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C/ Punta del Roquito s/n, 35627 Costa Calma, Pajara, Fuerteventura Spain

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H10 Tindaya and Vera Club

Reviewed Thu 1st of October 2009

I have used H10 hotels many times in the past and have found the standard to be very high and worthy of a 4 Star hotel rating. Unfortunately I did not find the holiday matched the expectations based on previous experience at other hotels in your chain and I would seriously dispute the accuracy of the hotel star grading.

My complaints can be summarised as follows:-

1. Sharing With the Vera Club.
On arrival at the hotel, I discovered that there was a separate organisation called the Vera Club which had its own separate reception, dining area, and pool area and entertainment area and wrist bands.
Vera Club is I believe an Italian holiday club. The ethos and organisation seemed to be more appropriate to a club med or 18-30 holiday organisations and is out of place in a 4 star quality hotel.

None of this was mentioned anywhere on the hotel website, had it done so I would probably not have booked.
It appears to me that the arrangement has been in place sometime and is well established. Indeed the hotel sign has both Vera Club and H10 displayed at the main entrance, with Vera Club being placed prominently above H10.
I found the Vera Club to be very intrusive and noisy, all other guests felt intimidated by such a large noisy group and felt to be second class guests.

2. Dining Room.
There are 2 dining rooms ,one of which was prominently signed Vera Club and all leaflets handed out at the hotel indicated that there was only one other restaurant for the non Vera Club guests. There was never any indication that all guests were able to use the Vera Club restaurant. Indeed I did look inside it and it seemed more akin to a canteen than a restaurant.
Because of this, the main restaurant was used by very many of the Vera Club guests, suggesting that they had use of 2 restaurants. If they were not, the restaurant staff never made any attempt to point this out to them.
The restaurant was very poorly organised, tables were not promptly cleared and it was a rare occasion when I did not have to try and locate crockery, glasses etc. Unlike most restaurants offering a buffet, empty food trays were not replenished frequently and it often limited the options on choice. Hot food was often cold as well.
The staff seemed to suffer from a lack of direction and supervision and seemed poorly motivated with a take it or leave it attitude


3. Entertainment.
The holiday was advertised as having a full range of evening and day time entertainment activities. There were only 3 staff and, under the circumstances they did as well as they could. Vera Club had a separate entertainment organisation and had lots of staff.
The evening entertainment was very poor; one night was very good with a Beatles tribute band. On the other nights the entertainment for each night was, respectively, a Sangria demonstration ,Bingo , A music Quiz ,and a snake show (the purpose of which seemed to be selling photographs of guests holding snakes).The entertainment was very basic and of a short duration.

4. Summary.
a) In summary I feel that the holiday did not merit the high cost and the hotel did not give the level expected of a 4 star hotel from a company such as H10. I paid what ,to me ,is a high premium for a service which did not meet my requirements and fell far short of what I came to expect from H10.In my opinion ,the level of service was no higher than that of a 3 star hotel.

b) I feel very annoyed that the situation about Vera Club was not mentioned in either the hotel brochures nor on the web side.

c) I asked 3 times for a claim/complaint form at hotel reception. I was told that a manager would contact me ,but no one ever did. I thought that it was Spanish law that claim forms should be supplied on demand at all times.

Many Thanks ,
Mr Robert Tait .


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  • Travel date: Thu 1st of October 2009

Excellent Hotel But

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"We have just returned from H10 Tindaya Spa. The hotel is immaculate. Acres of tiles and marble. No carpets to get dirty. Corridors are at least 15 feet wide. Hotel directly onto a sandy beach. Plenty of parking at the back and sides. Reception staff have good English and my requests for extra pillows and blankets were dealt with. They also phoned to confirm my return trip on Resort Hoppa, who were excellent also. The hotel is a good hours drive from the airport. so bear in mind that this resort is a happening in the middle of nowhere . They have built hotels along the lovely beaches and are building more. There are a few shops and places to get coffees but not a lot. There is very little to see on this island apart from wall to wall mountains and beaches. They are lovely, but there are no villages to go to and no major city as in Gran Canaria.We stayed AI which I have never done before and you could eat and drink from 7 30 in the morning till midnight. The food was excellent. Freshly cooked fish of every kind. freshly made pizzas and Italian meals , lovely salads, fresh fruit , soups , pastries etc etc.Mountains of fresh bread and rolls. The waiters were excellent in clearing the used plates and coffee came in a pot for breakfast, as did tea. HOWEVER we were the only English people there and were ignored totally for the whole week by the Germans who have made the place their own.There were no English notices anywhere and you had to ask staff about any of the clubs etc which passed me by totally. There is a lot of nudity on the beach and they stand in the middle playing beach games, so if you can't cope with these not so pretty sites give it a miss.There is nothing else to do except pool ,beach, read. There is really no where to walk out to."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of January 2008

loved this hotel

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"We have just come back from a week's holiday at this hotel, I picked this hotel from the excellent reviews already on this site, so felt it was only right that I should also comment on our stay.

We checked in late Thursday evening and 'Omar' on reception was wonderful, so friendly, helpful and he spoke fantastic English, very impressive considering as previous reviews have mentioned this hotel does not have very many English guests mainly Italian and German so the staff really are multilingual and Omar is a real credit to this hotel as he would be to any hotel!

The food was wonderful, we travelled with two fussy teenagers and a fussy 3 year old and I have never seen any of them eat so much, there was so much variety and although normally Im not a great lover of 'buffet - all inclusive' holidays and booked this more for the kids than for us, it really is more upmarket than your average spanish all inclusive and at a fantastic price for a four star hotel.

There are self service drinks such as wine, beer and soft drinks including mineral water dispensers and other drinks are available from the barstaff, which we never seemed to have to queue for.

The hotel was beautifully clean all the time and all the public toilets even by the pool were spotless.

We hired a car and drove to Sotovente beach - wow this was fantastic - we had some lovely days there. But as previously advised, beware, lots of nude people, which kept my teenagers amused!!

There are no bars or restaurants within walking distance but as we had a car for the week this wasnt a problem with us."

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  • Travel date: Mon 29th of October 2007

Like every holiday you ask what do we wa...

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2007

"Like every holiday you ask what do we want? My wife was stressed to the max and wanted peace and quiet to relax and read her books. We have used H10 a few times in the past and were happy, therefore we booked the Tindaya for a couple of weeks.

It was all-inclusive, had a sea view family room, to give us more space. The price for this was cheap considering the standard of food, the beer, wine, and spirits that you could drink till your heart’s desired and it was all good quality.

The hotel is 4 star, clean and tidy, food is very good with plenty choice. Location is very quiet with not a lot to do over and above the hotel.

The entertainment over the 14 nights was 4 nights very good, 10 nights not so good, the weather was bliss, the beach is very clean with lots of white sand. Down from the hotel on the beech is a nudist part where they all kind of congregate; don’t go if you are shy.

To summarise, quiet, but we had a very good 2 weeks, taxi about £40 each way from airport and takes 40 mins.

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of October 2007

Stunning View, Great Room, Great Place

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"Hi, we stayed here from 14-02 - 21-02, it was our second visit to Fuerteventura and first to Costa Calma.

We must say that this hotel has without a doubt the best views we have ever seen from a hotel lobby or pool or room for that matter.

The hotel itself is very bright and modern, do not expect your dank 1970's affair. White, light and bright, my husband was amazed at the corridors with art in them and they were wide and at one junction there was a huge low level trendy table adorned with flower display -I know this sounds trivial but when you see it you will know what we mean, it is not like any other hotel we have stayed in and we have styaed in 5 star hotels in Mexico and Turkey and they did not look this good.

The beach is amazing, the hotel seems to have access to a small sandy cove but just cross the rocks on the left and there is a huge expanse of beautifully soft sand and walk 20 mins to the right and you are on Sotavento Beach (the one you see on postcards).

If you like space then book a family room these are a great size and have lots of wardrobe/drawer space.

We had a fridge in ours, not sure if that is the same in all rooms.

Food was typical mediterranean fare, plenty of fresh fish and meats -calf, entrecote, liver, chicken. There was always something all three of us could eat and that includes our 5 year old son. Sit outside at the restaurant and be served by Angel, he was very friendly and always took the time to make a boat for our son from the napkins.

The entertainment was good and fun. Childrens clubs are always good at H10 you feel safe leaving your child there, 2 hours in the morning and afternoon, closed on Fridays.

The weather was very good but very windy on 3 days - typical weather so we were not bothered, just wish we had brought more long trousers.

The hotel is designed to be spilt in two for an Italian veraclub, but you can use all the facilities, and this does not effect your holiday at all."

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of February 2007

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