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Reviewed 15th May 2008

"I booked this hotel based on allocated on arrival with Hello holidays via Teletext as both me and my friend (both in our late teens) were stuck to a tight budget. Whilst scanning around I found this hotel but only the name of the resort was given, it was right in our budget and all inclusive. I researched the resort and was amazed; the reviews of the resort were excellent. With a marina, harbour and only a small walk into Palma Nova or a short bus ride into Palma we thought it was a bargain despite not knowing the accommodation so decided to take the risk. When we arrived at the hotel our faces sank! The place was a mess, I was expecting very basic accommodation but this was past basic! It looked as if it needed knocking down. When we entered the small reception we were greeted with a very warm welcome from the manager who seemed to go out of his way (I don’t blame him he needed all the guests he could get with the state of the place!!) The hotel has only one lift which is tiny so it took us half an hour to get to our room with our bags and suitcases. When we finally arrived it was very basic, the balcony was tiny but private and there wasn’t much space to put both me and my friend’s clothes…. And no, we didn’t take that much. When I went into the bathroom I noticed we weren’t alone, there was a three inch spider lurking in our bath. Ok, so not a great start. After removing our 8 legged friend we then decided to explore the hotel and its grounds. It just seemed to get worse. The bar was tiny and the entertainment room was as big as my living room! There was no stage just a T.V and some speakers. Outside was a little Terrence with seats, pool table and table tennis which over looked the pool. The stairs heading down to the pool was an accident waiting to happen, we noticed one of the flags was loose and others jagged. We could only imagine what would have happened if a little kid had ran up them stairs and fell! The pool was average and clean which was nice but the surrounding area was full of wasps and flies as there was litter dumped everywhere! At the back of the hotel was a little mini golf… however it was very run down with weeds growing out the holes. This hotel isn’t great for young children or toddlers, it’s simply a basic hotel just to be used as a room nothing else. There is no children’s play area apart from one built on a roundabout just outside the hotel. Hmm not Child friendly at all! There was no snack bar apart from the ordinary bar which served crisps, the other food was left in a fridge next to the pool area (which consisted of left overs and sandwiches.) I thought this was a bit of a rip off to be honest. However they did provide us with a picnic whenever we went on days out, in fact the picnic was surprisingly lovely. The usual meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner was a simple buffet which was eatable yet nothing special. The food in the restaurants at the harbour is to die for but be warned they’ll damage your wallet! So if you do want to stay in Portals Nous, go all inclusive but don’t stay at the Saint Michel. The rooms at night were terrible! There is no Air Conditioning and you couldn’t open the doors to the balcony without being eaten alive. Also the location of the hotel is next to the Marina Land, great during the day, but at night…. along side the usual noises of the night you had dolphins squeaking and seals honking all night long. The resort in general was great, couldn’t fault it part from the prices. The Habour is lovely and full of celebrites…. I seen Phil Mitchell and Peter Stringfellow. However the Hotel was a state and needed urgent attention or knocking down! Everyone who came with our party complained and moaned about the accommodation so it wasn’t just me who felt this place was a dump. I wish you the best of look if you choose to stay here! "

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  • Travel date: 15th May 2008

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