Clube Humbria by 3HB

Estrada de Albufeira, Olhos de Agua, Albufeira 8200-609 Portugal
4 star hotel


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  • 4 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 2.5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 2.5 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

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Don't know where the complainers stayed!!


"Got back from Clube Humbria holiday yesterday. Admittedly we got an EXCEPTIONAL deal but having read the reviews, we were quite prepared to sleep there and eat elsewhere.

We hadn't even finished getting out of the transfer bus when 2 porters came and took our luggage up to reception. Check-in was quick and efficient, with a smile at every turn.

There were, for most of the week, no more than 17 couples staying - a football team and a coach of tourists stayed one night en route elsewhere. Everything was spotless, the towels were changed every day, the apartment cleaned (the maid even wiped the chairs and table on the balcony) so no complaints whatsoever about that aspect.

Breakfast:- selection of FRESH fruit (not the tinned stuff you get in so many British 4* places), a wide choice of cold meats (minimum 4) and cheeses (minimum 3), cereals, muesli, several sorts of bread, jams, marmalades. Hot breakfast was help-yourself with the nicest scrambled eggs I have ever eaten, fried eggs (under warming lights but they would fry you fresh on request), delicious sausages and bacon which was a bit leathery but very tasty, Choice of fruit juices, coffee and several types of tea. A really good start to the day.

Lunch:- To be honest, we didn't have room for any!

Dinner:- Soup made from very fresh imgredients, different evey day. Cold platter with about 10 different meats, plus salads of various types (ie mussel salad, salmon salad, presunto ham salad, cheese and fruit salad (á la Florida salad but nicer). ham salad. Hot dishes - always a fish course (different each day - we had rock bass (x2), salmon, whiting, grouper & red snapper), a meat course (tender Brazilian steak (x2), pork spare ribs, lamb steak and a couple of other dishes which I can't recall at this moment BUT THEY WERE NICE. Sweets:- never less than 8 choices (all cold) plus fresh fruit. Local wine of acceptable quality (OK it wasn't a classed growth from Bordeaux but it was perfectly drinkable) or beer (Super Bock, as sold everywhere) was included. The moment you selected your table, one of the waiters came with bottled water. The moment you finished a dish, your plate was cleared away.

The food was widely varied, always the best ingredients and extremely well prepared. My wife and I both put on somewhat too much weight in a week - and now we have to face Christmas!!!

Would I go back. You bet your socks I would - like a shot. We are fortunate insomuch as we are able to travel low season (in fact I can't travel high season because of my work) and, of course, it makes a difference. I wouldn't even CONSIDER the Algarve in High Season but in low season I would quite definitely go back to Clube Humbria, the sooner the better."

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of December 2006

peaceful and relaxing


"we have just returned from clube humbria it was absolutely spotless the room and restaurant. We went all-inclusive and you could not fault the food you have at least three courses lunch and dinner the only complaint we found is if you went for your meals last minute the main courses was slightly warm which we spoke to the waiter about and he then brought fresh hot food straight away. The beaches are just like Cornwall with rock pools and it is very clean, if we booked to go again it would definitely be low season because of the queuing for the bar and restaurant. Above all we had a relaxing holiday with plenty eat and drink and the weather is a bonus."

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of November 2006

A Brilliant time had by all


"We have recently returned from a weeks holiday at the Clube humbria and having read all the reviews on this site we nearly cancelled, but am I glad we didn't!. What a fantastic holiday we have just had . We were met by a polite and efficient receptionist found our spacious, clean room very easily did a bit of unpacking and went down to dinner (about 7:15ish). There was no queing, the Maitre De met us and was very helpful. The food all week was fantastic of very good quality and with a meat, fish and pasta dish every lunch and dinner time and plenty of salads, vegetables and fruit. The puddings were to die for, my husband has not got a sweet tooth at all and does not normally eat puddings but sometimes had seconds too!. We did not have a repeat of any of the dishes all week and the chefs were always checking the dishes and replacing them with fresh ones if they were half empty. The staff were all very polite and helpful and the entertainment crew worked very hard our kids really enjoyed the mini diso, although you will find the songs drive you mad by the end of the week and you find yourself humming them at home!
Admittedly we went out of season and I wouldn't go in season but I would try to stay away from anywhere during high season, but I would definatley go again, I really don't know where paople are coming from to be so critical. Yes you could go and stay at the RUI but you will pay for it!, no I didn't think it was a 4* Hotel but it was definatley a 3+. The only niggle I have is that the bar area was definaltey too small and it would have been nice to have more entertainment for the adults, but hey if thats all you've got to complain about I wouldn't bother!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of November 2006

Three star


"Really nice spacious rooms. Food a bit bland and often luke warm. be careful of the all inclusive, the card states it is valid from the first day to the last of your holiday, but if you have lunch on the first you are not allowed anything after breakfast on the last. Free drinks will not be served after 12:00 noon check out.. Entertainment is great for the kids but almost non existent for adults in the much too small main bar.
Jim F"

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of October 2006

Really nice!


"We stayed at this hotel for 1 wk at the end of Sept 06. After reading some conflicting reviews, we were a little sceptical about our choice. However, we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed our stay very much. The bedrooms are immaculate, with the maid visiting / cleaning daily. The food was great, with plenty of choice. The kids (aged 3 and 9) loved the kids club and children's activities. The entertainers were very welcoming and pleasant (especially Angelica and Selina). The beach is only about 5 mins walk away. There are 1 or 2 little shops on the way, but not much else. The resort is quite small and peaceful, well away from the busy areas. We spent 1 day in Albufeira, 1 day at a water park (Slide & Splash) - which was fantastic, and the rest of the time the children were quite happy playing in the pool. The evening entertainment isn't too great, and probably is geared up for the German tourists. However, my lot were quite happy to watch Sky sports and CBeebies in our room! We thought the all-inclusive package was well worth it. We shall definitely go back, but for 2 wks next time!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 5th of October 2006

Much better than I expected after reading other reviews


"After reading all the reviews on trip adviser and also speaking to someone from my work who hated club humbria I was wondering if we had made a big mistake booking this hotel.

We have just returned from a great 2-weeks all inclusive holiday in the Club Humbria and really enjoyed it.

The accommodation is one of the best I have stayed in. Having a seperate bedroom and living room gave us loads of space. We had 3 people in ours (2 adults and 1 child) and my parents had an apartment as well for 2 adults. The ceiling fans and the air condioning in the bedrooms and the living rooms were great as the Algarve were having a bit of a heat wave at the start of September. The apartments were really clean and the maids were in every day with plenty of clean towels and changing the beds several times a week.

The restaurant was always busy but if you had to wait to get a table it was only for about 10 minutes and when you've got 2 weeks to laze about who cares. The menu on the entrance to the restaurant always listed the soup/fish dish/meat dish but there was always loads of other choices as well from the main buffet including loads of salads and 2 choices of pasta. The menu changed every day over the 2 weeks. The choice of desserts were great as well, and with eating a 3 course lunch and dinner most days over 2 weeks it was a struggle to get into my working uniform when I came back!

The snack bar was ok for getting ice cream or drinks during the day but there isn't a great choice of food but you dont need that when the restaurant is so good.

The bars at night did look busy but as someone else said it was because there was loads of kids up with their parents and again you didn't really wait very long to be served. We normally go to the same all inclusive hotel in Cyprus where it is waiter service for all of the drinks and they come in glasses and not paper cups so that would be my only moan about this hotel.

The entertainment team had something going on all day from 10.30 in the morning with the evening entertainment ending about 11pm. Some foreigners are easily amused though and i was very suprised to see the foreign guys in their 40s up dancing to the club dance every afternoon and night! The kids clubs were great and there is something for all age groups. My daughter is 6 and loved going to the kids club in the afternoon and always brought something back that they had made. The hotel was very busy when we were there and that was in September so anyone looking for a quiet family holiday would really have to go at the end of the season.

The staff were always polite and friendly but then the people who thought they were rude may not have always been nice to them to start with. If someone is rude to you at your work your not going to be very friendly towards them.

Anyone who thought the area is too quite obviously didnt read the brochures very well because any that I have read say that Olhous D-agua is situated 3km from Albufeira and 4 from Vilamoura so its quite obvious that its not going to be really busy where the hotel is.

The beach areas are fantastic and the best one to go to is by walking up towards the Riu Falesia Apartments (not the hotel) and down the stepls (130 of them!) behind their pool area.

I would go back to this hotel, not in the middle of July or August though because even in September there was an awful lot of kids, mostly spanish and portugese and it could get really noisy around the pool area as they did appear to be there in large groups who would have liked to take over the place."

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  • Travel date: Thu 5th of October 2006

okay in low season


"We stayed at Clube Hubria for 8 days in Mid-September. After reading all the reviews we were not expecting that much anymore, but we had a nice stay!
Our apartment was fairly clean and big enough with 2 balconies, living room with a little kitchen (water heater and 2 pans), bath/shower, 1 bedroom with 2 beds (very hard!). We requested a baby cot at booking but unfortunately did not have one (luckily a baby cot could be arranged in a short time).
The complex looks pretty new. There are quite some steps but we could use a small elevator in the apartment building (2d floor = top floor).
The swimming pool was large and clean and there was a small children's swimming pool. A lot of sun beds were being "reserved" early in the morning (with towels) but there were enough. The swimming pool area isn't very clean (cigarettes, plastic cups, food).
We found the majority of the staff very friendly and helpful especially for our young daughter of 9 months. We had some nice conversations with them in english. The entertainment team were doing there best and had a full program every day.
The food was in buffet form and good enough. Every day we had different soup, meat and fish, the rest of the buffet practically stays the same. For lunch and dinner they offer soup, a salad bar, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fries, fruit and all kinds of delicious cake.
Olhos de aqua is very small with little to do (some shops, supermarket, restaurants and the beach). Albufeira is a 6 to 7 euro ride (one way) by taxi. You can book trips or rent a car. On Wednesday and Saturday there markets nearby (by car or bus).

We had a nice stay at Clube Humbria in low Season."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of September 2006

4 Star youve got to be joking !!


"We have just returned from a week in Portugal and for anyone seriously considering staying at Club Humbria please please think again. We booked our holiday in June and were really looking forward to a relaxing week with our 2 children (aged 4 and 7 months). We arrived at Club Humbria at lunchtime on the Monday to be told that they had overbooked and there was no room for us for 3 days! We thought they were joking at first but realised they were deadly serious when they tried to put us up in the grimmest 1 bedroom apartment round the corner you have ever seen promising that we could move into Club Humbria when they had space. The hotel management were clearly trying it on as when we flatly refused to move in we were miracously found accommodation at a nearby 4 star hotel, the Balai Atlantique where we found several other families who had had exactly the same experience including being shown the shabby apartment!! The Balai Atlantique was great- superb accommodation, good food and a nice sized pool. After the 3rd night we were told that there was a room ready for us at Club Humbria so we packed up and made our way there expecting the same standard we had just come from. The 2 hotels could not have been more different! The room we were given was awful – it smelt really musty and there was mould dripping down the wall from the air conditioning unit. Our hearts sank-there was no way that this was 4 star accommodation – 2 at absolute tops! Knowing that there was no availability at the hotel we had come from we decided to grin and bear it for the sake of our daughter and decided to head off for lunch. An army mess is the best description we could come up with (and my husband speaks with experience) we had to queue to get in and the sheer volume of people eating at the same time meant that you had to shout at each other across the table to be heard. The food however was of a good quality, particularly considering the numbers being catered for but as for relaxed dining-forget it!!

We then decided to head off for the pool which was tiny – far too small for the size of hotel and it was filthy. We were lucky enough to find a sunlounger but it was surrounded by cigarette ends so our daughter had to keep her shoes on. We then proceeded to the pool where I almost slipped on the discarded lettuce and chips. This was the last straw- we both felt like getting on the next plane home but rather than disappoint our daughter we decided to leave and found another 4 star hotel nearby (RIU Palace) which was really more like a 5 star. How the two can have the same rating is beyond me.

The holiday ended up costing us an additional 600 pounds which we couldn’t afford but it was worth it. The Club Humbria is nothing short of a dump. The staff were mostly unfriendly, the accommodation was sub-standard, it was cramped and all the communal areas were smoky. I wish we had never stepped foot inside there- it was a nightmare from start to finish. We are writing to complain and would urge anyone contemplating going there to think again. 4 star it most certainly is not."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of September 2006

Never Again


"Where do I begin...

Well my fiancee and I travelled to Clube Humbria last year, after a horrendous ordeal with Barrhead Travel - they had changed us from our 4* hotel in the Dominican Republic to a 3* in the Dominican. We checked up trip advisor to find that the hotel they had booked us into had the worst reviews with disgusting pictures from past holiday makers. The hotel in question was Barcelo Punta, Dominican Republic.

Back to Clube Humbria...

We arrived at Glasgow airport, with my fiancee feeling very unwell and we were not sure whether to fly or not. After deciding we would, we went to check in to discover that Barrhead Travel had booked us in a Sun Deal - without telling us - meaning we had 5 kg each less luggage. We took out some clothes and put them in our hand luggage.

This was the start of a horrible few days.

We got to the Hotel, which was stunning from the outside, and very modern inside. We were the only ones from the coach to be staying at this hotel. At check in we waited nearky 30 mins, and then had the most unpleasant woman check us in, without any personal communication or as much as a smile.

We then had to take our own bags to our room which was up a steep hill, and was not easy as I was carrying mine and my unwell fiancees. We looked around and noticed there were not that many British people, 99.9% of guests being Portuguese, and 50% kids. We have no problems with children, but they were screaming at all hours of the morning, slammimg doors, knocking doors, which was horrible.

Onto the ALL INCLUSIVE - the meals were the exact same each breakfast, lunch and dinner!! We queued each time for upto 30/45 mins. There were snacks during the day, which were a joke, a burger that was as edible as mud and that was all.

We lasted three days and had to get a doctor out as Christine was too unwell, and the doctor charged us a fortune, wouldn't write a medical note, and said that she should rest in bed for 7 days, leaving us with four days to enjoy our holiday - joke!

Then we ended up going to the medical centre to see the doctor, had a huge argument with the head doctor, and then we eventually had enough and decided to come home.

Nobody in the hotel asked why we were leaving early, or about our stay, didnt say thank you or bye...I would never recommend this hotel to anyone!!

I love the Algarve, but this was not for me! It was just a mistake for us to even have considered using Barrhead Travel, they were no help at all throughout.

It is your call, but please believe me that this would not be an ideal holiday for anyone trying to enjoy themselves.

The town was also very remote and had nothing in it - the taxi companies were a con as well. Nothing but the decor in the lobby impressed me."

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  • Travel date: Fri 8th of September 2006

Your having a laugh


"Wasnt going to bother writing a review as didnt want to have to relive some of the dreadful moments of this hotel . But since reading reviews listed as 'Fantastic' can only assume that there are 2 Clube Humbria's and we were obviously at the wrong one .

Firstly may I point out that I am not overy fussy and dont look for negatives . We usually always go 4 star and have been in various European destinations. I have never felt the need to complain before .


Brilliant , really big clean spacious . Normally you wont get the large rooms as All Inclusive normally ties in with Hotel size rooms


Boring , Boring , Boring , true the actual quality of the food is fine but the lack of choice is terrible , the least amount of choice I have seen in a Hotel in years . The lunch and Dinner just seemed to be the same thing , No carvery no kids options . And even through the whole 2 choices you got at night were eatable try doing this for 14 days and by day 8 I was beng dragged into the restuarant . The Pool cafe bar was the same . Cold rolls , Hamburgers or chips . THATS IT , no pizza , no toasties , no cakes . This is not being fussy , this is basic standards of 4 start All Inclusive


Pools were great , but the pool run for towels was the most riducluous I've ever seen but going by later postings hopefully this has been addressed .

entertainment and seating areas

Not sufficient for the amount of people in High Season , The place does stink of stale smoke and this is due to people being crammed in one small area . . quite often when my gfamily came out after there meal at night we were sitting on the ground as there wasnt a spare chair left .

This really puts a dampner on your night when you want to sit and enjoy a drink . . The entertainment was really poor . again the worst I have experienced .
The queues at certain times were shocking .

Kids Club

The kids clubs were good and the play area and football pitch weregood but as someone has previously said it was accessed across a road and in the evenings was pitch black . so I couldnt send my kids there on there own.

Couldnt quite put my finger on the problem initially as the accomodation is brilliant and so is the pool . but there is something totally lacking from all the communal areas .
It was explained to me by a rep that the Clube Humbria was actuially built to be private timeshare apartments but they didnt sell and the new owner decided to run it as a hoptel , the outside bar and the kids pool were quickly built and hey presto a 4 star hotel(not)

I can honestly say that I would never return to the Clube Humbria"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 4th of September 2006

You get what you pay for!!!!!! Brilliant.


"Visited June 2012, June 2013. For the last time, stop moaning about this hotel. We have been twice and have just booked for the June half term in 2014. Every bad review was from people who paid top dollar with Thomas Cook and expected to arrive at the Sandles Resort in Jamaica! To put the before mentioned 'Idiots Abroad' in their place I pay £1500 for 10 Nights All Inclusive for 4 in the school holidays (Low Cost Holidays or Sunmaster).... hence the title of this review! Rooms - Huge and Very Clean. Food - Great with a choice of 5 main meals daily, Entertainment - All for Kids... its a family hotel!. Staff - Great, learn a bit of local language (hello/thank you/good night) because you are in a foreign country so it helps to make an effort!. Cleanliness - Pool and bar area does get a bit messy, why, because us Brits abroad just stuff our faces with food and drink and then just walk off and leave all the rubbish behind when there are bins all over to put your paper plates and plastic glasses into, its us that make the mess, think about it, you probably do the same?. Location - Superb. 10 minutes taxi to the old town of Albufeira. 5 minutes walk to the fantastic Beach, loads of bars and restaurants nearby if you're not to lazy to have a stroll around! 30 minutes to the Airport. Please ignore all these reviews that slate this place, most reviews are based on people having a bad holiday for other reasons such as bad weather or lost luggage or getting ill with ear infections from the pool (not likely), or falling over on flag stone (probably drunk) or something that has nothing to do with the Hotel itself! Enjoy your holiday, don't pay through the nose, and stop reading reviews..... apart from mine.... its honest ( the queue for the bar can be long... just get 3 drinks! ) Bye"

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of November 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Definatley not 4 star


"We have just returned from a weeks holiday staying at Clube Humbria, we went through the online travel company On The Beach. On arrival we were greeted by a Scottish lady screaming down the phone that she wanted to be moved from the hotel, due to the poor service, food & general unhappiness with the resort!!! Not a good start!!! We were then told we could not go to our room until 3pm, it was 11am and quite shocked as the resort website had said 2pm. We were not given any information on activities or amenities at the hotel.

When we went to the pool area there were no free sunbeds, no umbrellas, overflow of the drains on the grass, overflowing bins, no direct access from the pool area to the main hotel, you either had to walk through a seating area or a table tennis table! The entertainment poolside was a loudspeaker for an hour with a man shouting out in Portuguese on the top of his voice.

The food was quite good, but you have to queue for every meal, asked at least ten times how many people are in your group, then ushered to your table, the Portuguese guests always got priority seating over other nationalities. Like I said the food wasn't that bad, but the salads were a mixture of the previous days leftovers in mayonnaise, and became interesting with ham,cauliflower and mango mixed together, it was a real adventure if you sampled those.

We soon learned that you must be up before 7am if you want a chance of a sunbed by the pool, and up before 8.30am if you wanted a sunbed in the garden area. There are about 3 static umbrellas and 4 large coke umbrellas but a lot of umbrella stands so you have to go to town to buy one. Most of the sunbeds are broken and uncomfortable, but better than sitting on the ant infested grass! The pool is always packed and has steep slopes with slippery paving into either empty or filthy foot washes, the pool itself is sandy at the bottom. While we were there an inflatable slide was put by the pool which each child was charged 5 euros a go! This resort should not be recommended to elderly people as there steep slopes going to the pool area which one poor lady fell over and had to be taken away in an ambulance! There are hamburgers available from 12 noon, but there is always a queue as they only have one staff member serving, this is the same for the main bar for drinks!

The rooms were nice, clean but very basic, the hotel rooms may have a kitchen area but does not have a kettle, you must bring your own. The cleaning staff come everyday, but when they mopped the floor it became dirtier, but they were nice ladies and obviously over worked! The beds are horrendous, the are like cardboard and dip in the middle! But the air conditioning works, although its very noisy!

Olhus de Agua itself was lovely, and i highly recommend the Oasis Cocktail bar! We spent every evening away from the hotel even though it was all inclusive as the queuing and the rudeness of some of the staff and Portuguese guests was intolerable!

On the whole the problem with this resort is the 4 star rating Id say it may scrape a 3 star rating, the staff are overworked and understaffed, and the hotel is geared around Portuguese families and not British holiday makers. I would never return or recommend this resort to anyone!!!DONT BE FOOLED BY THE NICE PICTURES!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of August 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness
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  • Browngirl by Browngirl

    "Good for kids, small, relaxing place, great rooms "

  • F Burdett by F Burdett

    "If you want a 4 star - do NOT book here!! "

  • pj by pj

    "if you have small children this would be a perfect holiday "

  • clare by clare

    "lovely clean, place. "

  • davy, shaz n amber.. carrickfergus by davy, shaz n amber.. carrickfergus

    "quiet resort, but beautifull area "

  • MicheleM by MicheleM

    "October is a great month to visit not over busy and the tempature is still about 28/30 oC "

  • willow2110 by willow2110

    "We didn't do much just visit the beach and pick up a few bargains in the Chinese shop in the village high street "

  • chellemma123 by chellemma123

    "lovely beach very pretty "

  • cliffe by cliffe

    "don,t eat there ,and don,t use the pool there were many guests suffering from ear infections due to the pool being filthy and never being cleaned.d "

  • Valerie L by Valerie L

    "you will love if you are happy to go to bed at 9.00 pm every night with a good book "

  • Holiday Nightmare by Holiday Nightmare


  • by

    "Got to the pool area at 5pm, its red hot and everyone has gone to get ready for the evening meal! you can eat until 8.30pm! "

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