Eix Lagotel

Circuit del Llac s/n Urbanizacion las Gaviotas, 07458 Playa de Muro, Majorca Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

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excellent but loud


"this hotel was excellent . Clean ,good facilities,maid service daily,staff were pleasant,helpful and efficient.The food was brilliant with a wide selection at breakfast and dinner.
Only down point - if you like early nights the noise from the lounge carries up to all floors as it is very open. If this is not a concern-then I would recommend this hotel 100%"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 15th of October 2005

Hmmm.....will not return


"Well, we've just returned back to the UK after spending a week at the Lagotel.

We travelled with First Choice and were Allocated on Arrival 3 Sun Half Board in Alcudia.

The hotel itself was nice - the staff were friendly and helpful and we had no trouble at the restaurant, supermarket or bars. The room was large enough and "serviced" every day to a good standard.

The pools and surrounding area were clean and although the pool was very cold, we can't really complain, it being the middle of October! Sunbeds were numerous and were given a "hose down" every night (well, they were all wet in the morning anyway)

The food for omnivores I'm sure was fine but as vegetarians it was a little limited - we ate cheese and salad every evening which got a bit tedious - but to be honest, we never expect great things where this is concerned and as most foreign countries don't understand vegetarianism (lets face it, few places in the UK do!) so this we have few complaints about :o) Oh and there was always plenty of pudding to fill up on! :o)

We're not quite sure how we got allocated this hotel as it's a "Family Plus" and as we don't have kids this caused us to be completely isolated here.

So here's the problems. There was plenty of Adult entertainment advertised but none actually materialised. When we asked the reps they said it wasn't anything to do with them and it was hotel organised and they'd "get back to us" about it - they didn't. We hardly saw the reps and they seemed to make little effort to talk to any of the guests.

The kids entertainment took place in the main (and only) bar every night so the place was overrun with screaming "darlings" who just seemed to be able to run riot everywhere. Now I know this is not strictly the hotel or travel company's problem but I just can't believe that there wasn't anywhere for the adults to go for a "quiet" drink or that the other guests had absolutely no consideration whatsoever for anyone else and felt that as they were on holiday they had no obligation to care as to what their kids were doing....or maybe they act like this at home as well??? .....But, it was a family-plus hotel so.......

The kids entertainment started at 8:15pm and didn't finish until about 10 (incedentally the music was a "mix-tape" which was played EVERY night) when me and my husband were totally hacked off with being knocked about by the screaming/running hoards and decided to go sit in our room.

So once we'd got to sleep, and the families decided to return to their rooms at midnight we were woken up by running, climbing, screaming, and slamming of doors. Again, not the hotel's problem (they had put signs up asking people to be considerate) but still a reason for us never to return and...sadly...never to trust FirstChoice to allocate us something on arrival again....in fact, in the future I think we'll play it safe and go Thompson Gold.

I'm sure this is a great hotel if you love to take your kids to the pub and let them run riot normally, but if you're looking for a bit of peace and quiet (and why would you in a family plus hotel?!), forget it :o) I will be writing to FirstChoice to suggest that they check the particulars of the guests before assigning them these hotels in future as it's cost them all our future business."

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  • Travel date: Fri 14th of October 2005

great hotel but bossy staff


"we arrived well after 1:30 am no tea in the rooms or water to drink 2 kids with us very hot and thirsty.
food great but at night you cannot get tea at table but you buy at the bar.
you cannot take any food from the resteraunt not even an apple.
staff at night very quick to call police if you make the staff get annoyed and the reps very quick to take your money for trips but if you have proplem forget it
we paid for marineland but staff let people on wrong bus by the time we got to marineland no time to see all the shows etc"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 11th of October 2005

Great food, weather & creche!


"Check-in - This was the best check-in I have ever had at a hotel. It took less than a minute which was ideal.

Rooms - The rooms were of a good size, a cot was in our room when we arrived (previous holidays, we have had to wait for one, and at 3.30am, you don't want to!). The only slight down fall of the rooms was they are a bit dated (the hotel is 20 years old) plus they were 2 twins and not a double, but I guess they need to cater for all. Lucky we had a balcony over looking the front of the hotel therefore we were undisturbed by the entertainment noise I have read about in previous reviews.

Reps - The only time we needed to use the reps was for the welcome meeting and when we arrived we had a letter explaing there was a meeting at 10.30 & at 12.00 the next day, we opted for the 12.00 as we had arrived at 3.30am. However we sat in the bar and wait for 15 mins and no-one turned up, aparently they only do the later meeting if enough people show, but no-one bothered to tell us or the other 3 familys!

Weather - the first day we got there it was cold and windy and we panicked a bit! But by the next afternoon it was perfect sunshine for the rest of the holiday and a really good, but not too hot, temperature - approx. 25-28c

Pools - There are two lots of pools one next to the hotel, this is divided into 2 pools (one cascading into the other) and a baby pool. These are chlorine (I think) although we spent more time at the ones over the road. These pools are much the same set up, but are salt water. The pools were pretty cold, but once you are in and swimming you get used to it. Although this was not ideal for our son who is 16 months, it wasn't until the last day that we decided to keep him in even though he didn't like it, and then he enjoyed it! - heated pools would be great here!

Creche - Our son went into the 'Tweety Creche' for six sesions when we were there. We pre-booked this at £36 for the 6 (90 mins each) or you can buy them for 10 euros a session when you are out there. You get a T-Shirt, hat and bag too. This was fantastic it gave my husband and I a chance to relax, while are son wasn't in the sun all day! They have 3 different sessions a day and it was easy to get the session you wanted. The staff were all very nice, seemed to know all the children by name (which is great concidering they have new kids every week) And I felt very happy leaving our son there. They do different activities every session including painting and feeding the ducks.

Food - Fantastic!! Such a large choice every morning and night. Our son ate like a king, he seemed to eat very small amounts from about 5 courses each sitting! Although he never ate from the kids section because the adults food looked so good. There was a roast every night. And breakfast had everthing: Cooked breakfast, toast, crosiants, cereal, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, tea, coffee, orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice. Put it this way I put on 5lbs and my husband put on 10lbs!

Entertainment - we didn't do any of the daytime activities, but almost every night we spent time in the bar. It seemed that at this time of year the entertaimnet was inside, which was a shame because the stage inside had large columns blocking your view and isn't very well placed in the bar. Our son (16 months) made two friends (hello Jay & Jack) and they enjoyed playing on all the arcade games (just sitting on them and pressing buttons). But best of all was the Mini Disco at 8.30 every night. It was hilarious watching them dancing. This tired them out so someone could push them around the resort for 1/2 hours (with many other mums/dads) desperately trying to get them to sleep! Bingo was at 9.15 every evening which we did once got very excited but didn't win! The other entertainment was on everynight, but I didn't really watch it, the stage, as I said, was hard to see and we met some lovely people who were much more intersting to talk to and drink with! The only show we really watched was the entertaiment team and this was awful - please re-think this routine its c**p!

Sorry I have talked too much! But hopefully this will be helpful. I really enjoyed the holiday and found it relaxing despite our son being very energetic. Best of all was the food and the creche!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 27th of September 2005

The Lovely Lagotel


"I've just got back from a weeks holiday with my partener staying at the Lagotel in Alcudia and must say I was extremely impressed with the complex. The apartments are good sized with a large balcony and very clean. It had air conditioning which in September was still needed and a lovely view of Alcudia. If I had to mention one bad thing about the apatments it would be the lack of spare pillows, however the reps were so helpfull that even that wasn't a problem.

The food in the main restaurant was above average, with a great buffet selection of different kinds of salad, veg, meats and fish for both kids and adults. The swimming pools were definitley the highlight of the lagotel for me as there were 6 pools in all, plenty of sunbeds and lots of space with 2 pool bars. Plenty of other sports such as tennins, mini golf, archery etc to fill your days with as well.

All the reps there were excellent. They organised things for the kids to do so if you're like me and don't love the sound of kids enjoying thereselves ( I know... bah humbug!) they are far away being looked after not interupting your holiday by screaming.

If I could recommend one thing to do whilst in Majorca it would be to go see Pirates Adventure. It's an amazing mind blowing show that will leave you cheering for more. EXECELLENT fun for adults or kids."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 20th of September 2005

hotel was good


"The hotel is very clean overall with the rooms cleaned regularly.
The food served there was not pleasant it was just above edible, but there is a good selection of fruits that were good in quality.
The staff there were friendly and helpful and some speak english which is great if you have any trouble.

Only drawbacks is the noise at night time and the food. there would be a 40% chance of me returning to Lagotel"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 10th of September 2005

Lovely hotel but shall not be returning


"Lovely and clean hotel, rooms cleaned regularly, food was excellent lots of choice (only thing missing was a cup of coffee after dinner). Facilities excellent but unfortunately the experience was spoilt by loud teenagers running around the hotel late at night. Swearing and drunk. Extremely loud entertainment everynight and does not help if you are going on a trip the next day that requires an early out of bed start. We did complain about this a couple of times but to no avail the rep even suggested we put cotton wool in our ears!! (believe it or not it was so bad we even tried this). We spoke to the rep and apparently they have received complaints like this before for several years - why dont they do something about this then? Also on early start trips perhaps a packed lunch could be provided if missing breakfast (we noticed that a German tour group had been given lunch boxes by the hotel). Reception staff lovely and reps were good at their jobs but didnt want to know about our complaint but were more than willing to take our money when we signed up for various trips with the tour company."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 8th of September 2005

best holiday


"Just returned from 2 weeks at the lagotel could not have asked for a better holiday. Staff very helpfull and polite. Hotel very clean entertainment and food well above average will be rebooking very soon for next year. Thanks for the best holiday i've had in years."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of September 2005

A Gem


"Having never been on a ‘package’ holiday, and not taken a holiday abroad in 25 years, I was not sure what to expect. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. The Hotel facilities were excellent, room, service, in fact the hotel was much better than expected and very clean and modern. The staff also changed your bed linen every day.
The hotel was in Platya De Muro which is about two miles to Porto D’Alcudai to your left.

We were a party of 10, 6 adults, 1 teenager and three little ones.

Meals on the whole were very good. Breakfasts had a good variety, with plenty of fruit, juices, coffee, tea etc. Evening meals the same, plenty of variety, a carvery and plenty of Fish. The deserts were again very good and again lots of plenty variety. People tend to be creatures of habit and once you got the hang of where everything was, found your favourite table or set of tables, didn’t mind queuing in the restaurant, you tended to quickly settle in.

The staff were very polite and helpful, although the chambermaids couldn’t speak English. I have never seen so many swimming pools, and it was fun watching the mad dash for the sun loungers each morning to place their towels. The bar staff were again very good, as were the staff operating the outside eating/drinking areas. The reps were also very good, helpful and not OTT. Tennis courts, putting green, a squash court and even a football pitch were all on hand. At the back of the hotel was the open land which was a bird sanctuary, with the Mountains forming a spectacular backdrop. The islands power station, which we called at night the big ship because of all the lights. Plenty of activities for the youngsters, swimming lessons, kids activities, with stage entertainment on every evening. Even had internet facilities in the hotel foyer and same day English newspapers on sale by 11am.

The given time to walk to the beaches of 10 minutes was a little ambitious, more like 15/20 minutes, although there is a free bus which takes you to and from the beach.

The beach is very long, although narrow and the cost of loungers is quite reasonable. There is virtually no tide so the swimming is very safe. Plenty of places to have a beer and food with the family, the price of spirits especially excellent value. Also plenty of shops.

For the adventurous, a trip to the old town of Alcudia is a public bus trip along the sea road, cost a ridiculous 1 Euro each way. Well worth a visit, the town is completely enclosed by the original city walls. Bull Ring, Roman ruins etc, markets, bars and restaurants everywhere. A trip well worth taking is on Thursdays to the town of Inca where all the outside markets come together, leather items good value. I did feel you needed more than the two hour stop, although the return journey did take in a wine cellar with free samples.

A visit to Sol Amar is also well worth a visit, takes about an hour to get there by coach. Costs a minimum 60 Euros, which is what we had. You get a sherry to start with, along with a free bottle of wine, starter, main course, and desert with an excellent view of the stage. The show is very good, with traditional Spanish dancing, Irish Riverdance style dancing, a big band, a comedian on a trampoline and an ABBA group who were very good. There was also an amazing front man who speaks 18 languages, sings superbly and really gets the audience going. Needless to say the 2,500 or so audience was dominated by the English, but very popular with Italian, Irish and Germany the major other nationalities. On leaving there was a large water fountain display too music, again superb. There were numerous other excursions, such as Pirate land etc to go to, apparently great fun for everyone. An excellent place for families, with younger teenagers or small children and very relaxing. Very hot and with plenty to do. But not a place for older teenagers, as they tend to find the entertainment a bit naff.

Would I go again, absolutely, relaxing, enjoyable and all the entertainment you want either at the hotel or in the town. Definitely a place where there are no drunks to spoil your stay and masses of wild teenagers, but I would take two weeks next time and hire a car."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of September 2005

Great Family Holiday


"Our family, two young children 3 and 6 and myself and husband have just returned from our 11 day holiday at this hotel. I cannot understand previous review the hotel staff were wonderful very polite and friendly. Food was absolutly fantastic and never had a problem with getting seated or food running and certainly never felt like a cattle market??
We will certainly be returning next year. The entertainment was great for families and would recommend without hesitation. We did have a few more teenagers than previous years (This is our third time) but surely the parents are to blame if they are behaving badly but I must say that we did not have any problems at all.
Wonderful Holiday"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 29th of August 2005

booked with SUNMASTER


"we booked with sun master, thinking we were getting a great deal! we was all booked then they called us back saying flights had all gone up. we refused to pay & told her to cancel it down, she replied the company will have to take a loss on this one & holiday will go ahead.

all the printing your own paper work & boarding passes of was a nightmare!!

basically the hotel was a disgrace & not how they portrayed them!!

coming back was the worst, the resort hoppa was late collecting us, so we missed our flight coming home, 9 of us spent 19hrs hours in the airport with young children & had to pay an extra 990 euros to get home!!
sun master were responsible for giving the hoppa right information.
were in process of compliant now, to get our money back. but from what ive read this is common practice for them, so don't think we will receive a penny!!


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of June 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

tied hotel in need of alot of tlc


"Stayed at the Lagotel from 19th June -3rd July. As we pulled up to the hotel my husband turned to me and said "this better not be our hotel". It was!!! the vast wasteland at the front of the hotel is a real eyesore!!! however went and checked in and had a look around - was a different story the other side of the hotel. The pools were great baby pool and 2 connecting pools on one side and then across the road 2 salt water pools and the mini golf/tennis etc areas. brilliant could not fault them.
The rooms are very tired and in need of some major attention. We stayed in 341, overlooking the pool! towels are fine, changed as often as you want them to be!! found the 3rd bed in our room was just a thin sofa mattress, so hard and lumpy, my daughter refused to sleep on it!! (poor daddy). Bins are emptied everyday, but the cleaning of the room is something to be desired!! bath or sink not cleaned in 2 weeks by maids!! bit gross! also found that there was more dirt on floor after they had attempted to mop!!! was not good.
Food - -well what can I say, for the first couple of days the food was fine, breakfast was always bacon, egg, sausage, beans and scrambled eggs, then the cold meats etc and some for of pastries and cereals, although the milk is very sour - Lunch was usually chips, some form of nuggett, pork or a meat dish, pasta, tomato sauce, cold meats again and puddings, cakes, as much ice cream as you could eat. Dinner tended to be, chips, nuggets of some description, a meat dish, fish (dogfish etc! nothing i had ever heard of but hubby is a chef and was able to tell me that it is a cheaper form of cod) , sometimes mashed pots and then some veg, cold meats salad and puddings etc there is always fresh bread and sometimes this is all we ate. On the odd occasion there was a fresh joint of meat being carved we had gammon and beef whilst there and also were treated to chicken legs one night with sauted pots. The food is very repetative and unfortunately nothing is hot!! its all warm as its just sat on hot plates. After a couple of days of eating the food I wanted normal things to eat!! we are not a chips pasta family and found we were getting extremely poor food for what we expected from a 3* hotel. We did complain to the first choice rep at the time and was told the manager is looking into the food issues and he was aware of the complaints people were making. However not quick enough as my husband got severe food poisoning on the last day!! 16 hours spent in the bathroom, not good at all. The amount of people we spoke to that had upset stomachs was horrendous.
The waitresses in the dining room are as my mum said Surley - they never smile, we got told off for pushing 2 tables together one night it was crazy. we are a very happy smiley bunch of people and going in that restaurant felt like school some days, really disappointed with that. The bar was great, all the bar men are fantastic and go out of their way to make you feel welcome!!
The entertainment is good, fabian is fantastic, so funny and as he has been there 15 odd years knows everything!!! they put on a show every night and it was great!! watch out for the rep show Cinderella, fabian is a step sister - hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reps are good - My daughters 4 and loved the kids club. the only thing i would say is that some night the mini disco only had 1 member of the kids club in attendance!! bit disappointing esp when they are overheard telling each other they cant be bothered to do the disco tonight!! bit of a shame!
There are only 3 ladies toilets in the hotel at the night time, so if you are watching the entertainment and staying at the hotel be prepared to queue, cant understand why they dont keep the pool bar open all night, this has toilets in it to but no you have to use the only ones in hotel!! we found in was quicker to go to your room and then come back down. Also the electrics kept going in the toilets - think I had to tell reception 3 times if they could flick the switch!!! and the are constantly running out of toilet roll, when you ask at reception for more it can take them 10 mins to find some. lost count of the amount of people who had accidents, people always falling in dining room as really slippy floor and falling outside, one lady fell down a fight of stairs as someone had split a drink and it had not been cleaned up. we had tables and chairs outside our room and there were cups and saucers on there for 5 days without them being removed.
Storm on the Sunday before we left with table chairs and bins going into the pool, everything was fished out but the remnants of the bins were fished out with nets!! didn't see any pools being cleaned or drained, i know they have chlorine in and treatments but these bins are full everyday of things from pool bar, drinks, chips, sausages, burgers, yuck!!!! and we did not see any special treatment added to the pool.
all in all we would not go back to this hotel. it is in some serious need of refurbishment and some serious hr issues!!! in fact surprised first choice has this as a 3*hotel, definitely does not deserve this status. met some great people though and apart from issues mentioned will be one to remember."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 8th of July 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness
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  • "Excellent Holiday location. Plenty to do. Plenty of Shops, Bars, Acitivies etc "

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    "quite far to walk to beach but there is a very regular shuttle bus to and from "

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    "Water park great get the bus "

  • thescoobies by thescoobies

    "playa de muro an english seaside resort "

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    "didnt eat out, geat view of the mountains from our balcony. "

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    "Take the bus to Palma for the day - only 5 euros and well worth it "

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    "The best thing about this resort is the beach, Playa De Muro is not a shoppers paradise. "

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    "The Swan Bar &+ Bells. "

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    "Dakota Tex mex, the service was very poor and it was expensive but the mexican food was lovely. "

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    "the resort is very quiet, yet if you're just going with children it's perfect. "

  • rainny by rainny

    "lovely and hot and the beach is wicked and clean "

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    "steak house in alcudia best meal we had all week "

  • chardonnay1 by chardonnay1

    "lots of shops bars etc "

  • chardonnay1 by chardonnay1

    "the beach is amazing the views spectactular "

  • bermos by bermos

    "go and enjoy , chill out, judge it yourself, you wont regret going "

  • soooo impressed by the lagotel by soooo impressed by the lagotel

    "great for a family and teenagers "

  • ministox386 by ministox386

    "Dont bother with this hotel! "

  • nell by nell

    "yes we loved it so much so bk 2 weeks now and have booked for next year "

  • Sammie :) by Sammie :)

    "Was lovely,clean hotel fun happy bar staff and wonderful activities and entertainment for all! "

  • Tatty Mum by Tatty Mum

    "Take the bus to the beach for a change of scenery and don't panic about getting a sunbed in the morning there's plenty to go round "

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