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Reviewed 17th October 2007

"The Binivell Park apartments and studios are situated at the end of the main through road in Binibeca, which proved easy to find and had plenty of parking. The complex has a traditional feel and look despite Binibeca being a purposely built for tourism. The receptionist was helpful even in tough humid conditions. He showed us around the complex and into our studio. All the studio's are adjoining menorcan bungalow style buildings situated around the lovely 3 tier pond, grass area and swimming pool which has a kids pool adjoining but sectioned off. (Please note that the deep end of the main pool is deep.) The apartments however are situated nearer to the sea and the reception and a short walk to the swimming pool. The apartments can also be on the small size but very authentic looking, it was like walking around a rabbits warren with its pebbled narrow walk ways and it's nocks and crannies. Every apartments seemed to differ from the next. We booked a studio as it was the cheaper option and we were very pleased as it was clean, neat, and tidy. The bungalow consisted of the main room which is the bedroom (1 double bed plus 1 single) and a small table and chairs with TV and Telephone. A tiny kitchen and a small bathroom. The only dilemma we had was ventilation as there is no air conditioning in any of the rooms. The complex it's self has an onsite a small clothes/gift shop, bar, restaurant and a breakfast cafe which surrounds the pebbled court yard to which has many table and chairs to eat, drink, chill and relax in. Nearby you can find some more cafe/restaurants, gift shops, and newsagent. The beach and beach bar is about a 15 minute walk along the main through road in Binibeca passing what is mainly a villa based resort a few more cafes and a newsagent. The beach is manned by lifeguards and is limited on water sports. We found Binibeca to be on the quieter side and mainly residential so would recommend car hire as it gave us the freedom to come and go as we please and to do as little or as much as we wanted in a day. Reading through the guide books of the Island you will find that the beaches are probably the most popular attraction here but don't be fooled that once you reach some of the 'off the beaten track' beaches you will be alone, this is not true and shocked us at time just how busy they can get. The capital Mao and the old capital Ciutadella are both worth a look around too. We found this holiday relaxing and beautiful and we do hope that this helps you to make the right choice's to suit your needs."

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  • Travel date: 17th October 2007

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