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don't believe all that the snobs have written

Reviewed 1st July 2009

"me my wife and mother and father stayed at harrys 14th June 09 and I'm glad too say . I've stayed in larger moor exotic hotels but never have we all felt so welcome , yes there are cheaper places too stay but all I can say is wake up mr c thomson while the euro is as it is everything will seem costly ; as for the holiday we had a few spots of rain but a nicer more welcoming family you will never find . Sergio and maria and their children are as good as it gets . I'd stay in a tent if they were the staff looking after me . Upon leaving sergio made a point of greeting all the leaving guests in person a hand shake for the men and a kiss on the cheek for the ladies and he continued too wave us off from the street till the coach was out of sight a true gentlemen real nice down too earth people . Thanks Sergio Maria and all the staff for a great experience all the best. Mr and mrs Anderson. Room 26 and mr and mrs houghton room 10 my advice too anybody who would like too try lido for a holiday try hotel harrys p.s as for the food being awful that is a compete fabrication as for the food coming from a freezer shop absolute rubbish the pizzas are delicious and I my self on one occasion had a really well prepared dish off angler fish which for anybody who has trawled their local freezer shop will not be found there . Great food Great staff Great time And as for simone Sergios son always game for a laugh like the rest of the staff Happy times for all give harrys a try ."

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  • Travel date: 30th June 2009

My wife and i have just returned from th...

Reviewed 8th September 2008

"My wife and i have just returned from this prison being hotel harrys we were very upset at how ancient and overall very very basic hotel it was in fact it can never be called a hotel but more a family rum bed and breakfast.Where do i start the flight and all arraignments were first class god flights etc but after two weeks apart from having a good beach i must say very clean and we did have great weather for whole holiday but this b+b i would never go back to first of all it needs a total redecoration of some sort as both the eating quarters were very crampted eating more or less on one anothers lap very poor food breakfast is limited to offering only watered squash but what they call orange juice a joke and a choice of just toaste and i think two cereals coffee was very poor tea do not ask and they did have better or i should say a better variety on offer in the front of bar but you of course must pay for that example for which i would go down in morning for breakfast and want bacon and eggs etc but this was not available in breakfast room so pop around to front bar and i must pay again bearing in mind i have already paid for this as half board as for the rooms and i spoke to a few other couples who were also discusted in what they saw being a very old tiny and dirty rooms and the old saying in i could not swing a car around here is most certainly what we had to put up with in these rooms they most definitely had not been painted or so called revamped probably since it opened or around the seventies as such the cleaners did go in daily with clean towels which you needed because of the tiny shower no bath being i think it was 2 to 3 foot wide and getting out of the shower the floor every night would be flooded so you needed two towels on the floor to absorb the water and i will be adding all the photos once they are ready of course because this was the smallest toliet i have ever been in it was never to be called a bathroom what i did notice here as did two other couples who grumbled was that although cleaners were there daily they never once in whole two weeks hoovered these rooms because apart from lots of ants still there from night before i would use a lot of talcum powder myself after trying to wash of course at night and after each day the cleaners had been the talcum powder would be still there on floor but just in another part of room along with bits of crisps and i assume the ants from night before as they did mop parts of floor but never hoovered be damned if you are under 50 stay away there is no entertainment whatsoever both in the hotel there is nothing and up and down this resort is just amusement arcades and cheap tatty pathetic shops all from one end of strip to another selling same junk bags cheap sunglasses and t-shirts and china every store sold the same things entertainment at night was going up and down this resort in the same old tatty shops i mean on the entertainment side of things i was suicidal after two weeks here rubbish and as i have been all over most parts of the world such as las vegas california spain tenerife tunisia list goes on this hotel must b+b must be the smallest shantiest dirtiest i have stayed in also i ordered a pizza in the hotel just last week and it was the worst pizza i have ever had along with the one that asda do but i assumed that being traditional italian staff it would be good well if you stay here and get pizza i can tell you the pizza bases are all frozen and just adding the bits to it etc discusting it was but there was a great real pizza house just around the corner from there which made them from scratch but as i say there was a pool not very big but it stated in the brochure that there was a whirlpool jaccuzzi not true there never been one there but i spent almost everyday down the beach which was i must say a great beach clean the sea was quite warm one of the best beaches i have been to so overall i would possibly visit lido de jesolo again but never to this hotel well B+B harrys i call it but would need company to make your own entainment next time as nothing whatsoever here or we will visit when im 55 also i need to point out another crafty con with this B+B was that the seperate charge for air conditioning is a staggering 40 euros per week so another 80 euros for two weeks also i think the wife paid 30 or maybe more euros for the safety deposit box for if you do not purchase either of these then you cannot operate the i think 12 or 14 ins portable tv in you room which only has in our room two italian channels anyway but i have stayed in both spain and tenerife on last two trips and never paid for air con or a tv remote control just a joke overall hotel harrys a joke never stay there again lido de jesolo maybe one day but in no rush also the beds are two single very small well slabs of wood i thought underneath me joined together to make the double bed as such still having back trouble now as i type here anyway all down to experience you win some you lose some i will add the photos very soon you have been warned."

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  • Travel date: 8th September 2008

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  • by mr k Anderson room 26

    "sand sculptures on the beach amazing! "

  • by mr k Anderson room 26

    "good for shopping and sun bathing "

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