Calle Rosa Dels Vents 7, 07687 S'illot, Majorca Spain
2 star hotel

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  • 3 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 2.5 service
  • 3 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 2 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

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Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"I stayed in this dump of a hotel last week of August 2008 the only good thing about the holiday was the lovely weather and the beach, the hotel room was filthy, the 1st night we arrived I had no sleep the room was by the poxy pool and the teenagers were drinking and swearing till the earlier hours, heard a gentleman asking them to politely be quite, well you can guess what happened, I was crying, wanted to come home thought what have I done, complained about the sheets and towels, lead to believe that there was air con in the room but this was an error thro the booking agent, the food..well what can I say I paid for half board very cheap, and so was the food, eat out every other night, was only there for a week, could not stand it any longer which only bumped the price up, so not so cheap holiday as I thought, please dont go there, I did read reveiws before I went and thought I'd still go for it, my boy enjoyed himself but not alot of English people there but he managed to play with the German children. Please think about booking this holiday, my advise go somewhere else."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of November 2008

worst holiday of my life

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"when we arrived the[ NIGHT WATCH MAN] who also did the recepition did not seem to happy to be woken up at 4 30 am we were given the key to our room and was told to go to pool area which had no lights then into another building which was nice and clean then we were in our room it was smelly and it had dirty footprints were dead bugs were, the bathroom had no plug the shower was good but no hanger for it.the food was well put it this way i would not feed it to the cats it was the worst ever and i am very easily to please and the staff were ok it depends on who you were taking to . not very frendly at all .and to add to my insuits iwas given a free room [as i was a night flight] to shower i was mad it was like the penthouse compaired to the hole we were in the area was great i would go back but to another hotel we saw a few but i will be looking at there reviews before i book not like this one i look after i booked but still giving it a chance never again if you have booked this hotel change now dont do what i did and spoil your holiday this hotel can"

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of September 2008

weather nice-shame about the hotel

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"on arrival reception looks ok it soon goes downhill. we get to our room and there are ants every where, very very basic, no t.v. or kettle etc. the shower just dribbled on you. we saw a dead cockroach in the corridor and millions of ants having a feast. And the food-well lots of us were eating out when we had paid for half board. one good thing-the area and weather made up for the hotel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 12th of September 2008

basic holiday

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"The hotel is not as bad as the horror review but saying that it is not the best but you get what you pay for .The pool is ok was not as cold as reported, we went self cateren but the room is very basic on kettle no microwave just two ring stove and two pots managed to make tea&coffee but that about all. frige in room made a lot of nousie if your the one sleeping in the main area get some ear plugs .Plug in mossie replent is a must there was a lot of dead splats on the walls but with the puug we only had 3 wont go back to this hotel Lots of east germans and other easten europen's hardly any british"

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  • Travel date: Sun 7th of September 2008

Spains answer to fawlty towers

Reviewed Sun 16th of December 2012

"We booked pool view rooms but on arrival none of these were available we got the main road instead.I did ask for two ajacent rooms due to 2 teenagers having there own room but we were all on diffrent floors . Once we got in our room we had no water.we were told to wait for it to come through 45 miniutes later nothing i then asked if we could have another room we were told there was no more rooms available untill tomorrow . We explained we could not stay in this room with no water especially with the toilet not flushing or any means to wash i refused to move from the reception and was then aventually given another room. Result NO there was 3 of us but only 2 beds again we were told there was no more rooms untill tomorrow .We had no choice but to top and tail that night.has we were tierd and fed up at least this room had water.We were moved the next day the bath was about 4 feet long and peeling hence we only had showers but at least we had a bed each.This hotel is sub standed the sun loungers were dirty with foam poking through thats if you got one.On the evennings this hotel was in darkness no lights around the pool or on the balconys we played cards by candle light .there were 2 bars but only 1 was ever open with 1 miserable staff which ran out of all snacks and limited ice lollys .Breakfast was cold so didnt bother warm milk stale bread we coudnt even toast it has there was no toaster.The evenning meal was basic and the only fresh fruit every day was melon .Enertainment forget it .This hotel said three star but on the door there was only one star this is what i would rate star thats because the maids did do there best and changed bed linnen and towels regulars .We travel regular and i must say this is the worst place we have ever stayed in its a joke."

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of August 2008

Be warned!!!!!!!

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"We booked our holiday by pnone when our internet was down.So we didn't read any of the reviews.
Despite what the recent reviews say, you are playing a serious gamble going to this hotel.
We were initially put in a room that was sub standard even in the third world. It had a leak of water(i hate to think of the sorce)that dripped on you as you went to the toilet and also into the clothing cupboard resulting in a constent pool of water. this was not a recent leak as the safe was covered in thick rust and soaking wet. We was promised a pool view but got a view of the building site behind the hotel. The room stank of mould and the walls were covered in damp patches. Though we complained on arrival they only offered to put us in an equally shabby room, or we had to wait two night's before we got the room we had booked.
Though there are reviews saying don't be put of by the bad ones. You must understand this. There are three sections to the hotel, Apartments, Hotel rooms, And the hell section.So the good reviews are by very lucky people!!!
I have read reviews about the lady who runs the hotel for her father, and how nice and helpfull she is. Well despite myself and wife talking to her calm and polite. she was rude and very unhelpfull and unappologetic.
I admit that though basic the room we finally got was OK. And what we had expected.
Pleas see our photo's. I think they say it all!!
If you have already booked this holiday. I would suffer the cancellation fee, it will be worth the stress you will save youself!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of August 2008

What more do you want??

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"We stayed at this hotel in June 2008, it was booked by mistake instead of the Playamar in a different area of Majorca.

Fortunately this meant we didn't look or read any of the reviews on this or any other site untill we came home - Thank God!!

We stayed self catering so didn't experience any of the terrible food nightmares that so many others did.

The reception -
Clean and tidy, staff were not the most helpful, friendly people in the world but hey, we got by.

The room -
The bathroom was old fasioned, but the shower worked and the toilet was clean - what else do you want! The room was basic, but clean and tidy, the beds were comfy and the maid came in every other day!

Pool -
Maintained to a reasonable standard, plenty of sun loungers to go round, nice comfy cusions for the beds if you get in quick, however if it rains no one comes and clears them away, there just left to get soaked! But the pool is frrreeeeezzzzing!!!

Local area -
Lovely, really nice, people are friendly, lovely beach and plenty of restaurants.

Take no notice of the reviews, we had a nice time. At the end of the day what more do you do in your room on holiday than wash and sleep?!?!????

And besides it was dirt cheap, if you fancy 5 star pay for 5 star!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of August 2008

Dont Even Go There!

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Just back from a week in Majorca supposedly staying in the Hotel Playamar in S'Illot. On arrival the reception looked OK however................

We were given our room key for a room on the first floor. The hotel corridors were disgustingly dirty and looked like they hadn't been vacummed for months, it was carpet not tiles. Our room was extremely basic, the bathroom was so small the door touched the toilet when the door was open, and the bath was ok for children. Not that we would get in there anyway, the tiles were black and the plugs were tied on with string. Our room had a shared balcony with about 4 other rooms, which gave anyone direct acces to our room if the window was open.(Before we'd gone, we had read on review sites of burglaries and therefore tried to change the hotel, but we'd left it too late). The window pane was also in two pieces, not very safe or secure. It was at this point, about 5 minutes after arrival, that we decided this was not the hotel for us. We tried to get moved that night but the office was closed and we had to endure a night in a hot room with no air con or fan. Needles to say we didn't unpack. We ate out at a lovely restaurant on the front in S'Illot who served an amazing steak and plentiful sangria!

We contacted the office the following morning, after we had been for breakfast - not good either - very basic. Bread, coffee, meat, jam and cerial.

The pool area was dirty, the bar was rotting away, just not a nice place to go at all.

When we booked this hotel, we were advised it was a 3* hotel. There was no way this is a 3* we've stayed in Morocco in 3 and 4* hotels which put this one to shame.

We'd never ever go back to this hotel - ever, and you shouldn't waste your money.

We moved to a fabulous hotel in Cala Millor - 4* it was beautifully clean, food was amazing and they served champagne for breakfast! The Bahia Grande - would recommend this hotel to anyone."

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  • Travel date: Sat 26th of August 2006

Heaven has its hell hole

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"First let me tell you that we booked this dumpster through "alltours" who advertise this "hotel" as one with a good reputation and a nice family atmosphere. Well, don't let yourself fooled by this as it is completely wrong!! I just saw a documentary saying "playamar" is the worst hotel of Mallorca! This place is totally unhealthy, bleak and dirty. The front staff people don't give the slightest care about it! We had brownish liquids trickling down our bathtub and to be honest I couldn't take a shower in it for fear of getting hurt or getting infected by some sort of fungus! The walls were fly-blown which can be a good thing for an entomologist but I am not! My fiancé kept on saying this was a museum for dead mosquitoes (or maybe it was incrusted in the white paint as part of a dubious decoration...)! My bed sheets also had yellow stains (no, this was not lemon juice). The cleaning lady was also more a myth than reality as the fresh towels any decent hotel could provide: we found old and tired towels on the ground on our arrival!

The food was of the same kind and it probably consisted of leftovers from other hotels (the color of the food was also "interesting"). Ants we saw in the lunch area seemed to like it anyway! Speaking of ants, a family we met told us their room was infected with several kinds of insects and one of the girls had scabs on her chest because ants went over her during her sleep! Two members of this family also had asthma attack.

When the "alltours" (without the capital “a”, they don’t deserve it) agent came to the hotel the next after a sleepless night, many people queued up not to book excursions but to ask to be placed somewhere else! I didn't spend more than one night in this s..... hole because that was far more than my own sanity could bare. We ask to be placed somewhere else which we did but... we had to pay 500 extra euros (we had already paid 950 euros for the whole vacation package) to get somewhere decent. The “alltours” magazine only stated a difference of 200 euros for a similar package tour in the other hotel we went in! This is a shame to scam people like this and we intend to get some of our stolen money back! The agent also said his company knew playamar was not a decent hotel. My question is: why do they still work with this hotel if not to make money out of people?
Some could not afford spending more money to be moved and they decided to shorten their holidays and get back home but the thing is that they had to pay extra money to "alltours" to get back! This is absolutely shameful (if not criminal) to send people who have saved money during the year to such kind of place.

We have filmed the ants colony that also booked this hotel and other things we intend to show as proofs because this hotel needs more that a refurbishing, it needs to be closed down! As for "alltours", they need to add the words "honesty" and "fairness" in their work ethic.

We saw people crying in this filthy place, and many seem to be disgusted to be there. Of course this is not a 5 star hotel but this is not the reason to treat people this way. Needless to say that I strongly encourage people not to go there and avoid it at all cost. This place is dangerous and dirty!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 6th of August 2006

Very Cheap Budget Hotel

Reviewed Sun 16th of December 2012

"We stayed at The Playamar in S'illot for 7 nights,Half Board We booked our hotel through Hotel Beds and a separate flight. The whole holiday cost £450 for 2 adults and 1 child.
When we arrived our accomodation was stifling hot overlooking the road. The next day we upgraded to the self catering apartments overlooking the pool. These are much better and only cost 70 Euros extra for 1 week. BUt still very shabby.
The food is very very poor, the evening meal is basically out of a big catering tin with some cold fries and battered vegetables. The food was revolting but the hotel consisted of Eastern European holiday makers and they seemed to be able to eat it!! We decided to eat out everyday because the spanish bars really do fantastic meals . A meal with drinks never cost us more than 25 Euros for the 3 of us.
S'illot itself is quiet with very old hotels and bars. It is family orientated. No yobs around at all but loads of rude Germans.
We ventured down to Sa Coma in the evening where there is a big play ground with bouncy castle, bungee trampoline, quad bike hire, also entertainment.
As usual all the sunloungers were taken all day and all night - towels were left on the pool beds and the staff did not mind.
The staff seem very miserable in this hotel but it's not surprisng when there is no music, life or atmosphere there. It could be much much better if they played music around the pool in the day. It was very boring there and the germans, russians, slovakians stare at you all the time. WHY?????They are very weird rude people and I think they are jealous of the English.
I would not stay here again, the place is dead needs major re-vamp and the food should stopped immediatey."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 9th of July 2006

Brilliant. Loved our stay!

Reviewed 8 months ago

"We had a fantastic stay at the Playa Mar.

The suite was huge for the money we paid and for just £30 extra for the 8 nights for a larger balcony with a view, which we certainly received! The whole hotel was nice and clean and the staff were all absolutely lovely.

People complaining that the hotel restaurant served the same food and was cramped... you guys seriously need to learn to explore your surroundings on holiday. There are dozens of fantastic bars, cafes and restaurants in the local area.

I can't wait to return!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 31st of May 2017

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Basic with booze

Reviewed 8 months ago

"Its basic 2 star Hotel drinks great ,food poor
but i knew this and used it to my advantage. I got to eat in many places meet loads of fun people
You know if you go there understand its a base and a bed and free drinks
But if you expect pampering then dont go here
But the staff are nice drinks are plentiful
Rooms in hotel cleaned daily
Its cheap but at least your on holiday
Stay away from the food the chef just looks depressed and it shows in his food

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 9th of May 2017

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

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  • chezabelle1 by chezabelle1

    "area was quiet but not many english about. "

  • chezabelle1 by chezabelle1

    "The Antic restaurant was top class! "

  • Nicki Risi by Nicki Risi

    "Great area,beautiful beaches. "

  • 22yearsold by 22yearsold

    "nice catamaran trip to porto christo "

  • ttykes by ttykes

    "try it dont be put off by other peoples reviews, "

  • nige & cynth by nige & cynth

    "go there i had a great time "

  • devontina. by devontina.

    "If you want a peaceful holiday, this is it. "

  • Honest the truth joe by Honest the truth joe

    "Burn it to the ground, surrounding area nice "

  • The man with the silly hat by The man with the silly hat

    "Go room only! or better still book a different Hotel "

  • debbie by debbie

    "go room only and eat at little welsh bar "

  • mumoftwo by mumoftwo

    "Eat at the little welsh bar or the red lion!! "

  • Ray W by Ray W

    "Dont go all inclusive and eat out "

  • daryll by daryll

    "insect repelant a must "

  • zonga by zonga

    "going to the playa blanca "

  • lisangary by lisangary

    "not to stay at payamar "

  • Claire71 by Claire71

    "Stay in main hotel your unlikely to be bitten. "

  • 1 Elena by 1 Elena

    "Enjoy this special hotel "

  • Jayholloway by Jayholloway

    "If you got kids aged 6 upwards go all inclusive for drinks only and chips and ice creams jellies fruit There are hundreds of places to eat that will keep you happy The little welsh around the corner is amazing food Good value football daily "

  • inlinemedia by inlinemedia

    "Pay a little extra for a room with a larger balcony. You won't be disappointed. "

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  • Playamar S Illot
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