Amalia Apartments

Koukounaries 37002 Greece
2 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 3.5 food

33 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

We'll be back to the Amalia!


"We booked a week at the Amalia having read the good reviews on Trip Advisor and were not disappointed!

The apartments are located on the Koukanaries side of the island and there is a regular bus ride (every 20-30 mins) into town. This takes about 20-25 minutes to get into town. It is a small island so getting from one side to the other doesn't take long at all! A taxi back can be 10 -14 euros but again the buses are regular until a late hour.

You have a 5 minute walk to the road from the apartments along a dirt road. Taking a torch at night time is advised. There are restaurants (try out the new restaurant just opened at the bottom of the track, Elia's Restaurant. It looks expensive but is not so and serves great food) and an excellent super market only 7 minutes walk from the apartments. Everything is within easy walking distance.

The beaches near the Amalia are fantastic. Fine sand, and clear water. Koukanaries beach is perfect for families as it is gently sloping so you an go in a good way without getting out of your depth. This beach is about 15 minutes walk - when you leave the apartments, walk to the main road, turn left for only 20 yards or so and then turn right along a side road. This takes you straight to the beach.

The Amalia has a great atmosphere. George is a real character and along with his Brother, Otis, give you a warm welcome and look after you to ensure everything is ok. Indeed we had shocking neighbours who started their holiday at the same time as us - they were young and just very noisy at all hours. George wasted no time in realising that they were very disruptive and duly asked them to leave. I think the tour company placed them somewhere else!! We were happy and were grateful to George for acting so promptly.

The room was great. Clean & tidy. The kitchen area was basic but was more than sufficient. There was air conditioning in our room (which you pay extra for) , a tv and safe. We had a top floor room overlooking the pool & bar. The bar can stay open until quite late but any music from the bar area is turned down and once you go to bed it never kept us awake as once the windows & shutters were closed we could hardly hear anything.

During the day, the bar serves drinks and snacks. Watch out for their friendly dog Bella who enjoys lots of attention!

We would highly recommend the Amalia and will definitely stay there again.

Over things we did apart from chilling : Went yachting on the Zorba @ 50 euros for a whole day out. Walked the dogs at the Skiathos dogs home."

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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of June 2007

wonderful location


"Stayed at the amalia apartments in the summer of 04.
The amalia apartments are set in a beautiful location down a long track amongst pine trees.
The Amalia itself was slightly run down and our apartment felt quite damp but we have stayed in worse greek accomodation than this.
As has already been mentioned by others a torch is a must.-we didnt take one and our children were a bit frightened when we had to walk the pitch black track at night!
Restaurants in Koukanaries all much the same and wouldnt have wanted to be there for more than a week from this point of view.
We spent some time with our children at the hotel myrtia next door to the amalia as found the owners to be much more freindly and welcoming.
A must is a visit to the windmill restaurant in skitathos town it is amazing!
Probably wouldnt return to skiathos as we prefer kefalonia but we have some lovely happy memories of our week in skiathos."

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  • Travel date: Sat 24th of March 2007

Fantastic times -We ll be back


"Amalia appartments is a really nice place for people that want to chill out n have some fun.
The rooms are basic but super clean n they have air cons,safes n tv sets for hire.
George the barman is really friendly n helpfull he ll give u the best tips about restaurants,beaches what to do in the town on a cloudy day.He has also as he says - it's true - THE BEST PRICES IN THE ISLAND BY FAR !!! -
He s about 20%-30% cheaper than the other bar in the resort n about 40%-50% cheaper than all the bars in skiathos town.
His bar has sky sports,big screens a pool table n table-soccer table n a nice clean pool with about 30 sunbeds that they are for free as long as you get a drink for the bar.There s also a BBQ that's for free to use as long as you get organise n get the steaks.Thar's what we did our last night with the other OLIMPIC guests that we were sharing the same flight.
Don't miss to eat at willis bar n madraki n don't at stamelos.
Best beaches madraki beach n banana.Best restaurant in skiatho town " Carnagio" and best club : " APOTHIKI""

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  • Travel date: Sat 24th of March 2007

Great time


"Just got back from the Amalia, very comforatable and freindly, great pool and good for the kids.

One word of warning -- Georges beer may be the cheepest on the island and you get it free for your stay if you find it cheaper elsewhere BUT the soft drinks are more expensive and this must be where he re coupes the money for the cheep ale !!!


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  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of September 2006

Smashing time at the Amalia (literally!!)


"A group of our family, (8 in total), stayed at the Amalia Apartments for 2 weeks, during July of 2005.
Although the brochure says there is a short walk from the bus to the apartments, this little track seemed to take forever on the hot days, but well worth the effort at the end.
The pictures in the brochure did not do the apartments justice, we were situated in the apartments at the back of the complex, which were quiet, cosy, clean and well equipped.
George, who runs the family business, is always on hand, the bar is always well stocked and he promises a free drink to anyone who can find a cheaper drink on the island, (which we could not find).
His dog, Bella, who is a collie, is very friendly and roams the grounds freely and occasionally comes over to be stroked.
Skiathos is a beautiful island, with some amazing views, we hired some jeeps, which George managed to get us a special deal on, and travelled through the mountains.
On one of our trips, we went to the old capital of Skiathos, called Castro, through some of almost unpassable roads, we found a parking area and set off on foot, in blistering heat, up the rocky footpath, to where the Greek flag resides at the top of a cliff, overlooking the sea.On the way back there was a welcoming "kiosk", selling cold drinks, should you run out of water.
We also went to watch the sunset at Mandraki Beach, which was well worth it, however I would not recommend the meals at the Taverna, the quality of the food was not very good at all and we all left saying that we were full,
to save embarrasement.
Koukounaries beach is nice, however we found it to be very busy at this time of year and we preferred Agia Eleni beach.
For eating out, the restauraunts we enjoyed were;
The Stamalos-nice food and free pool for the kids, also sell non-alcoholic cocktails.
The Big Bad Wolf-Mainly meaty meals, I don't think would be very suitable for vegetarians.
The Panorama and The Golden Beach, nice meals but a bit on the expensive side.
We had some fun days at the pool of the Amalia, some of which got a bit reckless and we ended up with quite a few glasses being smashed by balls being hit from the pool.
This gave us the name "The Glass Smashers" for the quiz night at the Amalia, so if you ask George if he remembers us, i'm certain he will."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of July 2006



"Me and my family (there is usually about 12 of us, sometimes more) have been going to skiathos for 7 years now, we absolutely love it :D
I love staying with George he is a great guy he always looks after you on your visit, the beer is the cheapest on the whole island.
The complaint about the music is unfounded it gets turned down at 9pm and earlier when flights have came in so all new arrivals get a good nights rest.
Greek night is fabulous George and his family prepare Greek meatballs and Greek wine free, there is lots of dancing and smashing plates it’s so much fun.
The closest beach is about ten minuets walk away.
The pool is great too a bit cold but that’s a good thing when you have been baking in the sun all day, also most of the time its empty so you can get a good swim in before all the children get back from the beach. It’s also cleaned everyday.
The older apartments in front of the bar do need some basic repair work but they are perfectly clean and cosy to stay in.
The newer apartments are cosy and clean too.
George now has TV in rooms to which you can pay to view at the bar, also air conditioning."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 7th of May 2006

Best last minite holiday we ever had!!


"We haved booked a fortnight in Skiathos,last minute with Olimpic.We were very impressed with the accomodation, and a stunningly beautiful Island, making a most pleasureable, relaxing,sunny break.
Amalia is situated up a track and was immaculately maintained. The pool was very clean,very lively and rightnext was the bar and a pool table. The owner and staff were always on hand and nothing was too much trouble splecially George was very friendly. The bar on site,SKY SPORTS,drinks - BEST PRICES ON THE ISLAND!!!-.We appreciated the fact that they were televisions in the rooms specialy for little Anne.The rooms were very clean but no big towels - George next year we'll bring our own!!!
Koukounaries is a small area, with some beautiful beaches and just a few bars - that charge much more than george's bar- n i know that because i 've being to every sigle one of them:). We would recommend anyone going to the Island to hire a jeep, so that you can enjoy exploring the whole island, most of which is via un-made roads, and you will see the most breathtaking views and experience tranquility.Best way is to ask at the welcome meating the rep ask a price n when she'll leave ask George n he'll get it 20% cheaper! This is truly a beautiful place.
Overall in general we would say the food was acceptable but nothing to write home about.
We would recommend the big bad wolf where we found the food to be consistantly good.
If you are missing your pet you can walk a dog from the dog sanctuary which is up in the hills.
This was probably one of our most enjoyable holidays."

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of April 2006

Ideal for singles parents tha want to chill out!!


"I 've been to Amalia appartments 3 times now and i ve had such a great time.The resort is excellent and the staff of the Amalia is FANTASTIC !!!! Specially George behind the bar, makes everything so u can have a great holiday - but whatever u don't ask him his age:). George is a character and he says (n it s true cause i ve checked it) that has the best prices in the island!!! ( pint of beer is only 1.20 pounds - 2 euros) Which was very handy for me n my friend. There's also a lovely crystal blue pool,play area for kids and a pool table.Restaurants in the resort a very good i would recomend the runway, the big bad wolf, willie 's and the village and avoid the next door restaurant and stamelos - very bad food and the don't leave single parents in peace at night if u know want i mean. Ladies if u want to party with kids safely till late George will sort u out!

About beaches u definitely have to try koukounaries, madraki, ilias beach and banana beach."

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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of March 2006

Would definately stay at the Amalia again


"My Fiance and I stayed at the Amalia apartments in Koukounaries-Skiathos in Greece.

The apartments were clean and set in beautiful surroundings and the staff were really friendly. George who owns the apartments tells the longest jokes but they are worth it for the punch lines.

The apartments are set back from the main resort and are a 10 minute walk away from the main road. The main road has a few bars and restaurants and two supermarkets that have everything that you need. The beach we spent most of our time at was KouKounaries which was beautiful... Banana beach is also lovely and if you go to it you must stay to see the sun set!!!!!

Willy's was a lovely places to eat at. We had the mixed grill which was really tasty. The Taverna Ouzeri was also lovely we ate there twice!!!

Make sure you bring a torch if you stay at Amalia, the path from the apartments is pretty dark at night but I wouldn't let this put you off, if you have a torch you'll be fine!!!

Skiathos Town in a bus ride away. The bus stop is opposite the chinese restaurant on the main road. When we went the cost was 1 euro 40, one way, and the journey is about 35 minutes. The bus stops right in Skiathos town and if you choose you can have your evening meal by the harbour... It's definatley worth the trip!!!

We'd definately go again... Koukounaries is a fantastic place if you want a peacful holiday in beautiful surroundings."

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of September 2005

Don't have a bet with George


"This will be our 4th time to Amalia, so it can't be too bad can it. Definetely need a torch at night, unless you have wheels. George is brilliant, once you get used to his 'humour'. Whatever you do don't have a bet with him, you will lose!, and watch out for the pool parties, you may get wet. We always have a great time and hate having to leave. Anyone out there the 24th of June for 2 weeks, ask George who Balconies and Mo are (our nicknames from george)and he will point you in the right direction. have a good one."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 14th of June 2005

Our stay at the Amalia...


"We arrive last week slightly apprehensive as i had read some of the not very flattering reviews, but when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised,the walk though the woods mentioned frequently as arduous, was NOT AT ALL, it's a flat dirt road which we managed 2/3 times day at all hours with a push chair. In fact we felt the pleasant walk though the trees was a nice part of the holiday. The staff e.g George and Otis are very friendly and helpful, if you are lacking something in your room, don't complain about it ASK, chances are they can help you. Martin our rep. was also very friendly and helpful. Our room/apartment was basic but clean and tidy, the staff came in once a day to clean etc. The towels are small but really who cares, we had brought beach towels with us anyway. We have a two year old and found the Amalia to be child friendly, we were in a block a little away from the bar and although my husband i could hear the music when were sat on the balcony area in the evening, it certainly wasn't loud enough to keep us or our son awake. Actually we enjoyed the music, of which there was a good mix. Koukounaries is pleasant, the beach lovely, and the bus service along the south of the island frequent and excellent, but to see the whole of the island i would recommend car hire,to see other beautiful, quieter beaches and go to kastro at the far north of the Island it's spectacular! We had a great holiday and would return in a flash. Value for Money!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 20th of June 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Amenities

typical greek studios


"I stayed in these apartments in 2009. The people who work there are pretty friendly and the rooms are what you expect for typical greek studios. I was 15 at the time and did not have any problems making friends in skiathos, i have been back since although i stayed in the main town which i must admit was amazing! The koukanaries area is very relaxed and there is a wide selection of watersports to choose from which means that is perfect for people of my age group.

If you are planning to stay there bring a torch! The hotel is down a track road that gets quite dark, and the road is a bit bumpy, me and my family managed without one but it probably would have been helpful. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 8th of April 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 3 Food
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