Mogan Holidays

Puerto de Mogan town on the coast of Gran Canaria island, Spain.
Puerto de Mogan town on the coast of Gran Canaria island, Spain.
Puerto de Mogan is a small fishing village in Gran Canaria, one of the more popular of the Canary Islands. Mogan sits on the west side of the island and is perhaps a little quieter than the northeast, but there are some exciting activities and lovely beaches to ensure that your holiday there is not dull.

Holidays in Puerto de Mogan are ideal for those who want the delights of hot, sandy beaches without the huge crowds and noisy night scene. If you could happily wile away the days lying on the beach and looking out at the yachts going by, then package holidays in Mogan may be just the thing. The yachts are not the only beautiful sights in Mogan – Mogan itself is nestled in the valley in the mountains, and the hotels line the valley on its way down to the sea.

One of the more unusual and unique experiences to be had in Mogan is a Submarine Adventure. And yes, that submarine just happens to be a yellow submarine. It is a great opportunity to take a look under the surface of the sea for those who cannot (or prefer not to) dive or snorkel. However, for those who do want to, there is a diving school in the resort so you can get even closer to the underwater action. These underwater activities are unlikely to be included in any package holiday deals, but they are well worth the extra money. The beach at Puerto de Mogan is sheltered, which is generally warmer and a little safer than some of the other beaches that stretch out for miles.

Exciting nightlife is fairly non-existent, which will no doubt attract some while repelling others. There is instead a great deal of tapas on offer at local eateries and of course, plenty of local seafood.
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