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We really had a fantastic holiday at the...

Reviewed 30th July 2008

"We really had a fantastic holiday at the Iberostar Albufera Playa Hotel. Excellent service, nice rooms, large pool area with 3 swimming pools, and all facilities you would expect in a luxury hotel. We got the feeling of luxury the moment we entered the hotel. All rooms have recently been refurbished, all facing towards the pool area and the sea. The majority of the hotel's population was Germans, quite a lot of Spaniards and just a few Britons, Scandinavians, Frenchmen and Dutchmen. We had the "All Inclusive" package with free access to lush meals, snacks, refreshments and drinks - even a nice bottle of wine for dinner. "All inclusive" guests were given the same brilliant service as any guest in the hotel. As far as I could recognize, all nationalities were treated equally, - a feeling of staying in an international hotel. The pool area has plenty of sun beds. Although the hotel has a clear policy of not occupying sunbeds in advance, many sunbeds were occupied by single towels for hours - unattended. Still, we always managed to get 4 sunbeds. From the hotel's sunbeds you could easily walk down to the beach for a swim. Every night there is a show from 7.30 till 10.30-11.00. Most families went to their rooms after that, and the whole place seemed to go to sleep at the same time. You can still have a drink at the hotel’s own night club, or a few places along the street outside, - but it does not really put you in party mode… To accommodate a family with 2 children (14 and 11) we had to book 2 separate rooms. It was not a low budget holiday, but worth every penny! "

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  • Travel date: 30th July 2008

The hotel is absolutely fantastic!! Atte...

Reviewed 31st August 2003

"The hotel is absolutely fantastic!! Attentive staff, beautiful surroundings, good-sized rooms, excellent choice of food and first class entertainment every night. One downside for some people (not us) may be that it was heavily populated by German families, HOWEVER, their children were so well behaved, you would not even know they were there. Just a 30 second stroll from the bottom of the hotel is a fantastic beach where you can reserve the same sunbed and parasol for a week at a time! Well worth a visit!! It was by accident I found this site and was surprised no-one had written a review. We are just back from a 5* hotel in Cancun and we rate this better!! That’s why we are booking up again for next year. "

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  • Travel date: 31st August 2003

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