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Slovenia is located in Central Europe and shares its borders with Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.

With only a small sliver of coastline Slovenia is not usually considered a beach-holiday destination, although the country does have a great deal to offer its visitors. With a landscape combining a mix of lakes, mountains and forests there are plenty of activities on offer including, white-water rafting, skiing, trekking and horse riding. Lake Bled is famous for its church which is set on an island in the middle of a lake. There are also numerous underground Karst caves to visit such as Postojna Cave which has a small train to show tourists around. The capital: Ljubljana is quite a small city making it easy to get around on foot. There are numerous museums to explore as well as a number of Roman ruins and the Ljubljana Castle on top of which you can get a great view of the city.

Weather in Slovenia varies dependent on the area of the country you are visiting. The coastal area benefits from a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers whereas the central parts of the country have a continental climate of hot summers and cold winters. The Mountainous region has an alpine climate with very cold winters combined with plenty of snow.

The main airport for the country is Brnik Airport which is 12 miles north of the capital.

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