Cabau Aquasol

Calle Pinzons 61, 07181 Palmanova, Calvia, Majorca Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3.5 food

123 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Average hotel


"This hotel was too English for my liking, I'd not see anything that involved Spanish people. I that think because there were too much English people there, all their activities had to be English.
The hotel is nothing more than average, maybe 2 and half rating. No TV, microwave or a free safe, you've to rent these items if you want it. I'd not hang around the pool, due to the amount of pool huggers. The room lighting was very bad
The magic show in the hotel was great.
I went sight seeing and organised events everyday, but Majorca was just boring compare to Barcelona.
I wanted to get away from England for a week, but I end up in Spanish-England or Weymouth with a nice beach. The bars, clubs and most restaurants are English owned and 90% of the people I saw that were from England.
The cathedral in Palma was great and the Western Water Park was also great.
The food in restaurants were not up to standard, we were lucky our accommodation was self-catering, so we cooked some nights. I did not eat in the hotel restaurant, so I can’t comment on that.
Magaluf is a few minute walk away, be sure to visit that, for shopping.
The beaches were ok (Palma nova and magaluf). I’m more of a sight seeing person, than hanging around the hotel pool, therefore, Majorca did not have enough sights to visit for my week stay there.
The boat trip was also great, and the pictures I took were very beautiful.
My overall satisfaction of this holiday was average, I wanted to come back earlier. 5/10.
If you are as English as they come and you don’t want to foreign people that much, then this resort is good for you."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 31st of October 2006

not impressed


"the staff at the Aquasol were not very helpful and told our holiday rep that we had booked out when we hadn't, therefore very nearly missed our couch back to the airport.
We had a long wait to get into our room and was a long way out of the back of the hotel. It was a very daunting thought to walk back to our room as we had so many steps to walk and the staff didnt even to ofer with our bags. The swimming pool was absolutly freezing so we never made use of this. It was bingo nearly every night in the hotel which wasn't that interesting for us being a couple.
However the room was nicely decorated, but was only cleaned once. The shower didn't work properly as it went from one extreme to the next, boiling hot to freezing cold. The bedroom window was also broke and wouldn't shut properly so the noise from the traffic was quite bad. There was no tv, hair dryer and you had to pay for the deposit box.
Overall, i was not very impressed."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 16th of October 2006

Pretty good hotel


"We paid to be moved here from the Lunamar after a nightmare experience so when we saw the room we were happy overall. It's definitely worth paying a little extra for a separate bedroom I think. The room wasn't exactly stylish and wasn't the cleanest I've ever been in but it was quite comfortable.

The kitchen is badly designed as we had to put the kettle and toaster on the hob to use them. The showers go intermittently scalding hot then cold so be careful of them. We didn't have a TV, hairdryer or anything like that but beds were quite comfortable although mine had a plastic sheet on it for some reason!

The entertainment was pretty funny but not really our scene. Quite well attended though. The bar prices are mega expensive so we tended to go out on an evening.

Even though we went in the middle of September, there were quite a few kids but there mostly seemed to be groups of singles here. There were only a few other couples around.

We were here for 10 days and love eating out but we had run out of decent restaurants by day 5 and went into Palma instead which has some fantastic places. You don't exactly get a lot of stylish places in this resort with most being the awful type that have neon signs and 20 year old pictures of egg and chips.

The best restaurant by far was towards the edge of Palma Nova sea front and was called Mocubar. We had delicious fresh fish several times here and the owner is really friendly and seems passionate about his restaurant. The Indian just along from here called Saffron Punjabi was really good too but we had the most miserable English waitress who just couldn't be bothered with customers. The worst places we ate at would have to be Diana beach cafe, at which I was provided with a microwaved jacket potato with raw onion and a Kraft cheese slice - tasty!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 21st of September 2006

2nd time to aquasol no complaints. (32/31-2 kids 12&7)


"returned from the aquasol on 5th august after 10 day holiday had booked direct with them and saved quite a lot of money it cost €95 per day for 2adults 2 kids you pay 10%deposit and the rest when you arrive at hotel, booked with bmi flights cost £100 each and fly out of heathrow no faults at all with aquasol itself the only problem wasignorant people in room m7 who did not think about anyone else while stomping up and down the stairs in early hours of the morning and then rearranging their furniture . You need to get to pool early to get a sunbed, and if you have got a pushchair or wheelchair dont go to the aquasol as there are a lot of stairs and this is stated in brochures and reviews on various websites. On one review site somebody described to the aquasol as looking like a council estate I don't go on holiday to look at buildings and if you pay travelodge prices don't expect the RITZ. So in all if you want a reasonably priced holiday which is close to beaches, resort centres and far enough away from magaluf this is the place for you. also book independently as you will save at least £900. would definatley return to aquasol in future."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 16th of August 2006

Problems for some.



My daughter and I visited this hotel at the end of June. We got out of our taxi and had to lug our suitcases up the hotel steps. There is a very steep ramp but I have never seen anyone using it.

We checked in and then had to negotiate more steps to get to the driveway, off which the various blocks are located. Each block is independent of its neighbours.

We finally reached our block, got our suitcases up the eight steps to the ground floor, then another two flights of eight to our apartment. There was at least another floor above ours and there are no lifts. Anyone with a pushchair or wheelchair has a problem.

We really liked our apartment – the lounge had two settees (which could be used as beds), there was a very nice balcony with a useful rack on which to hang washing although we had to clean the table before we could use it – ditto the washing rack. The bedroom had two single beds with the usual rather doubtful hotel bedspreads. One pillow was provided on each bed with spare pillows in the wardrobe. We had to have a pillow replaced, as it was so incredibly lumpy. No pillowcases on the spare (and to us necessary) pillows!

The kitchen is at one end of the lounge and boasts a fridge, gas hob (no igniter or matches supplied) electric kettle and toaster. We had to wash the dishes and cutlery before using them.

There is a small utility room off the kitchen which has holes in the wall instead of windows. The deep sink would be useful except there is only a cold water tap and the plug (like all the other sink and bath plugs) lets the water run out. A mop and bucket, and a floor brush are supplied.

There is lots of storage in the apartment with some very useful information written inside the drawers!!

The lamp in the lounge didn’t work but was quickly repaired when we reported it.

The phone is wall mounted and falls off the wall each time a call is answered!!

There was broken crockery under our fridge and in our cutlery drawer.

Our kettle was very dirty.

Our fridge was very heavily frosted.

The kettle had to be plugged in with the flex stretched across the cooker or taken elsewhere to be boiled!

There is no spyhole in the room door.

The complementary items in the bathroom consist of two small bars of soap.

The kitchen window and bathroom window have nothing to hold them open. They are either closed or the entire window drops back 180 degrees until it rests against the wall below.

The shower has an excellent water supply but an extremely variable temperature.
The temperature ranges from scalding to freezing and with no warning that this is about to happen.

Be careful and do not close the balcony door when are out there. There is no handle on the outside of the door to get back in.

We spent a lot of time killing ants. There were two kinds and there were hundreds of them. We needed that brush to sweep up the dead bodies!!

There was no clock, television, radio or hairdryer supplied. We have travelled to many parts of the world and have never used a hotel with such a poorly equipped room.

We needed a key each and had to pay an extra €3 to have one. This was not refundable.

We needed an iron and ironing board and went down to reception to ask about one and were shown a list of prices for hiring items by the week.

Some of the prices are as follows:-

1.Iron (no mention of ironing board) €12 – 15
2.Hairdryer €12
3.TV Video and DVD €35
4.Reclining pushchair €23
5.Microwave €25
6.Fan €18
7.Straighteners €15
8.Cool Box €11
9.Beach Umbrella €11
10. Pushchair €17
11. CD/Radio/Cassette €24
12 Highchair €16

There are no prices on anything in the hotel supermarket (a very small cramped room off reception) except on bags of sweets. There is a good cheap supermarket (Caprabo) across the waste ground at the back of the hotel but watch the dates on the milk as we didn’t check them - found one had gone off and it was six days old!! Internet access is available in that supermarket and there is a very kind gentleman available to help if required.

The Safe Key available from Reception costs €22 for a week of which €7 is refunded.

Some nights the noise was really bad – keeping us awake until 4.30-5.00a.m.

The hotel charges €2 to cash a €50 traveller’s cheque.

Juan on Reception was brilliant. He tried very hard to sort out a problem for us. He speaks excellent English.

We went on the really old train to Soller (get it near the bus station in Palma) and it was a lovely trip. Try the orange juice. It is sexcellent."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 28th of July 2006

Great family base


"We stayed at these apartments for a week self catering at the end of April. I found them to be clean and well presented and there always seemed to be something going on.

The entertainment staff worked hard and from what we saw it wAs quite good.

The rooms were basic but had everything we needed.

I would stay here again and recommend it to others.

One downside is the steps we were on the 4th floor and it was a killer with the suticases and in high heels!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 26th of July 2006

Loved the Aquasol, quality!


"Just spent a great week at the Aquasol. The staff were friendly and very helpful. Pool area is good, very clean and you can always get a sun bed even in the summer months. Only issue is it is seriously slippery around the pool. Pool bar sells drinks and lunch, cheap and quick.

However, if you need a pushchair go elsewhere. Way to many steps at the Aquasol, we were on the top floor and had to go up four flights of stairs. Despite this the rooms on the top floors do not really carry the risk of being broken into.
Rooms were basic but well kept and the cleaners did clean it every three days.

The area of Palma Nova is a great choice for families, and the beach is a short walk. The Aquasol had a kids club and had some good shows in the evenings and daily bingo! The reps do not hassle you to buy tickets around the pool as many of the reps in other hotels do but they are always around if you want them. The reception is 24hr and has a mini shop. I was a group of 5 18 year old girls and we had no problems. Most of the teens who were staying at the Aquasol were respectful to the families and were quiet unlike some of the hotels in Magaluf. I would rate the hotel as 9/10 certainly value for money and would definately go back in the future!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 25th of July 2006

what an absolute joke this hotel is!!!


"The hotel was an absolute joke. The staff were rude and didnt help at all. To begin with the travel agent let 17 20-22yr olds book this hotel knowing full well it is aimed at families. When we arrived they tried to cram us into 4 rooms when we had infact paid for 5 rooms. After evntually getting in our rooms, which for some reason had been seperated as far apart as possible (would it not have been more sensible to keep all young people in allocated blocks at 1 end of the hotel!?) we recieved a final warning within a couple of hours of arrival for playing music on a stero too loud, this infact would of been impossible for any of the 17 of us to do as we had not taken a stereo system with us. The cleaners were ment to clean our rooms and give us fresh towels and bedding, this happened once on the 3rd day and they never entered any of our rooms again for the rest of the 2 weeks, with us having to go to reception to ask for toilete roll which the staff begrudged giving to us for some reason. Halfway though the holiday one of the lads fell and seriously injured his back on the side of the pool, although the reps saw the incident along with other members of staff no-one was intrested in giving any help or assistance, apart from a a family group who helped greatly (thank-you to them). On the last day when we were leaving the hotel the hotel handymen seemed to find a mysterious dent on the inside of the wardrobe doors, which i can assure you 100% we did not put there. The hotel charged us 150€ and then decided to charge us a further 150€ for a dent in another wardrobe in a complete different room which did not have anything to do with anyone from our party. Which we had to pay as the local Guardia (violent police) arrived and we were threatened by them. The 2 short men on reception were very agressive towards one of the members of our party even though he was trying his best to resolve the situation. He was led to the room to inspect the "damage" to the door where he was repeatdly threatend with the police and told that the police would come and arrest him from the room, even though he had done nothing wrong apart from try to resolve the situation. When we went to seek advice from the reps they were no help what so ever and did not want anything to do with the situation. Hotel bar and shop very expensive, well worth the 2 minute walk up the road to the local supermarket and bars to save that extra few euros. All in all a very bad hotel, staff extremally rude and basically do not give a [-] for the welfare of their guests. Hotel manager did not give a [-] about any of the guests either, all he was intrested in was making a quick few easy euros by charging groups like ours for damage which they did not cause and he was also very agressive to childern who were about the hotel, doing such things as unplugging the games machines whilst they were in the middle of playing them just to get the money out of them. What an absolute joke of a hotel, Stay clear of the aquasol!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of July 2006



"Just got back from a week at the aquasol!!! Had a brilliant time!! went to celebrate the end of Alevels. I was in a group of 7 18 year olds, which kinda sums up the clientele!

I have to say to families before they go, that you are 15 minutes walk from The Strip in Magaluf, so think about that before you decide to stay near Magaluf. From what i saw the families and teenagers got on very well, there were no problems that i heard of, and of course the families get the run of the pool for the morning and early afternoon whilst everyone else is still asleep!! There is a Childrens pool joint to the main pool. The pool is really good, it gets cleaned every day and there is a pool side bar which is open from 11-5 and has quite good food. its more expensive than some of the restaurants in palma nova, but only because the average snack is about 4euros.

I stayed in an 8 person room, which was pretty big, with 3 good sized bedrooms!. the maids came round every other day which was good, although people tended to be asleep so they couldn't come in! the only problem we had was with ants.... but what can you actually do about them?? The beds were really comfy and the air conditioning was just what you needed to come back to.

Just be warned there are steps EVERYWHERE. we had about 6 flights to go up, but we were on the top level with a fantastic view of the pool.

I went to the hotel expecting a hotel that was much worse than it was. For a 3 star hotel it was EXCELLENT!! i have been to a 4 star hotel of much worse quality than this hotel!

We went self catering, but the supermarket was only approx 7 minutes away so it was fine! the supermarket is quite cheap, but there is a spar which is even cheaper on the beach front.

The restaurants in Palma Nova are really cheap, but have good Quality food!, you must try the paella in Restaurante Delfin Playa, it was cooked really well . I had never tried paella before, and don't usually eat prawns and shellfish, but would order it again!!.

You should go to Palma Nova in the evening (bout 9 for dinner) , then magaluf gets busy around midnight, the clubs are at their best nearing 4! There are loads of PR people, but if your nice to them as you walk past they tend to leave you alone. Also try to get the best deals you can, and lie to them!! at Poco Loco (which is a bar, but actually more like a club) we managed to get 2 for 1 drinks, jugs of drinks and a free big bottle of Sambuca.

This holiday was the best i have ever been on. The Hotel was SUPERB, and the nightlife/beach/pool/resort, were all FANTASTIC. i'd recommend this hotel to families and groups of friends!!!

p.s take money for the pirates show (50 euros per person!!)
pps take 11 euros for the MCP, which is a club pass for like 6 clubs!!
Actually i'd recommend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 11th of July 2006

holiday fom hell


"iv,e been to majorca for the last ten years stayed in various resorts but i have got to say without any doubt this is the dirtiest and worst hotel that i have ever stayed in. the hotel staff were very rude and not very willing to help you. if it was not for the entertainers ANDY & YVONNE the holiday would have been a complete nightmare. they were a credit to a hotel i could only describe as the faulty towers of palma nova. i paid a lot of money for this holiday and i was half board and to be honest we feed pigs a better swill than the hotel fed us. to finish on this note if you pay a lot of money for your holiday avoid this hotel like you avoid the black death."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 5th of June 2006

excellent hotel


"me and my partner has just came back from here we went here for a long weekend break. the hotel was very clean and tidy staff were so friendly and helpful def going back this year the room was also very clean and tidy.there was lots of pubs,restarants and shops nearby."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of March 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

ideal for fitness fanatics


"well the aquasol, lets start at the beginning,checked in to be met by mister grumpy, thinks it time to pension him off gives hotel a bad mame, then onwards and upwards {belive me its upwards], just the 71 steps for us and we wasn,t even on the top floor, into the room, almost, couldn,t get in, back down 71 steps to see mr happy, who had to re-programe the card,back up to room, now done 213 steps[good for fitness regime, any way back to room at least this time no suitcase,s to drag up, into room round one with the ants,lost first round won second [they dont like onions and drowning, put tv on no signal,20euros later a signal appeared amazing, onto air con more euros,air con working gets better,open the safe, feed mr happy again, happy days,The bar,keep away they rob you,nothing new there then, if you must drink there do it between 9.30 10.30 happy hour,{mr grumpy excepted]."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of September 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 2 Food
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Top traveller tips for Cabau Aquasol

  • jadesian by jadesian

    "Loved palma nova, goin agen in 09 cant wait "

  • jadesian by jadesian

    "best bar was banana joes "

  • foleyne by foleyne

    "The beaches were great for the kids "

  • vicky butler by vicky butler

    "plenty of places to eat and drink "

  • vicky butler by vicky butler

    "diablo pizza simsalabam "

  • eddie kelly by eddie kelly

    "Go there and just see for youreself.... "

  • eddie kelly by eddie kelly

    "La Bodega + castaways ...western park "

  • Baldie by Baldie

    "Canto, Katmando, Orange Blossom Trail and Pirates were fantastic "

  • claire84 by claire84

    "lots of stairs but we managed with a pushchair and small child would not recomend to disabled "

  • kaiser by kaiser

    "the hotel is great but only go self catering "

  • fiona by fiona

    "palma nova is beautiful i will be back just a dirrerent hotel "

  • zoe69 by zoe69

    "it was good for familys but not much for girls holiday "

  • diane64 by diane64

    "hope you dont get fourth floor no lifts & no help "

  • jan by jan

    "Very good but use the safe "

  • flea bitten traveller by flea bitten traveller

    "I'd advise against Aquasol "

  • Superbob17 by Superbob17

    "Use the local supermarket for basics like water and food "

  • barbs by barbs

    " Pirate show was excellent - Andrax market and Palma are well worth a vist. "

  • Rachel by Rachel

    "Don't buy drink at the hotel, go to the big supermarket just up the hill. "

  • Belfast clan by Belfast clan

    "Beach, Aqurium, Fantasia golf. "

  • fit but not fit by fit but not fit

    "get the ants to carry you up to the room "

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  • Aquasol Aparthotel
  • Aparthotel Aquasol Palma Nova
  • Aparthotel Aquasol Hotel Palma Nova

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