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Reviewed 31st August 2011

"lack of hygiene we could'nt stay at these apartments, they will not refund our money########## judge judy here i come waiting to hear our court date thankfully we have photographic evidence of the bed linen, i do not want to write it its was so scary.. mouse dirt in the drawer,,,, omg, sick,"

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  • Travel date: 22nd August 2011
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Following a short-break in Albufeira, I ...

Reviewed 31st July 2005

"Following a short-break in Albufeira, I feel I should warn anybody thinking about booking the Regina Hotel to avoid this hotel at all costs. We had two hotels/apartments booked. A 1 bedroom sleeping three at the Turial Park, and 2 rooms in the Regina. The Turial Park was a nice clean apartment in a good location with air conditioning, and a TV showing Sky News. The Regina was a little more expensive but you had the option of using the outside rooftop swimming pool. At the Regina, we had booked a 1 bedroom that sleeps 4, and a studio sleeping 3. On arrival we had a studio that just about slept 3, and a twin room with a z-bed, which was too small for comfort. The rooms were very small and out-dated in desperate need of refurbishment, and a TV with a snowy picture showing the local TV stations. My room, stank to high-hell every morning and evening. This was because the plumbing is in very poor condition, possibly blocked and backed-up ready to explode on some poor unsuspecting customer. That will be very messy being on the lower floors! Only me and two others staying in this room got bitten by bugs or fleas, everybody else was okay. The reception at the Regina was on the 3rd Floor! and only open between 8am and mid-night. Because of this I lost my 25e deposit on the Safety deposit box as I had to checkout the hotel at 7am for the flight home. The only way of entering the hotel was to use a key-card. Most mornings I could hear people banging on the main-door of the hotel trying to get in (mugs!). The pool was small and looked unappetising, which we did not use in case of catching some water-born disease. So, unless you’re looking to stay at a dump, or enjoy living like a squatter in a flea-infested dump, then avoid the Regina. The Resort. Very good, very clean and yes I would go back (but not to the Regina). We stayed in the Old Town and Town Square area where there’s a good selection of bars, with a number of good quality restaurants mostly serving a selection of traditional seafood options, and/or a full English. The main beach was a good size and very well maintained with some nice walks between beach bars. Many Portuguese families use the resort and other foreign nations so it doesn’t have that British feel. However, most of the shopkeepers and restaurants owners all speak good English. I was told Albufeira and the Algarve would be expensive, but I found this untrue."

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  • Travel date: 31st July 2005

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