Eden Village Siesta Playa

Avda Circumvalacion, 07769 Cala'n Bosch, Menorca Spain
4 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 4 service
  • 5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 5 food

26 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Not As Expected, Perfect Location


"Location was the best it could be!! Just a shame not everything else was as great. The pool was gorgeous and the beach was fantastic. Rooms were very basic, no double bed as requested no pool side balcony view, and as i read in somebody else's review, the maid's didn't seem to come by very often, so clean towels was a continuous problem as we were there for two weeks. My bf had to try and ask one of the maids one day to clean our room. The reason why i was so disappointed is because i had been to this resort before and stayed in the Nuramar Apartments which were absolutely gorgeous, above any expectation. The biggest problem which was definitely an ongoing problem which was never solved was the sun bed situation. What sun beds? Yes thats the question, there wasn't any sun beds even if you got up at 7am, everybody would leave the towels on the beds over night every night. We heard people complain about it but nothing was ever done. 7/10"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of August 2007

Nice complex on the beach


"We had stayed in a 2 bed studio which met all of our needs, the air con was very good, we were provided with a coffee maker, kettle, toaster and hob. We had maid service every day with our studio being kept spotless, with a constant supply of clean towles and we also had quite a spacious balcony.
The location of the complex is very good with the beach being 2 steps down from the pool area and the harbour with dozens of restaurants and cafes at the front of the complex.
The pool is very large and clean but with limited sun beds so be quick off the mark (frequently people were so we missed out a lot)
The pool bar isnt too expensive but they only sell beer, sangria and soft drinks.
They do have a restaurant on site but we didnt use it ourselves as we prefered to eat by the harbour.

The beach/sea is very clean and warm and we enjoyed a boat trip on the glass bottom boat but be warned you do visit a nudist beach but after the shock wears off you enjoy the lovely beach and shallow waters.

You can hire beds on the beach but at 18 euros a day (for 2 people) we quickly chose to buy our own parasols and lilos to use at a total cost of 25 euros for the rest of our hols (saves a lot of money)

After a nice walk around the rocky area on the left of the beach also found a further beach with lots of little coves (Very Pretty)

My only gripe of the whole area is that it isnt the cheapest of places and the restaurants are very samey with chips being served with nearly everything.
however found a great restuarant called the aquarium which is at the other end of the harbour, (specialises in fish but also does other foods)it isnt the cheapest of places but the food and service were the best i have ever had when holidaying and would certainly reccomend a visit when you are sick of kebabs, steak and chips.

average cost of a 2 course meal with a bottle of wine for 2 people is at 60 euros or if you go to the aquarium or a few other nice restaurants of the same calibre you are looking at around 85 euros, also they do expect a least a 10 - 15% tip.

Also be warned that if you smoke you cant buy ciggarettes in any of the supermarkets, I was advised to visit chaplins bar where they do sell them from a machine (cost 3 euros).
On our last day we did discover a tabbaconist which is hidden away on the main road behind a supermarket (by the sqaure and shopping centre)

Overall my opinion of the siesta play is very nice, clean, great location and great pool.

Cala'n bosch is very pretty with great beaches and harbours, after doing a few trips to the other areas of minorca it does seem the nicest and a little less commercialised than the other areas just take plenty of spending money.

Finally if you have children the complex is very child friendly with their being a seperate shallow kids pool and a small park.
they do also supply some entertainment for the kids early evening where at 8pm the bar area and kids entertainment closes.
However there is lots to do at the harbour for kids."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of July 2007

great location


"Me and my partner have just come back from a 5 day stay at the Siesta Playa Apartments in Calan Bosch.
On arrival at the apartments we were given a room on the 3rd floor which was overlooking grass land with a really annoying musical toy thing outside. I went to the hotel reception and asked to be moved to another apartment and they gave us one with a pool view.
The apartments are basic but comfortable they have the essential items in them but they are in need of repair and redecoration. Hotel had a lot of families there with young children but I didn't see any kind of entertainment on the night time there was a lady that they could go to in the day to colour and paint.
I had to make a complaint when our room wasn't cleaned for 2 days, the cleaner turned up the following day but we never saw her again after that so that meant during are stay we only had the room cleaned once and had a change of towels once (bedsheets never changed). Their store cupboard was left open at night so that gave us the chance to take some clean towels (even tho we shouldn't of had to.
The pool area was very clean and tidy, the hotel was right on the beach which was fantastic and its only a few minutes walk from the marina with all of its great bars & restaurants (great food at the fiesta) would go to calan bosch again just not to these apartments."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of June 2007

Fantastic hotel


"I have just returned from a week at Siesta Playa, Cala n Bosch and had a fantastic time! I was worried after looking at the reviews for this hotel but i shouldn’t have, the hotel is fantastic, our room was only a few steps from the pool and room 101 we did chuckle when we were told :O) The staff at the Siesta were very helpful and always said hello, each room (first choice) are supposed to be cleaned 5 out of 7 days our room was cleaned 6!, their were people that we met though that had only had theirs cleaned once or twice, we had a problem with our fridge freezer we reported it to Luke (First Choice Rep) and was told somebody would come at 9am the next morning, I got up to wait but nobody turned up I didn’t mind too much though, we said about it to Luke a few days later and when we returned from shopping the problem was fixed. The hotel was only around ½ full when we were there, which was nice never had a problem getting a sun bed and the weather was in the 30’s every day we were shocked at this but throughout the day the pool was empty! The only thing that let the hotel down was their was no entertainment, due to the entertainer cracking her head open the week before, w

On walking into our room i imagined something that was painted like the dark ages (from reviews) but although the room was basic it was clean and that is all that matters to me!, it is only a place to sleep!!

The location of the hotel is fantastic a beach and swimming pool and only a few mins down the road is the marina which is very good, although we did get bored after walking around night after night, we had 3 nights where we stayed at the hotel drinking on the balcony with some friends that we had met which was very good!.

We didn’t do any of the first choice excursions as they are far too expensive, We went on a glass bottomed boat (company in Marina) the sea was really rocky myself and a few others felt very unsettled, overall the trip was ok but im not sure id go on it again lol.

The Marina – La Fontana food is lovely we ate their 3 times, also the Lille’s Café situated near the bridge on the right hand side (I think that’s what its called) does Very good English breakfasts, Chaplin’s also does a nice English brekkie I cant comment on any others around the marina as such as we didn’t go their, we were quite surprised how expensive things can be in Menorca so we had a few nights where we ate in our hotel room and got a takeaway on our way home, the Kebab’s (next to the Shamrock Bar) are great and the Chinese (Peking Chinese near Siesta Playa) is also good food. The restaurant next to the beach is very nice also (sorry I don’t know the name).

Everybody is friendly around Menorca, my fiancé took a Spanish phrase book and was asking the waiters how to say things and they were happy to help it was very funny,

I would recommend taking mosquito repellent as there is a lot!! I returned home with about 15 bites!

I would definitely return to the hotel and Cala n Bosch as we had a fantastic time!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of May 2007



"I will start with the positive! Great location - 2 minutes from the marina and the beach is just a walk down some steps from the apartments. The gardens and pool area were lovely, although the baby pool got dirty at times. Now the negative - the rooms were in immediate need of refurbishment. There were rusty plug holes in the bathroom, very little utensils in the kitchen and the fridge had rust on the bottom of the door. The walls could have done with a paint. There was no proper lock on the patio doors; only a piece of metal you pushed through both doors. I closed the apartment door one day and the wooden facing and plaster fell off. However, it was repaired the next morning. The maids came in regularly, but one day we had to request towels as none had been left. Towels looked like they could do with replacing as well. Hotel kids club not really up to much. Would definitely go back to Cal n Bosch, but not to these apartments."

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  • Travel date: Thu 10th of August 2006

totally dissapointd


"we have just returned from a two weeks holiday at these apartments and we have to say it was the worst accomodation we have stayed in. on arrival we were given the keys to a 1st floor apartment , we tried to use the lift but we could only get 2 suitcases and my huband in it ,it was so small.So i had to wait at the bottom and send the other cases up to my husband, the lift was dodgy and our youngest son refused to get in it.The apartment had a view of a car park containg several ugly recycle bins,the patio door was off its track the decor drab and the only cutlery was a ladle and a large spoon,no kettle toaster etc The fridge was a health hazard I requested another room and was given one on the ground floor at the back of the property which on ist inspection looked ok,but we soon noticed how damp the bedding felt. even when the bedding was changed after a while that too felt damp i had to air it on the balcony daily. At the end of the holiday we noticed that my sons pillow had mould on it , when the maids had not put a pillow case on when they made the beds.He had been sleeping on it the whole of the holiday. The maids would take every single towel from the apartment and not replace them for hours, once as late as 7.30pm I had to hide some towels daily just so we could take a shower. many of the staff did not speak english and seemed to favour the continental guests to the british. I had to complain to reception about the maids not locking the patio doors after they had cleaned ,whilst we were out on several occasions.The room was in a ground floor secluded position What was the point in hiring a safety deposit box for 30 euros if the maids continually left the doors unlocked when we were out. Therefore It made us anxious when we left the apartment ,if the maids hadnt been before we left Then there was the pool ,unless you got up at the crack of dawn it was hard to find any sunbed without a towel on it. One day when we did manage to get 2 sun beds between four of us , one of the locals came up from the beach and left his trainers 3 feet away from us and jumped in the pool fully clothed the smell from the trainers was obnoxious, it made us wretch. at ist we thought it was the drains,but it was the trainers. the smell left when he left We began to notice that locals used the pool as and when they wanted usually groups of four or five teenagers and they were quite noisy The only thing in favour of these apartments is the position, right on the beach. The only thing that saved our holiday was the fact we knew the area well and were able to get out and about."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 4th of August 2006

Dated and Poorly Maintained


"We booked a weeks stay at the Siesta Playa Apartments in Menorca. On arrival we were met with the fact that our room wasn't available, considering this was mid afternoon this was a bit of a joke, other couples were asked to leave their cases in reception and come back in a couple of hours..! However after a while we got the keys and were pointed in the direction of the block we were to stay.

Upon arrival at the door, the key didn't fit, this should have been a warning, once replaced, upon entering the room, a number of electrical sockets had their fronts missing (repaired later in the day), and in general the patchy green walled apartment was at best tired looking, the kitchen units were in basic terms past it, together with the limited (very limited) utensils. The bathroom door with missing handles and locks led to the old off white suites with rusty bath and taps, craked mirror and general dirty conditon.

They say that these apartments are child friendly..! Not for our 2 year old.! Even the cot was broken...!

The pool area was packed, insufficient number of loungers for the size of the complex, and yes the towels were out the night before..! Plenty of empty glasses lying around and generally not very well maintained both during the day and evening. The access to the beech was via steps and a ridiculously steep ramp, this where the effluent/water from the bar area ponded with a certain memorable aroma. The so-called entertament was a small stage next to the cesspit, in the afternoon/evening this was particulary potent.

Being a multinational complex it did seem like the Brits staying there got the bum deal i.e. views of the road rather than the sea or pool, in general the receptionists would ignore you in preference to the Spanish or Italians.

The room was cleaned once on the second day of our holiday together with the towels, so five days without any fresh towels,sheets, cleaned rooms etc..

To sum the place up, un-maintained, poorly managed, very dated, certainly no more than a 2 star at best."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 20th of July 2006

Really Disappointed


"I returned from Siesta Player yesterday, and it was the worst placed I have stayed. Really nice beach, prime location, lovely restaurants but our apartments were appalling.

Couple of things happened,
The large glass mirror on the bathroom wall, my partner went to wiped the steam of it and the whole mirror fell forward, lucky he caught it. When you looked at it properly a bracket was missing. We was told to lay it on the floor and service would come and fixed it, was chased them for two days before it was put back on the wall.

Whilst asleep a glass light covering which was on the wall above my bed fell onto my pillow and crack in two places. Luckily im a light sleeper and heard it, but it would have been a different story if I has rolled over…….

What I believe happen was the light fitting had already broken and was “fixed” back together, VERY dangerous! We went down to reception in the morning and they were less then helpful they could speak very little English and just said “oh dear” so for the rest of the holiday I slept with an open exposed electrical fitting above my head, it was never fixed.

Just a few more things……..The swimming pool was filthy, and the children pool was even worse. There was no light bulbs working for the lift to our apartment, may sound like a little thing but it was that dark you could see your hand in front of your face, let alone find the key hole on your door! When we asked if the light bulbs could be changed we was told to use our emergency lighting… a cigarette lighter!!

We really want to take things further and needed to speak to our rep, he was never to be seen, we ask at reception when he would next be in and they said they didn’t know.

So we phoned Thomson’s help line who managed to track him down. The next morning we had a meeting with him. He explained that the Siesta Player has had new management for two weeks and was trying to sort things out. We told him we couldn’t find any reviews and he hinted that they may have been removed! I wonder if the apartments name changed under its new management??

I did take photos of everything, so I have evidence for the complaint we intend to make."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 10th of July 2006

Right on the Beach Great for Children


"Hi we have just returned from Siesta Playa, and as i couldn't find much info thought good idea to write some here. These appartments were great if you want a family holiday. They had a twin room, very clean bathroom(important to me!) basic but again clean kitchenette, althought no kettle or toaster, new small television with bbc1 plus others, two sofas.
The beach here is great for children really safe and very pretty. Busy though.
On the plus side the location couldn't be better, right on beach, not far from marina area (5mins). The rooms are cleaned every day with clean sheets towels etc, nice main pool, friendly staff, lovely gardens,
if you have children the wall lights were a bit dangerous in the appartments, be warned my toddler couldn't keep her hands out of them.
The baby pool is small and the water didn't seem to filter that well, but in fariness they did clean it when required.
my main problem was the smell at the bottom of the steps leading to the beach. It was truly dreadful, it appeared to be from sewage leaking. Not sure if this was from appartments however!!
It did waft upto pool area if wind in that direction. Could not smell it when on beach though."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of July 2006

How much closer 2 the beach do u want?


"In short: It was not as horrible as I found on a german site.! (thank god :)
We found it clean.
- rooms cleaned every day except thursday
- pool also cleaned every day
- garden is looked after with sprinklers etc.
Rooms were good:
- bit outdated and some wear and tear but no hazardous sitiuations and no broken things.
- little satelite tv with approx 22 channels (german, english, spanish and italian ones) Looked very new.
- kitchen not very suitable for real cooking but tee, coffee, soup etc. can be made easily.
- bathroom with sink, bidet, toilet and bath with shower (bath has anti-slip coating) Always had hot water and pressure was very good
- bedroom with 2 single bes and we had 2 extra baby beds. matrasses are ok.
We had accomodation with breakfast but tried dinner buffet the first night. This dinner buffet was in our oppinion not really bad but I we would not recommend the all-inclusive :) (unless you like to drink al day long at the poolside) But it was not only fried things with chips.
We have dinned in the little harbor nearby. Lots of choice. We tried to select the more spanish looking menus and we ate arround 3pm (like the spanish and it's a good tip if you have little ones that cannot stay up 2 late)
Breakfast buffet was pretty ok. Lot's of choice. some pastry, toast, baggettes, fruit, milk, juice, coffee, (local) meat and cheese, some hot dishes like scrambled eggs, baked bacon, sausages, tomato with cheese etc.
We have not taken breakfast anywhere else...
Best of all was the location 2 the beach. It was just 1 stair down from the pool!
In our period the beach wasn't 2 crowded so it was very ok.
downside is the expensive beachbeds and umbrella's. 6 euro for an umbrella and 5 per bed (per day if u stay all day)
We bought 2 umbrella's in a shop for I think 12 euro's each and we rented only one umbrella and one bed. (we were with 6 adults and 3 kids and rented 4 beds and 3 umbrellas the first day! :)
There is a good beachwatch which uses flags and his whistle :)
Last but not least the entertainment:
We do not like entertainment in resorts that much so we have not participated but every night there was some music at the pool with some acts. It was a bit loud in our oppinion but it alway s stopped at 10:30pm so....
There was also entertainment for the little ones during the day but our kids didn't need that and I haven't seen many kids using it (allthough there were approx 4 young entertaiment employees!)
Conclusion: Definitly worthwhile and good value for money.
don't go if u don't like kids (there r a lot of them! :)


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 14th of June 2006



"My wife and i have just returned from our second holiday staying at the siesta playa and enjoyed every minute of it.
The apartments were very clean, the maids do a brilliant job, the staff more than helpful and the pool and grounds very well maintained.
we looked literally whilst there at other hotel/apartments and cannot see anything better than the siesta playa. The hotel is right on the beach which is perfect if you have young children.
I would not hesitate to go back there. absolutely perfect"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 20th of July 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

had a lovely time!


"We stayed at Siesta Player apartments from 23rd Aug 2010 until 31st Aug 2010, We thought the rooms were a bit small for 4 people and had some ants but after spraying them they didnt come back! The pool was nice a big and always managed to get a sunbed. The beach was lovely and the marina was 2 mins away with lovely restaurants and shops! The animation team wake you up at ten telling you what things you can do like water polo darts ect but with kids we did not want to sleep later anyway. We had a fab time and would consider returning."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 11th of September 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Amenities
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