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Great Holiday! My wife and I travelled w...

Reviewed Sun 5th of October 2008

"Great Holiday!
My wife and I travelled with out 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy (unfortunately too wee for the Kids Club).
The resort is on one of the most beautiful bays I have ever seen - the reason we went to Galdana this year after a one-day visit last year. The beach is safe for kids with a very gentle slope a fair distance out. Small fish swim around your feet from only 1/2m from the shoreline. Loungers on the beach were expensive but always busy. The whole resort is getting pricey because of the poor £/Euro: about E3.50 for a pint of San Miguel, E8.00 for a pizza.
The hotel is at the top of a very steep hill which seemed to go on forever, but it is only 5-10 mins walk down to the town centre
We had a one bedroom apartment - clean and typically equipped kitchen inc microwave, new quiet air conditioning, TV with UK channels. I hope the beds are to be replaced this year.
Reps were excellent - we were there when our airline folded and she did everything to get my parents out for the second week, and all of us home as scheduled. Kids club staff were great, and although the entertainment was child-orientated (the kids loved it), the later shows that I saw were excellent, albeit typical holiday fare.
There was a good selection of food every night, and replenished quickly.
Sa Lluna bar is about 5 mins down hill had nice Caffreys and Guiness, and decent pizza. The pool table was playable! "

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of October 2008

We loved our holiday at the Anabel Apart...

Reviewed Sat 27th of September 2008

"We loved our holiday at the Anabel Apartments!! It's simply the best value for money we have ever had abroad, we definately plan to go back there next year! Firstly we stumbled accross what appeared to be a 'too good to be true' holiday cost with First Choice, this lead my husband and I to start looking at reviews of the hotel as the price just seemed so reasonable. We thought the reviews were also too good to be true so we held back booking the holiday to be sure. After thinking long and hard about whether to go ahead and book, we decided to take the chance... wow what a holiday!

Firstly the weather didn't look too promising, however despite the odd showers we found ourselves to be in the pool or on the beach every day. Cala Galdana has a lovely bay with a wonderful sandy beach. Our children (6&2) were able to play safely within a safe distance from ourselves as we found it very handy to be able to place our towels and mats down near the water. The sea is shallow for some distance which meant our two year old was free to play in and out of the water as he pleased. The people in the town also seemed to be very friendly.

The hotel staff are all very polite and helpful. Sole, the children's entertainer was absolutley wonderful, she put all of her energy into her work and that really showed as the week went on. She has such a passion for what she does, and such a caring nature, not just for the children, but for the adults also. The First Choice Kids Club team were also very good and welcoming. They made our children feel very much a part of what was going on. Every night there is a Mini Disco... but be warned, parents are also encouraged to join in... It's all done in good taste thankfully :) Overall the entertainment and facilities on site were excellent!

We were pleased with our room. If ever we've booked Half Board or All Inclusive at other hotels, we've literally just been given a room, sometimes with tea and coffee making facilities, however at the Anabel you have an appartment with a mini kitchen and dining area also. This was wonderful as we could sit our children down for light refreshments in the afternoon rather than paying for junk food in a restaurant (or at least in most restaurants). The rooms were very clean and towles and linen were changed every other day. Oh and if ever it does rain and you fancy staying in with the kids, we found three BBC channels and the CBBC chanel which came in very handy during times of tiredness or boredom. There is also a built in radio (controls are built in to the wall near the kitchen).

A lot of people I've noticed have meantioned the walk up the hill from the beach. Yes there is a steep hill, however we managed it with a buggy packed full of bags and toys with two asthmatics in the family, it's really not that bad, and very enjoyable to get exercise after such big meals in the restaurant :)

I don't know what else to say really, we had a wonderful time and would definately go back next year."

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of September 2008

We’ve just got back from Confortel Ana...

Reviewed Thu 25th of September 2008

"We’ve just got back from Confortel Anabel Aparthotel and it was the best holiday I have ever had. The Hotel was so clean and plently of space for our 11month old to run around. Their kids rooms are very colourful, the kitchen has basic self catering appliances and cutlery but enough. They change the beds every other day and even clean up for you! The staff were really nice and helpful, food at the hotel was pretty good, lots to choose from! We ate out most days, really nice place down the road just by the park on the right hand side with really friendly staff and lovely food! They show the footy too which was a bonus!
Also Sa Lluna bar on the hill is really nice and friendly. The Beach was stunning! The water was so clear and warm and there was not one piece of litter in sight!
We are planning to go back next year already. Would highly recommend!


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  • Travel date: Thu 25th of September 2008

We've just come back from our first holi...

Reviewed Mon 22nd of September 2008

"We've just come back from our first holiday abroad with our two young children, 3 1/2 and 19 mths and we couldn't have asked for better accomodation/resort. The Anabel apartments are clean and have everything you could need. The choice of food at both breakfast and dinner was very good and of a high standard. The staff were very friendly and nothing was too much for them. The beach is fantastic, very clean, calm and safe for children and a nice stroll from the apartments - the hill seems worse than it actually is. Will most certainly recommend to friends and family and quite possibly go back next year."

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of September 2008

Cala Galdana is the most beautiful place...

Reviewed Mon 15th of September 2008

"Cala Galdana is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.The beach is so clean and the sea is so warm and clear and safe for children.It is by far the best place to stay in Menorca.There are little fish in the sea and the pedaloes with slides are great fun.
Confortel Anabel is very clean and a good place to stay with young children. Mine were too old for the kids club but they loved the pool and the entertainment.
The resort is very child friendly with lots of playgrounds.The little train is a great attraction, the driver took us back to our hotel after our trip round the resort, free of charge.
The apartment had everything necessary. It was very clean and comfortable.We had never experienced air conditioning before though ,and in our ignorance, we asked at reception how to turn the heater off on our balcony.Another guest informed us that it was in fact the hot air being sucked out of our room.So remember to turn the air con off if you want to sit on the balcony.
We took advantage of the three day breakfast and dinner offer as it was cheaper than eating out. The food was lovely. There was great choice at both mealtimes even with a fussy child and veggie teen.The bar and restaurant staff work very hard-especially Luis who seemed to run about doing lots of jobs at once. There seems to be a need for more staff.All staff were very polite and friendly,even the lifegaurd who chatted to everyone.
However,as Cala Galdana is so lovely,we never spent much time in the accomodation.We would have liked to have hired a car but forgot our licences so we walked to nearby places.The path by the first aid centre near Sol Gavilanes leads to Cala Mitjana beach-a 40 minute walk so take lots of water.
The review about the rep not telling people about places outside is true- Iwish Ihad known about the bus services as we would have taken advantage of those.
The Pizzeria Toboggan is very good as it has great value waterslides open every day from 12 to 6pm-28 tokens for 5 euros. The pizzas are lovely too.We also ate at the restaurant on the beach as you can leave your things on the beach and keep an eye on them while you eat.
There is entertainment in the square by the shopping centre at night if you get bored with the Anabel night life, the Hotel Cala Galdana has entertainment outside by the pool soon, which you can watch from the seats outside.
We stayed in Cala Galdana because on a previous visit to Menorca we visited it once for the day, and I remember it is as being really pretty and I still think it is a lovely place and hope to go back again one day. I would stay somewhere else though because I prefer to try different places.
The hill didn't bother us at all, it is not very steep and you would have to be very unfit to complain about it. There aren't many weird creatures; a few Lizards and a Preying Mantis - the children were fascinated by them, how anyone can complain about them amazes me.
One word of warning, if you are staying at the Anabel though, make sure you are dropped off at the right place as our driver took us from the airport to Apartment Annabelles 1 and 2. We were dropped off there at night in the dark with no reception open up there and therefore nobody to ask. Luckily, an English guest who was staying there realised the drivers mistake and came out to us and walked us down to the Confortel Anabel, without him we would have been truly lost. Ideally, a rep should accompany the coaches on the transfers or at least make sure the driver is familiar with each destination. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 15th of September 2008

we just bk back from a week in cala gala...

Reviewed Sat 13th of September 2008

"we just bk back from a week in cala galanda staying at confortel anabel.we had a fantastic holiday.the hotel was lovely and clean with friendly staff.great entertainment at night.the only thing i didnt like was the hill i didnt mind walking down but getting back up was tiring. cala galanda itself was a lovely town the beach was beautiful and sea was blue.couldnt have asked for a better place.


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  • Travel date: Sat 13th of September 2008

Just got back from a week in confortel a...

Reviewed Mon 8th of September 2008

"Just got back from a week in confortel aparthotel anabel
lovely clean hotel with nice friendly staff especially sole and franco the lifeguard
nice apartments with good facilities nice kitchen
lovely food which varied every night and very good entertainment at night
lots to do for the young uns a very good kids club with brilliant facilities and staff
and there is also a lot to do for teenagers and adults which cam help
brilliant weather
and overall a lovely holiday

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of September 2008

We have just returned from 1 week at the...

Reviewed Thu 4th of September 2008

"We have just returned from 1 week at the Confortel Anabel and what can we say apart from the fact we had a fantastic Holiday. Our party consisted of 4 adults and 2 children, aged 6 and 3.
The actual rooms were basic but they catered for everything that you needed, in all honesty who goes on holiday to sit in your room!!! We were half board so we didnt use the utensils in the room but from what we saw they appeared to be adequate.
We found the staff to be very polite and friendly and had no problems when making requests for anything.
We all considered the food to be very good and catered for all our needs, i.e 2 picky children and a non meat eating adult.
The reps were absolutely fantastic, we have been on quite a few package holidays in the past and i have never seen a rep spend so much time in a hotel complex.
The kids reps were absolutely brilliant as well, both the children in our party used the kids club and they really enjoyed it. The activities were varied and appealled to both the children bearing in mind there was a 3 year age gap between them. We also had no problems booking them in, if a session followed there day off (wed a/noon and sunday) a list was always left outside the kids club so you could write your name on it!!! The kids reps seemed to really enjoy what they were doing and this reflected on the enjoyment of the children.
The beach is a must, dont be put off by the hill, it isnt as bad as what it looks. It definetly did not put us off as we went to the beach every day. It also enables you to walk off some of the excess pounds from all the food you ate!! The beach is amazing, situated in a cove the water is so clear and very shallow, ideal for children. My 3 year old is not all that confident in water but she loved it!!
The evening entertainment was ok, at the end of the day you are not going to suit everybodies tastes but we found it to be varied and entertaining. Soli was the hotels entertainer and i would love to know where she gets her energy from, she is on the go all day and always so cheerful, she tired me out just watching her!!!
On the whole the holiday was fantastic and if we returned to Menorca this would definetly be the place we would return to!!

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  • Travel date: Thu 4th of September 2008

THIS WAS NOT FOR US. It might have been...

Reviewed Sun 24th of August 2008

"THIS WAS NOT FOR US. It might have been alright in it's day, but in all good conscience, we could not recommend this "Aparthotel" to people with small children, to people expecting 21st century standards, or to people used to basic F1 or Travelodge standards.

We found it cramped, dirty, shabby, noisy and actually dangerous. We tried to get it sorted out, but we were insulted, fobbed off and ignored. It was like an episode of Fawlty Towers!

Sadly, we couldn't even get accommodation in another hotel as everywhere else was fully booked, so we were stuck with this nightmare.

We have so many things to complain about, that we have decided to spend a considerable length of time laboriously typing this in the hope that something may be done, and that some things may help people decide for themselves about this place.

Altruism aside, we also hope the exercise will be cathartic and allow us to get it off our chests and move on with our lives. We are considering a formal complaint or possibly a website with the clips and photographs we took to back everything up.

In the meantime, we shall try to organise our thoughts as chronologically as possible, but mainly by logical headers to help you skip to bits that may be of interest.

One of the reasons First Choice says "Why Book with us?" is "More Legroom", but we found the flight very cramped indeed. Two adults, a 3 year old girl and a 15 month old boy in three seats is cramped, but there was NO LEGROOM. Seriously. The result was that our son screamed all the way there, and our daughter couldn't keep still. Coming back, the flight had empty seats, so we split up one adult and one kid to a row -- and the difference was night and day. The lad fell asleep lying flat across two seats. What a difference some space makes!

It was inauspicious when the bus that collected us from the airport couldn't get near the "Aparthotel" -- the best it could manage was to turn right for a bit, then reverse all the way down to a nearby side street. We were unceremoniously let off with our kids and luggage in the middle of the road. We guessed where to go, and set off dragging everything the 100 yards or so up a steep hill to the reception.

The place looked quite nice, but there was no-one about. Eventually a surly man appeared and registered us. He took our passports and promised to return them the following day. He didn't (several days later we had to ask for them so we could move to another hotel). He gave us a key and a badly photocopied "map" so we could find our apartment all by ourselves. The "map" also showed that there was a supermarket on the "campus" (there wasn't). We set off with the "map", the luggage and the kids.

Throughout our stay there was a used wine glass perched on our window cill. It's probably still there! There was a communal wheelie bin at our front door, a smell of drains or sewers at the front door and in the toilet, and a smell of tobacco smoke from all the fabrics in the apartment. The fabrics were old, worn, ripped, discoloured, stained and dirty. The baby cot was broken, and there was a slat broken on one of the beds. It looked shabby.

We are used to a couple of wrapped bars of soap, a shower cap, perhaps a small bottle of shampoo etc. All we got here was a single bar of soap! The towels were frayed and had holes. The bidet had been removed and all the pipes capped. There was no coat hook or shelves for our stuff. This is the first time we've even stayed anywhere in mainland Europe that did not have a bidet. We have a bidet at home in the UK. The shower temperature could not settle, and would vary from freezing to boiling at random. The washbasin was set in an unnecessarily big marble box that had a corner at head height for our kids. There was no shaver light, shaver socket, extractor fan, and it was noisy; the toilet cistern constantly flushed (probably just needed a washer).

The cupboard doors and drawer did not have slow-close features or child locks. Our son pulled out the drawer onto his head, spilling out knives and scissors. The two electric hobs were on a timer and were not rings, they did not glow red to show they were on or off. We could not get water to boil for boiled eggs, pasta etc. We have seen better toasters and kettles at Tesco for £6. The fridge was very old, probably rated at G, and the freezer compartment was covered with thick frost. It was noisy, and we all stubbed our toes opening its door. The light under the wall units didn't work. There was no wooden spoons for stirring, no spatula for flipping pancakes, bacon, eggs etc. No blender, no serving spoons, no measurement spoons or jugs, no apron, no rolling pin, no kitchen paper/holder, no scales, no tin opener, no coffee machine/ coffee pot/ coffee press/ (yes we have seen these provided in villas we've rented, we didn't think we'd need to bring our Bialetti). We got: four knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons, a small whisk, a paring knife, a kitchen knife, a very small plastic chopping board, a bottle opener, an old fashioned corkscrew, a pair of scissors. There were a couple of cheap pots and frying pans, a glass jug that didn't fit in the fridge, a salad bowl and a fruit bowl!

There was no extractor fan, filter, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, push-button alarm, break glass point, smoke alarm, safety gate, first-aid kit, etc.

On the website and in the brochure, the microwave/ multi oven is shown on the drainer or on the small dining table. In our room, this oven was resting on two huge and ugly angle-iron wall brackets above the table. The oven lead trailed to the socket. It was not fixed, so our kids could have pulled the oven down by pulling on the flex. It was not a safe arrangement, with the door opening at eye level, and you have to twist over the table to use it. During a meal, we decided to use the oven for the first time -- and it blew up with a huge bang just a few inches from my daughter's head. The fuses were blown, and we were all left shaking!

We somehow managed to cook a lot of delicious meals (we like to know what's in our food, we like to get our daughter involved, we like to use fresh local ingredients, and we just love cooking -- which is why we chose self-catering), but we spent a fortune on silly things -- like salt and pepper, olive oil, washing up liquid etc. which we didn't use up and which we couldn't bring home!

Upon our arrival, our little boy immediately darted straight for the loose wires and electrical sockets and switches that were all at low level. Within a minute, he'd knocked over the telephone. The walls were sharp Artex, and the floor was slippy glossy tiles. All the furniture had sharp corners. It was clear that this apartment was not child-friendly. The door handles were at low level -- in fact our daughter woke in the middle of the night, got a bit confused, opened the front door (opposite the bathroom door) and wandered out onto the public street in front of the building site! There were no CCTV, baby sitting patrols, security guards, or other child safety considerations.

There was a loud but low drone that stopped at 3am and restarted at 7am, waking everyone up. We thought it was the toilet extractor at first, but it was the main plantroom just below us. Directly below our rooms was the service road to the bar cellar, so we were treated to strange noises such as metal beer barrels being rolled about! The main staircase to the reception was on the other side of our living room wall, so we heard every step!

The television was a small cheap portable on a low level table. The remote control didn't work. The reception was grainy, there was only one channel that worked -- German Euro Sport (showing the Olympics). No teletext, no news, no weather.

There was no WIFI or internet access available either.

Because the key activated the power, you could not get the room cool for your return, you could not leave something to simmer while you were out, and you could not charge up things like cameras or phones unless you were in the room!

The broken cot was reported immediately, but ignored. We managed to get it replaced by the handyman who came with the replacement oven after our blew up. We couldn't get the room dark enough because the curtains were an inch short of the window! It was very noisy because right outside was the main route to the reception and rooms, and the floor surface was tiles (wheelie bins, cleaners' carts, prams, and luggage with wheels sound like trains on tiles). People would meet up and chat right outside the window, and there were stairs that kids would jump down. There was no night-lights or decent baby changing facilities, nappy service, baby sitting service, baby listening features or patrols. There was no push-button panic button, no smoke alarm and no carbon monoxide detector.

There was an air conditioning unit at high level in the living room and bedroom -- there was no thermostatic control, timer, or low level controls. The result would be that it would make the room too cold, and you would have to drag over a table or chair to reach the on-off switch on the unit. Then it would get too hot, so you were constantly climbing up and down to operate the air conditioning! Of course, this set a poor example ot the kids -- who would climb onto the furniture too.

There were sliding doors to a mock "balcony" which we could not use for a number of reasons.

(a) HEAT-- the air conditioning condenser unit was floor mounted, and all the heat taken from the bedroom and living room was being blown across the space at low level, making it insufferably hot to sit outside day or night. In fairness, other rooms had their condensers higher up or in other areas, we were just unlucky.

(b) DANGER-- the condenser unit had a warning on it about standing on it or poking toys, sticks or fingers through the grille. Our kids were drawn to it, so we were just in fear of a serious accident all the time.

(c) PRIVACY-- ours was not a real balcony, it was just separated from the sun terrace by a low wall. Whenever we went into the space, everyone on the sun loungers would turn to look at us! We were also overlooked by the main games area.

(d) NOISE-- the noise of the games, kids talking, kids jumping over the wall and landing right next to our balcony, kids playing football on the sun terrace right next to our balcony and the "entertainment" meant that we couldn't actually hold a conversation in this area.

(e) SECURITY-- Easily accessed from the sun terrace and overlooked by the games area meant that our belongings were at risk. We daren't leave anything in this space, and we fretted about our possessions in the room. The sliding doors had a sliding lever lock -- up for green/ unlocked and down for red/ locked -- but this worked in any position (and did not indicate whether or not the doors were really locked)!

We arrived on a Friday morning, so no kids' activities for us. The next day at the 10am welcome meeting we were told that Sunday was their day off, so we would have no Kids' activities then either -- and because you need to put your kid's name down the day before, we had no kids' activities on Saturday either. The first opportunity for us to use the children's activities was on the FOURTH day of our week's holiday!

The actual facilities and staff seemed excellent, but the activities were geared to older kids -- there was cross words and word puzzles, which to a pre-nursery school kid is too advanced. She basically just coloured in.

The timing of the events was also strange for us. There were only two sessions per day, one started at noon, which we struggled to return from the beach for, and the other finished at 7.30pm -- which is our kids' bedtime! We just had to adjust ourselves around the "Aparthotel's" routine.

The welcome meeting was all about selling excursions and telling us about things that made them money. For example, we had seen a tourist "road train" and mentioned it to the rep -- she said it was fantastic and that it stopped frequently nearby. As this was not mentioned at the welcome meeting, we can only conclude that it is because they don't make money from it.

Similarly, at the welcome meeting, there was no mention of the beach, local restaurants, local supermarkets, recycling (we found the recycling bins ourselves), transport and so forth. The beach was not far at all, and the local restaurants, live shows and entertainments, night-life and so forth were wonderful. What a shame that the welcome meeting did not help us to enjoy and discover Cala Galdana's fabulous treasures!

There were no arrangements for drying clothes. The "Aparthotel" want you to spend 16 euros each time -- 4 euros for powder, 4 euros for a top tub washing machine, and 4 euros for a tumble drier. Getting to the laundry "facilities" involve a LOT of stairs.

It was clear that they didn't want you to go to outside entertainment/ beach (they didn't tell you about it), they didn't want you to stay in your room (noise, one channel TV); they wanted you to buy all your meals on site and go to their own entertainment every night.

The pool was too busy and was not really child-friendly either. There was a dangerous curved step around the pool which was easily missed and easy to trip and fall! Our one year old was constantly stepping down into the pool meaning we had to rush over and help him in and out of the pool, there should really be a gradual decline into the kids pool area (or a separate kids area).

The bar area was full of flies, probably attracted to spills of food which was never cleared up until the end of the day. Kids' juice was provided in glasses and not plastic cups, hence there was usually at least one accidental breakage! The Kids' Club was located at the back of the bar -- which was badly designed (it was a struggle to get through all the tables and chairs), nothing was well signposted either.

Bit of a wild goose chase if you had a complaint; you were told to see reception who in turn told you to see the rep. who told you to see the manager who said he could do nothing.

We used to use villas and hotels and even camping so we are not fussy and have a broad range of a great many years' of travelling experience. There is not a country in Europe that we have not visited.

This was our first package holiday and our first family holiday, and we were disappointed. Our kids are alive (just), but covered in cuts and bruises, and we are stressed and in need of a holiday!

We chose First Direct because it was cheap and offered legroom and they promised us a QUIET ROOM. We chose self-catering so we could cook, and we chose the "Aparthotel" because it offered kids' activities and because it was supposed to be child-friendly -- AND BECAUSE OF THE GREAT REVIEWS HERE ON THIS SITE.

If you have older kids, or if you don't mind keeping them up till midnight, if you want to lie on a sun lounger at the poolside all day and eat chips at night listening to a Robbie Williams impersonator sing karaoke out of tune because it's the free/ inclusive, easy, lazy option, and if you don't mind shabby, smoky rooms, then this place would get great reviews from you.

It just wasn't for us that's what we are saying. We WISH WE HAD READ A REVIEW LIKE THIS BEFOREHAND. What a complete waste of money and time. We found it to be the lowest standard we have experienced by far. While we would not rule out Menorca or Cala Galdana again, after this, a return would be unlikely. Next year we might try Eurocamps. "

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  • Travel date: Sun 24th of August 2008

The hotel isn't bad at all , our apartme...

Reviewed Fri 22nd of August 2008

"The hotel isn't bad at all , our apartment was good. However we did have to contend with the local "wildlife", ants a cockroach and a geko, thankfully not all on the same day. as we stayed two weeks, after some spraying the ants didn't come back. We went for the kids club and our son (3) really enjoyed it, the reps were great and the pool safe for toddlers. Good points were that it was mostly families, no entertainment going on to after midnight and the staff were helpful. It was also a bit less chav than I expected.The resort itself is great, protected by a large cove. I took the local bus to sightsee, so much cheaper than the rip off organised tours!
Minus points were: the food ( at times only adequate rather than good and the meat was particularly poor), the woeful entertainment (I thought the Freddie Mercury tribute at was a comedy routine!), the PA volume from the stage being way too loud and even if you didn't want to hear the acts, you did and a lack of sunbeds meant me getting up early each morning to claim a spot for the day.
However overall it was a good holiday and I'd recommend the resort to any families , especially with younger children."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of August 2008

First impressions were good. But we were...

Reviewed Thu 14th of August 2008

"First impressions were good.
But we were disapointed with the view from our apartment, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As it turned out to be cooler during the day and quieter at night.
We stayed half board and found the resturaunt good. Plenty of choices and the staff were great.
Be warned the drinks from the bar are rediciously exspensive.
The entertainment was good for younger children but not much for teenagers.
The bay/beach in cala galdana was stunning, the sea was clear and safe for all ages, but was a bit mucky on windy days. Did not see any jelly fish but was on guard from previous reviews.
Would reccomend the Sa Lluna resaraunt. food was good.
Overall if you want to go to a resort where you actually feel like you are in spain then definately go to cala galdana.
But will proberly choose different hotel next time! "

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  • Travel date: Thu 14th of August 2008

This holiday came as close to prefect as...

Reviewed Sun 10th of August 2008

"This holiday came as close to prefect as you could get. As has been mentioned, the hotel is located at the top of a fairly steep hill. Not an impossible task, but in honesty, did put us off walking into town during the very hot days. We had a two bedroom kids den in block A which gave us air-conditioning. There was a "down side" of having air con is that the extractor was located on the balacony - so you ideally need to switch the air con off if you want to enjoy your balacony. The kids den was basically a 2 bedroom apartment. The kids room was decorated slightly differently, couple of bean bags, colourful chairs and a PS2 (kept the 10 year old quiet during the siestas). Bring your own PS2 games, hotel had 3 different games (all freebies when they bought the PS2) but all in Spanish. Quite good to play Fifa 2007 in Spanish! Rooms cleaned 3 times per week and the towels changed then with the bedding changed weekly.

My youngest - aged 4 - simply adored the First Choice Kids Clubs. Now normally I don't rate the tour operator staff but the 3 First Choice kids reps changed my opinion. They worked hard and appeared to have a geniune warmth towards the kids. The hotel first choice rep was equally friendly and was at the hotel for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening most days.

The hotel staff, including the Solie were great and worked hard to make your holiday an enjoyable time.

Food, fairly typical 3 * Spanish food, cooked English breakfast, with cereals, cheeses, toast, tea/ coffee and fruit jouces for breakfast never changed. Evenings had a selection of salads, "tid bits", a potato, meat and fish dish (with a leaning towards fish), vegtables plus the obligatory chips. Best thing the food was hot. All served buffet style with the head waiter/ manager taking your drinks orders (bar prices).

We booked a First Choice trip to Mahon, but found out it was much cheaper to take the public bus from thr roundabout in Cala Galdana (by the giant tap). Bus left Cala Galdana for Cuitadella at 10 in the morning (costs 2 euros per person each way - no kids fares), at 10.20 for Mahon (3.75 Euro per person each way) and hourly to Ferreries (1.10 Euro per person), Ferreries has more cash point (if the only one in Cala Galdana is broken) plus Tabacs, cheaper shops than in resort. Not a massive place but can save the cost of the bus journey.

All in all, we found a clean 3 * hotel with all the staff, both First Choice & hotel, working hard to make your holiday a great one. And in honesty, you have to be very fussy to fins serious fault in the Anabel.


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  • Travel date: Sun 10th of August 2008

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