About Club Calimera Es Talaial

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • fitness center
  • bar lounge
  • spa
  • free parking
  • wifi
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • kitchenette
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • non smoking rooms
  • laundry service
  • flatscreen tv
  • family rooms
  • microwave
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • paid wifi
  • 24 hour front desk
  • game room
  • free breakfast
  • rooftop bar
  • private balcony
  • swedish amenities
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • indoor pool
  • paid internet
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • kids club
  • babysitting

Reviews summary

( 29 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 5 service
  • 4 amenities

29 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

A good holiday

Reviewed Wed 8th of June 2011

"I have just got back from Es Talayal having been for 5 nights with my two daughters aged 18 and 16. Overall we had a very pleasant holiday. All staff are very friendly and helpful. On arrival, on hearing our English voices, we were informed that it was a predominantly German hotel but all reps could speak English and if we wanted anything, even enterntainment translating it would not be a problem. This wasn't necessary as we did not say on site in the evening and sunbathed during the day. No problem with sunbeds, maybe because it is not yet high season but there were plenty. The pool areas were spotlessly clean, as were the apartments. Our studio apartment for 3 was spacious with large bathroom, good shower with plenty of hot water. Kitchenette was very small - a sink, two ceramic hobs, and fridge. Limited cutlery and crockery, sufficient to make a snack but not cook. Again very clean.

The only downside for us was the distance from cala d'or centre as when I booked I believed the apartments were nearer the centre. They are a 45 minute walk which is a pleasant early evening walk past the marina but I was not happy walking back in the dark so paid for a taxi back every night (cost 6 euros).

There are restaurants and shops in Cala Egos but not a great deal of variety.

The distance from Cala d'or is the only thing that would prevent me going back to Es Talayal. Everything else was great."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 6th of June 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Amenities

Trust me do not go to this hotel if you...

Reviewed Tue 26th of August 2008

"Trust me do not go to this hotel if you want to have a good holiday. Party of 12, 6 adults and 6 children chose this hotel for entertainment for the children. Oh my god absolutely horrendous. kid's entetetaianment from 8.30 -9.30 was only on 2 nights but all in german kid's just sat not knowing what was going on.Then after that three nights of german plays ,to add insult to injury entertainment staff told us it was just for the germans .Went to reception to complain reaction was oh not another one already had 10 complaints. Did not help us 6 bored kid's 3 to 9 yrs and I can tell you this was not good at all. The snack bar, bar staff , and restaurant staff were ignorant and very rude. Went to look for some entetainment in resort this was very poor. Ended up spending lots of money on drinks this defeated the object of going all inclusive. The positive things were the room were clean and spacious and the food is what you would expct from a 3 star hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 26th of August 2008

Hello! Me and my boyfriend stayed in thi...

Reviewed Tue 19th of August 2008

Me and my boyfriend stayed in this hotel in June 2008, we paid around 400.00 for a weeks all inclusive!
I thought the hotel and hotel surroundings were lovely, the pool area was fantastic and even going back to the pool after the beach in the afternoon there was still plently of sunbeds to chose from.
Our apartment was okay, standard really as it is only a 3 star hotel but it was'nt scabby or anything like that. You dont go on holiday to stay in your room all day anyway do you? However we arrived at about 12am and it took us forever to find the apartment but we found it in the end, would of been nice to have been shown to it so late at night but again its only a 3star so we didnt expect too much.
The food was good and plently to chose from. I didnt like breakfast as it was more catered for germans so i just ate toast or scrambeled egg on toast every morning which i didnt really mind untill the lst day i just wanted some bacon! So we went to one of the cafes up the road which was lovely.
The area of Cala Egos was lovely with the beach a minute away from the hotel where you can get a boat around the coast of the island (i wouldnt really recommend this though as it was a bit boring compared to the ones ive been on in other countires) And the glass bottom bit was a bit poor. Maybe more aimed at children than adults.
There are a few Restaurants and bars around the area including a Yates! If you want to go into the main area of Cala Dor it costs around 7Euros in a taxi and it has many more shops, bars and Restaurants there.
The hotel is full or germans but to be honest i didnt really mind as i went on holiday to have a relaxing time with my bf and not to speak to everyone so it was quite nice to sit by the pool and relax in our own little world!
I would recommend this hotel to anyone really if you dont mind germans.
Bye for now

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 19th of August 2008

Just got back from 2 week holiday here -...

Reviewed Wed 27th of June 2007

"Just got back from 2 week holiday here - June 12th -June 26th 2007 - 1st time I have ever written on these types of sites but thought I had to.

The hotel and holiday was 1st class! - we have holidayed in some nice places - San Francisco, Lapland, Spain, Turkey, LA and I can say this was the best holiday we have had.

The hotel is cheap so you cannot expect to stay at raffles, but it is very clean, the apartments are roomy, clean, the 4 swimming pools are lovely, got loads of sunbeds.

Some people said about queuing but I hardly ever had to queue for anything, really only when it was about to shut and everyone was going up - but apart from that I just walked up and got what-ever I wanted.

Food and drink - you hear stories that all inclusive drinks are watered down, maybe they are, but I couldn't tell. It was probably own brand cola - not the advertised Coke but who cares - it's free. The beer tasted the same as when we ate out so I doubt if it was watered down.

The only mark I knocked off was for the food, not that it wasn't nice, just that being vegetarian we were very limited to choice, but my son who ate meat loved it. The reports that you get sick of the same stuff by the end is true but that would be the same at any all inclusive hotel - we ate lots , often - which is a novelty for a veggie in Spain.

The entertainment is badly good. Don't expect Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones, but it is watchable and don't know where these things about no one speaking English came from because , although the reps are German - everything is said in English first.

The kids loved the minidisco although I did want to tell them they were doing the wrong moves to Agadoo. - only complaint on entertainment is it finishes too early, usually about 10.30pm-10.45pm.

Next the location - for us it was perfect, you cross a small road and you are on the most gorgeous beach you can imagine - watch the kids though - it is very calm and safe but it does get deep quickly.

If you want to try other bars there are plenty - probably between 20-30 lively ones about 5 mins slow walk away, the marina is lovely at night and takes about 20 mins slow walk, Cala D'or isn't walkable but a taxi only costs 5 euro.

Virtually all guests are German - met about 2 other English people but what matter is that, it is in the German Thompson brochure.

Only comment I would make is I can't believe how rude most guests are to the waiting staff, I worked it out by the end of the two weeks that the staff kept stopping me and saying good morning - why , because I was the only person who said please and thank you and tried to speak Spanish where I could. It became a little game to spot the manners by the end - if you do go, please bear this in mind.

All in all - for a hotel that costs what it does - you can't go wrong, would definitely go back, taxi from airport costs £59 euro and is set - go and have a good holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 27th of June 2007

Hotel very clean and apartment spacious....

Reviewed Wed 18th of October 2006

"Hotel very clean and apartment spacious. Food excellent and plenty of choice, everything from kebabs and risotto to pizza and chips.

Sweets brilliant especially the bananas in chocolate sauce. Hotel entertainment mostly for children at night although professional shows were quite good i.e. Parrot show and magic show. Hotel Entertainers were excellent and really got the kids involved. Definitely a family hotel as everything closed at 11pm, which is great for young families. Daytime activities varied and my boys had a great time playing ping pong, volleyball, water polo, badminton, football etc.

Main pool very deep but there is a smaller one and an indoor pool with Jacuzzi. Plenty of sun beds to go round. Snack bar open all day for chips, baguettes, toasties, burgers etc and ice cream and cakes between 4-5pm. Drinks all day, coke, Fanta, coffee, wine, beer in fact almost anything you want! I would definitely recommend it for a family holiday.

Only minus is that there was not a lot of English speaking guests when we were there and therefore not many people to talk to! My husband had to listen to me for a week!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 18th of October 2006

Overall this complex is brilliant mostly...

Reviewed Sun 8th of October 2006

"Overall this complex is brilliant mostly German and Dutch 85% so you had to get up early for a sun bed. This was not a problem most of them were friendly if you made an effort to communicate with them. Entertainment team was first class always something to do from the kids to the mams and dads.

It became a sport to try and beat the Germans at their own games it was all good fun. We were in a studio apartment which was on the ground floor which was probably the biggest on the complex, all nice and clean. The food was good always a selection of dishes my kids always found something to eat. On the down side the food became a little bit repetitive so you had to use your imagination a little bit.

As a whole it was a good holiday because if you wanted to you could isolate yourself from other people because of the language barrier, will probably go back again to the same place."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 8th of October 2006

What can we say? Like the most recent r...

Reviewed Fri 1st of September 2006

"What can we say? Like the most recent reviews we thought we had made a mistake (down to one really bad review). As I had taken responsibility for the booking I was worried. Hubby, his kids and his parents 6 of us in all.

Before I start on Es Talaial one point that no one has mentioned is Medical Service. We had to take our 8 year old to the see the Doctor, he picked up and ear infection at, we think, Aqualand. The Doctor visits Reception and our 1st visit was on a Sunday just after 9.00am. He was prescribed antibiotics and eardrops. Our 2nd visit, Mon pm, the Doctor came to the apartment as he was being sick, could not keep down water or stand up straight - Scary. This time a medicine to stop the vomiting and another with essential vitamins etc. A 3rd visit on the Tues morning at the Medical Centre was not charged for. Total cost 160 euros and a further 30 for prescription medicines. We found both Doctors we saw very pleasant and the lad is now fine.

Es Talaial

We had asked for neighbouring apartments, we did not get them but had 3701 and 3707, so close to each other and not a problem. The kids had been put 1 in each apartment, as we checked in Jenny on reception asked if we wanted both children in 1 apartment, which we did, so she arranged for the maid to sort out the extra bed. As we arrived at our apartment the maid was just leaving. We found our apartment clean and spacious and had a front patio and a smaller balcony at the rear. A problem we did encounter was smoking, we found the smoke from people below us drifted in to our apartment. Being non-smokers this was not good. In-laws had a couple of lights not working and maintenance was there.

On arrival, around 3pm, we asked if we could get something to eat, Jenny directed us to the snack bar as the Restaurant was closed. Food there is limited but tasty cheese and ham toasties. The food in the Restaurant is varied and there is a good choice of salads which I particularly enjoyed. Dad-in-Law enjoyed the fish - but beware as one night he had a lot of bones. The children ate well. I will say that a lot of the veg is out of tins, and the mash potato is powdered. Desserts good choice and again tinned fruit, there is fresh available. We did not use the restaurant much at lunch times mainly in the evenings. Breakfast is much as previously described, did start to get a little bored with it towards the end of the holiday.

Pool areas could do with being swept daily and beware of the deep parts as they are deep. We did make use of the pool at Las Rocas - which I have to say is a lot better for younger children. We put an English family and a German family on to it as they had very little children.

Entertainment was fine and the kids, 8 and 12 enjoyed the Mini Disco. If the Magic & Mystery Show is on see it as we enjoyed that one a lot. Our 12 year old made friends with an Austrian lad around the same age and the idea is they are going to write to each other. The varied nationalities are NOT a problem; in fact it is nice NOT to see hoards of British Guys walking around in football shirts. Sorry Guys but take a look next time you are abroad you all wear the same shirt just a different name/colour.

If you do any trips and it is an 8.45am pick up. It is a bit chaotic, but you will get on your coach eventually. The pick up is outside the Spar Shop.

We did Aqualand and Caves of Drach - loved the Caves. Aqualand was good but as I had broken my toe the week before we travelled I missed out on the rides. Kids loved it. If you go, you do not need to hire the rafts - they work like a fast-track ticket and the queues are long.

All in all we had a very enjoyable holiday. Would we go again with children YES - on our own NO, as we do not have children full-time (they live with their Mother) we did find crying babies and bit of a problem.

Enjoy your holiday.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 1st of September 2006

We were a party of 12, 3 families (6 adu...

Reviewed Wed 23rd of August 2006

"We were a party of 12, 3 families (6 adults and 6 children ranging from 4-12years old).

We probably would have given 10 out 10 only for the problems we had on our arrival.

BRITS BEWARE!! It looks as though the Hotel has overbooked for the Summer and the only people they seem to move are the Brits.

We arrived around 8.30pm only to be told by the receptionist that they had no available rooms for our party but not to worry as they had booked us into the Hotel next door. We queried why this had happened and she said unfortunately they were overbooked (she couldn't tell who was responsible for the overbooking or why this had happened).

We asked if any rooms would be available the next day but she said none would be ready for at least 5 days. She was lovely, very sympathetic and explained that the other Hotel was of the same standard as the Es Talaial and we would have the best of both worlds as we could use both Hotels facilities. Feeling it wasn't her fault and as you can imagine we were tired and the children need food so stupidly we (ok the Mums) agreed to move.

We no sooner agreed and 3 taxi's were there to take us to Los Roco's next door (you have to go around in a taxi).

When we arrived at Los Roco's it looked fine, the receptionist was waiting for us, she booked us in and we were given another band for the All Inc.

This is where the fun started. We had tons of bags and not a lift in site and we were all on the 3rd floor. Stairs all over the place, on the first landing they had a kind of open balcony that you could look down to the reception area and really unsafe for small children.

Once inside our rooms we found them very small with no air conditioning. Straight away we realised we had made a big mistake (I know the Mums) and knew we should have refused to go.

We complained that night and all of a sudden the really friendly receptionist had a personality change, she didn't want to know anything about the differences etc. and that we would have to take it up with the Manager. We told her we would be back first thing in the morning.

Good to our word we were at the reception at 7.30am, the Mangager (English believe it or not) was a right snotty idiot. She was ready for us and said there was nothing she could do, we were wasting our time sitting there. We told her that's fine we would sit in reception all day and night if we had too and if she dared to give anyone a key to a room we would follow them and camp out there. Guess what? by 7.50am she had 3 rooms for us, how remarkable!! (so the Mums came through eventually).

All I can say is stand your ground if this happens to you, it only seems the Brits who are asked to move, probably because we don't normally make a fuss!!.

Anyway as for the holiday if you can bear to read on. It was great, the rooms (once we got into them) were clean, some a little smaller than others but fine for what we needed, they were still bigger than the other Hotel. We didn't have a problem with the air con going off at night as you could open the doors.

The food was lovely although I must admit by the end of the last week just a little repetitive, but again not a problem.

The entertainment staff work really hard, especially Laura. Although aimed more to the German guests, I can honestly say we never felt left out. The other staff around the complex were really nice as well (bar the 2 receptionists).

Cala Egos is lovely and we managed to get into Cala D'or which again was lovely. Brilliant fireworks at the Fiesta.

I would recommend a trip to Mondrego Beach (about €10s in a taxi) it's larger than the one near the Hotel and a lot prettier.

The experience of the overbooking certainly hasn't put us off, we are looking to go back next year, so I hope I haven't put you as we had a lovely holiday and I hope you will as well.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of August 2006

The time we spent overall at this hotel...

Reviewed Mon 21st of August 2006

"The time we spent overall at this hotel was very enjoyable. The apartments are very clean and well equipped. Our air-con was not the best and was turned off at midnight but we left our patio doors open and found this to be sufficient, we had no problem with insect bites.

The breakfast menu is what you would expect: rolls, cold meats, cheese, cereals and yogurts the hot food usually consisted of bacon, scrambled egg, continental sausages etc and although the juice was not pure if watered down it tasted ok. Lunch was usually the best meal of the day with more on offer than at dinner, there was usually a rice dish with a couple of meat dishes, the usual salads and good deserts.

Dinner in our opinion was ok for the first few days then it gets very boring. There were two or three pizzas on offer (the same variety every day), boiled pasta which you can add a very strange ragu sauce to, a stewed meat dish which varies between beef, pork and rabbit, two fish dishes (one being fish nuggets every night), chips, mashed potato and a vegetable. There is a different soup on offer every night and ample salad dishes, the deserts repeat themselves every night too. If you do like variety, which we do, there were some really good restaurants just outside the apartments and some lovely ones overlooking the marina in Cala D'Or. This really was our only gripe with the hotel.

The drinks are all served in plastic cups, but most of the day and evening entertainment is spent around the pool area so this is a good safety measure. The snack bar is open when the restaurant is closed and provides hot dogs, burgers, chips along with toasted sandwiches and baguettes. We found that everybody queued and there was no queue jumping, (although saying that a few of the children seemed to think it ok to squeeze in front), the staff are all friendly and polite and seem to have no problem understanding the different languages being bombarded at them.

The main pool area is quite uneven so if you have small children it is best to warn them to be careful, the smaller pool was very well maintained though and is a little shallower than the main pool. Sun beds did go very quickly and early, my husband (who never lays in) was up around 7.15 every morning to save a couple of beds, this seemed to be the normal time for everyone to get a bed. To get over the situation of reserving a bed with a towel most people sat with their beds to make sure the towels were not removed. We did have a conversation with a Dutch family who asked the lifeguard to remove towels from the beds that were not guarded. The lifeguard did do this if asked, so if you do arrive too late to get a bed this might be a good idea.

The entertainment at night was good for the children (though not teenagers) there was a disco for around an hour playing things like agadoo etc so they can all join in with the dances, this was usually followed by a show of some sorts, we had two professional shows whilst we were there and a few that involved the holidaymakers - do take them as tongue in cheek though. The day time activities were well organised and the entertainment staff did a fantastic job. They all speak around 4 languages so all the children can join in the clubs held for them. There was a club dance in the pool everyday around 3pm which is fun to watch (or participate in)
and an aqua gym every morning.

We did hire a car for a few days which we organised over there, it is very easy to organise but might be cheaper to book online in the uk. We visited the caves of Drach which are well worth a visit but be warned, at the end of the tour everyone is sat down in a ampitheatre for a classical concert, this is quite good but the wait for everyone to arrive and sit down is horrendous, we had at least 3/4 of an hour to wait before it started so it would be advisable to be at the back of the tour rather than near the front.

Overall, despite some of the negative comments regarding the food, the hotel was a good place to stay, there are a few different nationalities staying but there was no queue jumping and everybody seemed to have a good time.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 21st of August 2006

We travelled with our 2 children (girls)...

Reviewed Sun 20th of August 2006

"We travelled with our 2 children (girls), aged 7 and 2 and stayed for 2 weeks. Having read reviews before we travelled we were ready to be disappointed and I'm afraid this affected our choice of night entertainment whilst we were there (See below).

I will get any faults out of the way first.

1. On arrival, we were allocated a room that appeared to be an apartment belonging to neighbouring Las Rocas. The room was fine but there was no air-con, only 2 (free) fans. Air con was advertised but we could not otherwise fault the room and the fans by all accounts did as good a job as the air con apts (from what I gathered speaking to other guests).

Did not feel the need to ask for another room but unhappy as the room allocation was not explained on arrival. The main drawback was the location of the room further away from the main horseshoe pool, snack/pool bar, reception and restuarant. The genuine Es Talaial apts are very close. Our room was about 5 mins away. Having said that, there was a separate, smaller pool outside our room with a self-serve bar for beer (Cruzcampo) and soft drinks. No snacks but we filled up in the restaurant anyway. This pool was ideal. The "train" to Cala D'or also stopped right outside the apartment.

2. Mixed feelings about the food. Adults should be ok but it was a struggle to find variation for the children (my oldest does not eat pizza or pasta, so that option was out if the meat was not up to scratch). Breakfast was fine. I had a decent beef dish one night, which was not seen again. Other than that the choice tended to be pork or fish at both lunch and dinner. Unless you are over-fussy you will find something but I did struggle with the hot buffet options of rabbit or mussels one evening.

3. Very few brits in the first week but plenty in the 2nd week. Very easy to spot the British men (shorts, not briefs). No problem, personally, with the proportion of guests that were British. Ok, some non-brits were what you might perceive as rude/ignorant but this is limited to the lack of basic "please/thank you/excuse me" that I would normally expect.

Good points

1. Clean spacious room. Pool at the back was great.

2. Very good facilities at the hotel.

3. Friendly staff - from reception, bar/restaurant staff and cleaners. For me, the snack bar lady, especially, was great.

4. Loved the resort. The closest beach is Es Forti across the road from the front gate. The glass-bottomed boats are well worth the trip. It cost €17 for adults and €10 for kids but my 2 year old was admitted free of charge. Several bars in Cala Egos if you need to get out/watch sport etc- Yates' (1st Choice did a kids night one night), Bar K O (Sports), Bogarts (entertainers - 4 tops and Elvis tribute on separate nights - pick up a flyer outside), Rumours (Quiz Night, open the box). There is a late night english fish and chip/kebab place if you are out and about - can't miss it as you walk into Cala Egos.

5. Cala D'or is further away than perhaps your brochure mentions but is worth the walk/train/taxi. The quickest way I found by foot - out of the front gate, cross the road to Es Forti beach on your right. Carry on past the beach and follow the road around, initially to the right, until you reach a dirt track with sign for Cala D'or. Follow around to the port. From Churchills at the start of the port, follow the path all the way round to the other side and walk up the hill to the mini-roundabout. Carry straight on to Cala D'or/Cala Gran. 15 mins or so to the port and a good 45 min walk to Cala D'or if you stop to admire the boats and the fish in the port. From memory, the train ticket was €3 adults and €2 child and can be used for the return journey, which passes through the one-way system at the port. Taxi is €5 one-way.

6. Es Talaial park at the far end of Cala Egos is a small amusement park for public use with free drinks for all inclusive Es Talaial wristband guests. Trampolines were €2.50, go-karts €2 and mini-golf €3. There were other rides/machines at €1 or €2, including 2 pool tables @ €1. My kids enjoyed it but typically, even with the free drinks, we probably paid out around €20-€25 per visit and that disappeared very quickly! We came here a few evenings.

Being at the other end of Cala Egos, we passed the bars in town and usually stopped in those bars after the park for karaoke, sports events, draught beers (e.g. Guinness, Magners) etc, rather than returning in time for the hotel entertainment. As indicated above, this was probably influenced more by the reviews read before travel than any reflection on the entertainment at the hotel. We stayed at the hotel for 2 nights at the end of the holiday and the children loved the disco and the shows that were on. Other guests who stayed for the entertaiment every night might not be so complimentary but, on reflection, we could have happily stayed in the hotel for more than the 2 nights that we did.

Overall, we had an enjoyable holiday, reflected in the 8/10. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 20th of August 2006

Due to the previous report we read befor...

Reviewed Thu 17th of August 2006

"Due to the previous report we read before going on our holiday, we were really put off and not looking forward to going.

Our party consisted of me, my husband, two children aged 5 and 7, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and her friend, both aged 14.

When we arrived, we had requested a low floor appartment, we were given a high floor one but the next day moved straight away to the ground floor without a problem.

The breakfast, lunch and evening meal we all enjoyed very much with a different variety every day. All the staff at the hotel were extremely friendly and the rooms cleaned daily. The entertainment the children enjoyed very much with the entertainment staff talking in English, German, Dutch etc.

We met some lovely German people who we got on with and had drinks with most nights. There was no pushing in and everyone got along great.

The children enjoyed going in the pool every day and there was a lovely beach close by. The drinks were served in plastic glasses but they are when you go fully inclusive to most places.

If you have booked to go here I hope you enjoy it as much as we did and do not look at the negative reviews as we found the hotel fab and would go again next year without hesitation.

The hotel is actually situated in Cala Egos (which is a small town about 150 metres away). Cala dor is a short taxi ride away but is a very lively town so we were glad we were situated where we were.

Great place for kids and us adults enjoyed it as well, made a lot of friends whether they be German, Dutch etc everyone was friendly.

Enjoy your holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 17th of August 2006

I returned from this hotel today. The ho...

Reviewed Sun 6th of August 2006

"I returned from this hotel today.
The hotel has a lot of good bits and just a few negative bits

1. All of the staff were very friendly, i must thank a receptionist called Diego he was very safe and friendly he should get a promotion if one comes up

2. The rooms were very clean the hotel complex was very clean.

3. The 3 pools were big enough for the size of the complex and the lifeguard Maxi was very friendly.

4. The complex was very big a lot to do in a week lots of activities, footy, basketball, water sports, kids clubs, adults clubs, table tennis etc. The entertainment people had a lot of patience when announcing everything in 4 languages.

5. There is loads more.


1. The food can get boring by day 5. Breakfast was good cornflakes, rice cripsies etc. Deserts were good, but the hot food was a bit of a let down. Everyday there was pork and fish plus something else. Chips pasta x2 pizza x3, the food was nice but the selection didn’t have variety.

I do hope that Diego gets promoted he is class."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 6th of August 2006

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