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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 2 beach
  • 3 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 4 food

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Lovely...but with a couple of down sides

Reviewed Thu 21st of October 2010

"Currently staying at this hotel and I have to say the hotel itself is gorgeous, lovely views over the sea and pool. The rooms are very clean and spacious, pool facilities are great as is the children's entertainment, although it can get a little repetitive. The food is very good with a wide choice to suit all tastes. The beach isn´t really up to much, its very rocky and difficult to access. Saying that there was plenty to do in the hotel so we didn´t miss the beach too much. There is a fabulous roof terrace with sun loungers and a Jacuzzi with a fantastic view out over the sea.

The down sides of the hotel are that it seems to be populated with germans, who are very rude to say the least. They think nothing of pushing past you at the bar or into the lifts, and even find it necessary to stare down at your food when you are eating in the restaurant when they walk past...strange bunch!!

Even though it is widely published around the hotel literature and room information that towels are not to be left to reserve sun beds, its the same story every morning!! Its a nightmare to try and get a sun lounger in the sun. They are covered in towels by 8am, the hotel says that it will remove them but this doesn´t happen.

Another negative to this hotel is that some of the staff, especially two females working in the pool bar each day are quite rude and seem to treat english guests like something they have stepped in. They walk straight past us at the bar and serve a spanish or german person before you, on one occasion I ordered a ´Baileys´and she pushed the proper baileys to the back of the shelf, and served me a cheaper version, a few minutes later a german came along and ordered a baileys and she gave them the proper stuff....weird!!! However there is a fantastic bar lady in the entertainment bar each evening, she is fantastic and always has a welcoming smile.

I would stay at this hotel again because the positives outweigh the negatives, its just a shame the small bits can spoil your day at times."

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of October 2010

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  • 2 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

Fantastic time

Reviewed Wed 17th of December 2008

"Right by the sea and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, food was great although I missed some English dish's.
What I did find much to my wifes annoyance, was a British bar in the ancorra centre, somewhere to go for a change and catch up with the footie.

Try if you get bored in the resort.

The swimming pool kept the kids amused whilst we sat around tanning.
Can't wait to go back here"

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  • Travel date: Sat 13th of December 2008

Really enjoyed our stay.Staff friendly a...

Reviewed Mon 18th of February 2008

"Really enjoyed our stay.Staff friendly and helpful.We have 2 children 6 and 4,they enjoyed the freedom of being in a safe and compact area,being Irish the daytime animation was fine as it was all games anyone could join in. The animation team had very good english.At night time we found the entertainment not so good.Could do with a bit more for the children.Very Scandanavian & German based & caterd for,hence the excellent food & service.Would love to go back this year only thing putting us off would be lack of nightlife.Rooms spotless & well equipt.Downside here you can only fit one child comfortly on the pull out couch.Have to catch the sunsets from the piano bar upstairs.We caught the last one of 2007 fab.Would totally recommend this hotel for location,food,service for anyone with ayoung family looking for a quiet good value break."

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of February 2008

The Dorado Beach complex is a well run,...

Reviewed Sun 5th of November 2006

"The Dorado Beach complex is a well run, well laid out complex. I have to admit that I did thoroughly enjoy my stay, with only one major reservation - the fact that there is no air conditioning. Normally it is possible to over this fact, mainly by leaving your windows / patio doors open, however due to the noise from traffic and other holiday makers this proved difficult when trying to sleep. Don't get me wrong, the noise is not excessive, however in the middle of the night it proved to be a pain at times especially given the fact that while I was there the temperatures were excessive to normal.

That said overall I would recommend the complex, especially the pool, quality of food and overall attention of the staff.

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of November 2006

There were 10 people who went on this ho...

Reviewed Tue 22nd of August 2006

"There were 10 people who went on this holiday ages ranging from 14-52. We regularly choose all inclusive holidays but rarely go back to the same place.

The resort was situated right by the sea which gave all rooms the most beautiful sea view. The rooms were very pleasant and kept clean. Towels were changed every two days and bed sheets every few days. There were only a few sightings of cockroaches in the hotel but most were not alive as if the hotel had some sort of insect spray/powder down.

The pool area was also kept very clean and there was never any problem finding a sun bed or a bit of shade. There were areas around the pool to sunbathe or away from the pool depending on what type of holiday you are going for. Very close by just outside the hotel was a small manmade beach and pool which the sea would come into when the tide was in. One day this was cornered off with police tape because there was a sewage problem as the tide had brought it in (although this could happen anywhere to be fair).

The hotel food was varied but it did become tiresome after a while because it's all similar dishes (but that’s how you get with most all inclusive hotels not all though). Plenty of fish and meat dishes...not sure about any vegetarian alternatives though. The meat was never cooked through but that doesn't tend to bother most people. They have a wonderful chocolate fountain but as we discovered they have it on every day with the same fruits and the sweets never tend to change. Always the same cake, fruit and rice pudding.

However in the daytime they had a snack bar by the pool which was great for a change. They had pizza which was made in front of your eyes, spring rolls, hot dogs etc. But again it was the same every day.

By the pool and in the restaurant drinks were help yourself. Lager, Wine and soft drinks. I thought it would have been nice for the evening meal to have been served drinks but that didn't seem the case. It was also help yourself to a table and the most you could get on one table was six and the tables were not allowed to be moved. So it was disappointing for a family of 10 to not be able to have one meal together at the same table on holiday. (It's just a little thing but these things make a difference).

There were three bars: a piano bar with comfortable chairs which only ever had one person serving. This was only open 6-10 so after 10 drinks were only available downstairs in the main bar where the kids entertainment was. So you couldn't really have a relaxing night up there all night unless you like early nights. There was the pool bar which shut at 6. And the main bar which opened 6-12.

The pool bar was very satisfying except for a couple of days out of the two weeks when the help your self soft drinks (which we’ve already paid for don’t forget) didn't work so only hot drinks or water was available. The main bar was far too small to cater for the whole hotel. The room itself wasn't big enough and there were tall chairs round the small bar area which blocked people from being served. There weren't enough seats outside and inside for everyone. At quarter to twelve it was last orders but they didn't call last orders, you were expected to know. And at ten to twelve the bar staff were ushering you out of the room to the small area of seating outside which I wouldn't have minded. But then the hotel security guard would come round and "shush" everyone every 10 minutes because the noise would travel from an ordinary conversation. Which became increasingly irritating and you'd finally go to bed which was their aim.

The entertainment was said in many different languages during the day and a night but there was only one act at night out of the 14 days which was English. The kids entertainment looked brilliant in the daytime with their own little gym and computers.

However we felt at first there was nothing for the adults to join in with. We then realised a couple of days on that there was water polo and shooting but the entertainment team never came round and asked if any of us wanted to join in if you weren’t there when it was happening by chance then you weren’t asked.

Another family there were English and one day the dad of that family asked to join in water polo to which the entertainers reply was "no its Holland against (another country)" not sure what it was. But he couldn’t join in because it wasn't his country playing but there wasn't one day when it was England against another team.

However there were plenty of places close by to travel to for night entertainment for little money in taxis for the whole family's entertainment. An overall view of this place would be very basic and kids orientated not family.

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  • Travel date: Tue 22nd of August 2006

Excellent food excellent accommodation w...

Reviewed Sat 17th of December 2005

"Excellent food excellent accommodation would go back again lovely place, but only a few English people there, there was 4 others when we were there, but every one friendly.

Very plush inside, a really nice piano bar of an evening if you like just a quiet evening or you can go downstairs to the more lively entertaining only thing is not in English."

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  • Travel date: Sat 17th of December 2005

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    "Lovely place, just ignore the rudeness of some of the staff and german guests! "

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