Apartahotel Del Mar

Calle del Mar 1, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza Spain
2 star hotel


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  • 2.5 room
  • 2.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 2.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 2.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 5 location

30 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Worst hotel I have seen in my life - total dump!!!!!!


"Where do you start with this dump! We arrived to have no room ready, the staff were useless and rude...when we finally got a room the door didn't lock, there was dirt and sick all over the walls, the balcony door didn't lock and we were told from guests that there was a robbery every night! The pool was horrific with glass and sh!t in it! This place should be shut down!!!! We lasted there 2 hours and had to find another hotel..."

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  • Travel date: Tue 16th of June 2009

great location


"i have just returned from the del mar apartment.
after reading the reviews on trip advisor before i went i was terrified i was going to get robbed or something!
i expected there to be noise being an 18-30 hol, which there was but it was bearable.
we got our towels changed only twice all week and never got our bedding changed!
the hotel staff were nice and friendly.
there wasnt much room by the pool but we were able to use a nearby pool.
the reps put a lot of pressure on us to pay for their organised trips, we went on most of these and they were really good. all the people we met staying here were really friendly.
the location is fantastic, only a few minutes away from the main bars and restaurants.
overall me and my friend had a great holiday"

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  • Travel date: Fri 20th of June 2008

good location but v loud


"stayed at Del Mar studios with partner in september 2007. Room was very small wasnt much room to move.

although we knew it would be loud we didnt expect it to be as bad as it was. people running around corridors till stupid o clock in the morning. music blasting from all areas..

i was scared to go to sleep one night as some lads above us were trashing up their rooms..and there was no security to stop them.

swimming pool was not in working order and even if it had of been i wouldnt of used it as it was filthy and only a handfull of sun loungers.
cleaners were very efficient although i heard a few stories of peoples belongings being taken from their room.

brilliant location tho 2 mins walk to west end and restaurants and 10 min stroll to beach.

i wouldnt stay there again but would go back to Ibiza."

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  • Travel date: Fri 18th of April 2008

Without a doubt the worst place I have ever ever stayed - Should be closed down!


"Me and my friends just returned yesterday from a week stay at the Del Mar, and I have never been so happy to come home from a holiday!
These are literally, the dirtiest, unsafest and smelliest apartments I have ever been in my whole life and I travel a lot!
We barely slept for a whole week, people were running about the corridors all night shouting, screaming banging, the doors bang so loudly! There was no security to tell them to be quiet! One night someone had poured cooking oil over the entire 4 th floor corridor and most of us nearly fell and could have had broken bones, but the reception didnt seem to give a damn!
We also had someone pour some sort of tan lotion all of our door! Complete vandalism - Most of the doors had boot marks where people had tried to kick them in!
On our third night our room had been burgled and they had left the front door wide open!
My friends mobile had been stolen, and it contained loads of photos of her baby girl on it, she was distraught. We complained to everyone we could find, and no-one cared. However 2 days later, reception said someone supposedly found my mates phone in the lift! I think they must have felt bad as it was of sentimental value to her. I am 99% percent sure, after reading other reviews that it was the staff! One day when I was in bed trying to get some sleep the cleaner came in, cleaned the balcony and didnt even lock the door after her. It is soooo unsafe! We were to scared to leave anyone in the room on their own. We had our door nearly kicked in on the first night. The pool was closed for 2 days as a guest had cracked his head open and there was glass everywhere!
The pool area was dirty, and the whole place smelt of raw sewage, some days you actually felt sick and wanted to vomit cos of the smell!
Please - If you have booked - Change to another hotel! I mean this, this is the most unsafest and dirtiest place I have ever been in. I was scared to go to sleep most of the time!
Never ever stay here, I am writing an official complaint to the travel agent as this place should be closed down.
The person who wrote the first review from Jan 07 - The ground floor window is still broken - 7months later! They havent even repaired it!
Also - One night the reception lost our room key and blamed it on us even tho we handed it in, then the night porter said he found it hidden in a drawer under paperwork!
All in all - This place is a complete DUMP!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 18th of July 2007



"Having been to Ibiza 4 times previously I had expected this hotel to be basic. Understatement of the year! Upon checking in late September, my friend and I were allocated a room on the ground floor with no balcony, despite having written proof of an upper floor, balcony request. This room was also a disabled room with very little room to move or store suitcases and a broken window! We went back to reception and requested a move. Reception staff were not entirely helpful but grudgingly shifted us, up to the 4th floor where we had to heave suitcases up because the lift was broken. The pool was also broken, we were told we could use the Central City pool which was full of drunken neds. The hotel was deserted, and the new room was tiny, basically 2 beds and what apparently passes as kitchen facilities, a fridge and 2 rings, which were helpfully situated above the fridge! The room was far from clean - in the bathroom there were hairs everywhere which belonged neither to me or my friend! The balcony had a stunning view of a wall and the seats were broken, very uncomfortable! As mentioned in all the other reviews the room soon began to stink of sewage. We complained several times but not once was a member of staff dispatched to assist. On the second last day my friend went down to put something in the safe and was told we had to check out! having written proof and a receipt, we were told the hotel was closing that day. We were given 10 mins to pack up our belongings and moved to a nearby hotel, Don Pepe, which was inifinitely better. We wish we'd been there all along. The only saving grace of the hotel is its good location. We met guys one night who were staying in our hotel (it was like a ghost hotel) and they also suffered the sewage problems and dirt. We barely saw a maid the whole time!

Avoid like the plague!!!!! My friend got ill halfway through the holiday and this hotel no doubt contributed to this! If you're feeling ill anyway the stench of sewage is no help!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 16th of January 2007

Horror Hotel - dont stay there the staff rob u.


"Me and my partner arrived the early hours of the 18th of September 2006 at the del mar. and the receptionist i think had to put in a lot of effort to get himself up from sleeping on the sofa to actually check us in. After reluctantly checking us in, all he did was point towards a couple of corridors and i presume that and the grunting sound that came from his mouth meant your room is in that direction.
The next couple of days went smoothly, although the pool was closed, which obviously couldnt be helped. But then on the Wednesday night we went out for dinner around 8-9pm as usual, then returned around 4-5am got up to the room, my suitcase had been slashed open to see if they could find anything in it, around £1000 worth of cash, two expensive mobile phones, a camcorder and a digital camera, although they left my Mp3 player and decided to steal a pair of my pants, strangely enough. After we had actually taken it all in that we had been robbed, we stormed down to reception and it was the same person who checked us in, slightly more helpful this time, as he rang the police and we were told we had to wait 3 hours for the police station to open. So we stayed up in reception waiting for the police station to open, with all of 65 euros that we had left, and out of that i had to buy something to get my luggage home in.
So three hours later we went to the police station, and the police were not very interested or helpful either. After that despite being pennyless and unable to fully enjoy the rest of our holiday, we just got on with things, and then on the last day i asked a different receptionist if we could keep the room on and if they would let us do it free of charge, and the girl really didnt want to help us, in the end I had to kindly remind her that we were the couple that were robbed of all our money and it was most likely one of the hotel staff that had done it because there was no forced entry, and the least she could do is let us keep our room on for a few extra hours, and in the end she did so.
Overall after my experiences and talking to other guests at the hotel I wont ever dream of even giving it as an option to any of my clients when selling them a holiday, and think you should know what a horrible hotel it is and what rude, thieving, untrustworthy, unhelpful staff it employs. Plus it has ended up being one of the most expensive holidays!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of October 2006

This hotel should be closed down!!!


"This hotel is a joke!

As soon as the 6 of us arrived at reception there was only one room available. We were told we would have to wait for the cleaner to fix up our other room before we could go in. We therefore, all piled our cases into the one room we had, only to find it absolutely stunk, the patio door did not close and the bathroom window was non existent.

We only had a four night stay at this hotel and in that time 9 rooms were broken into! We had an attempted break in even whilst we were in the room. We were also told by people we met, that this hotel has been known for this for years!!!

The hotel staff are obviously in on this because they do not give a [--] about these constant break ins and will give out your spare key to anybody.

If you want to spend your holiday worrying about your personal things being stolen then this is the place to be. Dont think you can get away with it by getting a safe because they will take your clothes or anything that looks like it may be of value or can be sold.

Dont give them your money by booking this hotel, there are plenty of other cheap, clean safer places in San Antonio."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of October 2006

please do not stay here.


"I have just read the reviews below and can totally back up the problems they had.

My boyfriend and I arrived on 28th July 2006 (booked through first choice) and were welcomed by a very worried looking receptionist. She informed us that although we were more than welcome to stay unfortunately the hotel pool was out of use as they had no lifeguard and the pool was very dirty. She said that they were offering new arrivals alternative accommodation at the Marco polo. We agreed to go, as we wanted a pool. They gave us a room in the Marco polo 2 (trading of the main Marco polo name) the room was dark and dingy and there was a swarming wasps nest on the balcony! After a few tears we weighed up the pros and cons and decided that having no pool would be better than being stung by the wasps.

We checked into the del mar and we were given a first floor corner room with two patio doors neither of which locked. Thinking that luck wasn’t really on our side and we would probably get burgled my boyfriend went to reception to see if we could change rooms. The receptionist showed him two other rooms which were the same, he then showed him another room on the forth floor which we settled with as the doors locked. As our stay went on we encountered more and more problems the pool was eventually re opened but it was green and turned our swimwear and li-lo green. The air condition unit dripped on us through out the night and bits of the ceiling peeled off. The hotel was also really noisy music was played at 5 in the morning and people were in the pool at 5AM. We heard lots of people complaining about this at reception so they put up signs around the hotel giving a music time ban. (We bought earplugs in the end) The road next to the hotel is one of the main roads to San Antonio so this was really noisy too. Like the girls below we also experienced the absolutely unbearable smell of.. well… poo!! It woke us at 8.00 in the morning we couldn’t shower as it was unbearable we just grabbed our stuff and went to the beach. The man at reception was very laid back about the smell he said yes it happens all the time and that the cleaners have fluid that will get rid it. My boyfriend and myself agreed that if it was still there when we got back we were moving out!!

If you are thinking of booking to stay at this hotel be warned it is awful and very un safe!!

I forgot to mention the grass hoppers that kept appearing in our room too, we had no idea where they came from?!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of August 2006

Warning!Sewage smells & stealing!


"For anyone like us, 3 young girlies looking for cheap,safe, basic accomodation in San Antonio & considering Cafe Del Mar II read on and decide for yourself...

On arrival we found ourselves in a room with a broken bathroom window. By broken I mean it would NOT lock & the fixture was so loose the pane fell onto the patio. One window pane down we went to ask for it to be repaired. We were reasured the 'maintanence man' would be over shortly. He didnt arive all evening. We gave up waiting, risked it went out.

In the morning we woke up to THE MOST RANCID SMELL I have ever experienced. It must have been years of sewage festering away, just waiting to get its revenge on humanity. It was VILE. We escaped the toxic smell & demanded a room change. Reluctantly & with ressurances the smell was "normal" the receptionist allowed this. Although she did attempt to tell us the cleaner could "fix it with spray". We thought otherwise- and that the cleaner along with the 'maintanence man' would probably never arrive!

On top of all this the apartments got BROKEN INTO not once but TWICE when we were staying there.By some miracle our room wasn't. Safety deposit boxes all the way though ppl!

The pool was also so green & murky you couldnt see the bottom. It had probably not been cleaned since the apartments opened. It had certainly not be introduced to chlorine. My friend refused to get in, like many others staying there. For those of you as daring as I was (the heat makes you do stuuuuuupid things) it was ok. But DEFINATELY shower after-just to be sure!

So would we go back?NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Was it safe?NO.
Basic Yes. But for like £30 extra you can stay in the Hotel Grand Sol, which is far nicer, has a decent pool with FAR more room to sunbake & is nearer Kanya & Cafe Mambo's anyway.

So brave it if you like...but you've been warned!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 4th of August 2006

In the Heart of San Antonio but it smells of shite!


"Cafe del Mar II Del Mar IBIZA

We stayed at this hotel in July 2006
It is a basic 2 Star hotel, inexpensive but most hotels on the island are. Situated in the heart of San Antonio with decent views of the harbour.
The pool was a shade of green (not blue) & the bottom couldn't be seen for love nor money, DONT USE THIS POOL as it is swimming with bacteria (apologises for the pun).
There is a cafe within the hotel where you can purchase food, although I never ate there as there was a strong smell of Shite throughout the hotel. I asked the staff what the smell was, he replied it was the septic tank that was at sea level & when the sea level dropped & raised so did the shite which gave off the smell...NICE!!
Also six rooms were robbed while I was there (not our room), the doors/patios can easily be forced open, use the safe at reception for your passports etc..
I wouldn't stay there again!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 20th of July 2006



"I was so worried about Del Mar before I arrived as the reviews are really negative. We arrived at the hotel at midnight there was eight of us, three rooms were on the same floor and one bellows which wasn't really a problem. The rooms were clean basic and spacious. Beds aren't too bad. Staff are really pleasant, I actually left my phone on the table before going out walked down the strip and realized it was missing! Ran back to the hotel and Dave I think it was he held it back for me which I though was so kind as I presumed it was going to get stolen. Only annoying thing was the cleaners are a little rude. Also every morning around 7 we would had the lucky lucky men knocking on the door asking if we wanted any pills. But this is not the hotels fault, although security could be better."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 12th of September 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Cleanliness

For what we paid, great.


"Just came back from a week of staying in this hotel. After reading some of the reviews was not looking forward to staying but had a fab time!! Our rooms, they was 8 of us staying there in total in diffrent rooms, were clean and had no problems in them at all. The staff we freindly too. The maids came everyday and if we were in the room asked if we wanted clean towels or sheets.
We had nothing stolen, one of our party had a set of headphones go missing but when we asked at reception the had been handed in by cleaning staff who, as he hadnt unpacked, thought the room was empty, and he got them back! On the first night we had a couple of people open our door, but that was because they we drunk, as we were, and disorientated. The corrider was dark when we got there, but they have lightswitch for you to turn lights on!! We used the pool, although it was closed. We had music on most nights as did other people who where staying there, everyone on our floor was friendly and we enjoyed staying there, and would stay there again. Its fine for what you need, somewhere to sleep after clubbing!!
You can hire a remote for the air con for 20 euros which you get back at the end of your holiday. Every thing worked ie fridge, cooker, and for 20 euros you can hire a remote for the air con which you get back. Location was excellent to, nice bar right opposite and just round corner from bars and clubs, and the taxi rank. All in all and great place to stay for a clubb hols in Ibiza!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 5th of October 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 3 Amenities
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  • goody2shoes2k by goody2shoes2k

    "San Antonio is loveley - Del Mar apartment are not "

  • blondey84 by blondey84

    "ibiza is definately a partyers paradise "

  • JB88 by JB88

    "have your whits about you! "


    "This hotel is unsafe, do not stay here. "

  • Al - Wales by Al - Wales

    "Don't even consider staying here!! "

  • mikey1 by mikey1

    "the beach is crap and make sure uve got plenty of money "

  • Bethybigbum by Bethybigbum

    "a lick o paint and a mop "

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