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A well recommended holiday to Reykjavik ...

Reviewed 17th May 2006

"A well recommended holiday to Reykjavik in Iceland. The flight on the Icelandic air, despite only being 2hrs 30mins it was the best service i have ever experienced. a descent meal was provided and not expected. Drinks were constantly being served as I always am thirsty on planes so it was much appreciated. The seats we were given had plenty of leg room. An all over pleasant journey to our destination. The accommodation was outstanding the hotel Nordica does not look like much from the outside, but inside it looks very modern and up market, cleanliness is outstanding and the staff are pleasant but not very talkative, do not understand English humour. The room we booked was meant to be a triple room but when we got there, there was only two beds but as soon as we told them, they brought up a bed straight away. the only thing they could not grasp was that we also needed three cups for the coffee machine in the room. We were there for 3 nights but they still did not click that there was three of us. Still only a small niche. The travel from the hotel was exceptional, they have a bus that picks you up from the hotel and takes you to the bus terminal to go any where on the island with Reykjavik excursions and into Reykjavik town centre, which I have to see I highly recommend. oh and it was free. The island is far bigger than I imagined and I wish I had enough time to do the north and east of the island but it takes days there is so much to see especially if you are into geology and photography."

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  • Travel date: 17th May 2006

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  • Icelandair Nordica Hotel
  • hilton international reykjavík
  • hilton hotel reykjavik nordica

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