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We booked this holiday independently. F...

Reviewed Thu 16th of August 2007

"We booked this holiday independently.
Flights were thro Monarch and the transfers to the hotel were through a company called Unfortunately for us we were the first on the bus, we had to wait until the bus was nearly full. This meant we had to wait for over an hour for other flights to come in.

We had a two-week fully inclusive stay.
The hotel was immaculate and very clean, although it is starting to show its age. They had a small gym, which had limited equipment. The staff were very friendly except for the odd one or two.

The food was very good, highly recommended, having stayed in many inclusive hotels, this has been the best. There is plenty of variety, they always have 3 types of meat (changed daily) cooked fresh in front of you at the hot food bar. In the morning they cook the eggs, bacon & omelette in front of you, to your taste.

Our room was cleaned every day to a high standard. Towels were changed as required.

This hotel is geared towards the Germans, who made up about 70 to 80% of the guest. We did not find this a problem at all, once you made the effort to speak to them (hullo, good morning etc), they would always return the greeting and would then continue throughout the holiday.

I have three boys (16, 14, and 11) at the beginning of our stay we were playing volleyball in the pool and we invited 2 or 3 young Germans to join. Within 10 minutes, we had over 15/18 Germans young and old wanting to join with us. This became a daily event. We made some very good friends with the Germans (and British contingent).

The entertainment was fairly poor, this was compounded by the fact the hotel and entertainment is geared towards German families (who did seem to enjoy it). All I can say, the German idea of a good time is not quite the same as ours.

The bar staff were a mixture of Spanish, German and 1 British. All guests were treated equally. Don’t be put off by the entertainment there is plenty to do if you walk into the town, which is only a short walk away. There are two British bars in this resort, which are both pretty good (rose & crown & British Bulldog).

The two pools were both nice; the baby pool ideal for kids up to about 4 years, the main pool was very nice and was never crowded. Believe it or not sun beds were not a problem, although some were reserved from 7 am, there were still beds available up to midday. The beach is great and is only a two-minute walk away. If it weren’t for the entertainment, I would give this hotel 10/10.

Would visit again.

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  • Travel date: Thu 16th of August 2007

We booked this hotel independently on-li...

Reviewed Fri 13th of July 2007

"We booked this hotel independently on-line.

This hotel was immaculate and all staff were very friendly. The variety of food on offer and standard was extremely high. Rooms were adequately furnished and although I have stayed in bigger rooms they were alright for the amount of time we spent in them.

There were ample sun loungers and the pool area was also kept extremely clean.

Entertainment was the only thing which I consider could be improved on although one or two nights the shows provided were extremely entertaining.

This was a popular place with the German tourists however this did not cause any problems.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone and will definitely be back again!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of July 2007

We booked this holiday independently....

Reviewed Wed 30th of June 2004

"We booked this holiday independently.

Flights were thro Easyjet and we got great flight times midday out and back, the transfers were through a company called who were great, and the hotel booked through All in all we saved a fortune on the advertised price in excess of 50%!!!.

We had one week for about £900 for two adults and one infant fully inclusive in the busiest week of the year..

The hotel was immaculate and the staff very friendly except for the bar manager.

The food was absolutely stunning, having stayed in many 4 star inclusive hotels I did not expect much, but it was the best I have experienced on an all Inc basis.

Our room was a little small for the three of us, but not a great problem.

The entertainment was fairly poor as you expect in all inclusive, this was compounded by the fact the hotel is a favourite with German families and whilst we stayed, there was probably 70% German , 25% other and 5% English. This actually made it a very pleasant holiday with no lager louts etc. Don’t be put off by the entertainment there is plenty to do if you walk to the town.

The pools were both nice , the baby pool ideal for kids up to about 4 years.

Would visit again"

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of June 2004

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