rooms ready! We ended up not getting into our room until 23 1/2 hours after we'd paid for it- Not a good start. They did of course still expect us to check out on time- cheeky!
Now, if youre on a night flight, your room is booked and paid from mid-day the day you check in at your UK airport. This means that you may not arrive till the early hours the next day but at least you get straight into your room and you do not have to wait till mid-day. This is why you have to check out at noon on the day of departure even if you don't actually fly till very late that same day-
The hotel gave away our room to someone else and were in the wrong- no appologies though and no refund offered either!

There were quite a lot of people asking to keep their rooms on and no one was able to that I knew of, this made a lot of people very unhappy- so be warned, if you're on a night flight, you will probably have to check out as normal at noon.

For those who don't know the area, The Mogan Princess is in Playa Taurito- some 45 minutes from LPA airport, approx 9km from Puerto Rico and 4km to Puerto Mogan. In Taurito itself, theres nothing much doing, but we like it quiet and always have a hire car to get around so we were ok with this.
Its high up, so if you've any walking or breathing difficulties be prepared or go elsewhere. I couldn't believe the amount of guests who had no idea that the hotel was basically up a mountain! So many people were dissapointed that they couldn't get around easily.
To get to the hotel, you have to go up a very steep road full of potholes, it's at the very top of the road & cars, buses and vans go up and down all day so hold on to little ones tightly.
Car parking is very difficult especially at weekends when the hotel seems to offer cheap packages to the locals and it's absolutley packed!
We felt we needed our hire car with the children, if you don't have a car, it's not terribly easy getting around unless you're pretty hardy and can face the trek in the heat, most relied on the courtesy buses which seemed to be packed when we were there- or you can always go in a taxi. As most tour operators charge around £20pp for transfers (even if they don't tell you the charge is there unless you pay full brochure price) we opted out of the tour ops transfers saving us £80 and the car was only £110 for the week- a bargain and so much more convenient to go when and where we wanted to go.

After eventually being given our room, we settled in.
Luckily for us we were in block 1 which is poolside, otherwise be prepared to negotiate a series of lifts and stairs to get to your room. If you have a child in a buggy try to request block 1 otherwise it might not be easy getting around the complex. It's pretty huge and a lot of people were complaining that were so far away from the pools/restuarants etc and felt it was a major expedition getting around.

Our "suite" (no 1406) was basically an apartment- it was adequate enough, but nothing particularly special compared to other 4* hotels we've been in elsewhere. We had 2 bathrooms which were very useful and the apartment was clean enough, although for some reason the maid didn't bother to clean the room one day, dunno what that was all about.

The children slept on sofa beds in the lounge area and the fridge was very handy. However, the air conditioning was very poor and when it's 36 degrees outside, I think it's pretty essential to requirements- after all it's a 4 star hotel and a fairly new one at that. We repeatedly asked for the air con to be fixed and the maintenance man did come to our room on a number of occassions but after a visit to the manager who admittedly did her best, it was never adequate and the room was far too hot.
BTW the twin beds are very very hard! Not very comfortable unless you like sleeping on a board! Between the hard beds and the roasting hot room, the nights were long and uncomfortable!
It improved slightly the last day or two but only because it was cooler outside.
The public areas, especially reception were also uncomfortably warm- as the reception area is almost all glass, it was like being in a greenhouse- not my idea of a 4 star hotel and we were not the only people who had problems with insufficient air con.
The hotel really needs to see to this as it really was quite uncomfortable and it would have made all the difference.

As you would expect in 4 star hotels, pool towels are provided in your room for the correct number of guests in the room on arrival, however, if you want them changed, you have to pay 1 euro each time you change them which means that a family of 4 staying for 2 weeks with clean pool towels each day will need to shell out another £56.

The hotel operates a card system for drinks etc, they supply you with a card which has to be shown each time you charge something to your room. Mistakes do happen and be warned that if you sign for anything you have to pay for it when you check out.
Some people were caught out when they signed their bills but paid for them as they went along, they had to pay again at checkout- I heard one woman get really upset at being charged a fortune for items she'd paid for previously again. The receptionist insisted she had to pay even although the guest was adamant she'd paid for everything as she went along.
This did not happen to us, but please be careful only sign if you want to charge items to your room- don't pay twice.

The lifts were quick- they had to be because they were also stifingly hot being glass fronted and south facing- some times being in there was unbearable- again they need to look at this.

The pool area was ok, although the poolside tiles were very slippery and we saw a few falls- one lady really hurt herself and she was being careful!
There are 2 pools- one above block 1 for adults only and the main pool, which was nice enough, not too cold or too deep but definatley would be a problem in high season as it's far too small for the size of the hotel.
The pool bar was popular, but only sold drinks and ice-cream, no snacks were available which meant that you either had to eat in the restaurant (14 euros pp) for a buffet lunch or "a-la carte" which was upstairs above the pool block- This is inconvenient. Not everyone wants a sit-down lunch and it would have been better if you could even order food at the pool bar to be served at the covered tables around the pool. I'm sure they would have found this popular with guests and more people would stay in the hotel for lunch.

All inclusive was available at 25 euros pppday. Not sure what they charged for kids though. But the all inclusive system was being abused by some. We witnessed one family of 6 adults where 3 of them paid to upgrade and simply supplied the other 3 who were on HB with free drinks all day and night! No one seemed to care-shocking!

We didn't bother with the evening entertainment as we tended to go out in the evening except for one night when the Calypso band was on, it was entertaining and it seemed the hotel had made an effort with their evening entertainment.
From what I heard from others guests it was pretty good in the evening overall. There was also an animation programme during the day.

The food was typical of a spanish buffet- chicken, pork, salads. Some people were impressed by the food, and it's true to say it was varied with plenty of choice. However, vegetarians will definatley struggle. My vege hubby found it was difficult. There seemed to be fish or meat with everything- even in the salads. We ended up trying the buffet first then eating out. After a week of pasta and chips, it gets pretty boring. We asked if there was any way we could have vegetarian food for my husband and were told there was plenty on offer. This was not the case, and on a few ocassions there were really only potatoes, chips and lettuce which had no meat or fish added. If you're not vegetarian then I'm sure you'll be fine, but there was NO childrens food at all, which these days is very dissapointing- Does the hotel think that perhaps children just don't eat?
We paid full adult price for each of our kids, and although my 12 year old daughter was mostly ok, our 7 year old son was not catered for at all. Surely a small buffet table with chicken nuggets/burgers/pizza even would be appreciated by the kids and the parents!
Also be warned that at weekends, hoardes of locals arrive and the dining room is jam packed with queues everywhere.

All in all, we had a good holiday, at the end of the day, a holiday is what you make it yourself but I wouldn't go back to The Mogan Princess. In my opinion, there are other hotels far superior and better located. However, if you get a good deal, and you don't mind it being so quiet, high up and youre not fussed about having a cool room with a comfy bed to sleep in at night, then give it a go, just don't pay over the odds you will be dissapointed, especially if you're used to 4 and 5 star accomodation.
The Mogan Princess is a good 3 star but poor 4 star accomodation, but forwarned is forearmed. Its not that it was bad, it just wasn't all that special. Everyone has their own tastes and expectations. Princess hotels are generally of a high standard so I expected this to be better than it was.
The Taurito Princess and The Suite Princess are also in Taurito and are in a different class. Theres also a lovely 5 star in Puerto Mogan- The Mogan Cordial Playa or try The Gran Costa Meloneras in Maspalomas.

The positives were that the rooms were clean, the staff did their best, the food (as long as you're not a child or a vegetarian) was ok and the views were nice, other than that, it was ok, but nothing special."

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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of September 2006

Very Disappointing

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"The hotel has many plus points - vey clean, helpful reception staff, good food. There is some serious negative points however, the queues for drinks in the only bar opened in the evening. One night we counted over forty people stood waiting. There was a max. of five staff working, mostly there was only two. If you took the issue up with either the bar manager or the rep you were meet only with indifference. The hotel is situated at the top of a dimmly lit road so an evening walk to playa taurito is out - try getting a taxi !!. Where our room's were situated it took three lifts, two flights of stairs, and one long ramp to get from the restaurant - well one way to work off your dinner.

There is very little in taurito so try the beautiful fishing village next door in Playa Mogan of nice bars, nice shops and lovely views. Book a hotel near there but not the Mogan Princess."

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  • Travel date: Mon 28th of August 2006

Fantastic Hotel!! Fantastic Food!! Wish we were still there!!

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Me and my girlfriend stayed at the Mogan Princess for the last two weeks in June. We had a brilliant time and would both recommend this hotel for everyone. We felt June was the best time to come as it was not too busy and we were never left having to wait for a table at meal times or having to reserve a sun bed with our towels as there were hundreds. The hotel is very big and it can take a while to get to your room but once there it is worth the treck. Ours was spotlessly clean with a nice balcony, fridge, hair dryer and they are all air conditioned. You can pay a bit extra to hire a safe which is always a good option.

The reviews we read were all very true and helpful. I can see why someone would’ve rather stayed somewhere else if they were looking for a party holiday as this is a very quiet resort. Also, those who have trouble walking will struggle with the steep hill to get up to the hotel (although the hotel does run the odd free bus to various places that will be pick you up directly outside the hotel). The positive reviews state that the rooms are very nice and clean, the staff are helpful, the food is nice with a good choice and that the resort is a good place to go to for relaxing. This is exactly how we found the Mogan Princess to be and it even surpassed our expectations. I read a lot of bad reviews about the entertainment at the hotel so we went away not expecting much in the form of activity and amusement. Again our expectations were proved wrong as we both felt that the entertainment was good, definitely not as bad as a lot of reviews had claimed (perhaps the Princess Hotels bosses read the reviews?). There was always two entertainment staff on during the day running activities such as pistol/rifle shooting, archery, shuffle board and water polo/aerobics for everyone to get involved in and those that came 1st, 2nd or 3rd would get a certificate on stage in the evening. All the activities were announced over the public address system as well as being listed in the lobby of the hotel.

Every night there was different entertainment on in the bar starting at around 10pm, these would be acts such as tribute bands (Abba and the Bee Gee’s) or circus/juggling acts. I thought they were all pretty good and they all tried their best considering there was never a massive audience.

The food at the Mogan Princess was very good. Neither of us had staed all inclusive before and didn’t know what to expect. They had allsorts to offer to cater for everyone, even very picky people (such as me!). Breakfast was from 8-10.30 which offered toast, croissants, bacon, sausage etc, as well as fruits and even vegetables! Dinner time was from 1-3 (if half board this was not included – although for 20 Euros a day you can upgrade) and was in the outside buffet restaurant. They had a big table full of salad with a chef next to this offering up a choice of meats. They’d usually always have some type of fish, with pork and chicken also being a popular choice for the chef. Most days I would get one of each then go back for whatever I liked best if I was still hungry. They always had plenty of chips too! Drinks were served by the waiters, if you were half board you would sign for them. Tea was served in the same restaurant as Breakfast, between 7.00 and 9.30. Here they would offer more meats and pasta with signs on each one in Dutch, Spanish and English. Again the waiters would give you whatever you wanted to drink and you could go back for more whenever, it was great!

There are two pools in the hotel. One is downstairs and has a bar there for drinks and snacks during the day and one was upstairs for adults only. We went to both as the main pool was never full of children anyway, and it was near the bar! The views from the adult pool were amazing and looked onto Mogan, very nice!!

The resort is called Taurito and is a 5 minute bus ride from Mogan or 10 minutes away from Puerto rico (bus number 1!). Here there are about 5 hotels and a beach offering jet skiing, we both really enjoyed jet skiing and I wanted to do it again, but keep an eye on the time because they will drag you off early if they can (and they did!). The island is very easy to get around on busses or taxes which are average price. We recommend a trip to the sand dunes in Maspalomas, the Amadores Beach which is man made with white sand, Puerto Rico for souveneir shopping (during the day!!!), Mogan (on Friday, market day), Aqua Land in Maspalomas (so much fun!!) and the surf and turf trip excursion (with Thomas Cook) to see dolphins and have a jeep ride into the heart of Gran Canaria.

To sum up we both loved Gran Canaria and the Mogan Princesss, we would defiantly go back although we would think about staying in a different Princess Hotel to see another area."

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of July 2006

Had a great holiday at the Mogan Princess

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"We found the positive reviews about this hotel true and had a great time at the Mogan Princess. We were delighted with the room with seaview - the suite is NOT what we were expecting having booked last minute. Rooms were well equipped and spacious and immaculately clean - the cleaner was cleaning our room from top to bottom just 4 hours after we arrived. Food varied although I agree with reviews that suggest idea of having local traditional dishes. However there was always lots on offer. Rum and raisin ice cream is ceratinly alcoholic.
Upgraded to all inclusive for 20 euros per person per day - worthwhile although only runs up until 11p.m. and only 3 cocktails included on the all-inclusive drinks list - but not a problem at all!!
Staff are friendly. Entertainment team work tirelessly - the aqua aerobics really works those legs and arms!! Varous other activities run everyday (archery, pistol shooting, water polo/volleyball etc) and prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in daily competitions awarded at the evening entertainment made it all good fun.
Taurito is very quiet which is exactly what we wanted for a relaxing week - not ideal if you like lots of shopping and clubbing.
Puerto Mogan "Little Venice" as it's affectionately known is worth a visit. Pretty little houses and harbour and several restaurants and bars.
Overall had a great time, met some great people at the Mogan Princess and had some good laughs. Mogan Princess is ideal for a week of chillin and catching some guaranteed sunshine."

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  • Travel date: Wed 5th of July 2006

Fantastic hotel - excellent views

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"We were very impressed with this hotel - definitely worth it's 4 stars (we have stayed at 4 star hotels all over europe and this was very good).

This is not the hotel for you if you like to be out and about every evening browsing shops/drinking etc (there is absolutely nothing in Taurito)- we would usually but as we were only here for 1 week in Nov this did not bother us at all - just get some drinks in and enjoy the views from your balcony. The rooms are beautiful, like apartments really, with fridge etc. Mogan is lovely too and the views from the room are amazing. Overall fab hol - public transport readily avaiable to explore the island - you just have to make the effort to walk down the hill - it only takes 5 mins!!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of April 2006

On the whole, good

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Just returned from a week at The Mogan Princess. On the whole it is a good hotel, although realistically more a 3 star than a 4 as advertised, as all the facilities, except swimming pools and a small shop are down the hill at their sister hotel, Taurito Princess.

The staff were pleasant and helpful and everything was clean. I was a little disappointed to find that we only had a room, not an apartment, but it was a good size and had a full bathroom (bath and shower cubicle). Because the hotel is set into the cliff all the rooms have a wonderful sea view. The sun does not reach it until midday but that was actually an advantage because all balconies were in sunshine from then until the evening and had a fantastic view
of the sunset. We were on the third floor, which meant taking three lifts to get to our room. You soon get used to this though and the higher floors have the advantage of complete privacy on their balconies. The lower floors, although easier to reach, are overlooked by the restaurant and some have walkways directly in front of them.

The food was quite good if rather bland. I would have liked to have seen some local dishes served rather than the everlasting chips and frozen vegetables with either fish or veal every evening. Oddly enough, the fresh vegetables appeared at breakfast time! carrots, courgettes and cauliflower with your cornflakes!! The cold buffet, however, was excellent. Everthing was fresh and there was lots of choice.

Entertainment was a bit low key, but then it was low season, perhaps it improves in the summer.

We loved Gran Canaria (first visit) a great place to spend the winter and the Port of Mogan is lovely but if we went again we would probably stay somewhere else."

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  • Travel date: Sun 19th of February 2006


Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"My husband and I stayed at this hotel for one week from 12th November this year, based on previous good reviews, but must admit we found it disappointing. Firstly, the hotel proved rather difficult to find. We collected our hire car from the airport, eventually arriving in Taurito in the dark. The Mogan Princess has no name which is visible from the road below and there are no direction signs to it and it's located at the top of a cliff via a road which at the bottom is currently under construction.
The hotel itself is built in blocks into the cliffs so most rooms have to be accessed from outside and with the use of lifts (we were in block 4 level 4) so to go to the restaurant (or reception) in the event of rain you need to pack an umbrella. The rooms themselves are comfortable with adequate facilities.
The staff were friendly but the organisation in the dining room leaves a lot to be desired. We found most mornings and certainly evenings we had to queue, even though there were vacant tables, but obviously not enough staff to clear them. Also they just kept running out of things. For example at breakfast there were very rarely saucers, glasses ran out, fruit juice ran out, bread ran out, food ran out. Often you would have half a breakfast on your plate and then have to stand around waiting for things such as tomatoes. There was no fresh pot of coffee or tea, just a machine. We noticed one of the previous reviews said the food was excellent and chips were conspicuous by their absence. Well chips were on the menu every night (and even at breakfast sometimes). If you are a vegetable lover then again you will be disappointed. The choice was very limited and obviously frozen, not fresh. One night the only vegetable on offer was sauerkraut. What amused us though was that for breakfast there was broccoli, peas and one morning brussel sprouts!!
The building work referred to earlier was not really intrusive, but the cliffs opposite are being excavated and at least 3 new hotels are in the process of being built. This includes the road below. So when sitting by the pool there was always the noise of either a JCB or lorries, but not that close to be a problem.
The 2 swimming pools were very nice, but due to the time of year and the fact that this hotel is built into a cliff with its back to the sun then both pools were completely in shade until just before midday, but looking across the bay at the Taurito Princess this was in full sun from early morning and also next to the small beach and a promenade, so somewhere to walk in the evening. We wished we had stayed there.
Oh yes just another point. If you don't like rodents then perhaps you had better give this hotel a miss. On opening the wardrobe one morning a mouse darted out and proceeded to skid around the stone floor and then disappeared. We moved every item of furniture but no, gone. We reported it to reception and they said they would see what they could do. That evening on returning to the room about 11pm yes there it was running around the room. There was no way I could have slept there that night so we made the trip via stairs and lifts back down to reception. They said they were full but then agreed to move us to the floor above. One of the ladies on reception did say however that she was not surprised, because of the location of the hotel there would always be such creatures! We were due to return home the following day, but I do wonder if the next occupants of that room were pleased with their extra guest!
We loved Gran Canaria and it was definitely worth hiring a car to get around; and would definitely return, but NOT to the Mogan Princess.
Yes the view across the bay to the little port of Mogan is lovely (if you avert your eyes from the building work). There are no extra facilities, i.e. hairdresser, shops, gym etc. There was nightly entertainment, which we felt was okay.
This hotel would be more appropriately classed as a 3 star, certainly not 4."

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  • Travel date: Sat 17th of December 2005

Advantages and disadvantages

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"We had very mixed feelings about this place. Because of its position climbing up the cliff, you seem to spend a lot of time walking up and down stairs or waiting for lifts (although there are many lifts in the hotel there is no duplication on any given route) To get from our room to the dining room required three different lifts. The rooms themselves were reasonable enough though the soundproofing between rooms could have been better. The position is such that you really need a car to get anywhere,but the catch is that the carpark is not really big enough so getting parked at night could be a little bit of a problem. The breakfast and dinner buffets both offered decent food but the dining room was so busy that it was like a bullfight and not a pleasnt place to eat. Although the hotel is wheelchair accessible (make sure you tell them in advance since not all the rooms are accessible without the use of stairs) the constant need to use lifts to get around becomes tiresome. All in all it was a reasonable enough hotel but doubt if we would go back."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of December 2005

Would not return for another hol if paid!!!!

Reviewed Tue 19th of April 2011

"I have never been to such an awful hotel, if you are an all inclusive guest, you are not entitled to the same standards as a paying guest. If you are a paying guest you are entitled to snacks round the pool anytime of the day, if your are all inclusive you cannot have snacks from the poolside bar until 3pm, you can use the restaurant, but lets face it who wants to go to the restaurant in a wet swimsuit. All inclusive guests are not allowed peanuts from the pool bar, you are only allowed three cocktails as all inclusive and you are not given any fancy umbrellas or anything like that on your cocktails unless you are paying guest.

This hotel is supposed to be a four star hotel. I honestly don't know where this rating came from, it bearly makes a 3 star.

The bedrooms are ok, clean. Beds are rock hard, only one pillow. You are allowed only one towell for the pool for the week, unless you want to change it and pay for it. Toilet rolls are provided once you have run out completely. What can I say about the overall appearance of the rooms and hotel, tired and needs updating.

Food is not really that good, the only soup on offer all week was vegetable and eastern soup!! Twice I had chicken and pork, which was undercooked. Not much choice, food is very bland and boring.

Finally entertainment, mini disco that played the same songs every night and then the entertainment for adults was not very good either. Show over by 10.30, nothing to do after that, no atmosphere at all.

Overall this hotel was a complete let down. On the upside the surrounding area was beautiful. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of April 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 2 Food

One of the Best holidays of my Life

Reviewed Fri 4th of March 2011

i visited this hotel in 2009. this was one of the best holidays of my life. there was never a dull moment around the main pool. but if you profer to relax there is another pool if you go upstairs. snack bar was very nice, not too busy. there was 3 selections of icecream but you could only eat it if you where on all inclusive! but we made some good friends and they where on all inclusive and got us ice cream! food was beautiful, a huge amount and loads of different types. there was food to suit your every need !
staff where lovely but where always pushin the kids to play the games, but this wasnt a bad thing as the games where fun. there was a games time table at reseption which was handy!!!

the only bad thing was the walk down to the beach! if you are staying with small children i reccomend to get a taxi from the hotel to the beach as the walk is basically down a moutain. but the beach was worth it, with many shops on the way well priced! aslo there was a small water park before the beach worth goin there for a couple of days as there are loads of loungers and a lazy lake and much more!

i reccomend this hotel and was a great holidy !!! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 27th of February 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 5 Food

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    "Beware of flights of stairs between lifts. "

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    "Puerto mogan...prettiest in Gran Canaria "

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    "amazing and i reccomend this hotel ! "

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