Hotel La Coluccia

Villaggio Conca Verde SNC, 07028, Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia Italy
4 star hotel


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"Like many reviewers, we booked La Coluccia with confidence after seeing it in the 'Mr & Mrs Smith' collection. We then read the recent poor reviews on this website and started worrying that we'd made a mistake. I contacted our tour operator, who spoke to the hotel on our behalf, and we were assured that recent problems with bad smells etc had been rectified (there was mention of some storms that had caused problems earlier in the season). We went to the hotel unsure of what to expect but were not a bit disappointed. I honestly wish I'd never looked at the reviews prior to our departure because they caused me a lot of unnecessary worry. I know I can't comment on other people's experiences, but I really struggle to believe that some of the reviewers were talking about the same hotel! My partner and I are both well travelled and I for one am EXTREMELY particular about hotels yet I thought La Coluccia was, on the whole, glorious; very stylish and intimate with great service and a fabulous setting. I genuinely felt that I was somewhere special. I can't help but feel that some reviewers have gone a little overboard with their comments. Admittedly we paid for a superior room with view and I suspect we were possibly given one of the better ones as a result of our expressing concern prior to our arrival. I did overhear a couple of other guests commenting that they were disappointed with their rooms and even I must say that I don't think the rooms are the hotel's selling point. For a design hotel that looks so gorgeous, you would perhaps expect the rooms to be a bit more 'polished'; to have a few more designer touches maybe. So I can understand people making some of the comments they have in this regard; I probably wouldn't recommend La Coluccia to anybody intending to spend a great deal of time in their room ... but what fool would do that in such a fabulous place! The rooms were adequate; simple and clean; I was aware of a faint odour of drains but the weather was very hot and it certainly wouldn't have been something I'd have complained about. The lobby, pool area and restaurant were gorgeous and the areas for outdoor dining (which were always used except when windy) were fabulous; amazing views over the sparkling sea beyond. We walked down to the beach most evenings and I kept looking back at the hotel, all lit up, thinking how fabulous it was. So, I can accept that the rooms are perhaps disappointing but the rest of the hotel more than makes up for it; it is definitely classy and I would have no hesitation in returning."

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  • Travel date: Fri 18th of July 2008

Over Priced (Should not be on M&M Smith)


"Stayed here for a week in the middle of June.
We arrived at 3pm & our room was still not ready even thought we only waited 20 mins, we got no welcome drink.

Once in the room the guy who insisted in carrying our suitcases to our room, forgot!! so after 30 mins decided to go down there myself to bring them up.

The rooms were small & had plastic balcony funiture, for the money, you pay you would expect it to be better.
There is a generator that makes noise & will disrupt you if your room is close to it. The room cleaners done a great job & they came in twice a day.

Car park is tiny & not well designed, could be difficult to manoeuvre in or out (Not a major problem).

The restaurant was large enough & not cramped at all (Maybe the hotel was not full), staff were excellent & helped you anyway they could.

Breakfast was buffet, fresh food always arriving.

However, my last grumble would be the menu.
It seemed to be some sort of taster menu.

You had 3 starters / 3 Mains / 3 desserts (All small portions)
If you like trying different things it would be great, but it never felt you had a proper meal. If they done this on or 2 nights I could understand but not all the time.

The quality of the food was good, I am a vegetarian & the head waiter always made sure I was OK which was a nice touch.

Even though its half board we ate out 3 evenings as a bottle of wine & a few drink in the bar cost the same a meal out.

I guess what you pay for is the outside part of the hotel, the pool / garden area & beach. These were all immaculatly kept & there is a private roped off area for the sun loungers on the beach. Sea is clean & clear. The views are fantastic.

The hotel was being painted on the outside & new plants were being planted so it was looking much better.

Reception staff were very good, our hire car broke down & they very kindly arranged a mechanic & new car for us.

My summary would be that the hotel is average with great outside facilities (where you spend most of your time). Its grade is probably right 4 star, however being a Mr & Mrs Smith hotel & the price to stay, leaves you slightly dissapointed."

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  • Travel date: Sun 29th of June 2008

Vastly Over rated.


"Like many on here we booked through Mr and Mrs. Smith. Shame on them for providing publicity to this hotel as it is far from perfect. We really decided to stay at this hotel based on two points, 1. that it was on the Mr and Mrs. Smith website/book and 2. from the many positive reviews on this website.

Based on this I thought I would take the time to leave a review, it's the first time I have done so.

I have to say that we felt a little like we were in some kind of WW2 Prisoner Camp - the rooms were just so small and so unpleasant - there was a constant bad smell lurking around from the shower in the room. The bathroom was also tiny. If you wanted to sit on the toilet you had to take the loo roll off the wall first otherwise it was a struggle (and I'm not a big guy). Balcony had cheap little plastic chairs on it - really really unimpressive.
Cleaning service for the room was terrible. On the first morning aside from the fact they made the bed, we wouldn't otherwise have noticed they had cleaned the room - it's really poor as it is such an easy thing to get right.
As many mention the noise is dreadful. It was a struggle to sleep, you can hear everything from the rooms next to you. It drove us crazy. Honestly, how can this hotel charge these prices for the poor facilities they provide - it's just shocking.

The pool area was okay but I would have thought someone over the winter would have given it a lick of paint. There were stains all over the walls - really I would expect more for a hotel charging 400 euros a night. Again the pool area was small. At the start of June we couldn't find a sunbed.
The beach was okay but just okay. Nothing special and very small.
Car Parking was poor at the hotel - if you have a decent car avoid it as it's not monitored and it's on the beach where the rest of the world parks. We suffered damage to out rental car while parked there. (The little car park within the hotel was always full)

Staff - restaurant staff were very nice. Reception staff okay but a bit lacking in character

Restaurant food was very nice but I am pretty sure after 4 or 5 nights of it you you'll have had enough. Restaurant is also quite cramped and you feel like you are sitting on top of one another.

We were supposed to spend much longer in this hotel than we did. We left after a few nights and it cost us over 1,000 Euros to leave - that's how bad we wanted out of there - it was a really depressing place.
If anyone has a booking here for this summer and they can cancel it I would really advise it.

I'm really really annoyed with Mr and Mrs. Smith for giving their word to this hotel - it's the first time I have used M&M Smith and I will never use them again - I have zero trust in their judgement now. I also feel like I stayed in a different hotel from many on this website that gave such favourable reviews. It's interesting that the only review from 2008 is also bad (this was not up before we left on holiday) Maybe things have deteriorated in the past year. I guess hotel quality and value is subjective. I've stayed in some great hotels and this is not one of them!

For those interested we ended up in a hotel 5 mins drive away Valle Del'Erica. It was a little cheaper, rooms were vast, it's 5 star not 4 star. Set in a vast estate with numerouse beaches and pools. Took us a while but we found heaven in the end and enjoyed the rest of our holiday."

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of June 2008

Terrible room


"We booked La Coluccia via the Mr & Mrs Smith website having read their review of the hotel. We were particularly impressed by the reference to good sized rooms. We were in addition entitled to a bottle of wine, a bowl of fruit and a candlelit dinner. We arrived on the 8th June 2008.
In fairness the hotel is nicely situated and the 2 meals we ate in the hotel were of a reasonable standard. However the room we were offered was appalling. Our immediate complaint was met with "there is nobody here who can help”. The room was smelly and tiny the views referred to in the Mr & Mrs Smith brochure ‘each room with a panoramic view’ did not exist -in fact we had a close up view of the hotels air conditioning equipment behind which was the kitchen area! This allowed us to hear the staff preparing all the food.
We were on day 2 offered an alternate room which was equally tiny but this time with a view of the car park or more accurately a car in the car park right outside our window.
After 2 days of prevaricating we left. The front of desk manager said she had never had a complaint about this room before, we fail to accept this.
We have given the Hotel 2 marks because it is in a nice position and the food quality was fair. Just make sure you do not have a room on the ground floor.
Mr & Mrs Rogers"

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  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of June 2008

Not Recommended


"Before I provide my review on La Coluccia I firstly have to commend the reception staff, the Chef and the waiting staff. If it was not for them we would have left the hotel and gone home after three nights!

Unfortunately, I cannot say that we had a positive experience at La Coluccia at all. In summary, my husband and I stayed in 4 different rooms over our 7 night stay – all in the name of avoiding mould, disrepair of the rooms and trying our hardest to get some sleep.

La Coluccia has what I can only describe as possibly the most uncomfortable and uninhabitable rooms that I have encountered since being a student and staying in hostels whilst travelling. Now we stayed at the beginning of the season, so I would have expected maintenance to occur in the rooms over the winter period – but alas, nothing had been done to repair the obvious degradation of the rooms from the previous holiday season. Much like other reviews on Trip Advisor we suffered through the unsightly mould, paint falling off walls, a repugnant damp stench and damp atmosphere throughout all of the 4 tiny little rooms that we inhabited.

What is perhaps worse than the mould is the sheer volume of noise that travels through each room. My husband and I simply wanted a quiet week away and chose this hotel because it appeared on Mr & Mrs Smith (shame on you for writing such a misleading recommendation) and it claimed to be a luxury “design” hotel. This is far from a “design” hotel – the common areas are quite nice however the rooms are in a state of disrepair, filthy and little to no regard has been given to the acoustics of the rooms or indeed through the hotel. Essentially, there are no soft furnishings throughout the hotel, nor is there any acoustic flooring or thought given to shared walls. What this means is that if you are unlucky enough to pay extra for a sea view your room will probably end up either backing on to the Bar area or, heaven forbid, you will end up above the restaurant. From here you will hear absolutely everything throughout the day and evening. This included talking, walking, the clip clopping of heels and all the clanging that goes along with food and beverage preparation – unfortunately this is constant. You may also have the pleasure of being kept up all night while the staff have their end of shift drinks until after 2am – good on them though, they deserve it – they are the people that hold any hope for this place.

Now I was told by staff at La Coluccia that apparently the lack of acoustic consideration is the “Italian way” of design, however, with some exposure to design in hotels I would realistically refer to this hotel design as ‘done on the cheap’ and ‘overpromising and under delivering’.

It takes quite a lot to make me moan about a hotel, we are on holiday after all, but it has to be said that we were not the only ones who had an appalling experience. Apparently we were one of many couples who suffered repeated room changes in order to get some rest. We were also informed by a member of staff that other couples who stayed the week earlier actually left La Coluccia after a couple of nights because of the exact same situation.

Quite frankly, if you want to spend a premium price on a luxury holiday you would be better placed spending your money elsewhere as La Coluccia is a far cry from a luxury or a design hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 14th of June 2008



"My Husband and I stayed at La Coluccia last week and loved everything about it, the rooms are fine for two people so if you have children I would suggest you get two rooms that join together. The food was great and the staff were very helpful at all times we hired a car and suggest if you go there to get one at the airport because it will cost you about £40 each way for a taxi and its nice to have the car to travel round not much to see but still get a car.we found that 5nights was enough as the weather was not that good."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of June 2008



"We have just stayed a week at the La Coluccia. As you may have read in the other reviews, the rooms are tiny. The worst thing however about the room was the smell of the mold. We immediately asked for another room and were shown four other rooms. All of them had mold under the air conditioner and in the bathroom area. We chose the one where they had freshly painted the area under the air conditioner but there was still mold visible next to the toilet and at the shower curtain. Generally, the rooms were not too well maintained with the air conditioner not working (it wasn't hot though, so we didn't mind), all the small spiders at the wall that weren't cleaned away, non of all these gave the impression of being in a quality hotel. To be fair we also have to mention that the garden, pool and beach were really nice, the food was good and waiters did a great job. Unforunately, the bad impression of the rooms outweighed a lot for us. Mold, in paricular in that amount, is absolutely not acceptable for a '4-star' hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of June 2008

Good but could be spectacular


"Stayed one week at La Coluccia with my husband. Had a very relaxing week as we wanted to do very little other than read, laze by pool and eat and drink well so in that respect it was perfect. Ideal for couples, not good for kids. The pool is lovely, a good size and the lawns down to the beach are stunning, especially at night. Despite being pretty full the hotel had a very chilled atmosphere.

Downsides - the private beach is tiny. You need a car or to hire a boat to experience decent beaches. We asked the reception staff to recommend the best beaches but they did not have any useful info to give us other than a mainly illegible photocopied map and they were not even sure which to recommend. In fact, there is no information at all about sardinia or the local area so take your own guide book if you want to explore.

Nearest town, santa teresa is nothing special and the food was a complete rip off. Lunch at the hotel was by far the best option in comparison to the three other places we tried over the week.

Charging for use of the internet (and not explaining this when they give you the customer laptop)?? Surely that should be provided in this kind of hotel, at least for a limited number of minutes...

It is trying to be a top quality design hotel but is not quite there on the design/luxury front. As everyone says, the rooms are small (wish I had saved the money and just taken a classic room as our sea view was really a balcony facing onto the road with a side view of the sea, just about) and they lack any real luxurious touches and originality, the shower quickly flooded if you had it on full power, basic furnishings were nothing special. The restaurant and bar area (really just the lobby) were lit with bright fluorescent lights so sitting there in the evening, lacked any intimacy or ambiance - if you are interested in hotel design, it might not be exactly the standard you expect.

Menu - the quality of the food cannot be faulted but I did find the evening "tasting menu" a bit much for an entire week, especially when our least favourite menu was repeated on night 6. If you fancy a simple dish eg a salad, this is not catered for. Service was erratic apart from the head waiter. Staff were overly keen to whisk your plates away as you took your last mouthful and just as quickly thrust the next course in front of you - the 4 course menu was usually done and dusted within one hour! Breakfast was also a little disappointing. Noone ever offered the "extras" breakfast menu so we did not realise this even existed until day 4, coffee often brought out when you had almost finished, dried up self serve eggs and bacon instead of cooking to order. Perhaps it was end of season fatigue…

Bar staff very friendly but mojito without mint??

All in all, the above are only minor details which of course did not spoil the week but the hotel is not quite as glamorous and switched on as it maybe thinks it is. It was good, but could be spectacular with a bit more attention to detail."

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  • Travel date: Thu 4th of October 2007

Absolutely lovely


"We stayed at this beautiful hotel for our honeymoon and absolutely loved it!
We chose a superior room as they are a little bigger and have a bigger balcony.The rooms are not the biggest so for the extra money I would recommend doing this.
The location and amazing restaurant are the 2 best features of this hotel. Set on the beach in the peace and quiet, you can really relax with amazing sea views.We opted for half board which includes 4 course dinner nightly and the food was to die for!Antonio, Luca and the rest of the restaurant staff knew every customer and made our experience very personal.
If you like boutique hotels which are not too touristy and resort-like with gorgeous food,wine and spectacular views, then this is the place for you!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 28th of September 2007

Top rating


"We stayed for a blissful week in La Coluccia. From the moment we arrived, we were well cared for in this beautiful, stylish boutique hotel.
Our room was not overly "designed" but was well decorated, not to opulent, very mediterrainean - great big bathroom with drenching monsoon shower!
We asked for a big room overlooking the sea, which we got. It was ideal, but we did hear of guests who's rooms were quite small and they were expecting bigger, so good to ask for (i think room 43!!!)
Would def recommend hiring a car, loads of beautiful scenery and places to visit. Nice small towns to have lunch and generally take in the Sardinian way of life.
Back to the hotel, breakfast was plentiful, lots of fruit, coissants, scrambled eggs, bacon etc however, the highlight was the taster menu every night. Food was just so fresh and fantastic, which some great local wine. The wines are not cheap around 30E plus a bottle but worth every penny.
The other highlight was the Maitre'D - Antonio. He is the best Maitre D we have ever come accross over many years of travelling - a total diamond.
We will def be back to this beautiful hotel!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of September 2007

Lovely, unique, special


"We loved this hotel. The setting is unbelievably tranquil and beautiful. The hotel is set back about 50 metres from a private, sandy beach, with lovely warm waters. Between the beach and hotel there's a winding path dotted with Sardinian pine trees. Among the trees there are teak chairs where you can curl up with a book, and even have lunch. If you love sitting by water and doing absolutely nothing (except eating and drinking very well), this is your hotel.

The hotel has a full capacity of only 90; it was fully booked when we were there, yet always felt uncrowded and peaceful. The pool area is large and spotless-- as is the rest of the facility.

The restaurant is very good, and offers a unique menu for dinners-- a set "tasting menu" of four courses, each course featuring two or three small portions. If you look at the choices and decide you don't like one of them, they will give twice as much of one of the other choices. At first glace, it seems like you have very few choices-- and the portion sizes appear ridiculously small. But once you give in to the experience, you realize that virtually all of the choices are exquisite, and you're completely stuffed by the end of the meal. Every day has a different set menu, so menu fatigue never set in.

There are no other restaurants around for miles, but we never felt the need to go anywhere else.

During dinner, there was always some kind of entertainment by the pool-- a chill DJ, or a singer. There are also free appetizers during cocktail hour.

The clientelle was split between trendy under-40 couples and young families (luckily with well-behaved children). Anytime one of the kids acted up, you could always leave and find a quiet area near the beach or the pool. Lots of Germans and Brits, and no Americans whatsoever.

I can only think of two flaws:
1. The rooms are small (but there is one of the best showers I've experienced in any hotel)
2. The massages given in the spa are ridiculous-- it's quite obvious the young girls who give them have no formal training, and not much strength-- if you like the feeling of a sparrow watking on your back, you'll love these massages."

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  • Travel date: Thu 26th of July 2007

A great place to relax


"We booked La Coluccia - like many others it seemed - after reading about it on the Mr&Mrs Smith website. It was highly recommended and we were not disappointed. The hotel itself is beautiful - a very ambient setting with lovely grounds and the staff were amongst the friendliest we've ever met. The room we had was just ok though. It had a strong smell of stagnant water - probably because the shower is actually located in the bedroom and not separately. We did complain about this as it was really overpowering and not very pleasant but were told all the rooms were like this. The weather was not great at the beginning of our week so we had to spend time sitting in the bar reading the papers rather than our room because of the smell. However, we did not let it spoil our holiday as everything else was great. The evening menu (which is included) was really imaginative and we never had the same thing twice. It consists of four courses, all made up of Sardinian specialities with recommended Sardinian wines to accompany each course. Antonio the Maitre D and all the waiting staff were so pleasant it made dining every evening a real occasion. During the day it seemed that most people hung around the pool area - which was lovely - or the small beach at the end which is half public and half La Coluccia's. It wasn't the most amazing beach on the island but the water was crystal clear and you have views across to the La Maddalena archipelago. As the hotel itself is in quite an isolated location with no shops, bars etc, within walking distance you might need a car. We took the hotel bikes out and explored the local area which was great fun. We also took a car as we were worried it would be bad weather all week but were glad we did as we visited some of the most beautiful beaches and little bays I've ever seen in the meditterranean. Like the other reviewer we also rented a boat for the day and set off to explore the little islands that you can see in the distance. This is totally recommended if you like being on the water as you go off on your own without a guide etc. We also took a trip to Bonifacio which was well worth it. Just 45 mins on the ferry from Santa Teresa and it's so different as is like being in the South of France - loads of seafood restaurants and a pretty old town that is formed from a bastion on top of a hill. All in all I would have no hesitation in recommending La Coluccia to anyone who is looking for a lovely relaxing week where you can sit back and enjoy being spoiled."

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of July 2007
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