Hotel Piscis

Calle Teodore Carnet 41, 07410 Port d'Alcudia, Alcudia, Majorca Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 2.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 3.5 value
  • 3 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4 location

69 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

would go back again =)


"We would go back 2 the piscis very clean nice food nice drinks
although there was alot of germans but still ok
resort was realy nice. Although if u dont like quiet go 2 the other side of alcudia e.g alcudia pins
entertainment was ok
pool was nice
staff were nice
overall godd holiday we went in may so it was quiet
have a good holiday =)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 31st of May 2007

Couldnt wait to get home!!


"We stayed at the hotel piscis in Aug 2006. We had a 2wk stay and can honestly say it was not a good holiday. The pool was too small with not enough sunbeds there was a fight to save a bed from early as 7.30am the pool itself was too small and u had trouble walkin to and from the bar as there wasnt enough room between the pool edge and the loungers. Meals were ok if u like salad and pasta they didnt really cater for english families. Entertainment was the worst ive ever come across in a all-inclusive hotel 10-10 to the young girl who tried too organise games, bingo and quizzes she tried hard but nobody seemed to be bothered there was some shows on but wernt worth watching. The only thing i can say on a good point about this hotel was how clean it was kept which made up for the small crowded rooms. On a better note we met some great familes and made some new friends. I wouldnt be goin back to this hotel again"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of October 2006

A few complaints...


"Have just returned from a week in Alcudia, staying at the Piscis hotel. Overall we've had a brilliant time, but the hotel does have its good and bad points.

1. The food was great! Was never disappointed with the variety and quality. My plate was always full as I wanted a bit of everything! We were all inclusive, so we made several trips to the buffet!

2. Staff were generally friendly. Reception staff especially were great and spoke great English, and were very helpful when we tried to get a late checkout.

3. Location was spot on! 2 minutes walk to the beautiful beach, shops, and restaurants. The livlier bars were at the other end of the resort, so this hotel was more peaceful, but if we wanted to visit the livlier places it was only 5 mins and 4 euros in a taxi. Good shops only 2 mins walk from the hotel.

4. The lounge area was comfortable, with pool tables which we never had to wait to use. Also, on sale were postcards with a postal service offered, small souvenirs, car rental and bike rental.

5. The room, though basic was very clean. The maid visited everyday, towels were changed twice, as was the bedsheets. The maid also came up to ask us if we needed anything else. Very helpful.

1. The walls of the rooms were paper thin and we could hear everything going on in the corridor and room next door. The moving of the lift woke me up several times. We could hear the people next door chatting and coughing which got very annoying. Also, there was a church not far away and the chiming of the church bell several times a day from 7am to 9pm got very irritating.

2. The bar staff were quite rude. There was often a long queue at the bar but the staff waited until they had finished their private conversation before serving. They made us feel like we were putting them out by asking for a drink. No smiles, no greeting, and often they didnt understand what i was asking them for, even though most of the time it was only vodka - nothing too difficult. It was because of this we spent most nights drinking in the local bars and spending twice as much money as we'd planned to.

3. The pool, although quite large had no room around the outside. Only space for a few sunbeds so we spent most days at the beach. The pool area is in the shade until the afternoon too. There is not enough room for the amount of people staying here. When people were sunbathing around the pool there wasn't even enough space for people to walk round without falling in the pool - which happened quite a bit.

4. The range of snacks was very limited. Meal times were great, but if we felt a bit peckish outside of the meal times we went out of the hotel as all was available at the bar was dried up sandwiches and salted popcorn. not nice!

This hotel was certainly not the worst I've ever stayed in, but I don't think I'd stay at the Picsis again. It is most suitable for couples who use the hotel mainly as a base and to eat, but prefer to go out at other times, as the evening entertainment was also quite poor. However, Alcudia was great, perfect for couples and families especially. Anyone looking for a more wild and lively holiday are better going to Magaluf, and hour and 10 mins away from Alcudia."

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  • Travel date: Sat 16th of September 2006

Good hotel resort and great holiday


"Myself, hubby and 13 year old son stayed at the Hotel Piscis half board for the first two weeks of August.
The room we stayed in was a very good size with plenty of storage, nicely decorated, clean and very comfortable. The air conditioning was an absolute godsend and gorgeous to come back to after a melting hot day outside! Of course you need to have the windows closed to benefit from the AC just like you do in your car and there were a couple of occasions when the maid had left the patio doors open ajar on the balcony which turned off the AC and meant the room wasn't as chilled as we hoped when we returned. This is no big prob though because it cools quickly when you switch the AC on!
Satellite TV in the room would have been great but I most certainly did not see it advertised as included (i booked with Thomas Cook) and did not expect it. We watched the british satellite tv a few times in the bar to keep updated with all the hand luggage/terrosist threat that was going on whilst we were there.
I can't really comment on the entertainmentu because I much prefer to use the hotel as a base when I go on holiday and I would certainly never dump my kids on entertainment staff and expect them to do the job I am responsible for!! Needless to say not everybody has this same opinion and the kids that are just left by their parents can be rowdy and annoying. This of course is no fault of the hotel!!!

The staff in the hotel are great, very polite, helpful and any query you may have is dealt with speedily e.g. the safe in our room was not working, we reported it on our way to breakfast and by the time we had eaten and got back to the room the guy was just leaving after having fixed it!
Obviously the dining room gets very busy at meal times and the staff work non stop trying to have tables clear and clean ready for the next guest. Pretty much as soon as you've finished with one plate it's taken away by one of the staff but only after you have set it aside and they've politely asked if you've finished. Never once was any member of the dining room staff rude to me or any member of my family.
The food is very good. There is plenty of it and plenty of choice for all tastes. The only advice I would give here is if you like fish without bones don't try the fish and also the lasagne is just awful and best avoided........needless to say I ended up really fancying some lasagne and ended up waiting until I got home to have some after the shock of whatever it was they do to lasagne. I hope that doesn't put anyone off the food because it really is excellent and the puddings are absolutely gorgeous!
I should mention that if you're staying half board you will need to pay for your drinks with your evening meal. It cost 1.50 for a small coke or other soft drink. At breakfast time you can have tea, coffee or juice so it was a bad point for me that we could not have a soft drink included with our evening meal. The 1.50 was too much in my opinion so we just had a cuppa back in the room after we'd eaten.
The swimming pool is as busy as you would expect it to be. The children are having lots of fun cooling off and is no more noisy or rowdy than any other hotel pool. If you prefer to have a bit more quiet then you can use the sun terrace overlooking the pool that way you can have a dip when you feel like it and read a book or paper without getting splashed. We would stroll down to the sun terrace about 11 am maybe midday and always have three sunbeds to use, not once did we need to turn back because there were no sunbeds!
The hotel is situated on a long busy main road and it's fair to say there is a lot of traffic noise at the front or sideroad side. The noise of cars revving and those horrible scooters revving is very annoying and disturbs your peace. I think speed bumps or some sort of traffic calming measure would be a good idea on the road. Just use some ear plugs as my hubby did and you'll sleep soundly through it.
I can't remeber how much it cost to rent a fridge I think 40 euros for the two weeks but you get 10 euros back as a deposit when you checkout and the safe was about 20 euros for two weeks with 6 euros deposit back.
Anyway this has turned in to a bit of an essay so I'll finish now but to recap it's a good hotel, nice resort and you'll have a great holiday. Two weeks is maybe a bit long I think ten days would have suited me better."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 20th of August 2006

Poor All Inclusive


"Booked this for an all inclusive as had read the reviews on here. I can't believe the reviews are of the same hotel that we stayed in. The rooms although decorated nicely are extremely small and narrow and you have to climb on the beds to allow another person to pass. If you have a child with you then the hotel just add a old rusty campbed to the side of yours. It advertises satellite TV but this is not in the rooms but only in the lobby upstairs which is not near any other facilities and one in the bar. The kids club is merely a woman popping outside for half an hour and getting the kids to play skittles and then disappearing. The entertainment is the same woman at night doing half hour of kids dancing and then disappearing. Hardly any entertainment other than that. You can only drink half pint glasses as you have to pay to have a full pint. This means that you are constantly queueing at the bar as the staff can be funny about giving you more than one drink at a time. Adults had to go to the bar as when children went the staff would only give them one item meaning they could not get drinks etc for the family. The staff are extremely rude and act as though they are being put out by having to serve a drink. The snacks consist of squashed sandwiches and salted popcorn although the actual meals in the dinner hall are really nice - really the only plus point for the hotel. Although again some of the staff in the restaurant are quite rude and pretty much snatch your plate as you take the last mouthful. The children in the hotel literally run around the building screaming as they have nothing else to entertain them except a small room with some computer games which is full of teenagers and not a suitable environment for smaller children.
In the daytime we could not stay at the hotel as there are no sunbeds available after about 7 am and if you don't have one of the sunbeds then there is no other room around the pool. The pool gets extremely boisterous as due to the lack of space - everyone crowds into the pool. The kiddies pool is hidden in a corner nowhere near to the main pool so if you have children of different ages and abilities then you cannot supervise them at the same time. Having said that - the sun is rarely in either pool as they are overlooked by adjacent buildings.
I have a five year old and found that I spent most of the time elsewhere as she was limited as to what she could do in the hotel therefore I did not take advantage of the free drinks as there was no entertainment. On top of paying the price to stay in a supposedly all inclusive - I spent a small fortune going out in the evening as I did not want my daughter running wild around the hotel.
The room does come with airconditioning included but if someone is inside the room with it on then you cannot sit on the balcony as the fan that pumps the air out is situated at chair level and blows straight in your face.
The layout of the hotel is extremely strange as if rooms have been added on as an after thought and due to this of an evening people are sitting all around the hotel and therefore adding to the lack of atmosphere except for the children whizzing past you screaming.
This is a suitable hotal for a large group of adults who only wish to sit and drink all day and need no other facilities or entertainment but for families or couples wanting to save money by being all inclusive - it does not have the facilities that you would expect from an all inclusive."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 6th of August 2006



"really good for the money. Food good (smaller choice but good quality). Stayed for 10 days all inclusive and enjoyed it - would stay again. Good location - close to the port. Beware - they only give you soap on the first day. My 2 year old loved the disco for the kids in the evening. all in all good holiday. (pool might get a bit crowded in the busiest months)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of July 2006

In one word Fantastic


"WHO WENT ? Myself and 3 other 18 year old friends
WHEN? 2ND OF MAY 2006 for one week

Transfer from the airport - Transfer time quoted was 1 hour but it actually took us 2 hours and this was at the start of the seaon (less drop off's) so i imagin the transfer will be longer as it gets busyer. BUSES were clean and had very good air-con.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- Our first impressions of the hotel were great, the pictures in brouchers do NOT flatter it. The front of the hotel had a big modern sign and a shaded seating area very nice!!!

STAFF- we could not fault staff at the hotel, the receptionist's spoke great english and was VERY helpfull . Waitors were very funny and easy to get on with , they were always playing with tthe children and making them laugh! We did not talk to the Room cleaners as they spoke little english.

ROOMS- rooms are clean but abit basic our room consisted of a double bed ,a desk, 2 bedside tables, mirrored wardrobe, mirror, air con, balcony (with two plastic seats)
Bathrooms were very modern the showers were always hot and VERYYYY powerfull (lovely after a day at the beach)

ENTERTAINMENT- (the entertainer was so fab we love her) but the entertainment provided was simply bingo or karoke or quiz.....a child's disco was sometimes held. I think the reason the entertainment was so little was because it was the start of the seaon but i dont know.

FOOD we stayed ALL INCLUSIVE at the hotel and we certainly got our moneys worth.

MORNING meals consited of full english items, cerals, fruit, bread's, yogurts, salad stuff(??), tea coffee machine, juice, water. No fizzy pop was avaliable during breakfat which was a negative for us.deserts- ice cream, cake, fruit, jelly, flan

LUNCH&DINNER- there was always chips and a form of potatoe (fried, boiled etc) 2 meats, a fish choice and usually a pasta. Breads, Salad bar( usually with cheese /ham )deserts- ice cream, cake, fruit, jelly, flan

Wine was avaliable on tap as was beer ,during dinner Fizzy pop ,tea coffee etc too.

SNACK- snacks were cheese and ham butties or spam butties, cakes , ice cream or popcorn

DRINKS- i cant really comment on this as i only drank the Vodca and beer (which tasted the same) I also tryed the cocktails which were strong but OK.

POOL AREA the pool itself was awful ....FREEZING is not the word, you couldnt face stepping in to it never mind swimming. The pool is in the sun but it just does not warm up!!!! But it was VERY clean .If you needed to cool down the shower was cold but not as cold as the pool. There was sun loungers all around the pool and up on the roof of the first floor, plenty to go round!!!
Around the back there was sofa's and cusioned seats which was a nice place to have a drink after dinner.
The kids area has a small play area (little slide thing) and pool with some sun loungers.

LOCATION we couldnt fault the location ....literally a 5 minute walk onto the front were there is a nice beach ....but as others have said if you want nicer sand just walk along the beach. 5 minute walk to all the shops and places to eat

NIGHTLIFE AND BARS- being 18 we wanted to go out and have fun but to do this we had a 10 minute taxi ride ( approx 4 euros) to the Belleview complex area were there are TONS of lively bars ( most allow children in untill 11pm) and 2 nightclubs (open till 6am!) Taxia are easy to get hold of!!!!!! WE RECCOMEND '' THE PRINCE OF WALES'' pub -young english staff who are always up for a laugh and make the effort to make you have a great time. AARON the bar lad is HOT!!!!!!! and the other lad (newcastle) is so cute! We miss them loads!!!!! IF you go to this bar try their cocktail ( the strongest in ALCUDIA!!!!! i cant say the name as it is an offensive word but TRY IT ...)

Another place is ''CHEERS'' a lively pub were everyone is up dancing by 1am!!!! (closes at 4am)
GOODFELLOWS is also a nice pub but we all felt it was abit ''clicky '' and full of reps.


The clubs were empty when we went but our rep said by now (end of may) they will be full so id reccomend a trip to ''Bells'' but the drinks are highly priced!!!!!!!!

Well thats all i have to say except the fact WE WILL BE GOING BACK TO THE was a really friendly and top hotel i think it should deffo be rated a 3 star plus!!!!

Lucy xx"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 26th of May 2006

Great Staff


"This was my second trip to Majorca having been to Palma Nova 5 years ago.
This is a quieter resport suited to families and as I was with my mum and neice, it was perfect.
The hotel has recently been refurbished and had plenty of activities on during the day and regular evening entertainment. The entertainer Alex was especially good with the kids, as was the bar staff.
There is lots going on at and around the hotel, but there are loads of day trips available from waterparks to boats trips.
I would definately go back and recommend it to my friends."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of October 2005

Excellent first vist to Majorca


"This was our first vist to Majorca as a holiday destination having previously been to the Spanish Mainland, Greek Islands and the States, and to be honest we were very impressed.

Apart from the long coach ride from the airport due to the new motorway construction Alcudia has a lot going for it as a resort with the town for a shopping and historical experience (especially on market days), the port for an evening promenade and the Bellvue area, Magic Roundabout for the youngsters.

With regard to the Hotel we could not fault it. Refurbished rooms are basic but have very upto date designer style sinks in the bathroom, although I wish european hoteliers could take a leaf out of the american's book and get softer mattresses. Balcony views can be either over the pool, a side street or the mountains. We asked for a pool view but got the mountains which is very impressive (see picture), provided you ignore the car park opposite the hotel (Not noisy at night). Rooms very clean with bedding changed every 3 days, towels every other.

Pool area whilst small is adequate provided you can beat the Germans to the sunbeds. Alex the entertainment guy is manic and keeps everyone, kids and adults on their toes with darts, table tennis and International Water Polo. It was England V Germany whilst we were there. No memories of 66 though, England lost!! Chilling out first thing after breakfast with a cup of coffee sitting on the outdoor settees (take a cup of coffee for free from the restuarant when you finish breakfast) is fantastic. Only problem is they don't unlock the downstairs doors to the pool areas until 10.00am so you have to go up to reception out onto the balcony at the back and down the narrow wooden stairs.

Food is fantastic with lots of choice of local and english dishes. Check out the cakes, started off eating healthy but soon caved in. Restaurant staff very friendly and helpful.

Entertainment was laid on every night, whilst we only went a couple of times I must say it was very professional although the stage areas is not that big.

As for Puerto Alcudia if you want to chill out Ibiza style and watch the sun go down over the mountains across the bay with a beer or a glass of the red stuff, try the outdoor bar at the Caliu Restaurant at the far end of the Alcudiamar Marina. Sheer bliss!!

Excursions to Palma, Valldermossa and Puerto Soller are a must.

Overall an excellent holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 12th of October 2005

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent


"5 adults & 4 children

Just returned from 2 weeks at the Piscis, i went this time last year and all bar staff remembered me, which was nice. It was refurbished for this summer, its an excellent hotel, the staff are really friendly, especiialy Pepe who works in the Bar. The eveinng entertainment is excellent
The food is excellent, bar prices are not to bad, but there are plently of British Bars nearby, i recommend Smugglers, say hi to Barry and Eileen who run it and are from Newcastle, they do excellent food just in case you get fed up with the Hotel food.
The pool is not massive but as you are so near the beach it doesn't spoil your holiday.
Alex is the Children entertainer, the kids love him, and he is not to bad to look at either.
Overall a great hotel, but would not recommend for singles or couples, definetly a family/kids hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 10th of August 2005

Don`t go by all the old bad feed back on this hotel


"We found the hotel very good value for money (THIS IS NOT A 4/5 STAR HOTEL AS SOME PEOPLE MAY THINK)no maid service on a Thurs & Sun, the food was good with plenty of choice, the room was clean and comfortable, the staff helpful and friendly, good location for beach & marina (2 min walk) Only down side Irish bar (The SHAMROCK) next to the hotel very noisy, sometimes till 4/5 in the morning, but this is not the fault of the hotel. All in all a good value hotel. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 21st of June 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Good holiday hotel without the frills.


"We had a lovely week at this hotel. Staff were very helpful, and in some departments overworked. Could have used more help in Restaurant and Bar. Food was plentiful, and a good selection. Lots of salads, fresh fruit, and well cooked variety of meats.
Our room was clean and attended daily, (we had a disabled room on 1st floor), with walk in shower - although if I had been in a wheelchair it would have been impossible to access this facility.
No complaints - if you book a three star hotel, you have to be realistic.
We enjoyed our stay and would go again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 17th of June 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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