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  • shuttle bus service
  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • wifi
  • public wifi
  • free wireless internet in room
  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • non smoking rooms
  • non smoking hotel
  • flatscreen tv
  • bath shower
  • hair dryer
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • english amenities
  • snack bar
  • telephone
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
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Reviews summary

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10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Enjoyable stay

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"We have just got back from a wonderful holiday to Lake Garda. Villa Dirce is a nice hotel - Thomas Cook rate it as a 3* hotel, which I think is more appropriate than it's official 4* rating.

As previous reviewers have stated the views really are breathtaking, and likely the best of a hotel in Limone. The hotel is about a 20 minute walk from the centre of this pretty town.

On arrival we were allocated a room on the top floor on the terrace - there are four rooms up there. I was very dissapointed with this room, as it was very dated, very small and because of it's location at the top of the hotel acted like a sauna from the blazing heat of the sun. The air conditioning is contolled by the hotel and only put on for about four hours a day and when it is on is effective as a choclate fire guard. If you are allocated one of these rooms I would request a change, as we did, because the rooms on the lower floors are much better. The decoration and quality of furnishings is much better, they are cooler, and you will have a private balcony. The hotel could only move us on our second day as they were full, but they were happy to do so.

The food has been much talked about in previous reviews. Both my partner and I enjoyed the food. A salad and cold meat bar to begin, usually a pasta dish as as starter (which are bigger than usual English starters), and a simple meat dish for the main course. For dessert there was usually a choice of Italian cake or ice cream. Unlimited wine was provided for the duration of the meal. The food certainly isn't going to win any awards, but we enjoyed it and as long as your expectations are not too high you probably will too.

On reflection we enjoyed our stay at Villa Dirce. The staff were always pleasant and worked very hard. The receptionist was very approachable and resolved the couple of problems we had during our stay (room location and lack of hot water one morning). They need to stop putting customers in those top floor rooms, allow guests to decide when they want to use their air conditioning, and have check out at 12noon rather than 10am - despite these negatives I would recommend this hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 8th of July 2008

Lake Garda Limone

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"The Villa Dirce is very clean hotel and has the most wonderful views.
The only problem is if you are older it is a long walk to town, there is a local cheap mini bus that takes residents to town at scheduled times. It does not go in the evenings so you would have to use a taxi. We were happy with accommadition the problem we had was with the food on some days it was not to our taste and the pudding was the same every night ice cream.
We enjoyed our trips from Limone as there is plenty to see all around the lake and boat trips to other places. Did not see a local bus service, but the boat trips are as cheap and frequent as bus service to all parts of the lake. We went on a guided tour to Verona which was lovley. We went up cable car in Malcesine to Monte Baldo and it was wonderful.
Did a boat trip to Simone and Garda which was lovley.
Went to Riva and went up bell tower and I was up their when bell went off at 12noon. I jumped did not realise the time and got such a fright.
It is cooler in Limone than the southern part of the lake, It seemed a lot warmer in Simone and Garda. But there are lots of tourist attractions up north and it more scenic up north. Its rugged scenery and the tunnels where amazing that they have built through the mountain."

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  • Travel date: Sun 29th of June 2008


Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"This will be a very short review as we only came back today and I felt that I had to have my say!!

We went on package holiday with Thomas Cook and the transfer to the hotel was about 3 hours, but that would be the same to anywhere in Limone.

However the long transfer was worth the pleasure we experienced staying at this hotel.

The room was absolutely fine, probably the cleanest hotel room we have ever stayed in and that includes the bathroom. The whole hotel was spotless and the staff extremely pleasant and eager to please.

I sometimes wonder exactly what some people expect from a relatively cheap hotel, especially where the food is concerned.
I had read the reviews as was almost dreading having to eat there. Who could possibly complain about a 4 course dinner including drinks. There was always a choice and sometimes rather too much to eat!
No full English for breakfast? So what, you're not in England!

I can only agree with all the other reviews concerning the location and the views....my only complaint about the whole holiday was the rain! Oh, and the manager could smile a little bit more!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of June 2008

A great base for a fantastic lake holiday

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"Just came back today from Limone and the Villa Dirce. As we used Trip Advisor to decide between a few hotels around Lake Garda, thought I'd actually add my own.

There are positives and negatives about everywhere, and ultimately people simply have different opinions. Based on reviews on this site, we went to Villa Dirce expecting good rooms and poor food. The room we stayed in was excellent, and the views simply spectacular. Sitting on the balcony with uninterupted views down to Limone and across to Malcesine - worth the cost of the holiday alone. The food was absolutely fine. Not gourmet (which we weren't expecting) but not bad at all. Breakfast was simple (and yes, catering more to German tastes, but we still managed to eat far too much every morning!); the evening meals pretty good. Salad buffet; always pasta or an Italian soup for starter; a simple meat dish for main course (which we often passed on - the pasta was more than we'd normally eat in the UK!) and then a simple dessert of ice cream or an italian dessert. Free wine and soft drinks with the evening meal, and perfectly attentive waiters (I know one reviewer didn't have such a good experience). So overall, food was fine. Fully cooked English breakfast every day? No, thank goodness! But good food from a restaurant with stunning lake views - suited us fine!

The walk down to Limone was about 15 minutes - slightly longer on the way back. But nothing too strenuous. Limone itself is a pretty little resort; a pleasant beach which we chilled out on one day; and excellent ferry connections to just about everywhere. For eating out, resorts like Riva and Gargnano were good (Rough Guide had some excellent recommendations). One tip (which we missed until our last day) - the hotel has promotions cards at reception which give you discounts on the ferry travel. Could have saved ourselves a few Euros if we'd realised this.

Overall, having got an excellent deal with Thomson, felt this hotel, and holiday overall really good value, and would definitely recommend."

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of July 2007

A lovely relaxed hotel with great staff

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"After booking the Villa Dirce and then reading Trip Advisor (rather than the sensible way round!) we were a little worried about what we would find. However, the service was great and the staff could not do enough to make our stay a pleasant one.

If you want to stay in a Eurobox hotel with a vast buffet of english orientated dishes and a full cooked for breakfast - look elsewhere. If you want a relaxing stay with friendly staff in a small hotel with fabulous views the Villa Dirce could be for you.

The rooms are decent sizes and all have balconies or a sun terrace. The upper floor rooms have direct access to the main sun terrace which is mostly deserted during the day, and the views of the lake and mountains are fabulous.

The food is a bit limited at times but edible and the waiter service is great. Evening meals included free drinks (plural) and the whole process was relatively relaxed.

The staff work extremely hard and were always willing to help with anything. They clearly appreciated a bit of respect rather than a demanding tone and barked instructions.

A good choice for a relaxing break."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 26th of June 2007

not all it was cracked up to be!

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2012

"We recently stayed in Limone and we were very disappointed with the general standard of the hotel. The pool was right beside the main road with very little privacy for sunbathing (clever photography in the travel brochure!), the food was very poor with a predominantly German menu and the rooms were not what we expected for a 3/4 star hotel. The whole hotel looked as if it needed a re-furbish to modernise it.

On the positve side the staff were very helpful, the hotel was clean and the views were lovely of the lake. We had spent a long time looking at various hotels before our trip and felt very let down that
this did not live up to expectations. We would not recommend it for British travellers."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of June 2007

Overall, a great choice

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"My boyfriend and I stayed here for a week in June 06 - it was our first visit to Lake Garda and we loved it. The hotel is in a good location and the view from the balcony (and from the restaurant) of the lake and mountains are stunning. There is a bus that runs into the town (more like a joyride!) but after learning the way we preferred to walk, though it is a bit steep. There's a lovely informal little restaurant at the Astor Spiaggia on the way and once down there boat trips run to the other side of the lake, and they aren't expensive. We got one to Malcesine and got the cable car to the top of the mountain - would definitely recommend this.

Back to the hotel itself - the pool is a fair size and it is probably best to swim there as the lake can be a nightmare getting in and out of due to the sharp stones - take some swimming shoes! Our room was quite small but had everything we needed, and was very clean. Probably the only negative aspect was the food. I was expecting typical italian cuisine, but I think it was more like german. Breakfast was fine, as were starters, but main meals tended to be a little disappointing. We went all-inclusive and my boyfriend also found it a little annoying that you could only order very small beers and they didn't really acknowledge you if you wanted more drinks. Having said that, we were had a wonderful week and were very pleased with the choice of hotel - having seen many of the others on the coach transfer (which wasn't very long, max one hour) we definitely made a good decision."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 14th of January 2007

Know what you're getting

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"This is a hotel and location of contrasts and on overall balance we reckon it is worth using but you do need to be aware of all points.
The 50 rooms are over three floors, we were on the top floor, ensure you do not get room 103 as it is adjacent to an open door that overlooks the road and traffic noise may be a problem. A/C is fitted but not always available, it is turned on at management discretion, possibly to conserve power? Rooms are spotless and would appear to be recently upgraded with good furniture and equipment.
Cuisine is always a challenge, this hotel primarily caters for the self drive German holday maker and so the breakfast suits that taste. Always a good spread of the usual continental breakfast bits but do not expect a full english as it is not an option. Bolied eggs are provided, good bread yoghurts and fruit it was very plentiful.
Evening meal is four course: Salad buffet, soup or pasta portion, meat or fish with a vegetable!! yes one vegetable, dessert. Drinks package provides copious drinks with evening meal. We asked for aletentaives for the main course ona couple of dates and got them ie omelette. You order your evening meal from the daily selector on the breakfast table. Brits found it challenging, Germans ok and for me i was fine with it but my wife had to have the alternatives as there was no standard veggie option.
Waiter service was excellent.
You use an allocated table for each meal so you do not have the scrum for table locations, this was excellent.
Dinning room is basic, lounge is basic.
Sun areas are great and pool is ok for the size of the hotel.
Guests tend to be maturer so no problems with noise etc on terraces etc.
This hotel is a 20 minute walk from the town only if you are an olympic hill walker! Yes it is a nice walk but will be closer to 30 minutes for most people at the hotel. the return will be 40 minutes unless you want to have a breather. Access is down a very steep set of steps, from reception level we counted 135 steps or along the main road for 200m then down to the pedestrain route. 100m of the road has no path and is on a bend so extreme care i needed.
Evening meal is completed by 8.30 so then there is a serious decison what to do next. Take walk into town or not! We did on three out of seven nights. Limone also puts on events on the promenade during the summer and was a great little place.
This was our first time to Garda and we will go back and are seriously considering the Hotel Villa Dirce becaue overall it is worth it.
Yes you will find places closer to the action what little action there is in quiet Limone, other hotels will have better meals, Villa Dirce is clean compact quiet and has great views.
Any one going to Garda to use the water will need to make sure you have water proof shoes like sailborad shoes or flip flops to get to the water edge. The beaches are nothing more than places where the water meets the land and are covered with sharp stone chippings which are tough on the feet! Get into the water it is well worth it!!
We tried the restuarant Al Pirata as suggested and it was ok as a typical Italian ristorante."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 31st of August 2006

Breathtaking Views

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"Luckily our transfer bus took the motorway into Limone from the airport rather than the scenic views around the lake as I was told it took more than 3 hours that way.

The hotel was in a lovely setting with fantastic views across the lake from both the bedrooms and the dining room. Our room was very comfortable although we were directly under dining room which was quite noisy at half 5 in the morning when the staff began getting ready for breakfast.

If you want a peacful holiday relaxing around the pool then this is it, everyone seems to disappear during the day and I found most days we were the only ones around the pool.

OK, the bad points. Breakfast was boring, the same food every day, bread rolls, ham, cheese, yogurt, cereal and boiled eggs. There was nothing to eat at lunch time and as the weather was so hot it made for a very long walk to the nearest restaurant. The evening meal was disappointing, very unimaganitive. We did eat out twice during the week and found a brilliant place called La Parata which did the most amazing pasta dishes and pizzas.

It was quite along way into Limone itself, but it was worth it, the bars along the front are lovely and very cooling in the evening breeze. Some of the older guests felt a bit stranded in the hotel as the walk into Limone was long and quite hilly.

I personally wouldn't go back to this hotel purely because of the food. I also think that if they changed the food then this would make a nice 4* hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of August 2006

Limone on your guard

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"We have just returned from Limone where we stayed at the Hotel Villa Dirce for a week. The views afforded by the position of the Hotel were simply breathtaking. We looked across the Lake towards Malcesine (definitely worth a visit - if only for the cable car ride up the mountain) and to our right there was Limone which is a most beautiful resort. The walk to Limone is about 25 minutes and quite hilly but a taxi is relatively cheap. The rooms were very clean and comfortable and our balcony (which was one of the largest) was extremely well equipped with a table and two chairs, sunlounger and a sun chair. We spent quite a lot of our time there just enjoying the view. The staff were absolutely excellent and there really is no other word to describe them.

The hotel offers a swimming pool with sun loungers, a plunge pool on a completely different level and a sun terrace which, again, affords wonderful views across the Lake. There was no entertainment in the evenings which was a pity but we still enjoyed ourselves chatting to the other guests.

The dining room is impressive since it has large windows (almost doors) and the view is just wonderful. We were extremely fortunate as our table was positioned right in the window and we enjoyed watching the sun set and I remember being very excited as there was a full moon which reflected right across the Lake. I shall never forget it.

The dining room, the hotel and the wonderful staff were badly let down by the unimaginative food which was served. If you are the type of person who likes to sleep in do so because if you miss breakfast quite honestly you haven't missed much. Every day breakfast was the same: bread rolls, jams, cheese slices, salami, ham, yogurt (the same strawberry yogurt every single morning), cornflakes, muesli - oh one day out of the seven we were there we did have a hard boiled egg. The coffee was dreadful. We bought ours and drank it on the terrace. The evening meal was quite frankly bland and boring. There was little variation. We are very frequent visitors to Italy and this menu is not what we have become accustomed to at all. Dinner is not something to look forward to in this hotel. Such a great pity as the waiters were Croatian and were wonderful. The service offered by the staff was without doubt the best we have ever encountered. We are sure that if this hotel could improve its food it would become a 4* as opposed to its current 3* status."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of September 2005

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