Pinhal do Sol Hotel

Sitio de Semino, Quarteira 8125-303 Portugal
3 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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"The hotel is in a quiet location so you need a car as there is nothing to do / see for miles. For some people who like a secluded hotel this could be a bonus. Mosquitos were a problem even with the doors and windows firmly shut we suffered numerous bites.

The hotel is of a very odd construction and tiled virtually throughout, including the corridors, and as all of the rooms are off a long single corridor every new arrival or departure was like a herd of elephants charging past your room, as such whilst in a secluded location it was at times one of the nosiest hotels I have ever stayed in. The rooms smelt damp and for late March / April this was a surprise.

We were half board in the hotel and we have travelled all over the world and stayed in accomodation of all star ratings, this hotel is without a doubt the worst ever for food.

The breakfast is very simple, offering scrambled or boiled egg& Sausages one day, and the next sausages were replaced by bacon (very poor quality) the orange juice was more acidic than refreshing and was clearly made from a powder mix.
We attended the evening "buffet" and what was presented to us was beyond belief, there was a choice of stew or Fish, with a surly lady standing behind to ladle out your portion, that was it, no alternative apart from the very sparse salad. We were so shocked we ate outside of the hotel, we checked every night and the offering was the same,very very poor and we never ate in the hotel in the evening at all. We followed the menu and it was meat stew & Fish two days running followed by fish stew on the third day! The pudding was strawberry angel delight or nothng.

The nearest the restaurant comes to fresh fruit is the dusty plastic fruit in the corner. The restaurant also had a somewhat grubby feel and it felt more like dining in the russian depression with the gloomy net curtains and dark wood then the "sunny Algarve""

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 6th of April 2007

Not Impressed


"Hi, We were at this hotel for one week in Jan 07. I have to say that they were not ready to take customers. On our first night we could'ent sleep. The room smell was damp, the airconditioning did not work and the floor flodded when I took a shower. The reception staff were not at all friendly in fact they were rude. Having forced them to change my room the new one was a bit better. Breakfast was another disaster, the coffee/tea machine gave you just that no matter what button you presses and it was cold. This is one hotel I won't be going back to. For the rest of the holiday we went to the beach area for breakfast. This area was great and the people were friendly. Just a pity about the hotel and their unprofessional staff."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 24th of January 2007

No room at the Inn


"We booked this Hotel in January 2005 for a week in September 2005 and the booking was confirmed. We arrived to find that there was no room at this hotel and they had decided that we would be better in their other hotel nearer to the beaches. We did not want a hotel nearer to the beach nor on a main road which meant that you had to sleep with the windows closed. Staff were most unfriendly with a couldnt care attitude, the breakfast was the worst we had had in a hotel. Can only recommend that you keep clear of this place and their other hotel Zodiaco"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 8th of November 2006

Rude staff


"I found that the staff and the management at the hotel extremely rude and their servcices were extremely slow. The restaurant and bar got my order for food and drinks wrong everyday and I even pointed at the menu a few times to tell them what I wanted and the wrong order still arrived.
The rooms are cleaned 3 times a week at siesta time so if you are asleep, the cleaners will not come back to clean your room. The rooms were clean and the air conditioning in the room was helpful too.The TV has national Portugese channels so if you don't understand Portugese, don't watch TV. The satelitte TV didn't work. The water stopped working for a day and I was just told that it'll be fixed whenever. They did not try to accomodate us for not having water.
The town is about 4km from the hotel so it is better hiring a car."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 13th of August 2006

Lovely place to Stay


"Stayed at Pinhal Do Sol August 2006, with partner and three children, Lovely clean rooms, staff friendly except Barman a bit grumpy when asked for sandwiches, at the bar.
No facilities in room not even a fridge, which was not a good idea with 3 children, Free Bus service 3 times a day into town, or beach, - but bus only holds 8 people, - Had to mainly rely on taxi's,
Lovely place, a little far away from town, beach, (5 euro taxi each way), but would go back, and would recommend to older couples. Not families with young children."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 8th of August 2006

Good weekend break


"For a quiet weekend away, this was an ideal place. It is isolated from the bustle of the nearby towns but easy to get to and from with a taxi. It was clean and the staff were very pleasant and helpful. We did have a problem with mosquitoes however and the breakfast was thankfully the only meal we had included - it wasn;t worth missing a lie in for.
The pool was a good place to chill out as most of the other guestts seemed to disappear off somewhere else during the day.
The local towns were pleasant with a wide choice of good places to eat.
We had a walk to the Loule Velho beach one day and it was quite a pleasant stroll - we foumd ourselves on the far side of Quarteira - took about 45 minutes.
All in all, a good place for a long weekend - not sure about an extended stay though."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 20th of April 2006

Pleasant Hotel


"We stayed in Pinhal 2 which seemed to be an addition to the main hotel a minutes walk away. The rooms were bright and had lovely new bathrooms, unfortuately there were no balconys with these rooms, although we did not think it a problem as Pinhal 2 had its own pool outside the front entrance with pretty grounds for sunbathing.

The staff were quite amusing! and the guy behind the bar reminded us a little of Basil Faulty!!! Would say car hire is a must although we found taxis to be quite cheap and would definately eat out but then who doesn't want to when they are on holiday anyway.

The hotel is situated halfway between Vilamoura and Vale de Lobo which are definately worth a visit. Would say this would be a nice hotel for couples wanted a relaxing trip, we had no problem with mosqitos as mentioned in another review."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 6th of August 2005

Great if you want very quiet holiday


"This hotel was kept spotless and rooms were a lovely size, staff were quite helpful. It was very basic and there was NO entertaining which would have been a bonus as there was nowhere in walking distance that you could go to. You would most definitely have to have a car or some other means of transport to get about. They do have a hotel bus, which made four trips a day to and from the nearest town. I would not advise taking children as they would become easily bored. There was no launderette only laundry facilities (maid service) which was very expensive. It would have been nice if there were tea-making facilities.

Buses were about every 30 - 40 minutes but they stopped running after 8:30pm.

We had a car for 7 days of our 14-day stay, which was the best 7 days of our holiday. On the whole we enjoyed our holiday as the weather was brilliant and on lazy days we could laze about at the pool but it would have been nice if they had some evening entertainment. They only had the pool table and large screen TV, which was OK if you could speak Portuguese or German. As the hotel has mainly German visitors they did not really cater for the British tourists.

Snack foods were sold in the bar and they were quite good.

Lovely hotel but in the wrong location."

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  • Travel date: Sun 19th of September 2004

clean and basic


"out of town will require a car to visit the nice beaches..hotel very basic food levels no imagination suggest eat out. Very clean rooms with linen change every day. pleasant staff 6/10"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 11th of August 2004

Not the best


"Serious Mosquito problem in this hotel. Right beside a power station which is VERY brightly lit. Huge rooms but a VERY long walk to reception from some of them as the hotel is very elongated in design. Also extremely isolated so not suitable for children. They make an effort to entertain and there is a very friendly cafe about 5oo meters away, otherwise absolutely nothing locally. Town of Quarteira (UGH) about three kms to the south."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 4th of August 2004

great place. not far from torist area.


"Stayed in 2015 in April. all inc for £600 great value. long thin spread out hotel 2 story. not much hot water. nice staff. the chef is a laugh. going back in 2016. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 13th of January 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

worst holiday ever!


"Just returned from Pinhal Do Sol- and glad to be back. I will start with the good points about this place. Its very clean,you can get free bus tranfers to and from the beach and marina regularly. Its a budget break,you get what you pay for, the food is ok-not much choice.

I really felt sorry for the kids as there really isnt anything for them there.No entertainment except karaoke. Me and my sister booked a long weekend (fri-mon) after having a terrible 2 months (i miscarried). She thought i could do with a quiet break. On arrival at 10am we were told our rooms would not be ready until 2pm, we didnt really mind waiting as we were just happy to be there.

We went to the bar and smiled at the waitress (jessica) she turned and said ''do not smile at me, i hate smiling'' we laughed at first as we thought that must be her trying to be funny. she then said she didnt like me as i had the same hair colour as her??(odd) and then we asked for some sangria-she added ''i hate you both more now''? we again laughed-with shock??!! i replied-this is a good start-she smirked and said ''hhmmm your new yeah..great! but please do not smile at me''. I was so angry i allowed her to make me feel so rubbish.

We went to the pool and at lunchtime she walked passed us in the restaurant and said ''you are still here'' we laughed again-its was such an awkward situation you didnt know what to do? i went to get my lunch and she said to my sister ''i think she has eaten enough''
(im a size 14 and very concious of my weight after everything)
-my sister looked horrifed and we immediately went and complained- i was very upset. The receptionist straight away said ''oh this is jessica'' as though she knew instantly who we were talking about. She said she would speak to her. We spent the next day/night out of the hotel as i was so upset and we didnt really make use of the all inclusive we paid for.
We decided to return to the bar and restaurant as this was our holiday and no one was going to make us feel bad. When we returned to the bar she said ''oh you'', we ordered our sangria and she added ''i wont make it nice''?? we left and sat with some friends we met there, she came over and said ''i hope i dont see you later because i hate people who make complaints''- i was so embarrassed. Later a waitress came and asked if we wanted drinks then jessica said something in another language and the waitress said ''im sorry she will hate me if i serve you-because you complained about her'' she walked off. I was in total shock- never in my life have i ever experienced anything like this..This experience made my whole weekend awful- i was always feeling awkward-my sister would order drinks and we would always be insulted. This was supposed to be a weekend to make me feel better and i was just so down, i couldnt wait to get home.

We spent most of our time outside of the hotel, she overheard us telling some friends we were leaving the following day and she walked past and said ''good''- Our friend said just complain again but we were so fed up and didnt want to give her the reason the treat us any worse.

I spoke to other people who had very different experinces and said she was lovely to them, i also spoke to some who had similar experiences to us. Im sure there were more good points about this place but we didnt get to experience them as Jessica made it well and truely horrible for us to want to stay. I dont know how she gets away with, i run a health spa and if any of my staff dared to speak to my clients in that way they would be out the door in a flash.

Our bath leaked, you will not find a fridge in your room (as all inclusive i expected at least somewhere to put cold water) we stayed in the converted villa at the end of the resort (we hadnt asked for this?) and walking back down a pitch black pathway for 5-10 min at night is very uncomfortable.

We paid for all inclusive and never really made the most of it, i now feel like i could do with a break after that stressful weekend. Im still in shock but to be honest i doubt if anything will change there as she walks around doing this sort of thing all day. I have never complained about anything in my life-
I just wish we would of the had the same experience that others had on here, jessica is a bully, rude and because of her i will never return to pinhal do sol nor will i recommend this hotel.

Thankyou you Fatima (receptionist) for trying to resolve the issue even though it made things worse. thankyou to the maids for always helping where they can. Mario for his smiles.

Room 316-"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 26th of October 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 2 Food
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  • bonnyboo by bonnyboo

    "Sagres ( end of the world) fantastic views "

  • cryynna by cryynna

    "good for a short break "


    "Walking on lovely beaches. Have a walk round fruit and fish markets. Interesting. "

  • rackliff1 by rackliff1

    "Worth a visit, numerous bars and restuarants "

  • Lisa&Ollie by Lisa&Ollie

    "Oscars Traditional Bar is a must go - just 10 minute walk from the hotel. "

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    "Visit Villamoura marina, theres ome fab restaurants if you fancy a change from the hotel. "

  • brownedoff by brownedoff

    "isolated if your children happy with a pool then its ok "

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