Intertur Hotel Hawaii Mallorca & Suites

Calle Torrenova 1, 07181 Palmanova, Calvia, Majorca Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 3.5 value
  • 4 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

89 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Mixed feelings about this hotel


"Just returned from the hotel hawaii after a spending a week there. We read the reviews on here just before we booked and can say I agree with a lot of the other people who have reviewed this hotel.

On arrival we were told the hotel was "overbooked" and we would be moved to the apartments next door. There were several problems with this:
a) we had booked a hotel not an apartment
b) we could not use our all inclusive card in the apartments, so would have to walk down a hill each time we wanted a drink

So we did kick up a bit of a fuss, we were "soothed" with a lunch in the hotel, followed by a viewing of the apartments. The had put us on the bottom floor with a seaview, but sadly this part of the sea was full of rubbish, the corridors to our room were dark and dingy and none of us were happy about spending a week in "the black hole of calcutta". We asked if there were any other apartments, and were shown to some on the 5th floor by reception which were nicer - all apartments very clean i must say!, but with no sea view and still not in the hotel. Upon saying we would rather move to another hotel on the island and making a fuss and standing our ground, MIRACULOUSLY 2 rooms opposite each other "became vacant" in the hotel. Both on the first floor, one overlooking the front of the hotel, and one overlooking a red roof, with no view and we never sat on the balcony as it was that dismal. That was the first 4 hours of our holiday ruined - oh and the apartments "weren't ready" by the time we arrived to see them at 3pm!!!! - my tip would be book a seaview and try and book your room if you can!

The food was fine, all hot, and a good selection, it was a bit repetitive, but always a meat dish, fish dish, pasta, potatoes, salad, veg, soup, bread, icecream, jelly, rice - there is only so much variety they can incorporate, and there was always plenty to go round.

There were never queues for lifts, food, drinks or anything which was a great bonus to the hotel.

In other hotels in which EVERYONE is all inclusive, has a great atmosphere as everyone stays in at night, there was not so much of an atmosphere at night as lots of people were only half board.

The all inclusive drinks were just local spirits and beers and wines, which were ok, but paying the 50cent supplement for San Miguel beer might have been a good idea. I do agree with the other reviews that the bar staff are less friendly to the all inclusive staff, the pool bar staff are ok, the barmaid called Mercedes was lovely. The "pool side snack bar" does not apply to the all inclusive guests unless you want to pay, but the prices are fairly reasonable. The "snakcs" in the restaurant were just leftovers from lunch and evening meal.

Overall cleanliness of hotel was ok, maid didnt do much except make beds, think sheets were changed once

Location of hotel was great - but BOOK THAT SEAVIEW!! very close to malauf for nightlife, but not noisy in the slightest. Beaches were brilliant, never sat round the pool.

Our 2 biggest complaints were
a) the over booking of our rooms - it happened to loads of people and seems to be commonplace on the island on Mallorca as a whole - it would put me off going back in case we had the same situation again

b) THE BOTTLES OF WATER - you could not take a bottle of water out of the dining room - if you wanted water you had to go to the snack back by the pool, 6 floors down, the bar man was VERY VERY rude to a member of our party - also the staff decide when they want to see the AI card and when they dont, I think it woudl be good if the hotel made the same rules and made ALL the staff apply them to save confusion"

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of September 2006

Rude Bar staff if you are not tipping- get your towel down by 7 am


"We stayed in this hotel from 19 - 26 August. We had 3 children with us, so in all 5 people. They put us in a nice room, which was looked after by a friendly maid. However being all inclusive you show your card and therefore are not a "tipper", which in turn makes the bar staff very rude, in fact somewhat difficult, 2.
Come afternoon time, the bins by the pool area were overflowing. I would have liked for someone to clean up this area as by 6pm rubbish was blown around everywhere. This really let the hotel down. The toilets by the pool were very slippy, my daughter fell over and really hurt her head with a massive bruise showing for the rest of the holiday. When I pointed this out to the reception they were really not bothered and somehow thought it was funny. You will have to get up very, very early to get a place by the pool - we never managed to do it! We could see the pool from our balcony and by 7:30 all the places were taken.
Entertainment was ok, there is a nice couple of people running this.
The food: they promised snacks all day long, but that just means you can have a couple of slices of bread with sardines at 3pm or 11pm. ... However to then have a drink with this is not possible, as drinks are only availabe during meal times in the restaurant. I tried to take one apple, which i had already half consumed on the way out and they said no! I argued that I was eating it at the time, however they said if I wanted to finish it I had to stay in the restaurant! How childish! Loads of fresh foods, such as salad and fruit, however very repetitive certainly 1 week is enough.
Best thing: Location, its wonderful and the weather
Worst thing: Food and all to do with it."

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of August 2006

hotel better than expected


"just returned from one weeks stay at hawaii hotel. after reading all the bad reviews was pleased that it wasnt that bad! had two rooms but kids ended up on 5th floor and us on 7th not ideal as their ages range from 9-17, think hotel should put families on same floor!! we went all incl. food ok plenty to eat, not much tho for fussy children but ours enjoyed it. drinks were watered down but thats probably good as i didnt have one hangover!! the only problem with the all incl. package was that children under 16 could not get their own drinks and you always had to show your card which was a pain as you only got one card per room which meant you always had to hang around together. it would be much better having a wrist band, which is what i have had when staying in previous hotels. overall we all had a good time, hotel is very clean and most of the staff are friendly. entertainment ok Dennis and gang seemed to keep everyone happy but we spent more time on beach as could never get a bed round the pool if you wanted one you had to be up by 7.30 am with your towels!! one big problem the pool is too small i did not get to swim in it once !! hotel location is great near to everything but still quiet at night and the views from the rooms are fantastic we saw so many luxury boats even David Beckhams and the King od Spains!! so overall a good place"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 27th of August 2006

Loved the hotel


"Hello Peops,
My wife and i had a great time :) when we stayed at the hotel.
the entertainment team was great ;) especially Natalia, she was great with our kids, she was always the first one to arrive and was one time, when the mini club or teen entertaiment needed to start. she is such a nice girl.
dennis was good as an entertainer and loves to make jokes about things and people, especially when it comes to chucking the people in the pool, when they lose at an activitity like killer darts or something else. it´s a shame when he loses himself at a game he doesn´t go in the pool himself instead he makes up excuses and never to be found anywhere when he has to go in the pool.
the new girl Michelle was ok, she and dennis were usually late for the activity´s and they always come together at the same time. she does mini club too, never seen her without her sun glasses during the day.
there was a other guy there can´t remember his name something like stefan, steven. he was doing pretty good as an entertainer, me and him have did some chatting, found out he hasn´t been working so long an entertainer, because of not so many experciences he doesn´t have he was usually the one getting chucked in the pool or losing at an activity. the poor chap, should have come when he had more experiences. but in the night at the mini disco he was one of the persons who loved dancing the most and natalia. michelle euh she was just around
always looking sexy and flirting with all the men even her colleauges. Natalia was great !! our kids loved natalia :D
i´d recommend this hotel to anyone who wants to go to mallorca :) with a power house team like this
ciao guys and thanx for everything, we´ll see you next year again


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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of August 2006

Holiday from HELL!!!!


"We arrived at the Hawaii hotel shattered and with my 2 children aged 3 and 10 at 4 in the morning, only to be told we was not booked in to the hotel, the guy behind recpetion was very very unhelp and kept telling me not his problem as he made a few phone calls and talked and laughed a lot in spainish!!!! Eventually after threatening to sleep on the reception we were given a twin room and all 4 of us had to sleep in 2 tiny beds. To be honest we would have taken anything as we were all very tired. In the morning we wnt straight to reception to be told that we had to sort it with our tour operator as we were not booked in, after 7 phone calls we eventually sorted it and were given the 'all inc' card that allows us to eat and drink this was about 11am. When we asked when we would be put in a family room as this is what we had paid for we were told that they didnt have any available for us, and to come back to them on tuesday morning( we arrived sunday) to see if one was available!!!!! i had to kick and scream to get 2 more beds put in to the tiniest room you have ever seen in your life !!! our view was on to a roof not the sea view the hotel boasts !!!

On the tuesday i totted back to recpetion to be told no rooms had come available as new guest had arrived and as i already had a room they came first !! Again the not my problem saying was said in there unhelpful manner.

I have never stayed in such a under managed, unhelpful, rude hotel in all my life. The staff in the evening bar were great and very friendley but everyone else was just rude. I even nearly got rugby tackled trying to take a bottle of water out of the buffet lunch room as this is not allow!!! when i asked why she said it was health and safety !!! water

We tried to get on and enjoy our holiday at the hawaii, my 3 year old loved the pool and on one occasion needed the toliet i dried her off and both had shoes on and went in side to the toliet, after using the loo we opened the door to walk out and both slipped on a massive water puddle on the floor i cut my back and my little girl banged her head. After sorting our selves out i advised reception tht they need some mats in the downstairs pool toliet as the floor was very slippy and showed them the gash on my back they said " its life, go see the doctor if it hurts".

Over all the hotel is very clean, food is the same nearly evry night but large varity of drinks availble. Good entertainment daialy and nightly for both adults and kids.

We will not be going back to this hotel and would never recommend to anyone, the jusy dont seem to care once they have your money.


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  • Travel date: Sat 12th of August 2006

Great Place


"Just returned from 2 weeks Half Board with 2 kids who loved it here, Kids clubs were brill, Food good & desserts plentiful. Great location on Beach, Ruby Tuesdays English pub next door served great food & good nightime entertainment. Love to return next year. Was here 2 years ago & it seems better this time."

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  • Travel date: Wed 9th of August 2006

not that bad


"have read some of the reviews and had to respond . this hotel is not that bad as some people are making out. we stayed july just before the kids broke up from school. we booked the flights , accomodation and transfers all seperate, paying £1,500 for 2adults2 children half board which i dont think was bad for that time of year .
rooms ...did not pay for a sea view but got one . could of not asked for anything better. plenty of space . asked for some more pillows and got them straight away. read about the uncomfortable beds . some were , my daughters was heaven!!
food.... average but we could always find something that we liked. cant remember having veal all the time as someone put . they had an italian , chinese and spanish night. also. must say the food was always hot. the waiters were abit miserable but i think they were worked off their feet !
denis was a star and made our stay enjoyable . the entertainment was no worse than seen in other hotels. he worked his socks off . we joined in with things , and he remembered your name . some mean feet. he is an asset to this place . get the impression that alot of people come back here because of dennis , heard he could be going , a great loss to the place. p.s if you tipped the barman , you know you got a big shot of vodka!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 31st of July 2006

....Never Again.....And If I Ever Eat Veal Again............


"We are a family of 5, 2 adults, 3 children. We had to get 2 rooms as they only accomodate 4 per room, which we were okay about. However on arrival they situated us with one room on floor 6 and one on floor 2. Obviously we were not happy so we were given a room which housed 4 and they put an additional bed in it.

Food. If you are a lover of veal you are in for a treat. Every day on the menu is VEAL. Veal burgers, veal stew, veal meat etc.. Plain pasta, with a tomato based sauce (with minced veal in it) (6 days out of 7), fried fish, fish in sauce, chips, salad etc. Pizza is given once a week. There is no plain food for children eg, burgers, fish fingers, sausages etc.. My husband has lost nearly a stone because all he could eat was soup (that's not a bad thing though!) ha.

Bar staff at pool and entertainment room. We were all inclusive, however some people were full board, therefore they had to pay for their drinks. We never got one smile the whole 2 weeks from the bar staff, as when they saw the card, they knew they probably wouldn't get a tip. They take your card from you, and practically throw the card down onto a tip saucer, and grunt something in spanish. Also no-one under the age of 16 can go to the bar and get a juice. This is the first all inclusive of many I have encountered who use this practise.

Entertainment. Day - unless your child is under 12, there are no clubs for them. Teenagers are allowed to join in some of the adult games. However the staff who carried out the entertainment were very nice, but very hard worked.

Entertainment. Night (hosted by day entertainment staff) - Joke. Mini club for the young kids, 8.30pm -9pm. Certificates 9pm-9.15pm. Bingo 9.15pm - 9.45pm. Entertainment ranged from magician, karaoke, mr hawaii, mr and mrs etc... at one point they didn't have any songs for the kids to sing as they only had 3 karaoke discs. Bar shuts at 12 midnight. The staff put the lights out at 12.30am and no-one is allowed to sit outside after that.

Scenery - beautiful, the pool is quite small, however be up at 7.30 to put your towel down or you won't get a bed. There is a life guard on duty from 12 noon to 3.30pm!

Night time just off the beach has lots of entertainment, as we have 3 teenagers it was great for them. Especially situated outside BSM (or something like that) night club is an area with outside entertainment and is lively and things for kids. However I do advise if you are a family to start to go home around midnight as that is the time when it gets very busy.

We paid £3700 for the holiday and were disappointed with hotel amenities. We stayed in the hotel for the first week and went out the whole of the second week, spending an additional £1500. Very costly overall."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 25th of July 2006

Great location, few top tips!


"Great hotel, great location, few brief top tips for you:-

Beds are uncomfortable, pillows awful too!! Don't let it put you off though, still worth a visit!

Food is ok, nothing to write home about and sometimes bit bland but easy and cheap if you don't want to venture out, plenty of chips and salad!!

Sunbeds get locked up overnight, get down to the pool for 7.45am to have any chance of getting one for the day, be prepared to be ruthless to grab yours!

Air con is opposite to heating thormostat here, put it up to 30'c and it'll kick in?!

Reception and cleaning staff are lovely, bar staff, waitresses etc are not!! Staff at pool side bar are the worse, get them to smile and it'll be a miracle!!

Eat in the Indian in Palma Nova, not too pricey and very very tasty!

Everyone else rates Ruby Tuesday's, just along from hotel, thought it was rubbish and staff weren't friendly at all!! Maybe they just didn't like us!!

Hotel is clean and tidy, pool is too small but there are great beaches all around so no need to use pool, unless you're with kids.

Would visit again, probably."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 20th of July 2006



"6th July-9th july 2006 Booked with Xscapewithus arrived at hotel only to be told they had overbooked us and were moving us to Waikii Apartments behind the hotel.
5 twin rooms total adults = 10 Ladies 40-50's
I am an Intertur Card Holder and have visited this hotel on numerous occasions during the last 6 years and only booked to stay here due to its location and pool and sea views and of course standard of the food and courteous of staff which I have experienced in the past.The Waikii Apartments at the back of the hotel about a 5 minute walk up a steep hill. One lady in our group is on mobility due to a muscle condition and found this really ruined her holiday. Check in time should have been 12pm but we were told that it would be 1-1.30 before they were ready. It was at least 2.15 before we were all allocated a room.We decided to go to the Hotel Hawaii pool as we could only get a drink there and we could not get a sunbed at all due to hotel being overbooked and so crowded you couldnt move.The pool is too small for a hotel of this size - as the hotel was overbooked many people were using the pool too as they were in the same position as us, there were lots of people complaining and it really ruined our break.. We found the only alternative was to go to the beach for some sanity and the only drink we could have is bottled water previously got from the pool bar in the Hawaii. The snack bar by the pool area was closed and the only snacks available were in the restaurant and they catered for the Germans and the standard was very poor. The hotel has terrible customer service. The staff around the Hotal Hawaii were miserable and the standard of the food really poor, unlike it had been several years earlier - maybe the management has changed. As an intertur card holder ,a once valued repeat customer I always used to get a courtesy bottle of wine served in a bucket of ice, a present be it a candle or comething and a basket of fruit. When asked why I hadnt had it they delivered a warm bottle of wine with a little note. Overall this is the worst holiday I have ever had and the worst staff and customer service. The restaurant staff were even worse, only interested in the people paying cash for drinks and the waiters didnt care if they spilt food on our laps when clearing the tables, as this happened on one occasion and he didnt even appologise, terrible. We complained all the time to the reception staff and they just were not interested. Woudl never go here again an to think I have always rated this hotel highly over the years in reviews!!!NEVER AGAIN!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 10th of July 2006

great hotel


"We have just come back from staying at this hotel which was my forth time we have stopped here. i can not fault it they have upgraded the swimming pool and food and rooms were cleaned everyday staff also very. friendly it is also very good for young children."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of May 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Could be better


"This hotel had just been refurbished and was very modern. It had beautiful views and most rooms looked out into the bay and sea.The staff were very polite and helpful.The down side was the room that we had was very small and not enough storage for our clothes.We also found that our room was under the sun terrace and there was constant scraping of chairs and noise from them walking about. We did complain but were told that it was a room with the view or a better larger room but no view.The food let it down too,we've stayed in four star hotels and this one was far behind in the quality of the food. To us the Hotel is just above three star and no where near four."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 19th of December 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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    "Very commercialised...Like a mini Scarbrough! "

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    "dont go- try some other hotel "

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    "Eat the bought in food, not the food that the hotel makes itself. "

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    "The place is beautiful and are near shops and bars. "

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    "perhaps more signing where tbe pool and bar and otber facilities are. "

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