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BEWARE THIS HOTEL. It is certainly the ...

Reviewed 3rd October 2008

"BEWARE THIS HOTEL. It is certainly the most unsuitable hotel if you are disabled or elderly. It is up a very steephill. It took two able bodied friends to push my wheelchair, both were out of breath and had to stop half way. My wheelchair would not fit in the lift. No good when I had booked a disabled room. We were not fully incusive but still had to climb up concrete steps to get a cup of tea! Not quite right for a wheelchair! The staff were very accommodating however. The food pleasant enough and I was offered to change after one night. There was no atmosphere, The bar was shut to me most times. Everything was in German and we heard no English voices at all. I certainly feel strongly that this hotel should not offer diabled rooms when it has such a shortage of facilites."

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  • Travel date: 3rd October 2008

The flight was fast, just two hours, whi...

Reviewed 28th September 2006

"The flight was fast, just two hours, which is fantastic, if you are traveling with a baby, as I was. When we arrived at the airport, there was a rep to meet us, and ten minutes later we were setting off! The transfer only took 15 minutes from Mahon airport, so that was a bonus. Then we arrived! Four adults, a child and an infant (very tired and crotchety!) only to find they had lost our booking! After I argued for 15 minutes, with a screaming baby on my hip, and had produced 3 itineraries did they agree we should have had a room and would sort it out ASAP. They got us a free drink each and roughly half an hour later it was all sorted and we headed off to our room. The apartment was opposite a privately owned villa, and all night long all we heard was their dog barking his head off! I soon learned the Spanish for bad dog! The pools were fantastic, and the kids area was a decent size too, although it was off to the side of the complex, so you had to leave the poolside when the kids wanted to play. The food was reasonable, but I found the waiters to be quite surly, and often would be stood around talking amongst themselves rather than looking to see who was seated and waiting to be served. As for amenities - the place is tops - 5 pools in all, two children's play areas, a water slide, two bars, a restaurant, and a pizzeria (gorgeous!), kids club, and nightly entertainment. There is a supermarket directly opposite the complex, and a Spar only a few metres further up. Beware though, if you are a smoker, there were no tobacconists - we went into Mahon for ours, but you can buy them locally in a bar from a machine. All in all, not a bad trip, considering the problems to start with. Would recommend to all with families!"

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  • Travel date: 28th September 2006

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