Ibiza island night view in San Antonio
Ibiza island night view in San Antonio

San Antonio Holidays

Although San Antonio is known as a clubbing haven on the paradise island of Ibiza, the town might surprise you with some hidden shopping gems, amazing restaurants, and easy transportation to the capital of the island, Ibiza Town.

Once known as Sant Antoni de Portmany, as the locals still refer to San Antonio, the town was once a sunny little fishing town, home to plenty of hippies that settled down for the weather and views. However, come the 1980s, everything changed when one person decided to earmark the location as a clubbing hotspot. Now, San Antonio is the loudest postcode in the Balearic Islands, with plenty of elegant dining spots, shopping, and gorgeous beach access.

With a manmade beach that is as natural and easy as you can imagine, when in San Antonio, walk along the soft, flat sands that are sprinkled around trendy bars and sun loungers, with a calm and shallow sea. Catch the ferry that runs regularly from the beach to other famous beaches around Ibiza, with a modest charge that will make it an option for you and the whole family.

By night, hit the Sunset Strip, with more clubs, cafes, and bars than you could ever imagine to visit. As a night-time kind of town, feel free to party the night away into the wee hours of the morning, with most establishments staying open until 5, 6, or even 7AM. Walk down the strip to the West End, where even more discos, super clubs, and bars await you during your nightly travels.

But, if nightlife isn't your scene – that's ok. There is something for everyone in San Antonio, including gorgeous views, historic tours, plenty of shopping, and delicious Spanish dining that just can't be topped in today's world.

Things to know about San Antonio

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  • Currency: Euro
  • Timezone: Europe/Madrid (UTC+1)
Closest airport: Ibiza (IBZ)
Average direct flight times to San Antonio:
  • Belfast International (BFS): 166mins
  • Birmingham International (BHX): 155mins
  • Edinburgh (EDI): 180mins
  • London Gatwick (LGW): 135mins
  • London Luton (LTN): 145mins
  • Manchester (MAN): 147mins
  • London Southend (SEN): 135mins
  • London Stansted (STN): 138mins

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Things to do in San Antonio


When one talks about San Antonio, they immediately think of the Sunset Strip, which is filled with chill-out clubs and café bars. Lined down the streets, it's a sight to be seen, with a name that plays on the Las Vegas lights due to the lights and parties that run all night long. With different kinds of bars, pubs, and cocktail bars located on this strip, walk to the end until you enter a whole different kind of night-time option: the West End.

The West end is a maze of boisterous discos, super clubs, and bars that provide dancers, partiers, and adventurers from around the world with the ability to literally dance the night away. Catch a famous EDM concert, dance at a discotheque into the street, and enjoy a tropical drink that makes you feel like you're on another planet. Be sure to check out venues ahead of time since the biggest DJs in music right now all make it a point to stop by San Antonio while they tour Europe.

We also recommend dropping by Café Mambo, San Antonio's favourite place to start the night out with delicious drinks and mellow dancing. DJs Paul Oakenfold and Roger Sanchez are always on deck, pumping out some award-winning EDM that will really get you excited for the night ahead.

If you're there to relax or you've come with the family, fear not – there are plenty of things to see and do, as you will see below in our Top Attractions section.

food drink

San Antonio is home to classic Spanish eats, like paella and sangria, that will have your mouth watering everywhere you go. While you're there, make time to indulge in the local cuisine, with a big helping of paella next to different seafood tapas. Here are some of our favourite dining establishments for you to try out:

  • Mint Lounge Ibiza: Midway down the Sunset Strip, Mint Lounge is known as one of the coolest dinner places town. Known to put a twist on artisan, homemade Mediterranean delicacies, sink your teeth into oil-drizzled cannelloni and Serrano ham wrapped around Manchego cheese.
  • Villa Mercedes: This night-time dining establishment offers up all of the Spanish classics, with a large wine and cocktail menu that will get you excited for the night ahead. This restaurant is on the pricier side, but the food is definitely worth it.
  • Nautica Restaurant: This is a Mediterranean speciality fine dining establishment where you can enjoy all of the local favourites, like olives, olive oil and bread, sardines, and more. Be sure to ask about the local wine list, which carries wines that have been made and bottled right in Spain.

Otherwise, simply meander around the West End where you can take in a mix of gastropubs, elegant dining, takeaways, and plated food that is celebrated throughout the world. You can even try sushi, Tex-Mex, Ibicencan dishes, crispy breads smothered in locally made olive oil, tomato and garlic, and other favourites like Cornish pasties filled with tuna, red peppers, and olives.

top attractions

There is plenty to do and see in San Antonio, as well as a variety of attractions within a 30-minute quick drive from the town. Check them out below:

  • Sunset Strip/West End: As we mentioned above, one of the biggest attractions in San Antonio is the nightlife. Even if nightlife isn't your scene, we highly recommend people walking on the Sunset Strip and West End one evening. It's an experience you won't want to miss.
  • Ibiza Town: When you're feeling like you want to adventure out and see more of the Ibiza island, feel free to travel 20-minutes by car to the capital: Ibiza Town. As many magazines will say, Ibiza Town is the "yin" to San Antonio's "yang" with a walled old town that is littered with Medieval alleys. As well as time-worn churches, a 14th century cathedral, and several museums, Ibiza Town is a huge draw for those looking to test the limits of their historical knowledge.
  • Festival of Saint Bartholomew: Yes, tomato throwing fights, barbecue with sardines, and a contortionist show are all part of the San Antonio festival allure of Saint Bartholomew. The partying ensues, with choral music and country dancing, to jazz, heavy metal, and acrobatics.
  • Ses Salines Natural Park: There's a massive sprawling nature reserve, known as Ses Salines, that's just a 30-minute drive from town. If you're looking for something a little slower, this is a beautiful nature retreat that will provide you with plenty of photographing opportunities.


San Antonio might be tiny and nestled into a harbour, but that didn't stop the town from blossoming into both a nightlife and beach destination. With ferries that also run all day long from the beach to the more famous locations throughout Ibiza, there are plenty of beaching options for those electing to stay in San Antonio.

  • The Central Beach: Naturally, San Antonio's huge natural harbour didn't actually come with its own beach – so the founders of San Antonio nightlife were not about to let that happen! The 1980s hippies put in their very own 500-meter stretch beach themselves, bringing in soft, flat sands that were sourced right from the middle of town. Like the rest of Ibiza, the Central Beach now has the bright white sand, hot sun, and aqua blue surf that is mouth-watering.
  • Calo des Moro: As a little beach at the end of the Sunset Strip, this is another manmade strip that is a great place to catch some rays. Mostly known for watching the sunset, catch delicious colours as they light up the day-to-night sky, providing the perfect backdrop to your dinner or happy hour indulgence.

As always, remember that San Antonio is located within the Spanish sun zone, which means you need to take necessary precautions if you are going to be outside in the sun all day. With strong, direct rays, earning the Spanish regions as the "most sun exposure in all of Europe", make sure to have sunscreen and cover ups with you at all times! You want to be careful while you're having the time of your life.

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