Cordial Mogan Playa

Avda De Los Marrero 2 Playa de Mogan, 35138 Puerto de Mogan, Mogan, Gran Canaria Spain
4 star hotel

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  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 food

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Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"We have recently returned from a restfull week at the Cordial Mogan Playa. The weather was wonderful, the hotel stunning. The only disappointment was that there is alot of new build going on very close to the resort. Every now and again the peace was shattered by drilling and banging. We stayed in a junior suite which was lovely, set in their own private courtyards. This hotel is close to the local harbour and small beach. The main small shopping centre is only a stroll away. On friday it became very busy with coachloads of tourists shipped in for the local market. At night the hotel entertainment was poor and we ventured into the harbour which was holding a "Jazz festival" in the square, which seemed to draw out all the over 70`s that are staying there over winter. The hotel is very clean and the rooms serviced to a high standard daily. The "Half-board" option included a lovely buffet breakfast in the "tamorona rest". The evening buffet was in the main restaurant; this is where you need to be canny. If you get there after 8.30pm, your choices are limited and getting a table set up for evening was scarce..My only complaint with this set up is that from 8.30pm they were setting the tables for breakfast which I found irrititating; when we had not even had our evening meal yet. The choices of meals was varied but sometimes getting a drink order taken was sporadic. The restaurant service I found was the only downside to the hotel that set it apart from its 5 star equivalents.Tip for new male visitors; you can wear jeans in the restaurant in the evenings, just not shorts...
I would return to this hotel, but I fear that in 2 years time the resort will grow to become just another commercialised centre, judging by all the new buildings that are shooting up all over."

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  • Travel date: Tue 17th of October 2006

Beautiful Hotel, would recommend

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"Beautiful Hotel. There's not a lot I disagree with from any of the previous reviews- I guess it all depends on what you're looking for.

The rooms are beautiful- very roomy, well appointed and with a decent sized balcony- yes, the lights on the balcony do go out at 11pm- not really sure why!

Both pool areas lovely. No problems at all with getting sunbeds during the week- we were generally only down at the pool between 10.30 and 11 and weekdays, we always got a good choice of sunbed. At the weekend, the place is swarming with Spanish and people from other Canary Islands, so it's a lot busier- it's a shock after the quiet week!

The service in the restaurant does let this 4 star hotel down. As you can pay with your keycard for drinks at mealtimes, the waiters know straight away whether they can expect a tip at the end, so the service does often reflect that. NB- one of the other reviews mentioned free drinks at mealtimes, which other than at breakfast, isn't accurate- all drinks, hot and cold had to be purchased. Waiters getting tables ready for breakfast is pretty irritating, especially when lots of people are still coming down for their evening meals.

There are DVD players in all rooms, so I strongly recommend taking some with you if you have them. There is a machine to hire DVD's for 24 hours, at a very reasonable price, but the couple of times we tried to use it, it was either broken or the film we fancied watching was already hired out. We thought the DVD players were only in the suites, so hadn't bothered to take any.

We've been stung a couple of times with hotels that wouldn't allow my husband to wear cropped pants for evening meals, but this hotel is a bit more relaxed in that respect- shorts aren't allowed and they do expect you to be reasonably dressed, but we didn't have any problems here.

The evening bar and entertainment area is lovely to look at- it looks as though the bar belongs in a fairly upmarket, funky place. The entertainment lets it down. The external acts are worth seeing but the nights when the activities teams provided the entertainment were pretty poor. On these nights, it's worth trading your evening meal in for lunch and heading down to the marina instead. We had some kind of German slapstick comedy which we just couldn't get our heads around and a mime-along Grease night, the words of which the team obviously didn't know, with a few random German songs thrown in every here and there!

All in all, if you're looking for lovely surroundings and a nice relaxing team, this hotel is a good bet. It's not in a very commercial area, so if you want clubs and lots of night time activity, head for Puerto Rico or Playa del Ingles. We really enjoyed our time here and the negative comments above didn't overshadow a lovely holiday."

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  • Travel date: Tue 12th of September 2006

Great hotel

Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"We have just returned from two great weeks at this hotel. I agree with some of the reviews on the site regarding the luke warm food. This is a very easy problem for the hotel to fix and shouldnt really spoil your enjoyment.

The hotel is beautiful with lots of water everywhere. Reception is quite impressive, relaxing and unique. The hotel grounds are some of the best I have seen and the whole place is kept very clean and tidy. They even wash the public walkways every day!!

The pools are also lovely with plenty of room. The hotel has a policy of no reserving of sunbeds but of course people do still do this. One of my pet hates when going on holiday is playing the little game of getting up early to reserve - it really spoils the holiday. If you do find that you cant get a bed you only need to mention it to the pool supervisor and they will get you more beds/parasols so its not a big issue.

Puerto Mogan itself is really pretty - not at all what I expected. Its not over commercialised (yet) but there is a bit of building going on so give it a few more years... It is really peaceful and the harbours are lovely. The beach is also quite good if small. Very clean though.

All in all I would definitely recommend the hotel and resort if you want peace and quiet and the chance to relax and unwind. Dont go here if you want late nights, loud music, bars and shops!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 31st of August 2006


Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"First of all let me say that this Hotel is Magnificent .

The grounds are Wonderfull .Banana trees ,Pineapples trees ! Its kept spotlessly clean. The rooms are fairly spacious and kitted out to a very high standard , they are also kept spotlessly clean.
The reception was wonderful with indoor waterfalls bridges etc. Welcomed on arival with a glass of Cava (nice touch) Spa area one to try its free and has a lovely patio area for you to sun bath. Now the downsides.

You have to pay for the fridge in your room 1e per night (bit tight that for a four star plus )

Pools close at 19.00hrs every night why?? Staff start collect the lovely cushions in starting at 17-45 which gives you the impression that they want you to move.

Food I agree with other reviews regarding the choice and Cava for Breakfast and Lumpfish row (not caviar). There was nothing you couldn't get for breakfast . However most of it was served tepid or cold Bacon cold , Sausages from the "Hot "counter luke warm. In fact the food on the Hot counter opposite the gridle was always luke warm at best . So although you had a great deal of choice it was ok if you like cold food. Now I hear you thinking that this is a Full english breakfast chap and there must of been something that you could eat . Well i consider myself to have very catholic tastes and i am prepared to try anything . I am a trained chef and was dissapointed at the temperature of the food. We stayed Half board so we were sort of tied to the restaurant on site .
Evening Meals were the same . If you were a Meat and two veg sort of person, some days i would think you would struggle. Meals were in two sittings (how weird is that in a four star plus hotel?) My wife and I choose the second sitting 20.30 -22-00hrs . It just seemed to be a rush ,waiters started to lay up for breakfast at 20.45 which again gave the impression that they didn't want you in there. e. Oh I forgot to add Balcony lights went off at 23-00??All in all to sum up . A very very nice hotel badly let down by the Food and food service. I wouldn't go again"

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  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of August 2006

Ok nut don't think I'll be back

Reviewed Tue 18th of December 2012

"We have just returned from a 2 week stay at Cordial Mogan, booked with First Choice through a travel agent about 2 months before we travelled.
Flights: flew with Thomas Cook from Newcastle, no delays on either leg of the journey, but planes were very small with very little leg room. Transfers were ok but rep didn't come all the way to our hotel she got off in Puerto Rico, as she did with other flights apparently, which i thought was a bit off.
Room: check in was smooth and efficient, paid for safe and fridge, fridge 1 euro a night, but if we purchased 6 bottles water for 9 euro it was free. We stayed in a junior suite which not massive was adequate, sofa bed for our son in living room was put up each night and then put away by in morning by maid. Plenty of towels which were changed frequently.
Dining: breakfast was good, we were able to eat in Blue building which wasn't as busy as main dining room, all the usual breakfast items on offer. Dinner was ok, buffet did get a bit boring, but we ate out down in the harbour some nights exchanging our dinner for lunch at the hotel, during our stay this was altered and instead of eating in upper pool bar, lunch was served in blue building again a buffet. My main complaint with the dining arrangement was getting a table, we chose the 8-9.30 sitting and it could be quite busy especially on a weekend (a lot of spanish guests). As you have to find your own table some evenings we wandered around for some time, also there was 3 of us, and all tables were set for 2, 4 or 6, if we sat at a 4 table the waiters made it obvious we shouldn't have so some evenings we sat at a 2, but then had to wait some time for an extra place to set, most evenings we also had to wait a while to order drinks to have with our meal, whereas the spanish guests were attended to much more quickly, something that was noted by quite a few people. We found the female staff to be more helpful than the male.
Pool areas: both pools were kept immaculately clean, there were plenty of sunbeds with nice thick cushions on them, at the lower pool people did reserve beds in the best spots, but other than this no complaints. One small thing is the 'sand' surrounding the pool does hurt to walk on in bare feet!
The gardens around the hotel are lovely, as was the garden that came with our suite, with 2 sunbeds as well as table and chairs.
We went on 2 organised excursions booked with our rep, jeep safari, which was great, a full day out, and edible lunch included. The second was Sioux City, we felt this was very poor, we were herded from coach through the gates, first thing you see is a gift shop selling 'cowboy hats' at 10 euro each, a bbq is included with this trip, small jacket potato, bright red sausage, leather like chop, chicken leg, and big bins of tomato and cucumber, when you have got this you are then told were to sit, big trestle tables on which there were a couple bottles of wine and fizzy orange. We felt very much like this was a packe em in give some sort of refreshment then move em on. A free bar is promised, ok if you only want beer as this is lined up on table, but queues of more than 10 mins all evening for water soft drinks and shots. The show was extremely poor 50 mins long at most, relied heavily on 'dancing girls' and a bloke who did rope show then knife show, dancing was poor, my 12 year son commented that one girl in particular moved in a similar way to Peter Crouch, the horses were lovely but basically they were ridden into show arena than back out again. We've seen the disney cowboy show, which was a similar price but was far superior, so I would say don't waste your money on it. We hired a car for a few days, which I would recommend, the drive over the top of mountains is great. Palmitos Park was also a good day out.
Wildlife: not much expect for the cockroaches, if you go into the harbour be prepared for them on walk back to hotel, both the back way and also walking round to front, some were quite big. Can just about cope with them outside of hotel grounds, but there were a couple of spots in grounds were there were always some on a night, the later we returned to room the more we saw. We did see a couple in the hotel, 1 when our son was having his picture drawn near the dining room and 1 ran in front of us, 1 in the downstairs bar, some people we met also had two in their suite on seperate occassions 1 in bathroom and 1 under curtains. While i appreciate roaches are inevitable in warm countries i was slightly perturbed to see them so close to eating and drinking areas.
To sum up (finally!) generally we had a good holiday, Puerto Mogan is a beautiful village, no noise no people trying to sell things to you, but felt some areas of hotel could do with a little improvement."

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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of July 2006


Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"My girlfriend and I are a bit confused which hotel a few people were visiting. The Hotel Mogan De Playa is fantastic hotel and well worth a visit. We both had a wonderful time and would certainly go back.

The first thing to greet you is a very-nice-indeed thank-you-very-much hotel reception. We arrived at 2am but the staff were courteous and helpful; even enquiring whether we'd require dinner! We were whisked through the extensive hotel grounds (might be easy to get lost in on your first few days!) to our room.

The room we stayed in was a completely normal room (to the best of our knowledge), and of a very high standard. There was a sizeable cupboard and loads of drawer-space if you dislike living out of a suitcase. The bathroom was large and airy, with a lovely shower and huge mirror for preening in! The living area was similarly large and came complete with a TV with DVD player (a nice touch). We had three minor gripes with the bedroom:

1) The TV had no BBC 1 (despite what it said on the helpful sheet on the dresser saying which channel it was on). This wouldn't be a problem, but it was World Cup time! ;-)
2) The bed was two singles pushed together, and they didn't stay together terribly well. The singles were fairly large, so it wasn't a problem to squeeze up a little, but it was a tiny bit disappointing all the same.
3) The air-con was ocassionally noisy (not very often, it's fair to say).

The room came complete with a small, but pleasant balcony, and my girlfriend and I spent most of our evenings relaxing on the balcony with a drink and waiting for the sun to dip behind the valley walls. It's worth noting at this point, that if you've got the balcony door open, the air-con switches itself off. We spent a fairly warm night wondering what was wrong with the air-con and planning to go and have a grumble in the morning, only to find that we hadn't shut the door properly!

Meal times take place in a large, and rather warm, dining area. There are spaces outside in an open-air gazebo and if you can bear to shuttle your food back and forth through the only entrance/exit to that area, I'd recommend it. The food itself was varied and of an excellent standard. The freshly cooked meat changed daily, and the fish griddle (it's tucked away towards the back) is well worth checking out. Even my girlfriend, a self-confessed fussy eater, found food to her liking daily. There is a general dress code, with breakfast is a little more informal than dinner, but it's still expected that you dress reasonably well. The staff don't seem too fussed about enforcing the dress code, but we didn't test that theory as it's nice to have dinner/breakfast in something a bit more civilised than a string vest! ;-) So worth noting that a couple of light shirts and some cool trousers are worth packing.

One small gripe about the eating arrangements: not being massive alcohol drinkers, my girlfriend and I opted for Pepsi at meal times, and the Pepsi isn't free. There seemed to be free champagne/sparkling wine for those that wanted it, but for a family oriented hotel, it seemed odd that there were no soft-drinks provided at mealtimes. There *is* free juice and tea/coffee at breakfast times though!

There's a very pleasant bar on the same level as the eating area, with an entertainment area/stage and some very relaxing lighting. We didn't spend much time in either area, but what time we did spend there was very pleasant.

The hotel itself is situated on one side of the valley, just on the edge of the tiny town (not more than a village by British standards) of Mogan. It's a self-contained complex of buildings with the eating area, pool and other activities all behind the security of the hotel walls. When you venture outside, you'll find that your keycard unlocks the back door (if you can find it!) to save you trudging all the way round the building in the days heat. The backdoor is a little tucked away down a winding set of pathways and if you're close to the main reception building as we are, you might take a few false turns before you find the thing, but it's easy enough once you know the way!

The town of Mogan is fairly small, but the harbour area is very nice to walk around and hosts a number of very nice little shops stuffed full of locally crafted merchandise. There's a few tacky gift shops too, but the shopping's pleasant and unrushed. There are also a number of bars/eateries around the harbour and along the beach-front and we found all of these (we ate in several) to be of a high standard and acceptably priced.

Something to watch out for is the weekly market. It's held every Friday (if I remember correctly!) and it's nothing short of a madhouse! People (locals and tourists alike) come in from all over the island and pack the streets. There are some lovely little stalls and it's definitely worth making the effort to plough through the crowds for. Be warned though; it gets seriously hot. Take a drink and some sun-cream!

The beach is lovely (and around 10 minutes walk from the hotel, along with the rest of the town). One note of warning - if you want to use the sunbeds (complete with their umbrellas) on the beach, you'll have to pay. It's 4 Euros 50 per sunbed for the day. It's not unreasonable, but you'll need a little cash on you!

All-in-all a fantastic hotel and a lovely quiet town. It seems particularly suited to families and couples alike and is definitely worth a visit."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of July 2006


Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"I travelled with my husband, another couple and their 5 year old daughter.
We arrived 3 hours late due to a delay and took a taxi from the airport which costed around 70 euros. Finally we got to the hotel at 2 am. It was amazing to see that even at that time of night the staff greeted us warmly and provided us with champagne welcome drinks.

No photograph does the hotel justice. The main building of the holiday is fantasic. Tropical gardens, waterfalls, stain glass roof. You have to see it for your self.

The rooms were very large. lots of cupboard spaces to make your self feel at home. Large balcony. Our room had aircon and a dvd player. Reception had a range of DVD's. Rooms were very well kept. They supplied us with white towels for baths/showers and soft blue towels for the pool/beach. They also offer a pillow menu to ensure you have the best night sleep possible. You can order 24 hour room service.

Food was really good, (my bathroom scales aren't happy)
Breakfast - you have a huge choice of cheeses, hams. The chef cooked fresh omlettes and pancakes, Lots of fruit and cereal. They offered english bacon and eggs. sadly no english style sauages. Caviar and champagne also. So much more i could go on and on.

Dinner - The biggest problem was there was too much choice each night, but each night was samey. I guess it could get boring after a week, but never the less it didn't stop me munching down 8 courses. It was good and they had some things on the menu you that I wouldn't normally go for, but whats the harm in trying. Lobster, snails, ostrich, 3 different fish each day. They had the good old favourites too, spag bols, steak, chips. Deserts to die for. I think they could improve the choice for children, but they wouldn't go hungery.

We ate lunch the hotel pool bar a few times. but found it just as cheap down in the harbour.

There were 2 swimming pool areas which are very clean. They have a pebble shore area with chairs. The pool was perfect for childeren as it isn't too deep. They is lots of germanys in the hotel but still plenty of sun lourgers to go around. (No need to throw their towels in the pool.)

The spa is for adults only. They offer treatments at extra cost. (massage,etc)The pool is heated with lots of nice bubbly things to relax you. They have a sauna, steam room and ice bucket. It a lovely relaxing area to sunbathe in.

The kids club ran lots of activities, (mainly aimed at under 11's) They also have a mini disco. They do adult activities and you aren't made to feel like you have to take part. spainish lessons, darts, tennis and squash.lots more.

The evening entertainment was not as good as i had hoped. There is no disco. They have the same duet singing each night. They are spainish so the english songs did sound a bit funny from time to time.(entertainment in its self.) They hotel would also put on a professional show. The tramps were the highlight, an amercian soul group. They had dance shows and quizzes too.
The bar is waiter services and the list of drinks is endless. Cocktails were fab. (Try a Grasshopper.) Drinks were cheap-ish and you can charge everything to your room.

The habour and beach area was really pretty. Only 5-10 minute walk. It is not sign posted so just follow your nose. Take some bread down to feed the fish. In early evening the colourful fish come out along with the really big ones. The water is very clear. We ate in one of the resturants one night and the food was great, not too pricey. The garlic prawns are very tasty. NOT TO BE MISSED. They isn't any loud horrible disco or people begging you to eat in their resturant. Its a very relaxed place.
They is a supermarket just outside the hotel.

Over all it is a really nice hotel, great little town and i would seriously think about going back. 10 out 10."

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of June 2006

All Good!!!

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"Have just returned from a week at the Cordial Magan Playa and loved every moment.
Agree with all the other positive remarks about the hotel.
Here are a few tips to make your stay even better.
1) If you can afford it upgrade to a junior suite they are nearer to the beach and have their own breakfast area (blue building)
2) Learn some spanish phrases the staff appreciate your efforts and you wont be mistaken for one of our tutonic cousins
3) Although you can bill everything to your room have a few euros spare for tips
4)Although there are 2 sittings for dinner 6>7.30 8>9.30pm try to arrive at the restaurant in good time as the hotel does try and clear the room on time!
5)Although there are plenty of comfortable sun beds it is probably worth choosing your spot on the way to breakfast.
6) The food rotates on a weekly basis so if you want to sample the local restaurants try to do it on a night when you weren't so happy with the choice ( you can exchange dinner for lunch in reception)
7)The gym has 2 cycles 1 x trainer and a runner plus a few weights machines if you are after a cardio workout you are probably better of running round the plaza beside the hotel as the gym area is not air conditioned!
And yes I would go back"

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  • Travel date: Sun 4th of June 2006

When can I go back

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"Just returned from this excellent hotel. Lives up to its 4star + rating. 5 minute stroll to the beach but who is in a hurry. Lovely area. Quite and relaxing. Staff friendly, food excellent. Other reveiwers have complained about charges for safe and fridge and yes it is a bit much for a hotel of this standard but its not that expensive. 1Euro per night for the fridge.2.5 Euros per day for the safe."

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  • Travel date: Tue 16th of May 2006

Nice public areas, shame about the bedrooms

Reviewed Tue 9th of October 2012

"Public areas were quite impressive but the two 5m x 25m murals around the lobby rotunda being based on the German flag I found bizarre. The gardens around the suites area were also very nice and immaculately kept.

Junior suite was junior sized and the bed was uncomfortable, indeed the mattress proudly bore the label firmaza maxima (or something like that) which I imagine roughly translated means rock hard. It really is mean for a hotel of this supposed standard to charge for the room safe and to rent the fridge. Surely a safe and a fridge in a suite is what you expect, isn't it? Telly was entertaining if you like oompah music or for us English speakers World Business News.

Didn't enjoy the buffet dinner, it's not my idea of a fun time standing in a queue waiting for the chefs, I mean cooks, to (badly) cook some meat to order. A carvery arrangement would have been better. Awful basement dining room, no atmosphere, no relaxing or intimate areas.

As you're tied to have half board, for my money best bet is to breakfast early in the blue building, get a chitty from reception and swap dinner for lunch and lunch late (up til 4pm) in the blue building. Then you're free to have dinner in the port when all the daytrippers have left.

Pool guys very attentive when you arrive poolside and quick to sort your loungers out with mattresses (softer than the beds) and parasols.

And when you're sick of drinking what passes for coffee at the hotel, head for the (I believe Austrian) coffee shop on the corner of the square in the port for excellent coffee and homemade cakes and tarts."

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  • Travel date: Wed 26th of April 2006

Book it with Confidence-My Fav Hotel so far...

Reviewed Wed 30th of June 2010

"We have just come back from a week at the Cordial Mogan Playa and loved it, no hotel is perfect but this is damn near close. We arrived at 1.30am with only another couple on the bus, last drop off. We were greeted by lovely staff, efficient, organised, spoke excellent english. We were offered a glass of champagne, orange juice or water to quench our thirst while waiting for our keys and our own bellboy who carried our cases to the room! Now thats what I call good service, after years of being given dodgy directions and half an hour been spent getting lost and arguing with my husband when we cant find the hotel room, this was astounding!
The room was lovely, very spacious bathroom with lovely fittings and tiles. You get a complimentary fridge in the room and a safe. After driving our champagne we went to bed exhausted after a long day of travelling.
In the morning breakfast was amazing, fantastic selection of foods ranging from fruit, yoghurt, cereal,cooked breakfasts, cold meats and the selection of danish pastry's had my husband drooling every morning, but the thing that impressed me was the champagne on offer every morning to help yourself too. The main thing that got me about the restaurant was the setting, other hotels Ive stayed in always fall down flat for the buffet with the setting, it always looks canteen-like. No here, we always sat on the terraces over looking the oriental water pool and pagoda, it was like being in bali!
The pool and gardens are immaculately clean and tidy, with lots of sunbeds and parasols and no performance with towels on the sunbeds etc, nothing so tacky! The pool was always warm and while it is salt water not chlorinated, this didnt sting your eyes at all.
The entertainment wasnt great but it never is, lets face it, would do some people expect? A west end show? Youre on holiday, chill out, have a drink and have a laugh. Enjoy the Elvis look a like-we did!
The resort is quiet but thats why we picked it, and best of all it was free of lucky-lucky men and chavs! Hoorah!
If you want a quiet relaxing holiday in a first class hotel-you'll love it. If you want lots of bars, disco's and Eastenders on in the bars on an evening go to Puerto Rico. Its horses for courses.
We will be going back soon.
Adios, Hasta Leugo!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of June 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Absolutely fantastic! Great value for mo...

Reviewed Tue 2nd of September 2008

"Absolutely fantastic! Great value for money. Exceptionally friendly service, always helpful.
We stayed at a junior suite, the breakfast on the terrace was great (I must admit we hat fantastic weather).
I recommend walking out to visit the old fishing port (about 50m from the hotel, don't forget your key to get back in).
The main pool is great, although crowded at peak times. Recommend the smaller pool. Didn't try the Spa, though it looked nice and very inviting.
A must!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 2nd of September 2008

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