PrimaSol Cala d'Or Gardens

C/ SA Cova Blanca 1, 07660 Cala d'Or, Majorca Spain
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 value
  • 4 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 4 location

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Too many germans!


"We have just returned from a weeks stay at this hotel. The hotels rooms were cleaned daily. The rooms were small but compact, with air conditioning. The best part of this hotel was the size of the double pool, very large. During our stay here there were lots of germans and dutch which they seemed to cater for with the food. again plenty of but not to our tastes.

The hotel was not in cala dor but in carla egos which was a few miles away.A taxi in would cost around 5 euros. After a few days of the food in the hotel we tend to go out a bit in the nearby town of carla egos which was a nice town with shops, pubs and resteraunts. A great british pub there was BAR KO which was very friendly and welcoming.

This hotel and town would be great for your older mellower type and not your partying kind. Overall enjoyable holiday but too many germans!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 2nd of July 2008

like the location


"I like the location which was in Cala Egos-outside of Cala Dor but accessible none the less by short taxi ride,noddy train or walk along the public footpath(not well lit) from Cala Egos beach.

The complex is not high rise and is set in attractive landscaped gardens.The swimming pool is lovely and there are clearly defined areas for learners too.There are some activities in the pool run by the entertainment team;you are welcome to join in if you so wish,things such as water polo,aerobics etc.They are not all day long but do happen fairly frequently.

If you do like to sunbathe by the pool then you do need to reserve your sunlounger;there is rarely any other option as the whole experience of trying to find a space is very competative,some of the worst quueing i have experienced.I even saw people lay down on the ground where they wanted their sunlounger to be placed in order to stop others taking the space for themselves,as the loungers are locked up each night and are not unlocked again until 8.00am-some people even put their towels over a brolly they wanted to reserve;hilarious!

The food is ok but nothing special.

The rooms are cleaned every day but are needing a bit of updating.i asked for a quiet room and did get one three floors up overlooking the far end of the pool,which was a nice view and was certainly quiet enough.The entertainment at night stopped usually at 11.00pm .There was not much other noise from the surrounding area either which was residential and some hotels.

The beach at Cala Egos(ten minutes walk) is small and mostly crowded,suitable for swimming and has bars near by and usually a fruit seller.

I would visit here again."

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  • Travel date: Mon 5th of November 2007



"Well first of all. DO NOT book your transfer with resorthoppa. I booked the hotel and transfer, flights seperatly.Little did I know I would be waiting 3 hours for the coach, more than the flight took.The whole of our flight from manchester were waiting outside the airport, being fobbed off by one of the reps.
On the way back, the coach didnt even bother picking us up. We had to pay for a taxi with our own money, as well as the transfer being paid for.£50.00 this cost. Am making a complaint and asking for refunds but with such a terrible company, who knows what will happen.

Now onto the Hotel, very basic, but ok for a 3 star. Food was barely warm most of the time, a few meals were edible. We were eating out most of the time. Hotel caters for the spanish and germans, only met around 4 english people whilst there.
Other than that, weather was brilliant and the area around hotel was nice. It is not however even in Cala D'or, around ten minutes in a taxi."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of September 2007

Great Pool


"I could write lots of complaints but these really seem rather petty and after all it is a basic 3*place. The main thing I would say is that if you are after a beach holiday/have small children who want to build sandcastles, fiddle in rock pools etc. do NOT go anywhere on the east coast, let alone Cala Egos, which is where the complex actually is. The beach is smaller than our garden. Unfortunately the weather was appalling for 5 out of our 7 days so we never saw the beach at capacity, but I would imagine it is horrendously crowded.
The pool and gardens are lovely, but there is the problem of 'Bagging' the loungers - and all nationalities not just the Germans, every man for himself! I daresay that happens everywhere though.Oh yes, be prepared for it all to be geared for Germans.
My main concern would be the food quality and hygiene. The food is in place at least 2 hours before mealtimes (overnight in the case of breakfast ) and sit in metal trays in 'hot' water to keep warm. By the time you get to eat it is is cold. Left overs are created into 'salads' by adding tons of mayonnaise the next day.The bar has even worse hygiene - burgers, frankfurters, chips that are in an open cabinet, in water, for 12 hours a day. When I complained to our rep, she said no body had ever complained before ( my daughter overheard 4 families complain just that morning) and nobody had ever had poisoning from the food!!!! So that makes it OK I presume!
There are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops in Cala Egos and Cala D'Or a 3euro return ride on the train. Nice beach at Cala Gran, 10 minutes walk through Cala D'Or, quite small and crowded though, but better equipped then Cala Egos, pedalos and beach cafe.
Sparkles a must for teenagers - becomes a disco at 1AM and very safe to walk back at 4AM when it closes. I was quite happy to let my 16year old daughter walk home with the other teenagers she met at the complex which I wouldn't dream of at home. She has never been to a club before and it made her holiday perfect. Her old Mum enjoyed it too!!
All in all, we had a good time in spite of the weather - nothing to do in bad weather except maintain a stiff upper lip in the bar - don't expect gourmet food and be prepared to spend more than you anticipated in an All Inclusive. Ice creams for kids only available from 4-5pm and long queues at the bar.
Would I go back? Probably if money were no object and there was no other choice."

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  • Travel date: Sat 25th of August 2007

Pleasantly Surprised


"We have just returned from Cala Egos. There was a little apprehension at first as we booked Allocation on Arrival and didn't know what to expect.
The room was very basic, no air conditioning but clean and bright.
Food was what we expected for a basic 3 star hotel, and quite repetative. Entertainment did not suit our tastes, though we walked to the excellent Marina in the evenings and finished the evening socialising in the bar.
If you are looking for a pleasant but basic hotel and a quiet surrounding area, it's not bad for a week away. The main town is easily accessible by taxi or 'Noddy' train and we walked it in 25 mins."

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  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of August 2007

pleasantly surprised


"We were switched to this hotel at the last minute and after reading the reviews were a little apprehensive. The hotel was brilliant and we really enjoyed our holiday"

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of August 2007

Fabulous stay


"I have just returned from a week at the Cala D'Or Gardens hotel in Cala Egos. I was on holiday with my 8 year old daughter on my own and I have to say had an absolutely fabulous stay. The air conditioned room was spotless and had everyting we needed and the towels were changed every day.
We were all inclusive which is ideal when you are with kids and despite the previous comments on the food, I thought it was tasty enough and we never had to queue either for tables or to actually collect food ( however, I would agree that is could have been hotter, althought there were microwaves available for self use if you wanted to heat up any meals).
The pool area was terrific and plenty of shallow areas for younger kids. Despite rules stating that loungers cannot be reserved, everybody did this so you need to get to the pool around 8.00am to get your towel on a bed. There was a poolside bar which did not open during our stay which I found strange although both soft drinks and alcohol were available throughout the day from the main bar. There were also snacks available at this bar all day until 11.00pm at night. You could only get ice cream between 4.00 and 5.00pm (or at lunch or dinner in the restaurant).
Entertainment team were absolutely fantastic. Kids clubs in the morning and afternoon wtih a mini disco and kids games every night (except Saturday when they get a well deserved day off). Shows at night are also done by entertainment team and are very family orientated. Although as some previous reviewer states can be miming to old movies etc, they are very cleverly put together and choreagraphed.
There can be long queues at the bar at night and as the "all inclusive" finishes at you find people requesting 3/4 drinks at a time which held things up. On a positive note we found that by 11.30pm, the bar area and main entertainment area were clear and therefore, no loud, drunks singing and shouting into the wee small hours.
Cala Egos is a lovely wee resort with 2 very nice beaches where the water is very clear and the sand very clean. Cala D'Or is 5 euros in a taxi and offers more nightlife and plenty of restaurants and shopes although Cal Egos does have a fair few of these too.
At no time during my stay as a women on my own with a young child, did I feel uncomfortable or intimidated and I would definately reccommend Cala Egos and Cala D'Or Gardens Hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 28th of July 2007

Bad food and mould in the room


"We stayed here in September 06.

Nice pool and garden, but it really need renovation.

Terrible ventilation in the rooms. Furniture in the room was covered in various kinds of damp/mould and a lot of rust on the bath. It was positive that the maid came every day!

Food was terrible, we ate out after the second day.

What we saw of the evening entertainment for children was very good.

The hotell was nice, but really ned a makeover!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 5th of October 2006

All Inclusive - NeverAgain


"Having just returned form our 2 weeks holiday it is an experience we will not be repeating.There were only 2 things that were good about this hotel one of them being the weather and the other was the pool area.This is the first time we tried All Inclusive and were most dissappointed with the food. Everything that we had to eat was freezing cold. Another problem was trying to get to the food as there were always queues which were always worse the later we ate as one side of the buffet was usually closed 30 minutes before the dining room closed resulting in many people complaining . But nothing was ever done about this. The room we had had no air conditioning and no bulb in the bedside light. There was also a tile hanging off the wall. On the stairs there was a fire alarm hanging off the wall exposing electrical wires. The entertainment was mostly aimed at children, and what they did have for adults was people miming to old movie soundtracks. This was not what we were expecting from a 3 star hotel. I think next year we will take our chance with the rain and stay inScotland."

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  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of September 2006

great for kids and relaxation


"To start with once I had booked to stay in at this hotel then stupidly enough I looked at reviews and I absolutely panicked about the food the place everything. But it’s all not true.... I swear!!! There were a couple of problems but nothing major that would make me write a terrible review.

First of the hotel is beautiful it has lots of lovely palm trees and the building itself is just classy looking inside and out. The pool is fantastic it is pretty big however the only thing is like one of the people have said that have just been there you do have to go pretty early to get a sunlounger...but me and my partner decided after a few days to just go for a quick dip in the pool and then disappear up to our balcony to do our sunbathing.

The place is absolutely magic for kids...the entertainers are fantastic with them...and you could see all the kids enjoyed it and the parents were glad of some quiet time (admit it!!). The nighttime entertainment is a laugh as well even if you don’t have kids (like us) they do put on a great show. Entertainment is from 11am-11pm at night and music is played all day...however on a Saturday is there day off just in case you wonder.

Me and my partner went all inclusive since this was out first holiday abroad with each other which was quite scary and well I don’t regret a minute of it. You get all soft drinks which are diet coke, coke, fanta, sprite etc..all for free on tap everyday and beer and cocktails etc and its fantastic for during the day or a drink before you go out or when you come in.

The food is fine....for me it was hard as I am a vegetarian so I have to admit there was not much for me to eat apart from salad rolls and cheese and chips (but hey at least I lost a few pounds!)Breakfast is fantastic I would say go down early at 8:30 though before it is packed coz its much quieter and easier to go up and get coffee and juice etc. Lunch was fine and dinner was fine too but they could have marked things a bit clearer because some things I wasn’t sure whether I could eat or not....and you didn’t know what sauce they were in etc but the chef person was normally standing behind the counters so you could probably ask if you grabbed him.

The place itself is fantastic......I would recommend sparkles for nightime entertainment it has karaoke which is a laugh if its busy and Scooby’s snack bar is great if your wanting a good plate of chips or a cheese and pickle sandwich or anything British really. Yates is a really nice bar as well we went there to read the British newspapers and staff were really friendly and all this is just 5 mins away from the hotel!!Oh and buy cigarettes at a place called tabacs which is next to the Scooby snacks place as nowhere else seems to sell them.

The only problems I found from this place is for young couples who want to go clubbing or anything like that there’s not anything to be honest.......its more just if you want a quiet relaxing holiday and if kids don’t annoy will be grand. Also I have to admit we did get ants in our room but not loads nothing you couldn’t handle with a little insect spray. The staff at reception are lovely but do not seem to know English very well especially the guy who was on night duty when we were there....he had not a clue about anything so any problems ask during the day.

Taxis to cala d'or are 5euros there and back and the taxi rank is 5 mins away. We didn’t really explore cala d'or that much but it has LOADS of restaurants if your wanting a wide a varied choice...but then so does the place your staying in.

Anyway in all honesty if you have kids GO without a doubt..... its fantastic for them and yeh I would recommend all-inclusive but take a bit of extra money for going out for dinner....which isn’t that expensive if you go to the right places.

Do not let previous reviews put you I found nothing of this....hopes this helped anyone =) xx"

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of July 2006

Brilliant holiday!!


"Fantastic holiday!!

Flew out on 13th July & returned yesterday. The hotel is lovely, absolutely spotless throughout. Maids clean the room & make beds up every day. Food is just what you expect from a hotel like this, aimed at the Germans but we enjoyed trying food we usually don't eat such as veal, shark meat etc. We were half board but upgraded to all inclusive for 10/5 euros per day for our last 2 days, so our family of 4 certainly got our 30 euros worth per day. Only hitch was the A/C in our room wasn't great. We were in room 3209 above the bar & apparently it was the whole block, it wasn't ideal but we just opened the patio door & room door to get a bit of air. The entertainment all stops at 11pm so overlooking "where its at" was perfect.

Entertainment was OK, we didn't hang about in the evenings as we prefer to go for a wander out & about. Note that this hotel is in Cala Egos which is the quieter side of the resort. There are a few bars & restaurants but Cala D'Or is far busier 5/6 euros in a taxi or about 45 minutes walk around the lovely marina. There are 2 small beaches, on about 5 minutes walk from the hotel, the other about 15 minutes walk. Both perfect.

All in all a brilliant holiday!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of July 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness



"We were very impressed with this hotel, at first we was a bit sceptical as we read some reviews and some were a bit down beat. However, it's what you make of it and we definately would recommend this hotel to anybody.

The hotel was more suitable for young families, elderly or couples and offered many facilities to accomodate these 3 categories. When we first arrived, we were pleased with the size of the rooms, the bathroom and the balcony (which every room had).

The food was lovely and offered a wide selection - lots of different meats, fresh fish, chips, pealla and veg; there was lots of different salads on offer along with soups, fresh bread and a variety of fruits and cakes for desserts - we never had a bad meal. ten out of ten for food! The only negative we would say was that some of the bar staff didnt really communicate with you as much as other staff and seemed pretty miserable.

The general complex was kept very clean and tidy and the staff, particularly in the restauraunt, worked hard - and we gave them a tip at the end which was greatly appreciated. The maids came every day and tidied the room, made the beds, emptied the bin swept and gave us clean towels every morning.

The area of Cala Egos was a bit out of Cala D'Or itself, but just a short taxi ride away (5.50 Euros) or about a half hour - 45 minute walk, which was a bit of a surprise when we found out, but was a nice coastal walk. The main street offered a selection of restaraunts, bars and shops. We went to Western Steakhouse which was lovely food wise, but the staff were rude! There was a nice little English bar called Rumours were we went one night and would recommend this too as it was fairly cheap and the owners were very friendly and made you feel welcome.

Overall, the hotel was very impressive for only a 3 star rated place and was by no means basic. Very clean and tidy with good facilities and daily activities on offer. We got a safe for our ten days and it only worked out 40 Euros, so this was pretty reasonable. The pool was lovely and probably the biggest in the area and the entertainment was funny with the entertainers friendly and not forcing you to join in.

The only downside of the holiday in general was the weather. Typical - the weeks before it was sunny but as soon as we got there the forecast was rain for the whole 1o days, however, we had about 4 days of sun with the rest being rainy and cloudy. One day in particular was very very bad with massive thunderstorms which ruined the hotel next door (this was a very sad sight!). So that would be our recommendation with regards to this time of year: the weather can be unpredictable and unreliable, but this had nothing to do with our hotel and we still enjoyed out stay - as after all it is what you make of it.

Very pleased, and base don our stay, would most definately recommend the CLub Cala D'Or Gardens Hotel!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 1st of October 2009
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    "The Cala D'or gardens is actually situated in Cala Egos "

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