Idyllic view of the coast seaside in Porto Petro, Spain Majorca island, Mediterranean Sea, Balearic Islands.
Idyllic view of the coast seaside in Porto Petro, Spain Majorca island, Mediterranean Sea, Balearic Islands.

Porto Petro Holidays

With a history dating back to the 13th century, Porto Petro is a long-time fishermen’s village that today welcomes travellers from around the world looking to enjoy a quiet, relaxed, and tropical holiday right in Spain. Nestled in the South-east corner of Majorca, Porto Petro wraps around a charming harbour that plays hosts to award-winning restaurants, bars, and music venues.

However, it’s an overwhelming quiet and laidback place, which sets it apart from many of the other destinations on the island of Majorca. If you are looking for access to sun, surf, fun, and bars, but want to be able to pull back from the excitement in the evening while enjoying quiet and peaceful slumber, then Porto Petro was made for you.

As first and foremost a fishing village, the central focus of Porto Petro is the harbour and accompanying marina. While strolling the water’s edge, visit whitewashed cottages, craft shops, stores, traditional restaurants with authentic Spanish cuisine, and watch the fishermen exchange their catches from the day, sold directly to the restaurants that serve you your meals.

Besides the gorgeous beaches with white sand and direct sunlight that bring in travellers every single year, there is also the Mondragó National Park just a five-minute drive away. This protected parkland features all of the gorgeous flora and fauna that Majorca has to offer. Feast your eyes on the transparent water that is so beautiful and so clean, you’ll be able to see to the ocean’s floor easily. Hike the ancient ruins and learn more about the ancient Roman history that used to inhabit the island.

With plenty of other towns and villages across Majorca, at any time, feel free to explore the likes of Cala d’Or, which is just 10-minutes away, as well as the capital of Palma, which is a 1-hour car ride away.

Things to know about Porto Petro

Average temperatures (°c)
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Feb F
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  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: Europe/Madrid (UTC+1)
Closest airport: Palma de Mallorca (PMI)
Average direct flight times to Porto Petro:
  • Belfast International (BFS): 175mins
  • Birmingham International (BHX): 150mins
  • Edinburgh (EDI): 260mins
  • London Gatwick (LGW): 140mins
  • London Luton (LTN): 145mins
  • Manchester (MAN): 150mins
  • London Southend (SEN): 145mins
  • London Stansted (STN): 145mins

Top accommodations in Porto Petro

Things to do in Porto Petro

top attractions

Porto Petro provides visitors with plenty to see and do while exploring the town, neighbouring cities, and island on holiday. Not sure what you want your itinerary to entail? Here are some of the top attractions you should surely add to the list:

  • Mondragó National Park: If you’re looking for a break from the sunning and the shopping, try checking out the Mondragó National Park, which has scooped up awards for its stunning beaches and white sands. Look at the see-through waters while you go on hikes, exploring ancient ruins that once belonged to the Roman Empire. Learn about the history of the island while you take pictures in the rocky coves.
  • The Marina: It’s hard to miss the Porto Petro Marina, which stands as the focal attraction against which the entire town has been built. From restaurants and bars, to clubs and shopping, people watch, gaze out at ships, and interact with the local fishermen.
  • Cala d’Or: Just a 10-minute drive away, walk around and shop Cala d’Or, the party-filled counterpart of Porto Petro with just about everything you could want to look at.
  • Palma: If you’re willing to drive an hour, head to the capital of the island, Palma, where you can access everything from shopping centres to massive clubs.
  • Festival of Saint Mary of the Sea: This annual festival held in Cala d’Or pays tribute to the saint or lady of the sea, known as Saint Mary. A huge market opens for the day and creates a centre for one of the biggest days of the year on the island.


Although Porto Petro has its fair share of bars and restaurants, the town’s claim to fame is its resistance to bringing in big clubs and discos that tend to create a lot of noise in the evening. Instead, those staying in the village but wishing to attend night-time parties take a car just 10 minutes down the road to Cala d’Or, which is three times the size of Porto Petro.

If you decide to venture into Cala d’Or, here are some of their most famous nightlife spots:

  • Smuggles Bar, Cala Egos: This bar snagged up prime marina real estate, where you can people watch and gaze out at crews bringing in mega yachts throughout the day. It’s a great place to grab a drink and unwind.
  • The Quarterdeck: This bar-turned-club is a great place to get your dance moving, listening to the latest DJs while they spin their new tracks until the wee hours of the morning.
  • Mabu-Hay: This loud-music venue with brightly coloured cocktails is hard to ignore when walking around Cala d’Or. It’s a great place to pregame a night out at discos.
  • Kalypsotuttifrutti: Although it’s a mouthful, this colourful bar is characterised by its neon lights and sangria, as well as the dancing that ensues once midnight rolls around.
  • Betty’s Music Bar: Are you a fan of live music while having fun? You can count on a variety of styles and performances over at Betty’s Music Bar.

food drink

Porto Petro comes with its fair share of award-winning Spanish cuisine and seafood restaurants, all nestled along the water’s edge within the marina. If you are lucky, catch some of the fishermen fish auctions that go on between those out at sea and the restaurants that take the catch of the day and prepare it to your liking. You have to, if nothing else, eat paella at one of the water front eateries before you go home.

Some of our favourite places to eat and drink in Porto Petro include:

  • Restaurant Es Bergant: This contemporary Mediterranean restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy favourites, like olives and hummus, with perfectly paired wine that has been selected by a sommelier.
  • Restaurant Norai: Another Mediterranean dig, this outdoor seating place is also known for serving food late, until midnight, each night.
  • Restaurant Es Celler 9: This outdoor casual dining spot is more of a lunch destination, equipped with Moorish architecture and other fun designs that will provide you with a great photography opportunity.
  • Na Petra: This super modern high quality restaurant is where you want to wear your very best while hitting the town. Enjoy smaller portions that embody a wild combination of flavours.
  • Restaurante La Caracola: This casual Majorcan restaurant is where you can get Spanish favourites, like paella and sangria, that have been made according to local customs and standards.
  • Churchills: This laid back, outdoor lounge style restaurant is the perfect place to unwind while listening to the sounds from the sea.


Few places offer scenery as vibrant and breath-taking as the Mondragó Natural Park. Surrounding the waters edge is acres of wetland that play host to tropical birds, butterflies, and more. Like the rest of Majorca, this portion of beachfront access is known for:

  • Exuberant, soft white sand that will make your pictures look fake
  • Low tide/current so you can easily wade into the water and have fun swimming
  • Snorkelling opportunities so you can see what lives and interacts beneath while in the sea
  • Aqua blue waters that never fade in their vibrancy

The Porto Petro beach also contains hidden coves and special places where you and your loved one can relax away from the hustle and bustle. Within driving distance there are also the beaches in Cala d’Or if you are looking for a change of scenery one day.

As a Spanish beaching destination, be sure to take precautions before accessing the beach each day. That means renting umbrellas, packing sunscreen, and bringing cover-ups is a must. Spain does, after all, receive the most direct sunlight of any European nation.

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