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blau park ibiza

Reviewed Wed 2nd of June 2010

"Booked with the hotel is in a great location with beach at front of the hotel . Sea view is must and well worth the extra . On arrival there was wedding and there were signs to say the pool was closed at 6 they seemed to take over the hotel for the weekend and wasn't room for seating for dinner etc for hotel guests this was the same on dy of leaving so guess this is the same every weekend. The food us the worst i have ever exoerienced, served luke warm powdered soup and packet mash is not four star . On one night we had no hot water and another no water at all . The staff were sometimes rude and not very friendly. If your going to stay here i would recomend self catering as the rooms are clean, "

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  • Travel date: Mon 31st of May 2010

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  • 5 Beach
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Arrival - We had a night flight to Ibiza...

Reviewed Tue 7th of October 2008

"Arrival - We had a night flight to Ibiza so we didn't get to the hotel until about 11pm, after 10pm there is no receptionist so it was down to the Night Porter to sort out our room, I had asked for a sea view as the tour operator said it would be very quite this time of year and I wouldn't have to pay for a sea veiw they would just put it on the comment to the hotel and they were sure I would get one, which was wroung we got shoved in a back street room, they told me I would have to wait until the morning to possible move to another room, which we were not to pleased about! So in the morning we arranged to move to another room at an extra cost of £100, which I thought was a bit unfair seeing as the hotel was so quite and it was clear there was hardly anyone staying in the hotel, another down side to the arrival was that no one helped us with our bags or showed us to our room which I found very poor for a 4* Hotel...

Room - The cleaner's are great, really good at cleaning! Clean towels & Bedding everyday, and they wait until you want your room cleaning instead of just barging in.
Bathrooms really nice, fridge, cooker, microwave, toaster, no kettle though!. The hotel dont have any double bed so it was just 2 singles pushed together, which I would mind at a lower stared hotel but not a 4*, if you get a sea view, the sunsets amazing!

Food - Food was Really nice, we were Half Board, breakfast 7.30 - 10.00 and Dinner 7.30-9.30 which was great, as you still got a bit of a lie in, they have everything you could ever want, really nice and fresh and plenty of it!

Location - This was the best part about the hotel, far enough away from the centre of san antonio but not to far away, that you have to get a taxi every night, it's 10-15 min walk to the centre but only 5 mins to the sunset strip, mambo's, savahna, cafe del mar etc. The beach in frount of the hotel is not so good, there's hardly any sand its all just rocky, we didnt go on it the 2 weeks we were there, we went to Cala Bass beach on the Ferry, much nicer.

Staff- This was the worst part of the hotel from the start of our trip to the end the staff were rude, they only spoke to you when they really had to, they really made us feel uncomfortable.

Overall I have given the hotel 5/10."

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  • Travel date: Tue 7th of October 2008

The Blau Park offers a wonderful alterna...

Reviewed Sun 13th of January 2008

"The Blau Park offers a wonderful alternative for the more, shall we say, older Ibiza tourist.

Wonderfully looked after rooms with good air con. Fantastic facilities and the food was very very good.

Would recommend this hotel highly."

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of January 2008

I booked this holiday for myself and two...

Reviewed Thu 31st of July 2003

"I booked this holiday for myself and two friends.

We got to the hotel at about 11am and my first impressions were that it was a very clean building. Not once did I see a cockroach in the hotel! The rooms were clean with a balcony that had the most amazing view! Our room overlooked the pool and the sea. A sea-view cost a little extra (not much though!), but is a MUST if staying at Blau Parc! Forget the sunset strip! Grab a jug of Sangria, sit on your balcony, and watch as one of the most beautiful sunsets happens before your very eyes, with the comfort and privacy of your room behind you!

The hotel was fairly quiet considering it was peak season, but I saw that as a bonus. Many of the other guests were German (I think 2 German tour operators do package deals for Blau Parc - British ones, take note!), although we did notice that there were a number of other Brits staying in the hotel too!

The staff were very friendly, the rooms were clean & air-conditioned (an absolute must if you want a comfortable nights sleep!) & the location was pretty good - right next to a tiny beach called Calo d’es Moro. If you don’t like the sea there’s always the hotel pool, which was really clean and very well kept, though not very big (but that was never a huge problem as the pool was never full!). Kanya, Coastline Cafe & Sunsea bar were a couple of minutes away. San Antonio town centre was about a 25 minute walk, which can be pain when it’s 39 degrees outside!

San Antonio is ok, though the 'West End' at night is really tacky, with bar/pub promoters completely in your face whichever way you turn, offering you promotions like free shots or free cocktails. It’s good if u want to get drunk on the cheap though! Otherwise, stay away! If you do stay in San Antonio, try to see the rest of the island. A visit to Ibiza town is a must (plus a trek up to the top of the hill in the old town! gorgeous views!) - take the bus there as it’s the cheapest option. The hippy market at Es Cana is pretty cool too, you can get a lot of funky souvenirs there.

The clubs in Ibiza are in a league of their own! Totally amazing, nothing like the clubs in England! They’re a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. Don’t even think about buying drinks in the clubs unless you’ve got money to waste - 3 alcoholic drinks came to about 30 euros! It’s madness! If there’s only club you go to, make it Privilege, esp. Manumission on a Monday night. You’ll be gobsmacked at the sheer scale of the place! It’s in the Guinness book of records as the worlds largest club! Getting home was never a major problem. Cabs weren’t too difficult to get if u left before the clubs actually ended. And the longest it takes to get from the west to the east sides of the island is 30 mins.

Aparthotel Blau Parc is a hidden gem & I’d highly recommend it for those looking for an alternative to the cheap hotels further in the town."

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  • Travel date: Thu 31st of July 2003

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