Troulos Holidays

Boasting one of the best beaches on the island of Skiathos, Troulos is an idyllic haven for sun worshippers and those looking for a relaxing holiday in a traditional Greek island resort. Still very much a working farming village, Troulos has managed to hold onto the character missing from so many other holiday resorts.

Situated between dazzling blue seas and lush, green groves of olive trees, it’s hard to imagine how Troulos and its surroundings could be improved. The resort is split between an inland village and a handful of developments on the coast. Holidays in Troulos allow visitors to combine traditional Greek village life with a modern beach resort. Accommodation is scattered throughout the town and some very affordable package holiday deals are available, particularly to those who book early or late in the season.

Eating out in Troulos is a laid-back affair - children get a warm welcome in all of the island’s restaurants and tavernas. Fish features heavily on menus and, if you ask your waiter, you’ll often discover your evening meal was freshly caught earlier that same day. There are a handful of laid-back bars in Troulos but definitely no nightclubs, so nightlife here is very different to many other Greek island resorts: evenings are spent chatting to friends over a drink or two - not partying until dawn. Package holidays in Troulos are perfect for families or couples seeking a relaxing sunshine break away from the hustle and bustle of the busier resorts.

The larger and more cosmopolitan Skiathos Town is easily accessible from Troulos and can be reached by ferry or bus. If you prefer a more leisurely day out, there are several companies providing boat trips from Troulos. Many excursions last all day and include lunch and several stops in the countless picturesque bays nearby.
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