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Very disappointned

Reviewed Thu 22nd of July 2010

"Just returned from a week here, and not very happy. We booked an AI allocation on arrival holiday at a great price, and were given this hotel as our accomodation.
We arrived at around 2.30am in the morning as the 'local transfer driver' got lost!! We landed at 11.30pm and the hotel is 5 mins from the airport!!
The guy who greeted us was very impolite, demamded our passports and threw a key and 4 AI bands at us and pointed at the lift.
The room looked ok, but after a long delayed flights followed by a 'unplanned tour' by the transfer - picthing up on the beach would have appeared ok!!
The following morning, my husband used the bathroom, to find a hole in the ceiling and everytime the toilet was flushed in the room above, we got about a pint of water come through it - We reported this every day until we checked out and it was never sorted!!.
The beds were awful to sleep in, they felt like plywood - there were no sort of matress feel to them.
The only thing I can say about the food is that the fruit was incrediblly fresh and fantastic, anything cooked looked awful and withered. The water served with lunch and dinner, 9 times out of 10 had something floating in it!!
We did our best to ask about activities and managed to grasp that there would be nightly entertainment and there was a kids club - IN FRENCH!!
The club organisers gathered all the children from around the hotel together and were asking names and ages - all the english kids that were unable to understand his questions we sent away!! Unable to join in!!
The first few nights there were 4 Twentys parties staying - all German!! WHo decided to bang on every door as they arrived back in the hotel at 4 and 5 in the morning. My husband went down the desk to complain and the guy said 'they are on holiday!!' another family was told to stop being mardy!!
I'm sorry, i am on holiday and i expect a little respect from other guests about acceptable levels of noise during the early hours!!
During our swim in the COLD indoor pool located in the spa area, we were greeted with not 1 but 3 cockroaches in the water. ANother one jumped at my husband while he showered and bit him and other guests reported seeing them - not small either about 3 or 4 inches in length and upon reprting this to the front desk - 'it happens' was the response.
We were 1 of only 7 English families placed there
I am warning eveyone i know away from this hotel!!
I went to Majorca to sample to local food and atmosphere - if i had wanted france - I WOULD HAVE GONE THERE!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of July 2010

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  • 5 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 1 Food

surprise, shock!!!in a bad way

Reviewed Fri 14th of August 2009

"Let me add my observation toward this hotel. I come from Slovakia, althougn have spent only some years of my life here. I actually have travelling and moving around as my hobby. Let me warn u!!!
Please, take your time and consider coming to this hotel. It is unaccetable from dignity, business and many other point of views.
Mallorca is famous all over and some hotels try to take advantage of it offering zero services. I wouldn´t write this if I were not in other resorts, 7 times altogether, all 2 stars hotels. This hotel is presented as 4 star one, but what it offers, comparing to other Mallorca hotels hm, there would by appropriate to give -1 or -2 stars. Pity it doesn´t work. Many people have destroyed vacation and let it be, then other (as we did) go with naive belief to such hotel not knowing what disaster to expect.
1. arrival. reception: no hello, no eye contact, just passing the key and saying number of the room, leave the same-unbelievable. Person starts thinking what makes these people to be such self-confident, especially if u see their behaviour, look. Well nothing to be proud about.
2. Room, dirty, bed where mattress consisted of:springs, cotton wool covered by plastic.
Í don´t believe, they are so poor!!!I came to ask politly to change matrtress, they said ok. They looked to our data, changed mind and say nothing available. French oriented rasism will be mentioned also later on. 1st time in my life I slept all night in one position as moving caused fall down already 1st night. My back hurt-better not to mention.
3. Food. Something shocky!!!!no fresh vegetable, ever!!!!In mallorca. Meat alays smelling in strange way. My personal claims to waiters with one witness (my boyfriend),
a. Fresh 1-3 peisces meat!!, found in salat made from un-fresh vegetable, mayonese and potatoes. After claim, waiter asked to change plate. I said it was useless. This hapened three times. One claim I made with green around wurst and green around cheese (spoil). Ok there is financial crisis. But who the hell dear management u want to cheat on???? Milk in coffee made me every morning very strange sounds in stomach. 4stars. Can´t believe someone writes positive review on this hotel.
One time waiter came and ask French? as said No. He said, so u are not allowed to drink water for free and took it from my is 2009, I can´t believe this happened, when I remember it. One time waitress came, asked in frnench cava? i replied in english thanks, ok. she said, ah english , vaiwed hand and went away. breakfast and supper vere always full of emotions, either in stomach or due to behavior of waitresses. Many times waiter came and took my plate while I was finishing, then looked in a way go away and save our food....
Simply surprise, frustration, shock!!!
Let me finish with the sentence, I am really person that has no problems to sleep in the park under the hat during summer, I have no big demands on hotel, that is why I always went to 2 stars one. Food gives no big importance for me during holiday, but if u have another for days after arrival digestive problems, for 1st time in live (after visiting africa where nothing similar happened), then u get really angry.

Dear people, consider my note, please, I hate when some people ride from the others.
Dear management, having doctorate in BA I recommend to change the style of your choaching.
Sorry for my english, haven´t been writing in english for some months."

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  • Travel date: Fri 14th of August 2009

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