Mar Senses Puerto de Pollensa

Calle Formentor s/n, 07470 Port de Pollenca, Majorca Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 4 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 1 value
  • 4 food
  • 1 cleanliness
  • 4 location

50 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Butlins without the red coats!


"I love puerto pollensa as a resort and will return this year for a third time. Wonderful restaurants, cafes, views and beach and not a night club to be seen or heard. However the oro playa while not expensive was truly awful! We visited with our 18 month old baby and i was 6 months pregnant with our daughter.
We arrived mid afternoon and had to trudge through the many sunbeds round the pool to get to our apartment. The apartment was basic which you would expect but also needed a good spring clean to get rid of old sand and hairs from previous guests. The entertainment made me think i was at butlins as it was very loud, lasted all day until late into the evening (not good when you want to get your toddler to sleep) and endeavoured to get all the family involved!
Our son had an accident on the beach and we carried him back to the hotel screaming but the receptionist was unable to understand/help us and i had to find the emergency doctors phone number on the vacant reps desk
We filled out a complaint form with the rep regarding this, the loud music late at night and the ants we found in the living area one day but unfortunately we are yet to receive a reply.
In short , puerto pollensa definitely but oro playa? never again!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of May 2007

Nice Hotel, Great Resort


"Having read some of the reports on the Hotel we were dubious about what we had booked.

Clearly it isn't the most expensive hotel in the world, so you do not expect the Ritz.

However the hotel was very good and the staff polite of efficient, . It had a nice bar and children's area. The three free shows during the week were even worth watching. Quizs and bingo on the other nights.

No sign of the bedchair problems reported by other reviewers. It was the last week of October (but still 25degC+ every day)

The rooms were good, were cleaned every day and were difficult to fault. The pool was excellent ( the pool side area was swept and hosed down every morning), the kids club was great, and the resort as good as it always is. We had a fantasitic holiday"

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  • Travel date: Fri 10th of November 2006

We had a nice holiday at the Oro Playa


"We were dubious about staying here after reading reviews on this site but were pleasantly surprised when we arrived. Our room - H11, was at the back of the hotel facing a road but was bright and spotlessly clean. The kitchen was well equipped too with toaster and microwave and all necessary utensils.

This was a last minute holiday booked through Direct Holidays and was excellent value for money.

We will definitely return to Majorca and would stay at the Oro Playa again."

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of November 2006

Don't go here. You deserve much better quality than this.


"Well, I've given Panorama Holidays two GOOD opportunities to address the issues we had on our holiday with them this year and I'm not surprised that after nearly 3 months since our return, we've still had no satisfactory answers to our issues, other than a 'thanks for letting us know' letter. I should have used this website and noted what previous guests had commented on as many of their comments still stand true several years later.

A copy of my letters to Panorama can be found below, but in short, i couldn't and wouldn't recommend The Oro Playa (we renamed it The Horror Playa) to anybody other than Steptoe and Son rag and bone men. The hotel is a real throwback to the 1970's (which is probably when it was last refurbished) when Brits first took the tourist route to the Mediterranean, and as tourists, we weren't always sure of the standards we be presented with. But now, in the modern era of travel, and customer care, most descent people would and should expect better standards than those provided by Panorama Holidays at The Oro Playa.

The large quantity of ants, daring to crawl through the Oro Playa Hotel, have had to negotiate the filthy pool (once you've broke through the surface scum, where visibility in the water, on a clear day, can reach up to 1 meter) and litter strewn pool side (no pool side attendants at this family hotel by the way). After finding their way to the hotel bathrooms (and yes, we did change apartment too), the ants would be met by a variety of defects. Cracked tiles and rusty bathroom fixtures and fittings, lamp shades hanging loosely from the wall which not only look unnecessarily untidy, but, more importantly, could also be very dangerous. After a long day, crawling throughout the apartments, the ants do get their heads down, mainly in the beds of hotel guests that will have paid around £2000 for a fortnight for a family of four, so if you don't mind sharing with them, this shouldn't be too much of a problem (although they do get hungry in the night and wake for a quick bite, OF YOU!!).

It must be said that the ants probably deserve more than the Oro Play provides by way of accommodation since each and every morning they have to risk life and limb in order to survive the stampede of the Brits who've risen early enough to rush to grab a sun lounger. Places round the pool are very limited and it's "first up best dressed" in terms of the sun loungers. Leaving it until 5 minutes after the chains come off the loungers will leave you with one of the broken ones to share (if you're lucky).

Puerto Pollenca is a lovely family resort with great beaches, restaurants and bars. Do yourself a favour and DON'T go to the Oro Playa until you hear it's been extensively refurbished. There are other hotels in Pollenca that are much more deserving of your custom and your money. And when you do find another hotel, don't go with those 'Rag and Bone' merchants at Panorama Holidays who's customer care appears to be being nothing more than grateful when you point out where they are failing as a suitable provider of holidays.

At the Oro Playa, Panorama Reps were also representing the following tour operators (Airtours, Aspro, Direct, Manos) who may or may not provide better services. Check out ALL of their websites, you MIGHT see a difference.

Here's my, as yet (16/10/06) unanswered letter to Panorama Holidays.

Arrival at Palma Airport and the Panorama Reps
After arriving at Palma airport, we were met by a rep that worked for several tour operators (Airtours, Aspro, Direct, Manos) not just Panorama which we found quite surprising (Is there just one company owning all the other companies that those reps work for?). We were given directions to a coach where we were told to wait for a transfer to the Oro Playa Hotel. After waiting 15-20 minutes, the rep boarded the coach and give out information packs to each of the 5-6 parties aboard the coach, except for us. We had to go and ask for a pack as she left the coach. The rep returned to the arrivals hall in the airport and collected a pack and scribbled our name across it. I'd like to know if we were an after thought because she was busy dealing with passengers that had chosen the other tour operators rather than Panorama? The pack informed us about a get together meeting at 10:30 the following day by the hotel pool bar. We turned up in time and waited with just a few other guests. The rep appeared at about 10:50 and announced that she didn't think it was worth doing the meeting as people had only turned up in 'dribs and drabs'. She added we could go to another meeting due to take place later in the week if we wanted!! During our stay, we had several problems with ants. We informed the rep who told us that they were aware of the problem (throughout the hotel), but couldn't do much more than arrange the cleaners to spay the room. I disagreed and suggested that a reputable pest control company should be used to resolve the problem. The night before our departure, we found a 'customer comments' sheet pushed under our door. This sheet was completed and left in the room as we had a 5:00am departure, although the space provided on the form did not allow for us to fully convey our comments!

We arrived at the Oro Playa and checked in. As well has having recommendations from friends and relatives that had previously stayed there, we knew that the hotel is in a great location for access to the beaches, pine walks and the local shops and restaurants of Puerto Pollenca. We had specifically requested a ground floor room with a pool view at the time of making our booking and we were never told that it wouldn't be possible so we were quite disappointed with the room we were allocated. Although it was ground floor, it was at the back of the hotel alongside a road with perimeter railings and a very poor aspect with no direct sunlight until well into the afternoon. It was dark, dingy and not a room we wanted to spend 14 nights in.

Room L01
Once we began to unpack our cases and it became apparent just how poor the standard of the room was and indeed what the poor quality standards of this hotel in general were. In our room, there were:
Loose wall light fittings
Scuff marks on most of the walls
Cracked glass in the bedroom 'safety glass' window
Lots of broken/chipped tiles in the bathroom
Loose bathroom fixtures (shower head, toilet flusher etc)
Rusty ceiling struts to hold the tiles in place
Loose/missing ceiling tiles
Kitchenware and cutlery akin to that found during school mealtimes (with lots of grained-in brown marks, bent knives, miss-matching etc)
Ants in all rooms
A tiny patio table (approx 60cm diameter - for a family of 4!!!)
And to boot, the air conditioning was pitiful

After making a complaint about the room, we requested a transfer to a ground floor room with a pool view (as originally requested). We were then asked to wait for the next arrivals to check in before a decision on our new room could be confirmed. We were then offered B12, which did have a pool view, but it was on the second floor.

Room B12
After having wasting more than ½ day of our holiday waiting, we decide to take the room. It was at this point we began to realise that the Hotel Oro Playa was not going to live up to our expectations or be worth anywhere near the price we'd paid. In this room there were:
More ants than in L01
Chipped bathroom tiles
Loose bathroom ceiling tiles
Similar standard kitchenware to that in L01
Rusty ceiling struts in the bathroom
More loose bathroom fixtures
Shower that ran scalding hot or freezing cold
The safe (which was an 'extra' cost) fitted with just two screws instead of the four it required
No improvement in the air-conditioning system from L01.

Pool Area

Scum on the swimming pool water
At best, the visibility underwater in the pool, using goggles etc was about 1.5 meters. We didn't realise how poor this was until we visited another hotel in the area a few days later and used their pool. In that pool it was easy to see 5-10 meters underwater since the water there was crystal clear. This suggests that the filtration system for the Oro Playa pool was not adequate and for the last two days of our holiday, we refused to use the Oro Playa pool. A large quantity of scum had been allowed to develop on the surface of the water. Whether it was true or not, the rumour amongst guests was that someone had been sick in the pool and it hadn't been cleared up. It was obvious that the pool filtration system couldn't cope with this matter since it was there for two nights (when the filter system should have cleared it out). Reps suggested it was caused by sun tan oil, although on closer inspection there was a great deal of solid matter in it, which actually backed up the rumour!! Guests kept their children out of the pool.

Whenever we walked around the pool area there was a quantity of litter from ice cream wrappers, sandwiches etc. This is understandable in a family hotel with lots of kids and although there wasn't much litter, it was only ever cleared up in the evening. This reflects poorly upon the hotel and should be regularly cleared away by hotel staff.

The effect of 'crazy paving' around the pool must have been fashionable at one point in time although this would add to our suggestion that a total refurbishment of the hotel is necessary. The paving looked awful, it was uneven (causing trip or toe-stubbing hazards), it looked unclean and left puddles which then became dirty.

This issue made me feel ashamed to be British. For years, we've always considered it a joke that the Germans reserve sunbeds by laying out their towels early in the morning. Well at the Oro Playa this now also the case if you wish to sit beside the pool during your holiday. The lack of sunbeds plus the quantity of broken sunbeds means some of your paying guests do not get the opportunity to lay around the Oro Playa pool on their holiday. Many guests were really annoyed with this situation and told the reps. The reps basically told them that they had asked people not to reserve them but they 'were not getting involved any further than that’. After hearing this, we decided to take direct action by taking sunbeds to our room before they were locked away in the evening.

The bar closed at 12:00 each evening which is fair enough in a family hotel, but upon locking up the bar (at 12:00) the bar staff then immediately turned off the lights. OK, their shift had ended, but we are on our holiday. This left anyone with a drink in darkness and it is not the way to treat customers.

Hotel Staff
The hotel staff were excellent. The receptionists were happy to help and very courteous, the cleaners were polite and left the room as clean as possible. The supermarket staff were friendly and helpful too. The Animation lads were really good. They enthusiastically took part in events and kept the children well entertained. All the staff served the hotel very well.

This hotel is in dire need of investment and major refurbishment. There are scuffs/marks on most of the walls we saw in the two rooms we used, fixtures and fittings are worn and tired (even the fitted radio looks like it has not operated for years). Yes this will cost money, but aren't your paying clients entitled to decent quality whilst on the holiday most have looked forward to and saved for the year for?

The problem with the ants is widespread (we heard many holiday makers from different rooms making comments) and utilising the services of a reputable pest control company instead of spraying isolated incidents could solve it (the smell from the ant spray was also very strong for hours after it had been applied). It isn't pleasant to be woken during the night with ants crawling all over the beds. Ant nests need to be removed and ant traps installed but obviously that would cost more than the occasional tin of spray.

The filtration system of the pool should be reviewed. The water should have been much cleaner (as we saw in other hotels), even after an eventuality such as somebody being sick in it. A poolside attendant could check the water quality, clear up litter AND provide a good level of safety around the pool rather than simply posting a sign indicating that there is no attendant on duty!

The problem with sunbeds could seriously escalate and end with problems for the hotel to address if clients took to physical violence to attain them (believe me, people are getting THAT annoyed with the situation -ask your reps!!). A simple system entitling each apartment to two sunbeds only would prevent the sad state of holidaymakers 'reserving' them with towels at 9:00am. This would need organising and again that would cost more (as would buying adequate numbers of beds for the guests staying at the hotel in the first place).

Surely the night porter could be asked to turn off the lights about 20-30 minutes after last orders at the bar. This would allow people to finish their drinks before returning to their rooms.

We appreciate that your company would always like to have opportunity to rectify isolated problems whilst customers are on holiday, but how often are customers expected to complain during their holiday before it becomes farcical, and further more how much time of their holiday are they expected to spend 'trouble shooting' the hotel problems that shouldn't even exist. This isn't a good policy to leave customers feeling satisfied with their choice of tour operator is it?

After paying what we consider to be a good price (£1923.50) for our family holiday, we hope you will consider our comments and we look forward to hearing your response to them in due course."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 15th of October 2006

In need of a facelift


"We had only just arrived when a gloomy looking bloke approached us and asked if we had seen our apartment yet. As we were still dragging our suitcases and were pale and un interesting, I thought this a bit of a daft question. He proceeded to tell us that we were in for a shock and that the sinks were rusty. Thanks alot ! I said that never mind we would be out most of the time. Our sink wasn't rusty but the bottom of the mirror was and the seal around the bath was a bit tatty, all in all in need of a makeover. They never make the furnishings too comfortable but we didn't plan on being indoors that much. It was our second visit to PP and we fell in love with it all over again. I don't like to recommend it too highly or it will be over run. The Oro Playa was adequate for what we needed. I did't experience ths sunbed reserving carry on. We did swim and sunbathe there a couple of times but mostly made for the beach which got us fit as we like the bit down near the Pollensa Park hotel. Unfortunately we had a large tree in front of our balcony which blocked the view of the pool but perhaps gave us a bit of privacy. The mountain view is a big bonus.The entertainment was quite good and the entertainers easy on the eye !! the best thing about the place is the location which is perfect for shopping and eating out, lots of great places to eat and drink, the service is excellent and everyone is so friendly.I agree with other reviews re the ant problem.They are sooo tiny that if you have bad eyesight you might be unaware of them. I was bitten by one though and had spotted them climbing up the coffeee table. There is also a very convenient gap in the bottom of the balcony doors to allow them and other insects to get access. Perhaps that is there for cleaning purposes. There was a gecko outside the door one evening and we did wonder of he had been provided to eat the ants, but he declined to come in !! We love PP and it would take a lot to put us off the place. If they get a makeover then they have a pleasant setting,convenient location and a nice compact feel about theplace. but if you want luxury it is not for you. I wonder if that chap read Trip Advisor ?"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 8th of October 2006

Avoid the Oro Playa


"Puerto pollensa is beautiful, even better than the brochures lead one to believe. Things could not be better apart from one morning at about eight o clock when myself, a male receptionist and another person I took to be related to the apartments. This third party was in full flow with a stream of foul and obscene torrent of abuse. He noticed me but blithly carried on. He was neither aware nor seemed to care that I understood Spanish. This foul abuse carried on for some time in my presence and the receptionist got fed up and walked away. I also left. If I invited a guest into my house I would not expect him or her to be witness to this. I gave a written complaint into reception.......and heard nothing. On my return I wrote to the company head office.......not a word. I am used to bad language as an everyday hazard but to have to listen to this foul and abusive tirade while a guest of Oro Playa apartments was hard to stomach. In summary I heartily reccomend Puerto Pollensa but strongly advise against staying at the Oro Playa apartments where guests are treated with disdain and genuine complaints are simply ignored."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 4th of October 2006

We had a fantastic holiday at the Oro Playa!


"We didn't hold out much hope for the Oro Playa apartments after reading some of the reviews, but were pleasantly surprised!

We travelled on 16th Sept 2006 and on arrival, the place looked like it had been abandoned. Majorca had just had a battering from some severe storms and there were no people to be seen anywhere. We checked in and the apartment was exceptionally clean, if a little small. The balcony was tiny, but OK for a small table and four chairs (just!). I have to say that the drab grey exterior of the complex buildings did not look appealing but we soon got used to it and it was no indication of the holiday to come.

The first evening we took a stroll down the pine walk, which is literally seconds from the front of the hotel (as is the beach). We found a nice restaurant and wondered what the morning at the hotel would bring!

The next day the sun was shining, the pool looked inviting and all the sunbeds around it had been reserved! The people had all appeared from nowhere and were lying around sunning themselves. We found a nice spot (in the shade) where noone else seemed to park their beds (by the pool tables). This turned out to be a good choice as when the sun came round a little bit more we had it for the whole day whereas the other side of the pool was shaded in the afternoon! I read another review which said the areas were rough around the pools, and I was concerned about this, but it's actually like slightly uneven crazy paving, which made the area safer in my opinion because it wasn't at all slippery when wet.

We travelled with our 2 children aged 8 and 5 and they absolutely loved it. CHRISTOPH and AYHAN the animacion team were excellent and we enjoyed the water polo, rifle shooting and javelot. We were sad to leave these two guys, they were full of enthusiasm and made our holiday that little bit more special. The evening entertainment was really good - if there wasn't a live show on, Ayhan and Christoph would do a quiz or bingo, which was fun. If you read the description of the hotel before you book you can see that they have lots happening throughout the day and night (which is bound to go on late), and if this is not something you enjoy then don't book such a 'busy' holiday!

One word of warning though, they had a parrot show on one night and we purchased 2 photos of our children with the parrots on their shoulders for 10 euros each, which we collected the next day from the reception. The photo's were terrible quality - very dark and blurred and not at all worth the money! Don't buy them!!!

All in all we had a fantastic time at the Oro Playa and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you for reading!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 25th of September 2006

Had no complaints


"My girlfriend and i stayed at the oro playa for two weeks from 26th august and i have to say that i was a bit concerned having read some of the more recent reviews- fortunately, i found most of the complaints did not apply to us!!
I found the entertainment most nights to be excellent, and the entertainment staff worked exceptionally hard to keep a wide variety of ages entertained. the location was second to none, the apartments were kept clean and to sum up, we will be returning to pp and will definately be staying at the oro playa!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 10th of September 2006

Good value for money


"We stayed here for 2 weeks at the start of july with our 2 children ( aged 4 and 1 ) and despite some prolems with the accommodation we had a great holiday. Very family friendly hotel which is small but has plenty of entertainment to offer. All staff were friendly and helpful.

Negatives ( all of which have been covered in other reviews ) -

If ,like us, you like to enjoy a quiet drink on the balcony once the children are in bed you will quickly realise this is not possible as the entertainment is very loud ! To be fair it does finish by about 23.30, but by the second week we found it easier to just join in as we couldn't get any peace in our room. Having said that, our two really enjoyed the kids disco !
The reserving of sunbeds at some ungodly hour was irratating, even though it was forbidden by the hotel !
The kids pool was very sharp around the edges and the surface surrounding it was uneven and rough. I observed lots of minor accidents in that area(cut knees+feet etc).
We used the playground twice but it was old and tired.

Positives - The location is great, really close to the beautiful pine walk, beach and all the resturants and bars.
I have never stayed somewhere abroad with so many cleaning staff, therefore the place was very clean. We had a lovely cleaner who came nearly every day ! Clean towels 5/6 times a week and beds made 6 times a week , pretty good for 2/3star we felt.
Apartments were all pretty close to all hotel facilities. The shop had a good selection of essentials and wasn't overpriced - great croissants ! The resturant looked uninspiring but there were so many great places to eat within walking distance it didn't matter. The snack bar by the pool was ideal and well staffed - nice chilli !
The swimming pool was a good size and the childrens pool was separate.

Overall, the apartments would benefit from some updating but were clean and good value for money. There location within the resort was a real bonus. We would highly recommend the resort of puerto pollensa and will definately return there in the future. If you go to the oro playa knowing what to expect then I'm sure you won't be dissappointed, it is only 2/3 star after all."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 8th of September 2006

Oro Playa - OK


"Oro Playa - Puerto Pollensa

LOCATION: Fabulous for walking distance to beautiful beach wonderful town centre, mariner, shops, restaurants, cafes, market.

SIZE: Its actually quite a small complex, which feels safe and secure if you are concerned about little ones. My only concern here is that the gate near the play park is frequently left open by the cleaning staff during the day, but they don't mind if you shut it over because they love kids - EVERYONE LOVES KIDS IN ORO PLAYA! The rooms and the balcony are very small - the smallest we've stayed in. But this wasn't too much of a problem as our children are only 3 and 7 yrs old. If we had teenages I would find it cramped.

ROOMS: Tiny! ANTS! Rust! Cleaning ok - dust was brushed under the cupboards (some would say you get what you pay for - but come on, cleanliness should not come at a price!)

BAR: Lovely location, right by the pool. A nice setting for both day time and evening. Pedro and the bar staff are muy bueno. Hola Pedro! Lovely people.

POOL: small, but not too small. Strange because there is no real shallow end. ie my tall 7 yr old could only tiptoe in "shallow part", but then the baby pool, which is securely seperated from the main pool, is fine for little ones (if they don't scratch their bellies and backs on the rather rough step in!)

SUNBEDS: ARE A JOKE - or rather the VERY sad Brits and Irish who queue at the crack of dawn just to grab their place. On the 18th August it poured down with rain at 8.30am and still the saddoes put their wet towels out! HILARIOUS - My advice - don't bother, go to the beach, its far more peaceful.

ENTERTAINMENT: Avoid the Thursday night parrot show at all costs, it lasts for 20 mins then they rip you off for 11 Euros to have your kid's picture taken with two persecuted parrots. The picture doesn't even come in a card frame!!! The Dolphin Kids club is lovely and Lynsey and Sara are so sweet, we felt that our kids were in good hands with these two. Usual package holiday Bingo (what must the spanish think of us?) everynight! Evening entertainment = z list, unless Elvis is on then its worth a look in.
Animacion reps Ayhan and Christoph are pleasant enough (lads trying to entertain a real mixed audience).

Restaurant: Pepe the chef always looks a bit fed up - so does the food in the restaurant. Its not up to much - go into the town where you can go to a different place every night for a fortnight and still not sample everywhere. I recommend Mojito, Dakota for cheap meals and IRU for a real splash out classic cuisine.

RESORT: The best in Mallorca, I've spent holidays in many resorts all over the island and believe me PP IS the Best! (unless you are a thrill seeking 19 year old who wants to persue a more "nocturnal" holiday.) Its clean, quiet yet there is plenty to do. Boat trips, sight seeing, the gorgeous Pine Walk.

So to some up, we found the Oro Playa to be OK. We didn't spend much time in the room so the location was by far the biggest selling point. In terms of the view, we think we had the best room L22 (its the one in the new direct holidays brochure) with a pool view and the back drop of the beautiful mountains!

If you don't mind ants and the odd Brit/Irish litter lout then you'll be laughing. Would I recommend it? We won't go back to these apartments again unless they had a complete face lift to tidy up the tired look, but they were satisfactory enough for us to enjoy our holiday. Our kids would go back tomorrow!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 21st of August 2006

don't stay at these apartments


"Myself,my husband and 7 year old daughter satyed at these apartments a year ago. They are filthy,dated,unsafe and of very poor quality.electrical switches were not fitted properly,not good when you have kids and the glass to the full length window was full of scribbled marker pen.the hob was full of rust even though we wouldnt have used it and no lights working. The worst place we have ever stayed and not the cheapest either. Within 4 hours we contacted our tour operator who gave us the option to move to Villa Concha apts which we did,top standard but of the same star rating as Oro Playa. When going down to book out of Oro Playa down the staircase there was blatant drug dealing and smoking of illegal substance by several men in an apartment with the door wide open."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 16th of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

had a good holiday


"the apartments needed an upgrade the air conditioner was not great but coco the entertainer was great all kids at at night an during the day 10/10 for coco.
location exellent two minutes to the beach."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 10th of August 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food
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    "Didn't really have any. All places went to had a decent meal but very expensive due to Euro. "

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