Hotel Riu Bravo

Mision de San Diego, 4 Playa de Palma - Mallorca, 07610 Playa de Palma, Majorca Spain
4 star hotel

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What a fantastic Place. We went out for...

Reviewed Thu 25th of January 2007

"What a fantastic Place. We went out for a weekend break, myself and my husband. It was a surprise for him. It was also the first time I had booked independently.

Checked in at the hotel, the staff were great we were lucky enough to get a suite but the rooms were big enough without the suite.

What a luxury! Went down to the spa we could have spent hours in the wet area.

Where do you start with food my husband must be the fussiest eater around. We looked at the menu before going in and he didn't seem impressed on entering what a spread!

I don’t think anyone could have walked out of the Dinning room saying that there was nothing they liked. Roasts, Veg, fish, pizza, pasta, salad, chips, bread, fruit, cheese, biscuits.

The resort was based on the German market, all the bars around were German and the majority of the guests were too. We are a couple in our thirties and of course this time of year there is not much open but we still managed to have a fantastic time and intend to do it again.

I could not fault this hotel at all, all the staff were great and really friendly - don't think twice, do it!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 25th of January 2007

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Hotel Riu Bravo is also called

  • Riu Bravo Hotel
  • Riu Bravo Playa De Palma

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