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Very Pleasant Stay

Reviewed Tue 9th of October 2012

"My husband and i stayed at this hotel from 5th to 12th september after having cruised for the previous week on the island escape,when i booked the holiday i chose to change to this hotel because it didn't accept bookings for under 14 year olds which suited us just fine and we were not disappointed, it was a very nice hotel and from people we met we were told it was the best in Santa Ponsa. The suites were spotless and of a decent size, you had a double bedroom and next to that there was the toilet and shower [power shower] then it was open plan and there was a good size handbasin then you had the jacuzzi bath[very relaxing] then next to that there was hidden away a small kitchenette and fridge though it didn't work very well because when you left the room the key for the door was also the key for the electricity so it went off every time you went out.The sitting room was a good size as well.
We were half board so breakfast and dinner was included and there was a very good choice of things at both, so if you didn't find anything that you liked you would be very hard to please.
The pool area was lovely and spotlessly clean and i must admit we didn't find it too hard to get sunloungers when we went down after breakfast.
we had no problems during our week there and wouldn't hesitate to go back to this hotel.
The hotel was in a superb location overlooking the bay of Santa Ponsa though it was a good 15minute walk down to the beach although it was all downhill so no real hardship but a bit tougher coming back up."

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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of September 2006

Worth every penny for the view alone

Reviewed Sun 14th of October 2012

"I stayed here with family for a week in September after cruising the Med for a week. We had heard stories that the hotels in these cruise and stay deals do not live up to the cruise therefore we decided to pay the extra money to stay in this hotel. What an excellent decision.

We were lucky enough to stay in 2 terrace suites next to one another on the 5th floor. These were by far the biggest rooms I have stayed in during any holiday in Europe with a separate bedroom, bathroom with spa shower and jacuzzi bath, dining area, living area and a terrace which was without a doubt, bigger than most rooms I have stayed in. The view from this terrace was absolutely fabulous and I spent hours staring over the bay each day.

The restaurant was huge with a long terrace where you could dine outside if you could get a table - we did manage to get one most mornings and evenings and the excellent staff did their best to find you one whenever you arrived. Food was really good although much of it was non-British however still plenty to choose from. Breakfast was excellent - try the hot crepes and chocolate sauce. We are still talking about them after being home for 2 weeks.

Pool was gorgeous and unlike previous reviews we had no trouble getting loungers. We put our towels out on the way to breakfast around 9.15am and although there were beds with towels on, there were still plenty to spare. Pool was lovely and plenty of room to swim. My favourite thing about the whole holiday was lying by the pool with no kids shouting and splashing. Absolute heaven. The one and only thing I didn't like was that I couldn't walk into the sea as I don't like diving in from the rocks and I wasn't keen on the rope idea to pull myself out. The lovely pool however meant this was not a problem.

All in all, we thought the hotel was excellent and wouldn't hesitate in returning. I take 2 or 3 holidays each year and haven't found many hotels better than this one - definitely none in Europe!!! Anyone who doesn't like this hotel is way too fussy."

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of September 2006

My husband and myself, my sister and her...

Reviewed Wed 30th of August 2006

"My husband and myself, my sister and her husband stayed in the terrace suites from the 14 till 28 August 2006. We paid over 2000 pounds per couple, it was room only.

Basically, the only good thing was having our own sun beds and shower on our own terrace. You’re living area was very basic and we had no cooking facilities or kettle.

We had 2 cups 2 saucers 2 tea plates, we had to buy a kettle so as we could have tea or coffee. We had a small fridge if you call it a fridge, it did not even keep our drinks cool. You had a table, 2 chairs, another small table with 1 chair which all needed a good coat of paint.

We had a separate bedroom which was very dark and dull, a ceiling fan which did not work properly and the air conditioning was a joke. I also had to go out and buy coat hangers, 30 of them so as I could hang the rest off my clothes up. Anyway, overall I did enjoy my holiday.


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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of August 2006


Reviewed Mon 8th of October 2012

"All the reviews previously written are accurate, however, everyone's standards and expectations differ. I believe we demand reasonably high standards and we weren't disappointed at all. This is a lovely hotel in a great location with extremely good views of the bay. There are some amazing private yachts to look at and watersports in the bay also provide some entertainment. We were fortunate to stay in a terrace suite but had a glimpse of a balcony room and that looked lovely too.
Reception is open 24hrs and the staff were very helpful. The shower is a good size with power jets coming out from the sides which kept a steady temperature, but the overhead shower head was low pressure and kept going very hot, then cold. The aircon was efficient. The pool area is lovely and you can swim along the middle quite a way before you need to turn round. It was a joy not having to avoid small children and inflatables! There are very many sun loungers and as a result you will be very close to other guests. Unfortunately a lot of selfish guests were 'reserving' them with their towels (hotel towels can be obtained at Reception for 10 euro deposit). It's a pity hotel staff don't remove these towels from the sunbeds. As we had a terrace we only used the pool from mid-afternoon and we always found spare sunbeds then.
The lifts were slow and we found it easier to take the stairs if we were only going up or down one or two flights. Get a bucket of ice from the Pool Bar to take to your room and put your Cava on ice to enjoy in the jucuzzi. There are 2 PC's in Reception, internet access 3 euro's/hr. Spa treatments cost roughly 1 euro per min, so a 60 min massage was 60 euros. Food is cooked on BBQ by pool from 1-4 pm. Buffet evening meal costs 23 euros, if I had known that before we went I would have booked half board. We went B&B because we like to walk around town in the evening and find somewhere different to eat, however this was difficult as everywhere seemed to have the same menu's and Santa Ponsa is tacky. There are only 3 decent (designer) shops (Lacoste, Burberry + one other) but they were very expensive so do your clothes shopping before you go. If you want to eat out you can get a main course for 8 euros in an average restaurant, or spend a bit more to eat in a nice place. We only found one worth recommending - Meson del Mar on the other side of the bay (20 minute walk). It has a lovely view at sunset but you need to book (tel 971 69 23 13). There were at least 3 Mallorcan families eating there and all were eating Paella, so we ordered it too and enjoyed it.
Magaluf is 8 minutes by taxi (10 euros) or 45 mins on the 104 bus (2 per hour - 120 cents) and worth going, just to see what the youngsters get up to. If you have teenagers with you, that's where they'll be every night and BCM is the main nightclub with international DJ's. I recommend the Britannia Pub on the roundabout - live music and excellent sangria. Our one excursion was to the Pirates show (www.piratesadventure.com) in Magaluf, the performance was enjoyable but eat and drink before you go because the 'mouth-watering meal and drinks inlcuded in the ticket price' are a joke! I definitely recommend this hotel to anyone looking to relax by a pool for up to a week and would go back again on a half board basis."

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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of August 2006

This Is a Beautiful hotel, perfect for a...

Reviewed Sat 12th of August 2006

"This Is a Beautiful hotel, perfect for a relaxing break. This hotel does not take bookings for anyone under the age of 14, so you are guaranteed a rest while lying by the pool instead of the usual screaming and dive bombing.

All the staff were very accommodating nothing was too much trouble for them the only down side was that the hotel is geared a lot towards its German clientele, so the television stations in the room and some of the foods are German. Although there was always something very tasty on the buffet and I really can't complain about the quality of the food at all it was superb.

The hotel room was nothing short of stunning, with a Jacuzzi placed in the living area so you can have a view of the Med while relaxing in it. Everywhere in the hotel was spotlessly clean and it was well worth paying that little bit extra for.

If you like the Irish pubs in Santa Ponsa you are about a 15 minute walk down hill to them, we didn't attempt the walk back up we choose to jump in a taxi (about 3 Euros) although if you prefer more family entertainment the square is a 2 minute walk away with entertainment on each night.

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  • Travel date: Sat 12th of August 2006

OK but...! ( A traveller from Stockholm, Sweden)

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"It seems most of the reviews so far have been glowing and complimentary about the property but alas I have a few issues that might drag the rating down a notch or two. If one has to pay extra for a so called 4 stars plus hotel one should also compare it with properties of the same class elsewhere and see if one is getting a fair value for one's money.

Location: Good property location at the edge of the sea at one end of the Santa Ponsa Bay. It's more or less unique in the sense that it has got a private access to the sea which most other hotels in the area don't have. There's no sandy beach here but instead a rocky coastline. Guests can swim in the sea or dive into it from a diving platform. There are two sturdy ropes to help you get in or out from the surf. The view from the rooms are magnificent overlooking the other side of the bay, the anchorages for the yachts and the wide open Mediterranean Sea.

Clientele: Mostly German and British guests with a sprinkling of other nationalities. The demographics cut across all social classes from young honeymooners to older couples holidaying with their teenage children. There's an age limit however so there are no small children disturbing the peace. During our stay there were some seriously obese people staying so be prepared to be shocked at poolside when these people disrope and spread themselves half naked on the sun-loungers. Still, the hotel can't be expected to vet their guests before they let them in and as the price of the hotel is higher then your average Mallorcan offer it's not surprising that the clientele turns out to be as it is.

General service: Reception, housekeeping, F&B, security, property maintenance, tour desk/car hire, porterage, room service...etc. Overall good with high marks given to housekeeping. Staff do greet the guests which is a sign that Iberostar has trained them well. The reception can get busy as in my view a layout like a boutique hotel in the reception with a large writing table instead of the normal counter although adding a bit of class to the reception area is nonetheless inadequate when a large tour group checks in. Security is a hit and miss affair as the delivery entrance can be breached easily by climbing over a low wall or a fence. There's no doorman so anyone can and do enter the property. Porterage (only daytime) consists of one person serving 236 rooms, so be prepared to carry your own luggage and the lifts are small as well. Roomservice stops at 21,30 hrs and the menu offered is also a limited one. The main restaurant closes at the same time so make sure you are not hungry late in the evening. Tour desk/car hire/concierge...there's none. Everything is handled by the reception and as I said they can get busy so the assistance in these areas can only be perfunctory at best. Overall, if one's demands are not too high then the service provided is sufficient. I suspect the low standards of porterage and room service provided is because services like these have to be provided by the hotel in order to achieve the 4 stars rating internationally (in Spain, it's considered a 3 stars property only). Same old story of more staff meaning more costs and Iberostar couldn't have existed for 70 years if it cannot count. I cannot comment too much on the performance of the kitchen as we only had breakfast and it's the standard fare if one has done a bit of travelling.

The rooms: We stayed in a Junior Suite for two weeks. The living room was alright with really cheap furniture. The coffee table had cigarette burns on it and the TV stand is defaced with something which made it looked ugly. The soffa if indeed one could describe it as such is a sorry affair being very comfortable with very little back support if one wants to use it to watch TV or relax. There's no reading lamp nor any internet access. So don't bring your laptop. The shower is small and it couldn't hold a constant temperature. There's no minibar even though in the brochure for the room it was stated that there's a minibar. We never used the in-room pantry nor the much talked about whirlpool. Only one teaspoon was provided even though there were two teacups. Funny that. The walls were thin and the in-room safe cost extra. Still, the view from the room was pretty and the A/C was working 24 hrs.

The pool: Mallorca is a sun/sea destination so what's happening poolside for a 4 stars property is vital for its success. I mentioned already that the hotel has a private access to the sea even though there's no sandy beach. I'd suggest snorkeling as a rocky coast generally means sealife so if you are into fish watching you'd find it easy to pass the time here.
The biggest problem with the hotel is its inability to provide the guests with enough sun-loungers. Here I must say that part of the problem are the guests who go and book sun-loungers at 8 o'clock (or earlier) in the morning (by putting towels on them) and then turning up at 2 in the afternoon to use them. The hotel does forbide people from reserving sun-loungers but nobody gives a damn. So you have a 500 guests capacity hotel with only maybe 200-220 sunbeds. In the afternoon you'd see half the chairs empty but with towels on them. The occupants have gone back to their rooms or wherever and if you'd like to sunbathe in the afternoon you'd be stuck with nowhere to go. This to me means a lot of the guests are selfish, inconsiderate and second class. Once we saw 3 chairs booked till 4,45 pm before the people turned up to use them. I was told Mallorca is like that but for a 4+ stars property and the behaviours of the guests are still of the riffraff´s is an eye opener for me. The hotel, from the conversation I had with the general manager, claims it's not a "beach" hotel and as such they don't have the obligation to provide each guest with a sun-lounger as there's no extra space on the property to put them. Still, on the hotel's website it does say there direct access to the sea and let's face it, half the guests would not be there if the hotel hasn't got a bit of Mallorcan coastline to its private disposal. It's because of this weakness that my rating for this property cannot be any higher.

My suggestion is if you are going to spend this sum for Jardin del Sol, look further afield (Thailand?) for a better experience. You might get better value for your money. Would I go back? Erm...no."

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  • Travel date: Fri 4th of August 2006

best ever

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"Spoied and ruined, thats what we are. Every hotel I go in now will have to live up to this one.
You could have held a 5-a-side football match in the room, seperate bedroom, hall, lounge and balcony. A jaccussi in the middle...thats right in the middle of the room. Awesome!
The food was simply fantastic, with just too much stuff on display.
The bacon was oven baked at breakfast, so it passed for english.
There is no beach, but ladders in the rocks let you swim in the sea easily. The whole hotel looks out to the giant bay, and was beautiful to look at while you sipped wine on the balcony. The aircon was Ice cold. Leave the spare card in the slot so its on all day.
Out the hotel, you walk down hill to the side town of santa ponza.
Its not Ponza town, but has a few bars and resteraunts, and it nice and compact.
Walk 1 KM and you get to the throb of Ponza, which had a great atmosphere. I prefered quiet.
The hotel is quiet, and there is hardly any entertainment. Its 14+, and there are no kids at all. Its quiet, and reminded me of a cocktail bar, or a cruise ship bar. We didnt have the kids with us. Theyd have died of bordom. It was bliss!!!
The bar staff were like family...and very friendly. Only dissapointment is that spain has got so dear. Bacardi coke €3.4 and beer was similar.
having done Haven holidays in UK, and all incluisive in Europe, this was a cut above the rest. You felt special in this Hotel, and I would recoment to 30+ with no kids. Plenty of 60+ too (Im 43, wwife 38).
Anyhow, do this hotel and this end of Ponza some time in the not so distant future. Its by far the best we have ever stayed at, Hotel, food, room, area...fantastic!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of August 2006

You won't be disappointed

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"I arrived not really knowing what to expect.Most of the reviews I had read had been pretty compilmentary but this is Majorca after all and not somewhere like Egypt where you expect 5 star luxury every time.
BUT,I reckon 99% will be delighted with their stay at this hotel.
The room was spotlessly clean,well equipped with jacuzzi bath,large power shower,bedroom and seperate sitting room with balcony overlooking the sea.
You can sit in the jacuzzi and look out over the bay so if you're a bit shy I'd close the curtains,private it is not and for that reason I don't think the rooms are suitable for families or children.But if you're on your own or a couple you will love it.
The restaurant is large with plenty of choice although the food is fairly plain and there seemed to be a shortage of vegetables in Majorca but generally it was pretty decent fair.
Watch out for the toasters at breakfast,they take an age and a queue always builds up.
Waiters can't do enough for you and were very friendly.
The pool is the warmest I have ever been in on holiday and doesn't get to crowded and there is also an outside jacuzzi and cold showers.
The hotel is right on the seas edge but there is no beach just rocks so getting in can be a bit of a challenge.
Would I go back ? You betcha !!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 15th of July 2006


Reviewed Sun 18th of November 2012

"We stayed in the hotel for a week before going on our Ocean Village cruise and it was fantastic. The room was great with a great big jacuzzi bath in the room with views looking over the bay.The room also had a seperate toilet and shower room, with a double shower that had side water heads as well as the more tradional over the head one.
we stayed half board and all i can say about the food is that it was fantasic, there was a great choice that would suite just about everyone.
The staff were helpful when i had a problem with the safe in my room, one quick call and five minutes later a workman was there to fix the problem.Safes are available to hire for 12 euros a week.
The pool was good but i spent most of the time swimming in sea as the hotel is right next to it.It was a bit dodgy getting to sea as the rock was very sharp but a pair of sandles sorted that.One thing that i suppose is the same with all hotels that germans go to is you had to be up early to get the best sun beds, but dont let that put you off there is still plenty to go round.
Over all i would rate this hotel very highly and would go back anytime."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of July 2006

I have recently returned from Santa Pons...

Reviewed Tue 31st of August 2004

"I have recently returned from Santa Ponsa, I stayed at the JARDIN DEL SOL SUITES & SPA and let me tell you it was excellent. I got a cheap deal booking with HOLIDAY HOTELS & a cheap flight with AIR BERLIN.

The hotel as I said is lovely, you enter the hotel on the eighth floor & all the rooms are below, the minute you enter the reception the view hits you, you overlook the bay of Santa Ponsa as do all the rooms. We had a honeymoon suite but we looked at the junior suites & they were lovely also, all the rooms have a Jacuzzi & air con.

The staff were very friendly & welcoming from the headwaiter to the cleaners, the choice of food in the restaurant was good you had at least 4 choices of fish the same with the meat, veggie options, fruit, you name it they seemed to have it, the desserts were to die for.

The pool is big and you had no trouble getting sunbeds, we would have breakfast & go to the pool about 10 o/clock, there were plenty of Germans & Spanish staying at the hotel as well as English. The resort itself is about a 5-10 minute walk in fact you can walk right around the bay in about 40 minutes & there is something for everyone. All in all I would highly recommend this hotel & resort, we stayed there in September & the weather was great & the resort was not over crowded, the beach is nice as well, you can hire all sorts of boats from peddloes to big motor boats.

Downsides to this holiday are hard to find, no runny eggs, no smelly or dirty rooms although the couple in the room next to ours did say their room kicked up a smell but they put the plugs into the sink, shower & Jacuzzi & it went away, we did notice they were right above the toilet by the pool so that might of had something to do with it, that was room 1101 in case your interested, no stroppy staff either.

Anyway if your thinking of going here either the hotel or the resort then stop thinking & go, you wont regret it. Any more info required about this hotel or resort send in a post and if I can help I will."

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  • Travel date: Tue 31st of August 2004

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