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Stayed at the Es Pla in July 06 for my f...

Reviewed Wed 7th of February 2007

"Stayed at the Es Pla in July 06 for my first holiday in Ibiza.

This hotel is fantastic me and my mate you have a day of drinking and decided to stay in at night.

The hotel is not a busy lively hotel filled with young people it is mainly couples and families so you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep with no disruptions at 6am!

Staff are friendly and guards are a bit dissaproving if, like we did, had friends who where locked out of their rooms and wanted to sleep in our room. Security were having none of it and told them to go away.

The room we were in over looked a bit of scruff land and the Hotel Pacific. But we weren't in the room for the view and plus it helped make friends from other hotels.

Rooms were well equipped with air conditioning and a mini fridge... (Very useful for water, alcohol and food) and a quite spacious balcony with 2 plastic chairs, (although one did break) and a rail to dry towels. Very safe secure room with thick doors and safety deposit boxes available.

The only bad point I would make about the hotel is the food. I am not a very fussy eater but the catering wasn't to my taste.

Breakfast there is the usual fruit, bread, cereal and juice.

Evening Meal varied from night to night; there was the usual food such as pasta, fish, chicken and veg etc.

Most days I just had a buttered bread roll and water for breakfast then at tea (dinner) time I had a few strands of pasta, a little chicken and a few chips, resulting in me loosing 5 pounds in weight, so if you are on a diet follow that meal routine!

The hotel is in an excellent position! 2 minute walk to the beach, Eden, Es Paradise and the shops.

This hotel is nearer the 'classier' bars such as Bar M and a fair distance from the west end which is full of little pubs/bars, but if you venture there (and female) Bar promoters literally drag you into the bars against your will, resulting in us staying away from the west end.

Overall this hotel is excellent for its position and quietness at night for sleep.

I would definitely recommend this hotel but would advise to go self catering rather than half board (if you are like me and don't think you will eat much). "

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of February 2007

Hotel clean and tidy and away from the m...

Reviewed Tue 29th of August 2006

"Hotel clean and tidy and away from the main strip so you can get a good nights sleep!
Food OK, though we only sampled the breakfast.

So not a bad place as long as you get a safety box and put every piece of your belongings in there!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of August 2006

This was the first year the hotel was op...

Reviewed Tue 29th of August 2006

"This was the first year the hotel was opened for British holidaymakers and the staff on reception especially made it clear from day one they had views on British people aged between 18 and 25, basically they hated us.

As we were half board we were led to assume we were entitled to two meals a day, on the last day we were told we couldn’t have any lunch because we were made a cold meal when our flight landed late at night on the first night, when we got there we weren’t told about this! So we went hungry on the last day. The food could be better if you don’t like chips and salad basically your in trouble, beware the pasta vegetarians as we were conned into eating meat.

On the good side the hotel was really clean and nice, brilliant location as Eden and Es Paradis are literally 3 minutes away and the beach is about five. Another complaint was on our last day we were given a locked room to all put our luggage in and a few people had items stolen out of bags such as passports and cameras, the staff didn’t treat the problem well and didn’t really seem to care.

The pool is small, but clean, no chance of a sun bed after ten pm, buy a lilo and sunbathe on that! For some reason our TV didn’t work and our door took around 5 minutes each time to unlock.(not fun at five am)

Family's beware, although there’s no outside noise (surprising given the location) the walls are paper thin. Also don’t buy food from the bar, unless you like microwave pizza and cheeseburgers that is.....

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  • Travel date: Tue 29th of August 2006

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